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NHA Roadshow – On The Highveld

Understand the handicapper's mind!

National Horseracing AuthorityPlease note that the NHA will be holding the  Highveld Leg of the Handicapping Roadshow at Turffontein Racecourse on Wednesday 12 June 2019 from 12h00 till 14h00.

The following will be discussed:

Handicapping Methodology – in Brief

Handicappers to rate races in view of attendees

Discuss the proposed adjustment of the national horse population

Questions and Answers

Venue :           National Horseracing Authority Offices (Turffontein Racecourse)


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7 comments on “NHA Roadshow – On The Highveld

  1. Steve says:

    I have had my fair share of trying to fathom out why certain “horses’ get the ‘benefit’ of the handicapper…..You cant Fart against Thunder……Whats the other saying about empty vessels???

  2. Desmond says:

    As an owner I am very much perturbed that owners are kept out of the loop regarding this road show. I accept that quite a few owners do not know much about handicapping or do not care. I am different and so are many others. To explain my point with a simple example: Jockeys need to know how the false rail is placed. So do punters. It affects them both. That is why Gold Circle and the other operators notify everyone where the rail is placed. Wake up NHA.

  3. Head Scratcher says:

    I am really not clear on your point Desmond. Explain the relationship between the false rail and the handicappers (NHA)?

  4. Lou Syfer says:

    Why is this meeting with the NHA different to the other meetings ie. why was it not held after races and on a Saturday? The NHA must realise that criticism is something they can heed and improve on.


    In this meeting Mr. Moodley will tell you about the proposed 10 point hike in the MR of all horses as at 1 August 2019.

    This is to relieve congestion at the bottom of the MR scale.

    So, on the 1st August a hard knocking 79 MR handicapper, going nowhere up, now aged 5, for instance will be rated 89 with all others around him.

    He will not be able to run close to 89, will shrink down to his original mark after 2 or 3 races.

    As suggested by Mr Cort, this is not thought through thoroughly.

    A more practical solution is to lower the entry level of a handicap e.g. – 50 to 60 MR race could be introduced as a 40 to 50 MR race….. instead of pussy footing around with MR’s across the board.

  6. Steve Reid says:

    William my mate don’t you dare question the infallibles. To the naughty corner with your dunce cap.


    Oh, I’ll question away. That’s what my father taught me. Especially with regards a dunce proposal that brings handicapping into question.

    We’ll have 20 Enable’s (Gosden star filly) running in SA after August 2019 and then 9 months down the line they’ll show the decreased MR of a Disabled horse

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