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Flag : Stipes Say Nothing

Fairview stipes under spotlight again

The Fairview start incident on 10 May, where the incorrect horses were loaded, led to action against officials as an investigation had shown that the NHA Starters had failed to perform and fulfil their functions and obligations.

As in a similar incident in February, nobody noticed and the Sporting Post drew the NHA’s attention to it.

The NHA reported at the time that as this was the second offence of this nature, an internal disciplinary process would take place and the appropriate sanction dished out.

At Fairview on Friday we note that in the final race the all-clear flag was only raised after the gates had been sprung. The starter usually reacts to an all clear indicator from the flagman,

The official stipes report fails to mention this possibly important, possibly insignificant, occurrence.

We note that the same official who was in charge on 10 May, was on duty on Friday.

In an addendum to Friday’s stipes report, it is reported that an investigation has been opened into various incidents regarding the weighing in and out of Riders by the Clerk of Scales on 8 and 12 July 2019, in the Eastern Cape.

‘In this regard, the matter has been advanced to a disciplinary hearing. Upon completion of the matter, a more detailed report will be published.’

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26 comments on “Flag : Stipes Say Nothing


    Just remember, Ladies & Gents to brace yourselves for Another NHA comedy club announcement at the end of this month, about the 10 point MR rise for every horse on or around the 1st August 2019.

    Mr. Moodley will tell you that this MR elevation is needed to relieve major congestion for horses in the approximate 60 to 79 band/range.

    This will just move the major congestion up one or two levels. In six months, MR’s will naturally drop back to South Africa’s average & true levels.

    In the meantime you will encounter, in the Big Races, 10 runners on 120+ & and a couple on 130+.

    But don’t worry says Mr. Moodley, this is just our ‘local is lekker’ ratings. We’ll be assessing handicaps in an inflated 10 point bubble to help the horses at the bottom of the scale.

    All they have to do in introduce lower benchmark handicaps e.g. 0 to 55’s and/or 0 to 50’s so that the hard knocking 52MR horse doesn’t just receive 8 or 9 kg’s from the top-weight in a MR68 or MR70 handicap.

    Anyway, as Eugene Terreblanche said, we’ll just V*k Voort.

  2. Steve Reid says:

    Love your work William.


    Steve. and for your efforts, I can only hope & wish that one day people realize that your concerns are from the heart, an inquiring mind and passion to protect those who are less informed, through no fault of their own.

  4. Brendon says:

    Is Vee Moodley still the captain of the NHA silo? If so, can we get a response from his office whether he is going to address the recurring failings of the NHA in the conduct and performance of their primary “administrative” duties.

    The NHA is prolific at punishing jockeys, owners, or any unsuspecting victim. Yet, it has been found wanting on a range of issues and continues to bring into question its competence, objectivity and independence. Surely there must be consequences for the NHA and its time for heads to roll.

  5. Nicolin says:

    Good point William, More lower rated races and maybe the odd double header on a weekday to cater for those extra races, rather than trying to cram in horses with feather weights in tough races, instead, they can actually compete against horses of similar rating’s in lower handicaps. Mr Moodley, why not?

  6. Brian says:

    I’m still waiting for all the transparency unless Mr Moodley considers arrogance to be a form of transparency..

    We’ve gone from the fat into the frying pan as far as the NHA is concerned.

  7. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Oh yes Brendon, Mr Vee is definitely The Head Boy. A person that I punted when appointed. Lately my racing form is off, so money again on the wrong one, unless he is just a slow starter ?

    Back to the article – It is clear to me all the attention is on the Jocks, and own basic (core) tasks neglected

    Give that man William, an Ice Tea …

    William “Net soos ET, gaan die NHA outjies ook van die perd af d* nner ”

    Mr Ed. Thank You, that’s my bit of bitching for the week. Positive from here. We have a Big Sat day coming up and a P6 to catch

  8. Warren Grobler says:


    or maybe this is actually about the top end of the ratings scale?

    Ever considered that this MR hike is about maintaining the number of group races we have,and with export protocols supposedly being relaxed sometime this century,maybe it suits certain influential people to have a horse rated 130 instead of 120.Justification needs to be found in order to to get this done,deflection to the ‘bottom end’ of the MR scale gets the objective achieved at the top end.

    Things are seldom what they seem to be.

  9. Jay August says:

    William, you should ask one of the operators if you could sit in a programming meeting or two, as a concerned observer eager to understand the logic behind said programming.

    I’d wager that you may just be very surprised at what you find there, that some of the people who you least think are the problem with this MR increase issue, are in fact some of the prime suspects.

    Let me not however spoil the party as it is easy to flog the one horse everyone seems to love to beat. As Warren says “Things are seldom what they seem to be”.


    Warren, Mr. Moodley made it clear that the congestion at the bottom is the sole reason for this proposal. Then he added in the Cape meeting ” You know, we also have to consider making racing commercially viable ”

    I would have thought that the handicapping department be the most sovereign/non-aligned instrument of racing…and then he states that !

    Warren, you have a point, who knows the true motivation ?


    Good afternoon Mr. August, glad to see you back, crikey I thought we lost you 😉

    The authorities may think we take pride in flogging, I certainly don’t. I would like to commend Kenilworth Racing/race planners for moving our most prestigious Cape Derby away from The Met Day !

    And then, in the same breath, why on earth would Sun International want to share MET DAY with a sales organization whose prize money for another race “on the day” exceeds that of Cape Town’s number 1 race !


    Oh Cecil, I can identify with your humour.🙃🙃

  13. Jay August says:

    Warren, as there are two different ratings systems (the local and international) the issue you flag is a non event.

    The international panel would have to be seriously unqualified for your scenario to play out without challenge. As they are not such a blatant gaming of the system is not possible.

  14. Brendon says:

    William, if the NHA was the most sovereign/non-aligned instrument of racing, then a number of races, in the past couple of months, would have been declared null and void…. They seem to make up rules/excuses as they go along to ensure that Turnover for Phumelela is paramount in all decision-making.

    NHA needs to clean up their act if they want to stay relevant. Now might be a good time for them to discover their voices.

  15. Warren Grobler says:


    I’m not guessing.

    How the international panel deal with it is another issue.

  16. Jay August says:

    Warren, how do I read your comment, “I’m not guessing”?

    Are you implying that your first statement is one of informed fact (not guessing) and that the NHA and some influential parties are attempting to game the system?

  17. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Anyone notice Mr Lips has been officiating as a stipe and handicapper in KZN for a while. Has someone fallen i’ll?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Rod
      We believe that there is a personnel issue – that is being treated as an internal matter


    Warren, so just from my side, the NHA used the roadshows to highlight their day-to-day handicapping modus operandi and then at the end of the meeting, Mr. Moodley brought up this proposed across the board 10 point MR hike.

    My comments relate only to the 10 point MR hike, even though I have grave concerns about handicapping inconsistencies which were, by the way, raised by others at the various roadshows.

    As a first impression, Mr Moodley’s reasoning and analogies used when questioned were haphazard & reminded me of the vacuum-cleaner salesmen style, where his product’s suction method is the only & best one on the market.

  19. Steve Reid says:

    Mr. Editor its great when the NHA decide that they can fob off their problems by declaring something is an internal matter. I must say they seem to have many internal issues, maybe Vee should look externally for the solution?

    Here’s a question. What would the response from the NHA be should someone explain off a positive, or a infringement of the guidelines by stating that the problem was an internal matter? Would this be acceptable to Vee and his merry crew?

  20. Mgram says:

    @Steve Reid I am assuming that you have asked a rhetorical question? We both know that the Jockey Club rules are not applicable to themselves. Could you just imagine a jock getting fingered for betting and then saying in his defence that it is an internal issue? The jock would get the maximum!

  21. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    How does one write an algorithm .. More Cloak + More Dagger = Less Integrity

    Less Integrity Squared = Racing in Shit street

    To prove this type NHA in your GPS or google maps and it comes up Whitehouse 1 Shit Street

  22. Warren Grobler says:


    I’m no exper on this stuff,but as William says,why not just change the bandwidth of the lower rated handicaps?Why raise everything 10 pounds,especially as our top horses are going to be completely overrated against their international counterparts.

    However,what it does do is potentially upgrade Group races down the line,as they’ll suddenly have enough runners qualifying to upgrade their recently (last few seasons) downgraded status.Who benefits from that?

    Who is pulling whats strings I don’t know.All the ins and outs I’m not sure of,but it’s not heresay,I heard it straight from the horses mouth.

  23. Wayne Fouche says:

    Hey guys

    Just think – for a while we will have some of the “best” horses in the world running in SA!!!

  24. Jay August says:

    Warren, I agree with the issue of programming but that question should be asked of the operators, not just the NHA. Why are the operators that inflexible in their programming and why is nobody asking that question of them? Where is the RA on this issue and do they even have a position or understand the issue?

    I have a few questions of my own that I’ll pose if or when I generate sufficient energy to once again write on this matter. For now, I am played out as the debate in SA on this issue is despairingly poor and rumour and innuendo are more likely to gain traction than any attempt at facts.

    The dots you and your source connect are perhaps not credible with regards to ratings and the grading of races. It would take a leap of logic, that I cannot achieve, to make the argument that artificially raising ratings will induce amnesia and allow those ratings to manipulate the grading of future races.

    Frankly if what you allege proves correct and the system allows this manipulation then that system deserves to fail and fail badly.

  25. B Steele says:

    Jay maybe a throw away remark about a year back when he didn’t even have the job yet .From the horses mouth is apt here

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