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Roy…Beware, It’s Never Enough

Countdown to July final field - Tuesday @12h00

For anybody making the assumption that Roy Had Enough has literally done enough to secure the Vodacom Durban July panel’s seal of approval when they sit down on Monday to hand pick the final field of 20, including 2 reserves, just turn the clock back a year.

Roy Moodley – will he have a runner in the big race?

Comparisons may be academic, but let’s not forget that the panel has the sole and unrestricted right to include and exclude any horse they choose to.

As in the past, they will not enter into any correspondence or justify any decisions.

Former Gr1 Cape Derby winner It’s My Turn won the Track And Ball Derby last year.

Owner Fred Crabbia and trainer Dean Kannemeyer booked their July day lunch tables and went ahead, thinking – like Roy Moodley and Frank Robinson – that they surely had done enough.

Then they were excluded.

Sure, It’s My Turn was a year older than Roy Had Enough. But he was also a Gr1 winner. They raced off similar ratings.

Interestingly, 80% of the final field that were chosen in 2018 had never won a Gr1.

More than 50% were rated below It’s My Turn on their official ratings.

Exactly 80% did not win a Group race at their last start.

Fully 75% of the field had not won past 2000m.

10 percent of the final selection had never won a feature race.

Last year the panel faced sifting through 32 entries – this year they have 30 – with the prospect of more to fall out by 11h00 on Monday.

Let’s hope they make the right calls, for the right reasons.

See the announcement live at Gateway at 12h00 on Tuesday 25 June – or live on Tellytrack Dstv 239


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23 comments on “Roy…Beware, It’s Never Enough

  1. gavin says:

    marcus needs to catch a wake up and come interviews…frankie dettori does …anton is not in the same league as frankie… he should watch the coverage of royal ascot…marcus has to be the most sour jock i have seen

  2. gavin says:

    roy moodley deserves a runner in the july
    he has done alot for natal racing..lets hopes gold circle uses it brains and lets roy had enough run
    .he would beat most of that field

  3. PL.NEL says:

    Review last year and oh my gosh this year is way stronger. Yup catch a wake up and advertise one of the best fields in many a year. Marcus has had privilege on most of top weights,, so now draws and let us see where Marcus sits. My selection has him covered. Haha

  4. Jay Akkiah says:

    Its whom you know

  5. Jay Akkiah says:

    Gavin A jockeys job is to ride horses and Marcus is a professional jockey
    Hes not there to give a sermon after his win
    You saw how he rode the race what more do you want . What comments do you want to hear when you can study the race card to find the comments. And further more we punters are never happy when the horses we back loses and blame the jockeys
    We back the wrong horse to win coz every race has a winner
    Give the time to the proud owners

  6. Shanil says:

    The game is dying and the man that rides the best horses on the card excuses himself from the interviews. Punters require every available took these days to make a few rand. Interviews is a valuable tool. Racing worldwide is far more transparent than here. Jocks and trainers are public figures and help grow the sport with their regular updates on their horses.

  7. freeracer01 says:

    Your headline a modern classic!

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks FR!

  8. Johnny G says:

    Gavin YOU need to catch a wake up . You cant compair Ascot to a poxy meeting at Scottsville. If you managed to watch the main coverage of the races at Ascot on 211 and saw how many presenters they had on had to analyze the each race and intervew trainers jockeys grooms owners for each race then you will see how far back SA racing is behind the rest of the world. Anton is not obligated to come out for an interview most jockeys come out on there own will . South African Racing needs to catch a wake up and see how you can promote racing instead of being stuck in the 80s . You have the best marketing tool the world THE HORSE use it and run with it .

  9. Ronny Naidoo says:

    3yr old Charles against a slightly decent older horse and Marcus knew it. So, will Hawwaam meet the same fate?

  10. Bob Kistnasamy says:

    Anton’s non appearance post race is detrimental to coverage for his sponsors. Surely they deserve a mention by the jock who sports their logos.
    I wander if this had anything to do with the recent temporary sponsorship withdrawal which was later reinstated.

  11. gavin says:

    maybe johnny g you should catch a wake up . punters want jockies in put . being that you are antons best friend tell your mate to stop being so sour … read all the platforms chief. i did the watch all the coverage … atleast thoose jockies had the common decency to speak to the presenters

  12. Yugen says:

    Follow the criteria that is set. If a horse deserves to be in the July, so be it. Don’t turn this sport into a sham. There are many owners that support and contribute to the sport. Let that not be the criteria.

  13. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…J G you clearly missing the point with Gavin I feel the frustration of the man he’s obviously depending on some feed back to Antons opinion going forward into the July or else he would like to hear if there’s something coming up later in the day that he should include into the play transparency is vital for the man in the street keep feeding and don’t stop feeding constructive information my personal opinion the most important tool is the punter onces he grows pools and stakes will then grow… formgrids and DS spent millions at his own expense for 15 years at no charge trying to help and educate the Novice and Pros he done wonders for the racing industry only to have the site hacked by the high powers…Anton can be such a asset to the Man in street and yes most of the public understand that one will not always be right at least guide them in the right direction… Antons issue is the abuse after they get beat so what it’s in the heat of the moment and it’s in the nature of the beast I’m sure that 70% of the novice players even your so called pros would love to hear Antons opinion about the card…Racing presenters that are presenting on the day should catch a big wake up to be a great presenter and tippster is do homework stop thumb sucking…Rob Scott in particular get your soldiers to jot down 5 or 6 trainers and Jocks that have fancied runners or rides on the day do a quick live interview just before there runners or rides run and get there views and opinions

  14. Michael Jacobs says:

    There are too many arrogant trainers and jockeys who think they are doing the public a favour by talking about their runners, and Anton Marcus is the main culprit. These people need to realise that we are doing them a favour by punting and betting on horses and attending race meetings! We can spend our entertainment rand anywhere, even at the casino, but we love racing. These trainers and jockeys will be racing for a pie and a Coke if us punters stopped playing tomorrow, we provide their livelihoods. Owners and punters are the lifeblood of the sport, trainers and jockeys are merely employees in the industry! And a good employee looks after his customers! Johnny G shouldn’t defend Marcus, he’s an ex-jockey so obviously he will side with Marcus! He should just not comment

    1. karel says:

      You comment, and have strange opinions, so why not him?

  15. Michael Jacobs says:

    Correct, he can comment, freedom of speech, my apologies.

    Most respondents here though disagree entirely with his views, so he and I clearly have “strange” opinions. I’m still trying to figure out how we get “the horse” to “market” the sport? The horse can’t talk or promote itself, it needs Owners, trainers and jockeys to talk about it and to promote the sport for “the horse”.

  16. Rian says:

    Nobody comparing Ascot to any Poxy meeting at Scottsville, and agree with most of respondents and the strange opinions as Karel so bluntly puts it….
    We as Punters who love the game and the Horse have no say at all and thats why Ascots coverage , tweets, professional approach to THE PUNTER IS WORLD CLASS…
    Johnny G is part of the De Kock set up and you should expect Strange Opinions from him,
    Well said Micheal, Franckie ,Gavin ,Bob and Sanil…….
    On a point of order, did anyone notice a Sour Trainer throw his draws for the JULY to the ground, Sad

  17. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Absolute disgrace…but it’s fine he’s Joey Ramsden…yes he’s got all the right to be upset we understand the frustration behind the man but to do something so stupid on national tv it’s way below the belt you agree JG

  18. Mashie says:

    Anton thinks he is more important than the game – wake up. To give the owners of the winner an interview isn’t too much ask – but to you it clearly is

  19. Rian says:

    Most Sportsmen gladly give of their Time eg Soccer,Cricket, Rugby, Golf , Motor racing , Athletics etc and they give back to the communities and the Kids…
    Why not the Jockeys, maybe its an Ego thing thats taught at Academy ???

  20. Mark De Vries says:

    As punters…Marcus and Co. are ‘arrogant and dispicable’ but our monies are good for them!Racing will never improve until We as punters-take a protest jibe against these lousy sportspeople!Can it occur?

  21. gavin says:

    guys let us not upset johnny g

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