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NHA Calendar – Latest

Another week!

National Horseracing AuthorityAnother week has flown by at the National Horseracing Authority HQ in Johannesburg.

Here’s their latest list of transfers, changes, penalties and the rest.

Click below to read:

The Racing Calendar Dated 7/6/2019 Volume 118 Issue 45

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6 comments on “NHA Calendar – Latest

  1. Paul Karam says:

    Hello Ed

    Can NHA explain the reason why studbook registrations are not up to date ?

    1. Editor says:

      We will ask Paul

  2. Steve Reid says:

    Interesting to see that no mention of the Gauteng Handicapping road show scheduled to take place tomorrow at 12 pm is not published on the NHA website.

  3. Steve Reid says:

    Thanks for this. My reference came from https://www.sportingpost.co.za/2019/04/handicapping-guidelines-nha/ The “Everybody welcome” is conspicuous by its absence unlike previous invites to roadshows at other venues. The midday session on a working day outside of a race day speaks volumes along with Mr Cohen announcing all trainers welcome after the Vaal meeting yesterday. This is the NHA I have become accustomed to over the years.

    A big pity some of us have to earn our daily bread and will be unable to attend, particularly with little prior notice. I do so love listening to fairy tails particularly when tailwind and other such proven handicapping guidelines are thrown into the mix.

  4. Lou Syfer says:

    Steve Reid I made a similar remark on the Roadshow piece, I think they knew there would be some thorny questions asked and cjose to invite the soft targets that they can bully – trainers!

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