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Rider Exceeded Crop Limit On 50-1 Winner

Count the strikes for yourself

The introduction of the new twelve strike rule under Guideline M on Friday 10 May for the use of the crop resulted in six sanctions in the first three days.

Craig Zackey steers Special Blend to victory (Pic – Gold Circle)

One of the offending riders, Craig  Zackey, who actually won the last race on the 50-1 Special Blend at Scottsville on Sunday, signed an admission of guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2 in that he used his crop more than 12 times in the entire race. He was fined R1000.

The NHA have not indicated any leeway during the trial period and have advised that the general use of the crop will be monitored until 31 May 2019.

Until this time, the limit of `12 crop strikes will apply. However,  the definition of a strike during this period id when the crop makes contact contact with the horse and the rider’s hands are not on the reins – thus a slap, smack or tap on the shoulder will not count as a strike.

Here is a clip of the race – is it a simple matter of counting the strikes? How many did you count? Let us know via the comments section.

Four of the suspensions occurred at the Turffontein workriders meeting on Saturday with L Kamoli suspended from riding in two work riders’ races, while P Mongqawa signed an Admission of Guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2 (read with Guideline M on the use of the crop) in that he hit the horse Saint Michael more than 12 times in the entire race.  He was suspended from riding in one work riders’ race.

Work rider V Sithetho also signed an Admission of Guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2 (read with Guideline M on the use of the crop) in that he hit the horse Wilkes County more than 12 times in the entire race.  He was suspended from riding in one work riders’ race.

Work rider S Mosia was the fourth on the day to sign an Admission of Guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2 (read with Guideline M on the use of the crop) in that he hit the horse Berry Flambeau more than 12 times in the entire race. He was suspended from riding in one work riders’ race.

At Durbanville on Sunday, Jockey Anthony Andrews was charged with a contravention of Rule 58.10.2, (read with Guideline M on the use of the crop) in that he used his crop more than 12 times on Photocopy during the entire race.  He signed an admission of guilt and was fined R750.00.

Some interesting questions arise:

1.If a jockey has used his 12 strike allocation, does he simply ride with the hands in a  tight finish and risk getting beaten on the odds-on favourite?

2. Should a contravention on a win or placed horse not elicit a bigger fine?

3.In a sixteen horse field, the already hard-pressed Stipes may be counting over 192 strikes to monitor compliance. Does this happen on raceday?

Send your questions in – we shall compile a full list for the NHA. The launch of the new rule probably requires more public information and education.

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22 comments on “Rider Exceeded Crop Limit On 50-1 Winner

  1. Glen Hatt says:

    15 to 16 strikes

  2. Francois van Ghent says:

    So next time I will also request my jockey to hit my horse as many times as possible so I can also stand a change to win race. The rule was broken, the owner, trainer and jockey was enjoying an unfair advantage, as I know the more you hit a horse the harder he will run… now the playing fields are not equal anymore? or is it?,

  3. Francois van Ghent says:

    Bottom line, jocks and trainers don’t care about the rules, as long as they can enjoy the “unfair advantage” they can settle the small joke of a fine with a smile……

  4. Anthony says:

    Is it not the rule that the jockey give the best possible ride until past the post in attaining its best possible position? So if at the 20m or 50m or 75m mark there are no more “strikes” remaining and he looses the race…….what then? Punters, owners, trainers loos out because the jock was not able to assist his mount up to and past the line? Or am I understanding this incorrectly?

  5. Francois van Ghent says:

    for any interference the stipes can call a race review, and over-rule the result by watching the patrol films… why can’t the same “race review” rule be applied here????? this is unfair

  6. Brian says:

    In this case could it be said that if Zackey had not exceeded the limit of strikes would he therefore not have won the race and if this is to be a hard and fast rule should the horse not bed disqualified?

  7. Neal says:

    Utter stupidity

  8. Francois van Ghent says:

    Why is the rule implemented? to protect the horse against abuse? Correct. So the jockey can abuse a horse during a race and just get a fine for it… and a kind request from NHRA “please don’t break the rule again”

  9. Francois van Ghent says:

    Our jockeys stop motivating the horse before they count to 12 strikes, it can have the same effect as dropping your whip/crop? Correct?

  10. Paul says:

    1. The permissable number of strikes is markedly higher than in Germany, France, and Britain. Why?

    2. Is it logical to have the number over the entire race? The vast number occur in the last 2 furlongs and if the stick is used earlier in the race then one assumes that is done for good reason: i.e. corrective – to get a tricky horse into the race; keep it straight etc. If a rider is seen to abuse the whip in earlier part, surely another sanction could be applied,

    3. Seemingly no discretion. Zackey’s mount is clearly hanging in badly. Perhaps he would have been better suited to using the hands to straighten the horse (the horse is hanging in to the stick) but the rider also has a duty to not cause interference to other runners. So was his use (at least in part) corrective and necessary?

  11. Pops says:

    Eyesight is fading fast. But can the 20/20 people really see when the crop makes contact with the horse? Or is it a case of because his arm is in that position then he must have hit the horse?

  12. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Paul, I think its lower in France and Ireland and UK, not sure what it is in Germany

  13. Paul says:

    Rod, Germany very strict. 5 strikes only. Mandatory 14 day suspension and loss of prize money.

  14. Donald says:

    The late great Charlie Barends would have had to look for another job were he race riding today with this 12 strike rule !

  15. Sergen govender says:

    This make racing easier to cheat. Give an odds on favourite 12 strikes in the home strecth and then put the whip away.

  16. Mark Truter says:

    When I rode the so called stripes made a ruling that you had to hit the horse within at least every second stride if you where a possible place chance .why don’t they leave it up to the jockey to judge if the horse requires a smack or not a good rider can feel if the horse is capable of more or not ,or just all ride for the bookmaker.

  17. Debby says:

    How Sad that Horse Racing is about Abuse …..Really this specific breed Thoroughbred that’s actually Bred to Race must be whipped continuously to win …it boggles my mind …..This is a big reason why many horses go sour ….If my horse must be continuously whipped to win then I don’t care to win …..

  18. Cecil Pienaar says:

    I wonder how many times Jockeys Webber and Penny ‘whipped’ each other…

  19. Mr Hatt, an expert/maestro in the saddle, counted 15 to 16.

    I counted 14, watched again and counted 13 and on my third viewing, counted 15.

    Crikey, it’s difficult to get it to an exact science.

    The only video’s that I’ve ever watched more that 12 times is Pretty Woman & Scent of a Woman.

  20. Pops says:

    This is going to be fun when about four jockeys in a race call for a recount
    Can someone explain how the three stipes on duty do the count?During the the race ,after the race,do they pull lots to see which riders they would monitor? Or are there extra people employed to do the count ?
    Take it that if one stipe has to monitor 4 riders in a race he would have to watch that race four times.
    Have to say these Stipes must have had a lot of free time on their hands before Guideline M came into play.
    Can we hear from NHRA about how this whip count works.

    1. Editor says:

      We have asked Pops – waiting on a response

  21. Andrew says:

    If a jockey disobey the rule of 12 strikes the horse involved should be disqualified & jockey suspended or fine because that horse got a fair advantage over the other horses . The other jockeys obey the rule while one jockey doesn’t care about rules , not fair .If a jockey riding an outsider (50/1 +) & disobey the 12 strikes rule the horse will win because the other jockeys kept by the 12 strikes rule

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