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Vaal – Bad For Racing

'Tension in jockey room was tangible'

It’s just bad for racing. That was the word from a few trainers and jockeys following Tuesday’s Vaal meeting where no false rail was used.

A leading trainer called the Sporting Post to say that the absence of a false rail had been discussed previously with Phumelela.

The Sporting Post can confirm that we have fielded previous complaints in this regard from a variety of stakeholders. We were told at the time that track management do try and vary the positioning of the rail.

Without even a nominal false rail – as on Tuesday – to fan the horses out, there is bunching and resultant traffic issues and it often becomes a hit-and-miss affair, particularly for those making their run from off the pace.

“This is really bad for the game. An owner pays keep for months. The horse has form and is fit.The racing is unfair and it becomes a lucky dip. It is also unsafe and dangerous for the jockeys. And punters may as well go and play the daily Lotto. The tension in the jockey room was tangible too,” said one trainer who preferred to remain anonymous as ‘history has shown that when you open your mouth – even constructively – the door gets shut in your face.’

National Horseracing AuthorityThe Stipes report reflects the following incidents that were recorded:

At approximately the 200m BOSS BABE (R Danielson) had to switch out to continue its run.

Shortly before the finish line OURO (G Lerena) had to steady momentarily when awkwardly placed between ROUGE ALLURE (R Munger) and SINGING IN SEATTLE (M Mjoka), which rolled out.

At approximately the 200m PURPLE DIAMOND (L Hewitson) had to steady and switch out to avoid running onto the heels of ARMSTRONG (M Yeni).

At approximately the 300m THE LITIGATOR (*N Klink), which had come to the end of its run, had to steady when awkwardly placed between KINGS CUP (G Lerena) and FACT (M van Rensburg), which shifted out off the heels of HORSEPLAY (M Yeni) to continue its run.

PINK (C Zackey) was tightened for galloping room at the 300m and thereafter had to switch in to continue its run.

SEE ME RUN (*D Schwarz) was baulked for a clear run from the 150m.

The Sporting Post will be approaching the racing operator and the NHA for comment.

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12 comments on “Vaal – Bad For Racing

  1. danny1356 says:

    This is the case at many international tracks. What are you paying your jockeys for. That’s their job !! Jockeying for positions. Now we can sort the men from the boys.

  2. Brian says:

    Yesterday was pathetic. An insult to the racing public and punters alike. I stopped after the third and all they got was 60 bucks from me. I hope they use it as a contribution to employ someone to leave a spur or false rail whatever it’s called

    Whoever came up with that idea should be fired.

    A disgrace!!!!

  3. Dennis The Menace says:

    They all in the same boat.Some jckeys just want arm chair rides.

  4. Tony says:

    i refer to Danny’s comment yesterda, your champion jockeys Hewiston ,Lerena ,and top joockeys Zackey and Danielson as well as a few other up and coming jocks were all involved and costing punters money due to no false rail what you are saying is that the above jockeys are boys To keep this game alive the punters need a fair shake and by not putting up a false rail they are not getting it and that also goes for the owner who pays a fortune in the game .

  5. Philip Goldberg says:

    And is Scottsville and Greyville any better???

  6. Nico says:

    It’s not about being a top jockey to get the best result. If you’re riding a hold up horse, how do you weave your way through numberous gaps without finding trouble. False rail means best horse wins the race, why would we want it any other way?

  7. Kay says:

    Uk grounds are worse but they are are all fighting for a place there

  8. Geoff says:

    Well said Nico .

  9. Johnny G says:

    Both our Tracks Turffontien and the Vaal have very long straights. Not having a false rail is an absolute joke. We going into winter and there is no sence to save the track they let the grass die anyway. By having a false rail on both courses just makes for fair racing for all . Nothing worse as and owner Trainer or jockey getting to the races and thinking you have a winning chance and your horse gets boxed in and getting and gets beaten unfairly. It’s no problem for the clubs to have a false rail on every meeting . That’s my view

  10. Zahir says:

    This is not Australia. This is really a bad advert for racing.

  11. Kevin says:

    If the jockeys ,trainers and owners are moaning about a legitimate issue,why the hell are Phumelela being so blase about it? New blood needed to run racing,out with the same old, same old,with no finger on the pulse.

  12. Brad says:

    Guys I had a serious punt on Pink this week, to see all the bunching going on the horse just couldn’t get a gap. Forget UK racing as their fields are on average much smaller than here . Should the powers that be not focus on making the tracks fair or is it still run by dinosaurs drawing a healthy salary with nothing to show for

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