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Appeal: Top Jockey Gains Some Relief

Deposit refunded

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that an Appeal was held in Johannesburg on 29 May 2019, against the finding and the penalty imposed on Jockey Gavin Lerena by an Inquiry Board on 13 March 2019.


Jockey Lerena was charged with a contravention of Rule 62.2.7, in that whilst riding SYLVAN ON FIRE he failed to ensure that he did not cause interference to other runners leaving the 200m in Race 4 run at Turffontein Racecourse on 2 March 2019.

Jockey Lerena pleaded not guilty to the charge, but was found guilty of the charge.

When assessing the penalty, the Inquiry Board took into consideration Jockey Lerena’s clean record with regard to a contravention of this particular Rule over the past two years and imposed a penalty of a suspension from riding in races for a period of 10 days.

Jockey Lerena Appealed against both the finding and penalty imposed.

The Appeal Board found as follows:

  1. The appeal against the guilty finding was dismissed.
  2. The Appeal Board was of the opinion that the Inquiry Board had erred in failing to attach sufficient weight to the mitigating factors and that the interference was not as serious in nature as other incidents and associated suspensions meted out to various Riders for interference transgressions.

The Appeal Board set aside the penalty imposed by the Inquiry Board and substituted it with a penalty suspending Mr Lerena from riding in races for a period of (7) seven days.

  1. In terms of Rule 85.5.8 Jockey Lerena’s appeal deposit fee was refunded.
  • Press release issued by NHA on Wednesday 5 June 2019

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13 comments on “Appeal: Top Jockey Gains Some Relief

  1. The Dark Duke says:

    Thank God for small mercies

  2. DavidS says:

    Who were the members on the Appeal board and who were the members on the Inquiry board

  3. Michael says:

    Gavin is our man

  4. Mister G . says:

    And so Owners were also penalised in that Gavin couldn’t meet his commitments because the Inquiry Board ” erred ” in their findings !!
    How Amateurish . Do the members of the Inquiry Board get reprimanded ?!!

    1. karel says:

      The process is not any different from, say, the handicappers assessing a horse’s MR and an appeal against it being lodged.
      Your comment is ill informed.

  5. DavidS says:

    Karel in both cases someone is right and someone is wrong, unless the wrong are corrected unnecessary errors will reoccur, we must strive for excellence if we want to be respected as a racing community, judgement must be same for all,, SA racing is too used to making exceptions

  6. Pops says:

    What have the NHA done here by stating—that the interference was not as serious in nature as other incidents and associated suspensions meted out to various Riders for interference transgressions.
    Think this ruling is going to come back and bite the NHA,especially handing back the full deposit even though the appeal against the guilty verdict was dismissed

  7. DavidS says:

    To me it sounds as if someone on the Inquiry board may have an axe to grind

  8. Michael Jacobs says:

    Gavin Lerena has not been as successful on the Wilgersbosdrif and Mautitzfontein horses as Anthony Delpech was before his injury. Or do they no longer have the quality they had a few years ago?

  9. Avril says:

    Michael I can confirm Gavin has had 89 rides for his sponsors this season for 24 wins, 43 placed and 22 unplaced runs for stakes of R3,531,076. I would not consider these stats unsuccessful.

  10. Avril says:

    Michael in my opinion Gavin has been very successful on his sponsors horses. From October he has had 89 rides for 24 wins, 43 placings and 24 unplaced runs earning them R3,531,076 in stakes. I wouldn’t call these stats an unsuccessful partnership.

  11. Michael Jacobs says:

    Thanks, I stand corrected. It was never my intention to denigrate him.Has he won any grade 1 races this season for his sponsor?

  12. Michael Jacobs says:

    Why would Anton Marcus ride Queen Supreme for the Wlgersbosdrif connections if Gavin
    Lerena is the sponsored jockey for the connections?

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