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Vodacom Durban July Weights

Snaith could have 5 runners

All but two of the horses featuring among the top 32 on the official Vodacom Durban July Log stood their ground at the final acceptance stage today (Tuesday) for Africa’s greatest racing event to be run over 2 200m at Greyville in Durban on Saturday, July 6.

Return Flight – still in running

The July Selection Committee will now select the 18 runners and two emergency acceptors for the R4.25-million, Grade 1 race from 30 candidates with Gary Alexander’s Hero’s Honour and Run Red from the Andre Nel stable being the two potential runners that were withdrawn.

Final declarations are due by 11h00 on Monday, 24 June.The final field will be announced 24 hours later.

 R4 250 000 2200m
Open to all Horses
WFA: 3yrs-2kgs 
No Apprentice Allowance
0 Do It Again Accepted (4G) 60 125 A Justin Snaith
0 Rainbow Bridge Accepted (4G) 59.5 124 A Eric Sands
0 Head Honcho Accepted (5G) 58.5 122 AT Andre Nel
0 Hawwaam Accepted (3C) 56 121 A Mike de Kock
0 Oh Susanna (AUS) Scratched (4F) 55.5 116 A Justin Snaith
0 Legal Eagle Accepted (7G) 55 115 AT Sean Tarry
0 Twist Of Fate Accepted (3C) 54 117 A Joey Ramsden
0 Lady In Black Accepted (4F) 53.5 112 A Dennis Drier
0 Barahin Accepted (3C) 53 112 A Mike de Kock
0 Bunker Hunt Accepted (3G) 53 112 A Justin Snaith
0 Alyaasaat (AUS) Scratched (3G) 53 111 A Mike de Kock
0 Divine Odyssey Accepted (4G) 53 111 A J A Janse van Vuuren
0 Tilbury Fort Accepted (5G) 53 110 AT Sean Tarry
0 Eyes Wide Open Accepted (4C) 53 109 BAT Glen Kotzen
0 Made To Conquer Accepted (5G) 53 108 A Justin Snaith
0 Roy Had Enough (AUS) Accepted (4C) 53 108 A Frank Robinson
0 Dawn Assault Scratched (5H) 53 106 BAT St John Gray
0 Dark Moon Rising Accepted (5G) 53 105 A Paul Lafferty
0 Hero’s Honour Scratched (4G) 53 105 A Gary Alexander
0 Samurai Warrior Scratched (3C) 53 105 BA Weiho Marwing
0 Atyaab (AUS) Scratched (3G) 53 104 BA Mike de Kock
0 Charles Accepted (3C) 53 104 A Brett Crawford
0 Doosra Scratched (5G) 53 104 BA J A Janse van Vuuren
0 Doublemint Accepted (4C) 53 104 A Justin Snaith
0 Magnificent Seven Accepted (4G) 53 104 A Justin Snaith
0 Noble Secret Scratched (4G) 53 104 AT Mike de Kock
0 Thanksgiving Scratched (3C) 53 104 A Duncan Howells
0 Zillzaal Accepted (3C) 53 104 BAT Sean Tarry
0 Elusive Silva Accepted (6G) 53 103 A Justin Snaith
0 Herodotus Scratched (3C) 53 101 A Glen Kotzen
0 Red Chesnut Road Scratched (5G) 53 101 BA R A Hill/S R Hill
0 The Dazzler Accepted (4G) 53 99 A Mike de Kock
0 Platinum Prince Scratched (5G) 53 95 BA Justin Snaith
0 $Orpheus Scratched (4G) 53 94 AT M G Azzie/A A Azzie
0 Run Red Scratched (4G) 53 94 A Andre Nel
0 Shenanigans Scratched (5H) 53 94 AT Sean Tarry
0 Banner Hill Accepted (6G) 53 93 A Geoff Woodruff
0 Protea Paradise Scratched (3G) 53 92 BA Mike de Kock
0 Silva’s Bullet Scratched (4G) 53 91 A Dean Kannemeyer
0 Silver God Scratched (4G) 53 85 AT Sean Tarry
0 Top Classman Accepted (4G) 53 84 A Paul Lafferty
0 Return Flight Accepted (3F) 52 109 A Sean Tarry
0 Camphoratus Accepted (4F) 52 105 A R A Hill/S R Hill
0 Fresnaye Accepted (4F) 52 105 A Joey Ramsden
0 Miyabi Gold Accepted (4F) 52 105 A Justin Snaith
0 $Insignis Accepted (4F) 52 102 A Geoff Woodruff
0 Secret Potion Accepted (4F) 52 102 A Geoff Woodruff
0 Fiorella Scratched (4F) 52 100 A Duncan Howells
0 Roy’s Riviera (AUS) Accepted (4F) 52 97 A Frank Robinson
0 Flichity By Farr Scratched (4F) 52 93 A Alyson Wright
0 Arianos Shadow Scratched (3F) 52 91 A Frank Robinson

Hero’s Honour was 14th on the list and with his withdrawal, if the members of the Selection Panel follow their last selections,  Camphoratus from the Robbie Hill yard will move into 18th position to get a run and the second emergency entry will come from the 11 remaining hopefuls on the outside looking in.

If that is the case, Justin Snaith will have five runners in the race.

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29 comments on “Vodacom Durban July Weights

  1. Lou Syfer says:

    So from the look of things, KZN will have two runners in the July. Hopefully Gold Circle will not include KZN runners who have no business in this race as they have previously.

  2. gavin says:

    return flight would be better off in the garden province …

  3. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…July Field I’m assuming should be as follows
    2)Do it Again
    4)Rainbow Bridge
    7)Twist of Fate
    8)Eye’s Wide Open
    9)Made To Conquer
    10)Bunker Hunt
    11)Divine Odyssey
    12)Head Honcho
    13)Tilbury Fort
    14)Legal Eagle
    15)Return Flight
    16)Lady in Black
    17)Dark Moon Rising
    Reserves Runners

    1. Editor says:

      Wouldnt recent Gr1 winner Camphoratus warrant a run?

  4. Hilton says:

    Would agree with that

  5. Selven says:

    Looks a perfect July Field

  6. Leon says:

    If that’s the case Go Return Flight Daughter of Pomodoro
    History repeats itself

  7. Leon says:

    Striker should ride Return Flight

  8. Cameron James says:

    The best handicapped horse in this field has to be Eyes Wide Open, here’s a colt whose beaten Do It Again at level weights in the Cape Derby, run close up to the class horses in the Cape Summer Season this year all at level weights.

    Now he is receiving 7kg from horses like Do It Again and Rainbow Bridge. Has had a perfect preparation, this horse needed racing, a similar strategy he used before winning the Cape Derby.

    I still believe Do It Again is the horse to beat but the 7kg swing with Eyes Wide Open may be tough. It must be remembered that Eyes Wide Open was the original favorite for last year’s running before he was scratched.

    Heart says Do it Again, the numbers say Eyes Wide open.

  9. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Mr Editor one could argue about the bottom 4…Camphoratus beating Running Brave a head and knowing 60% of the field that day in the Emporers Club field in my opinion will not see out anything over a mile…Not the best Grade 1 race I’ve see around

  10. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Mr Editor with know disrespect to owners or trainers I personally feel that the bottom few will battle to hit the boards…Robbie Hill is a personal friend of mine I’ll be extremely happy to see Robbie have his 1st runner in the July…horses can make fools out of us that we understand….Get the cash boys Hawwaam doesn’t need Red bulls he was born with wings so flying to the finish will be done in style…Clear the runway the champ is about to land

    1. Editor says:

      Like the confidence, Frankie!
      William – this is the Pick 6 banker then – only five legs to find

  11. Cecil Pienaar says:

    This is a call for Mr Frankie Zackey to The Punters Corner

    Objection! From the Midlands, we demand Magnificent Seven gets a run. LoL
    Agree, bottom 4 could change..

    Striker will be back for the July (hope so)
    Not sure his riding weight, he fancied Double Mint… 53 kg

    Hey William, Scottsville this Sat, the P6 can be won, Pls study, careful of race 9….
    Take a chance and bank Blossom and Charles( if he doesn’t win this one, No July)

    1. Editor says:

      Striker informs us that he has no July ride at this point, Cecil

  12. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Cecil objection stands deposit forfeited …Blossom and Charles we on the same page let’s hope Charles delivers nice July back end quartet horse

  13. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thx Mr Ed, let’s hope that changes. I am sure Jock agents are working overtime.

    I like Cameron James’s assessment and thinking…

    The Boxed QT is getting bigger….

  14. MagixMike says:

    Sir, Mr. Editor…..MagixMike here….

  15. Etienne says:

    You have forgotten about Magnificent Seven

  16. MagixMike says:

    Dear Editor. MagixMike here. I see Mr. Zackey is bullish about Hawwaan. The last 2 July’s, he tipped me the wrong one. So now, its 3rd time Lucky? Come on Frankie, give us 2 more Winners on July day? Frankie is in the know…… Bless us with 2 sure things.


    Hear Ye Hear Ye,

    All having business in the matter of the The People vs The Pick 6 banker, stand forward and you shall be heard !

    Hawwaam banker – let’s see what the pooled selections show, Mr Editor.

    On purely personal level, for the purposes of WIN only, it appears that it would be an upset if one of the top 3 don’t win ?

  18. Amesh says:

    There are no certainties in this game, as bullish as everyone is about hawaam, rainbow bridge will not make this easy, for me put your Money on the rainbow at the end is sure to be your pot of Gold

  19. Cameron James says:

    Thanks Cecil Pienaar. Reading between the lines Eyes Wide Open is destined for stud duties, so Mr Kotzen and his owners would never risk this horse if they didn’t think he had a winning opportunity. Mark my words of this horse is drawn between gates 1 to 7, he will be a massive runner. The place bet looks far more better than backing Hawaam or Do It Again on the nose.

    7kg is the equivalent of 14 lengths over any trip over 2000m, I see it this way, Eyes Wide open to hold on by a diminishing length from the fast finishing Do It Again and a toss up between Rainbow Bridge and Hawaam for 3rd and fourth.

    The July has been very kind to me from backing Dunford at 70-1, to the classy Bold Silvano at 5-1 and Do It Again at a ridiculous 8 to 1 last year- long may my luck last….

  20. Cameron James says:

    Cecil Pienaar if you looking for a banker in the P6 on July day, look no further than Eden Roc. Watched the replay at Scottville, horse is classy, overcame many issues and still won like a good horse should. Sean Tarry dropped him to a sprint after debuting at 1400m, only because he knew this horse had the class to do so. I feel he will be better over this trip and probably will win the Group 1 on Gold Cup Day as well.

  21. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hi Cameron. I was on course when this horse won (surprised many) except the connections. Like you say Mr Tarry spoke highly of this one post race.

    On July day I reckon it’ll be a 2 horse race, between Eden Roc and Frosted Gold.

    Closer to the time, Pls give your views on the other races and join in on ‘The William Milkovitch and The People’s P6’


  22. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…William I’ll keen to get involved in a P6 if the guys are willing to take 2 different P6’s with Hawwaam as our banker in the 1 P6 then in the 2nd P6 we’ll cover…best time to forward selections is once scratchings have been done I think draws will be a big plus in other races and more than likely they’ll a few races on the poly…I’m a firm believer in adding in a scratching if you decide on a field leg and same applies if there’s a hottie in the race and the guys wanna play to beat it I always add in a scratching…keep us in the know Cheers

  23. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…MagixMike…you got me no idea who you are…looking for 2 more winners on the day with some luck there should be a few good things on the day let’s hope they pull reasonable draws Cheers MagixMike


    Excellent Frankie, your’e most welcome to participate.

    The one thing is, with trying to incorporate every bodies selections, I cannot guarantee the formation, bankers, field selections, etc.

    The main idea is for it not to be about two or three persons fancies.

    I’ll give the times lines, for submission of selections,etc etc… sometime next week.

    Looking forward too your participation !

  25. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…I understand not a problem Cheers William

  26. MagixMike says:

    Hi Frankie…..MagixMike here. Respect to you Brother…..l know you are a great judge. I have backed Hawwaam. I have Eden Roc in all-to-comes. Then l need another Ringer. Regards to all the Gents on this blog…. Interesting.

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