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Hewitson Stays For Rest Of Season

Muzi has a fight on his hands

SA Champion jockey Lyle Hewitson, who is fighting out a neck and neck duel with the hard-working Northern Cape Champion Muzi Yeni at the top of the national log, will see out the balance of this season before departing for Hong Kong in the second week of August.

Lyle Hewitson (photo: Gold Circle)

Lyle Hewitson – champion stays for season

He will join Aldo Domeyer and Grant van Niekerk for the new Hong Kong racing season.

The 21 year old champion was allocated a six month contract by the Hong Kong Jockey Club licensing committee last week.

Domeyer (6 months) and Van Niekerk (12 months)  have had their contracts renewed.

Hewitson is favoured to lift the title for the second consecutive year.

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9 comments on “Hewitson Stays For Rest Of Season

  1. Deezo says:

    No denying it but Lyle is the most dedicated and hardest working jockey in the country. Where does he get all the energy to ride almost 6 days a week at his tender age. He will break almost every South African jockey record if he continues at this pace and most certainly and deservedly win the SA jockey championship for the second year. I truly salute you , Mr Hewitson. Go conquer the world as you have no equals in SA.

  2. Muzi also works hard at his trade.Also Muzi isn’t linked to a big yard where he’s guaranteed plum rides on top horses.

  3. gavin says:

    come on muzi… lyle gets all tarrys plum rides

  4. beatle says:


  5. beatle says:


  6. Ingie says:

    Muzi you deserve to win the championship you are a hardworking and dedicated jockey the difference is some jockeys gets rides handed to them on a silver
    Everything of the best you have our support!!

  7. Irene Michael says:

    go Muzi go… it is your year to win the championship. Be safe and boot home the winners.

  8. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    Come on muzi across the yeni show Dem dynamite comes in tiny winy packages u are the most underated jockey around. Prove a point to all your critics also Lyle was a work rider before becoming an apprentice. So I see no justice in comparing him to the likes of Gavin Lorena and the great Michael Roberts he just got lucky Vos of Samangas injury and bonj not being around for the jockeys championship. I’d like to see if tarry turns to Samanga again the guy who won almost everything for him and Chris.

  9. Deezo says:

    Lyle is a brilliant rider. I think if Lyle rode in Flamingo Park , like Yeni did , i dont we would be disputing who is the current best jockey in this country. Yeni has experience in years of riding. Lyle rides for other stables either than just Tarry. He deserves all the accolades . Lerena and Marcus are still riding and they way off the pace. Lets not forget Cheyne and Kennedy.

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