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Hawwaam Suspended

Start certificate withdrawn

Shock Vodacom Durban July scratching Hawwaam is reported to be back in fine health – but will have to undergo some reschooling and also sit out a suspension.

The champion 3yo was reported by the Stipes to be restless in the stalls and  kicked the back gates.

He was removed and examined by the Veterinary Surgeon and was then scratched.

The Stipes have advised that in  view of the Starter’s report with regard to Hawwaam this colt’s starting stall certificate is withdrawn and he is suspended in terms of Rule 61.6.10 for a period of 7 days, and until such time as he proves tractable  with a companion.

His suspension dates are 7 July to 13 July. He may not be presented for re-passing during this period.

This is the second Gr1 raceday incident involving the talented Hawwaam, who was  withdrawn from the Gr1 SA Derby shortly before the race at end March following an incident in the parade ring.

After playing up and getting away from his handlers, Hawwaam breezed the short distance down the racecourse to the starting stalls, where he was quickly caught. But, after a vet check, he was withdrawn.

“He got a fright when Marco van Rensburg was dislodged from his mount in the canter past, reared up and then crashed through the rails. We are thankful he wasn’t hurt, this could’ve been worse, but we had no option but to take him out after what had happened.Hawwaam will be back, we’re not going to dwell on this, we had our 120th Gr1 winner with Soqrat today,” said Mat de Kock at the time.

In other reports from the July, the winner Do It Again also came under scruitiny. At approximately the 250 metre mark Eyes Wide Open had to ease momentarily to avoid the heels of Do It Again which shifted in away from the crop and was immediately straightened.

Jockey Nooresh Juglall signed an admission of guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2, in that as the rider of third placed Twist Of Fate, he used his crop more than 12 times in this race. In determining a penalty the Board considered the manner in which he used his crop and his recent record. He was fined R1000.

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65 comments on “Hawwaam Suspended

  1. Bob Kistnasamy says:

    In my opinion, the move by Do It Again, did affect the chances of Eyes Wide Open in finishing in a better position. I watched the race and there was enough space for both horses to take the opening. Unfortunately, Do It Again did hamper “Eyes” who still rallied to finish 4th. Surprisingly, there were no “hard luck stories” reported in the media.

  2. Malcolm says:

    How much did the bookies stand to lose if Hawwaam had won? When Celtic Sea cut off the fav & Fourie had to switch, there was no review by the stipes.why ?.. Joe Blogs must realise that racing here is for the elite,not him….

  3. Yugen Naidoo says:

    Second time this horse wa scratched. Proper investigation should be done and a fine imposed. Dont think it would have run a place , like,all the talk about Bahrain which was supposed to be cherry ripe.

  4. Shivi says:

    Eyes wide open was hampered badly. Why no objection

  5. Linda Horsfield says:

    So beating a horse 12 times in the matter of minutes isn’t animal abuse????!!! Which animal decided this?????

  6. Ian Jayes says:

    The shooting of Sea Cottage and the scratching of Hawwaam will probably go down as the greatest let-offs for the bookmakers in the history of the Turf. Bookmakers are an anachronistuc hangover from the previous century and why they are not outlawed world-wide is one of the biggest mysteries of the Turf.

  7. Anton says:


  8. Hylton says:

    Well looks like Hawwaam got a fright in the starting stalls, hence the reason for him rearing up. It seems as if one of the other horses played up inside the stalls causing Hawwaam to rear up.
    Seemed like number 9. If this was the case how will he be re-schooled for this.

    Can we get some video footage to see what happened.
    This is the least that is owed to the public.
    So can a horse be schooled to remain calm if another horse plays up inside stalls at racetime.

    Re-doing starting stall certification is not going to help, as he did enter the stalls properly.

    Can we get some video footage of the incident PLEASE!!

  9. 146 Hunttingdon Street says:

    Hi I for one had a lot of bets with Hawaam sice the betting oppend (all to comes,yankees) withe the hawaam being scratched now hollywood say it falls under the ani post betting rules n I loose all my bets close to R300k because it was scratched dont think its fair

    1. Editor says:

      Its in the rules 146

  10. Mary Robinson says:

    Watching the race on tv – we had a view of Hawwaam from above as he was loaded- to us it seemed as if they closed the gates behind him too quickly- he got a fright and reared up. He was so well behaved all the time! Sad sad ????

  11. Gerald says:

    Ian i totally agree, i said the same words to my son. I smell a rat in the whole Hawwaam story.

    1. Editor says:

      Serious, Gerald?

  12. Michael Jacobs says:

    Good decision to suspend Hawwaam. Maybe the trainer should also get a hefty fine, as this is the second time this horse has cost the public money, and what reschooling took place prior to the July entry. Easy to say “this is horse-racing”, but when it affects people’s pockets there needs to be consequences for the trainer. Or maybe this horse should just go overseas, we can watch him on tv and he can cost overseas punters their money!

  13. Yugen says:

    If Hawaam ran unplaced, his value would have depreciated and he would have lost the status of The Best Horse in the country. Personally like others I believe and we have the right to an opinion that there is something more to this.

  14. Selvan says:

    Hawaan should be fitted with ear muffs. Just a tough. May help.

  15. Vinesh says:

    What a pity that we cannot appreciate a horse winning the July for a second year in a row all through such controversy. Not even a race review when Do It Again carried Eyes Wide Open in and then took up his running. What about the start. Racetime should have been 16h20. As per my watch (could be wrong) we were still listening to the National Anthem at that time. Horses should have been loaded and ready to run. All that time behind the gates got those horses worked up. As much as we appreciate our National Anthem surely this could be done much earlier and not when the horses should be loaded.

  16. Tony Ridgway says:

    For the first time in my 40+ year racing “connexion” I was 100% CONVINCED that the first 4 would be DO IT AGAIN, RAINBOW BRIDGE, EYES WIDE OPEN & HAWWAAM. It took me 6 months to come to this conclusion. FORTUNA, the busybody bitch spun her wheel of misfortune, and intervened. Whatever happened, or happens, this was one of the MOST MEMORABLE Durban July’s EVER! I salute the handicappers, and the trainers of the top 4… and GUESS WHAT? All Cape Town trainers. From a proudly Capetonian,TR.

  17. Incredulous says:

    Only in South Africa

  18. Joe Jackson says:

    De Kock and Snaith have one thing in common, all their geese are swans.

  19. John says:

    The first thing Mike De Kock said after the race is the vet did the right thing and he does not want the incident to detract from the brilliant win of Do It Again. Why all these ‘conspiracy theories’? Mike was very profesional in the way he handled the matter. I agree that the handlers closed the gate a bit too soon and surely if you know a horse is so highly strung and the favourite load him last.

  20. Mervyn Padayachie says:

    Editor please explain the ante post rule

  21. randle says:

    I think hawaam needs earmuffs or blue tooth earphones. With a blindfold a d some sunglasses juat so he dont get a fright.

  22. Naughtynads says:

    So tired of seeing the same write up and Matthew still blaming Hawaams bad behaviour on everyone else but the horse itself.If its not Gift for the Gaps fault,then its Gavin Lerenas fault and now its no 9s fault and and and .This is another problematic horse thats gonna cause the end of a jockeys racing career or even the death of a jockey.He needs to be sorted out and please stop blaming everbody but yourself So tired of all of this.Got the video to prove that it wasnt Gifts fault or Gavins fault when he was scratched from the SA Derby.Happy to send it for all to view.

  23. Hylton says:

    Dear Editor
    Is it possible for you to get some video footage of both incidents relating to Hawwaam being fractious, and post it on your site or possibly NHA to supply.
    Being suspended or re-schooled for starting stalls is not going to solve anything with a nervous horse, as I have indicated in my previous comment.

    Is it also possible to get pools for main after refunds on Hawwaam. Surely polls must have halved.

    Thank you.

  24. Gavin Langeveldt says:

    The horse never kicked the stalls.
    The horse rushed in and the handler failed to grab the cheekpiece.
    Marcus was almost dislodged.
    The horse then reared up and hurt itself.
    Marcus was lucky to escape serious injury.
    No schooling will help.
    The horse needs to be gelded.
    But that won’t happen.
    Too much value as a stallion.

  25. Allan says:

    Completely understand the consternation and discussion regarding Hawaam and if, but and maybe means very little after the fact.
    Part of been a great racehorse is starting the race.
    Do it Again is as it stands is a dual Group 1 winner and back to back July’s is an exceptional feat .We’ll done to Snaith Racing and Do it Again and he is only going to get better. Let’s wait until the end of the year and see who’s The Champ????

  26. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Ed…..punters are walking away in droves because of the “perception” you do understand this. The Hawwaam incident just highlights the continuous day to day “incidences” in SA racing and this has bred mistrust….Yes we are serious. It’s our money, must we say nothing ? or just walk away like people do from a bad restaurant, nothing said they just walk away, all of a sudden its empty because no one told the restaurant how bad the service was…….Yes we are very serious, if all is above board then fine but what if ? …….do you know how difficult it was to explain to the non horse friends with me who could not understand what just happened to Hawwaam in a 4.5 million race ( we have a party !! ) They trust my judgement on features and I was all over Do it again ( and next year ) but many were on Hawwaam. They laughed and said it was fixed…..I could say nothing to convince them ( they are Brits) otherwise. I tried ” are you serious” ( I was dubious right through the whole show, Marcus, vet etc ) they said yes, I sighed and knew no matter what I say……You see, perception Ed. They will go back to the UK and the story goes back with them. I have had many chats since Saturday with many people around the world and its the same. They say unlucky but also dubious about he whole thing…..perception or reality it doesn’t matter now….most people have made minds up and its understandable. The fight I had about the persuaders flying everywhere on Saturday, the wives and girlfriends all going on about how much they “beat” a horse, I explained what it is and they all love their horses but……perception.

  27. sydney says:

    How long we studied for this race Hawwaam has done this the second time around. The horse……..not to sound nasty to the horse as I think he’s fantastic should’ve been correctly schooled this time around but, phumelela, gold circle and the bookies has made their money already. Sad for the general punter like myself. …..I hope the editor doesn’t edit me out ….

  28. Russell Parkinson says:

    I’m not so sure the bookies stood to lose ‘bombs’ as many seem to think. The odds on the horse ever since ante-post Betting on the race was opened were always pretty stingy and as MdK said during the week when asked about the 18/10 on offer …. ‘you must be joking’.
    These days, the bookmaking ‘ring’ in South Africa is a bit of a joke to be honest … especially when compared to the days of yesteryear with the likes of Brian ‘you’re all on’ Barrett, the Kouries, Bill Ferguson amongst others.
    It doesn’t take much money to shorten a horse a couple of points nowadays and there was always the doubt, up until a few weeks ago, that they wouldn’t run Hawwaam in the July in any event which would have made a lot of punters wary of backing him. I don’t think he was ever much bigger than 7/1 in the ante-post betting. As for conspiracy theories, what a load of horsesh#t. We all know the risks involved with betting ante-post and whilst it must have been sickening to get as far as the starting stalls for the backers of Hawaam, sh#t happens in life and the backers of Do it Again all benefitted with their ante-post vouchers not being adjusted downward.
    As for Hawwaam himself, it’s all rather sad. Everything seem to be going to plan in the half hour leading up to the race. MdK taking an age to saddle the horse, ensuring that his well publicized sensitive was mouth being properly tendered whilst son Matthew and Johnny Geroudis stood by. The horse then entered the parade ring, with his lead pony and Marcus already aboard (very unusual). After doing one half circle of the Greyville parade ring, Hawwaam and the companion were off down the shute and onto the track before even another horse had even entered the parade ring. After parading very calmly on the track itself, he moved down to the start very comfortably and I thought to myself how professionally this had all been thought through.
    What happened in the final seconds before the aborted start was all very unfortunate for the race as a spectacle and the ante-post backers of Hawaam with those in the corner of Do it Again benefitting handsomely.
    Me thinks the horse has a screw loose – simple as that and if they don’t manage to sort it out the horse is finished.

  29. V says:

    Suspended hawwaam for 7 days??? Lol u gota be kidding me lol. If one that poor animal knew… And of course was better schooled.

  30. Nico says:

    There can be no case for a Race review for the incident between Do it again and Eyes wide opened. If Eyes wide opened had finished second there could have been a case for one. Unfortunately or fortunately for some our rules are not like the American’s where do it again could have been DQ’d for that.. there’s no case if his 4th and Do it again won the race. I stand to be corrected but i believe that’s how it works?

    1. Editor says:

      First 5 can object

      68.2.6 bumping, boring, crossing, jostling or other interference, intimidation or any other action on
      the part of the HORSE or its RIDER during the running of the RACE;

      69.3 When an OBJECTION is lodged in terms of RULE 68.2.6 the OBJECTION shall not be
      upheld unless the OBJECTION BOARD is satisfied that:-
      69.3.1 a placed HORSE was interfered with by another placed HORSE and/or its RIDER during a
      RACE and the HORSE which was interfered with would, but for the interference, have
      finished ahead of the HORSE which caused the interference, in which event, the
      OBJECTION BOARD shall place the HORSE which caused the interference behind the
      HORSE which was interfered with or it may disqualify the HORSE which caused the
      69.3.2 any HORSE in the RACE was interfered with by any other HORSE and/or its RIDER and
      as a result of which the chances of the HORSE interfered with were jeopardised, the
      OBJECTION BOARD may, if it believes that the nature of the interference warrants such
      action, disqualify the HORSE which caused the interference.
      69.4 For the purposes of RULE 69.3, a placed HORSE shall mean any of the HORSES placed in
      the first five to finish the RACE by the judge.

  31. Nico says:

    Regarding Hawaam, i agree Gavin, i forsee him going straight to stud and he probably won’t see the racecourse again, he has enough going for him regarding his career wins and how his achieved it, no way they’d geld him.. and highly unlikely they’ll bring him out again, knowing the horse is such a hot head where they’d again risk the horse possibly doing himself some damage next time around.

  32. Nimen says:

    The gamble on horse racing has become completely disturbing. The bookmaker stood to suffer a huge loss had hawaam ran and won.What is interesting is who made the call to scratch the horse. Now also take notice the bookmaker even sponsors trainers and jockeys. So who does the trainer , train for and likewise who does the jockey ride for. Why does s trainer need a sponsorship from a bookmaker.
    The trainer can say to the public and owners “this horse is well and good on the day”but only to tell the jockey take it easy and give the horse a run to prepare for the next race ,whilst the entire public pours their hard earned money on the horse he only wins the next time out when all confidence is lost.
    I for one had owned numerous horses but I only have 1 left which is going to be retired soon. There were plenty of happy racing and betting years but horse racing is not the same game anymore.

    1. Editor says:

      The conspiracy theories are endless.
      The Vet made the call Nimen!

  33. David Michael says:

    When a punter loses his cash, everyone is to blame but the punter himself.

  34. Leon Lotz says:

    For me Hawwaam was rushed into the gates because handlers might have been to nervous or scared of the horse , then closed to hard. My biggest question,why would you not load this spesific horse last,last,last? He was the favourite and he is difficult.The gentleman who want the trainer to be fined,one question, did you ever even feed a chicken? You wont find two more professional horseman like Mike De Kock and Anton Marcus .All of you that think it was a conspiracy ,you watch to many Only in the USA moovies. Please horseracing need you,but remember horses got their own minds.
    Mr editor I think the public must go visit training facilities to see how difficult problem horses can be,like all the meetings on handicapping

  35. Shabeer says:

    Who controls the game the punters are juss taken for granted stripes to as ther please punters need to form a body to take up issues hope tis post will be posted here not once my comments was approved hope tis ters

  36. Andre says:

    I’ll tell you guys something for free… Buffalo bill Cody will eat hawwaam alive on the track

  37. Willie says:

    Well said leon

  38. Willie says:

    I believe anton on rainbow bridge was the right combo to win the july

  39. MIKE says:

    Whatever the theory,or real reason,I have been a punter and owner for 30 years.
    I am finished after Saturdays fiasco.

  40. Avril says:

    Really Willie .. Anton chose to ride Hawwaam in the July and Gavin rode a PERFECT race on Rainbow Bridge. I think your comment is absolutely out of turn.

  41. Gees says:

    Conspiracies, whose to blame, what, when why and how, this is what I like about South Africa, if something sounds or smells not right, then we need to engage and sort out the mess.

  42. Gavin says:

    Move on lads.. It’s racing… Get our money back on double mint in the july

  43. Kay says:

    Why was eyes wide open not placed?? R100 fine for a jockey? Should the horse not have been scratched then as it was an unfair lead!!!

  44. Mikayla Rheeder says:

    Why no objection on the winning horse do it [email protected]!!!???

  45. Rian says:

    A change of Trainer and Jockey might work wonders with the Horse, I think he needs to spend some time in Cape Town
    Pity Frankie rode that brilliant mare Enable on Sat

  46. Yusuf Seedat says:

    The interference eyes wide open faced was without a shadow of a doubt more significant to his chances and finishing position than that of the wiley Hall and legislate incident..

    It’s actually expected that there was no objection given the precedent set in the past which blatantly favours certain owners over others. But what’s the most disturbing part is that the entire incident is swept under the table and not reported on or even made public. The average July punter would not have even noticed it unless it was pointed out.

    And on the other hand they want to know why the sport is dying and more owners are leaving then entering.

    1. Editor says:

      The stipes reported:
      e) At approximately the 250 metre mark EYES WIDE OPEN (W Kennedy) had to ease momentarily to avoid the heels of DO IT AGAIN (R Fourie) which shifted in away from the crop and was immediately straightened.
      The owner, trainer and jockey as well as the Stipes could have lodged an objection – yet the didnt exercise that right.
      Where is the cover up?

      Watch it again:

  47. Shivi says:

    Yes that is patently clear, eyes wide open would have run second at least. I agree smells really ugly for this game

  48. Donald says:

    Hey Ed – are you serious ! The cover up is the fact that D.I.A. was the tote favorite after the H .scratching – can you imagine such an objection being lodged and upheld by the Stipes who SHOULD have objected in terms of the rules as clear interference was caused to E.W.O. who but for this incident would have finished much closer to the winner and in front of the 2nd. and 3rd. placed horses As the rules stand the objection would have been overruled as D.I.A. finished too far ahead of E.W.O.- Under the old objection rules D.I.A. would have been place 4th and E.W.O. 3rd. and after that a RIOT would have broken out ! Glen Kotzen and Warren Kennedy had the common sense to stay out of that conundrum !

  49. Sanjay Manisunker says:

    Yes why was an objection not lodged against D. I. A, rules are rules and that must be abided.
    There was clear block of E. W. O by D. I. A and the stewards turned a blind eye and talk about promoting racing.

    1. Editor says:

      We have spoken to the NHA and the trainer and cover this aspect in the SP Digest tomorrow Sanjay

  50. Asterix says:

    I’m just grateful that no horse lost a shoe at the start on Saturday! Must be the first meeting in months to have a non-shoe-losing day! There is hope! ( I say all that with as much sarcasm as I can muster)

  51. ruban says:

    Michael Roberts,summed it up well one day,when he said,

  52. Brian says:

    How can it be a cover up if the parties concerned never exercised their options?

    Or are you saying they themselves are part of this great conspiracy?

    Come on now really!

  53. Ian Jayes says:

    In reply to Ruban. Punting may well be a mug’s game, but in this country it is the life’s blood of this industry and racing should therefore be like Caesar’s wife: Above suspicion.

  54. Zanele Isaac Pemvani says:

    I agree with Mary Robinson, the starters closed the gate harshly and too quick, haawaam was calm that day thwy scared him

  55. Zanele Isaac Pemvani says:

    @ Leon Lots you are right the handlers knew that haawaam is sensitive it makes no sense why he wasnt loaded last and with extra care, they should be held accountable

  56. Robin Bruss says:

    I am the breeder of Do It Again so declare my interest upfront. In regard to the incident with Eyes Wide Open, the international harmonised rule around the world (except in USA) is that incidents happen but the test for a Stipes objection is to ask is whether or not the affected horse could reasonably have been expected to have won the race but for the incident. Given that Do It Again was the fastest finisher and going away from the field, the Stipes must have reached the conclusion that the affected horse was unlikely to have been able to win. Therefore no objection. The next question is to consider if the incident could have been avoided by the rider and then to determine if he should be penalised. This rule works this way in every major racing country except USA where the interference rule is strictly applied – and as we saw in this year’s Kentucky Derby, the easy winner, Maximum Security impeded the horse that ultimately ran 7th as they turned for home, and in terms of the rule, was disqualified and placed LAST. That the affected horse would never have beaten him by any stretch of imagination became irrelevant as the rule had to be strictly applied. A travesty was committed in Kentucky and clearly ended in an unfair result and it is very likely that USA will now amend the rule to the same as all other countries including ours.

  57. Kazim Richards says:

    I’m just glad nobody blames Anton here, he seems to always get bashed by the selfish punters everytime he loses a race, not to mentioned having a favorite of the biggest raceday scratched, another thing – BUFFALO BILL CODY CAN/WILL RIP HAWWAAN apart!!!

  58. Rian says:

    Nobody bashing your friend , he has been bashing himself lately and thats a fact
    Buffalo not in the same league and thats another fact

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