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Hewitson Is Champion!

Muzi comments dampen the occasion

Lyle Hewitson secured the South African champion jockey title for the second consecutive season at Hollywoodbets Greyville on Wednesday afternoon and the 21 year old heads to Hong Kong for his six month contract full of confidence.

After a rare blank four days in the saddle, Hewitson extended his lead over his nearest rival Muzi Yeni when he won the first and third race.

Lyle shows off his gold cuff-links at Hollywoodbets Greyville today (Pic – Candiese Marnewick)

Muzi bounced back to win the fourth race on the 10-1 Coldhardcash. But, three short, he eventually ran out of races to make the leeway up.

Hewitson, who rode 218 winners, was presented with gold cuff-links as a momento by his Agent Deez Dyanand at a ceremony hosted by Gold Circle Marketing Executive Graeme Hawkins.

Hewitson said his second championship was more special than the first after a two month injury enforced lay-off had placed him under pressure early on.

He thanked trainers Sean Tarry and Yvette Bremner, and all his other supporters. He also extended appreciation to his sponsors Avontuur as well as his energetic Agent, Deez.

He and Muzi Yeni provided terrific entertainment over the past few months.

But the tussle had an ugly conclusion on Super Saturday  when the two riders were involved in an ugly in-race incident. The matter is being investigated.

Muzi’s comments after the fourth race on Wednesday are also likely to grab the attention of the NHA.

He questioned the lack of fairness and justice in the ‘supposed Rainbow Nation’ and suggested that a suspension incurred by Hewitson in April was dragged out and prolonged to the end of this season.

The Sporting Post previously raised the mechanics of jockey suspensions with the NHA.

We quote Mr Arnold Hyde’s response of 15 June 2019:

In South Africa, we find ourselves in a unique position where when a rider is suspended he effectively has a number of options concerning dates of suspension.

  • He may sign an AOG and commence his suspension after his last carded ride OR
  • He may elect to appear before an Inquiry Board (usually held during the ensuing week) and if found guilty and is suspended, he may commence his suspension after his last carded ride OR
  • He may opt for the Inquiry transcript to be considered by the Inquiry Review Board, that meets from time to time. If a penalty is confirmed by the IRB, the suspension will commence after the rider’s last carded ride OR
  • He may appeal the finding and or/penalty handed down by an Inquiry Board which is considered by an Appeal Board. A suspension that is sustained at this hearing will commence after the Rider’s last carded ride.

We also asked:

1) If a jockey is suspended, is it compulsory that he serves his suspension during that particular season?

AH: No the suspension could be served in a different season.

2) Are there any concessions granted for feature racemeetings?

AH:No there are no concessions for feature race meetings.

3) Do the same rules apply across the board to jockeys, including apprentices?

AH:Yes, the same Rules apply.

4) In Anton Marcus and Lyle Hewitson’s case, when are they going to serve their recent suspensions?

AH:Mr Marcus has yet to decide on his options and Mr Hewitson has appealed.

5) If a jockey is suspended in one country, can he ride in another country?

AH:South Africa is a SPECIFIED RACING AUTHORITY, as is Hong Kong, so any suspension handed down in South Africa will be imposed by Hong Kong and vice versa.


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57 comments on “Hewitson Is Champion!

  1. Neldo says:

    Congrats Lyle!

  2. logan says:


  3. José says:

    Muzi Yeni,that’s very unsportsmanlike

  4. hilton witz says:

    Lets recall what happened the year Mr Khumalo won the title and what happened to the suspensions he picked up and when he took them..Maybe the editor can ask the nhra to give us those records ..Well done lyle you are a true champion .

  5. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    WOW……Musi just blew the myth…….poor poor loser, he did not lose in our minds but now… Thats bad news what he said. I was hoping for Musi to pull it off its not easy but Lyle missing a few weeks at the start means he has done an amazing job to pull this off. Musi’s comments are every thing that is wrong in the world today. In SA this normally attracts the worst of people to get involved. An amazing season just ruined because the world is all about entitlement…..another horrible taste in the mouth, what was Muzi really trying to say ? well done Lyle…..World class.

  6. Editor says:

    Leading owner Hedley McGrath phoned the Sporting Post offices from PE.

    He said that the Dippin’ Blu Racing Team were drinking a toast to Lyle Hewitson and sent him congratulations on a well deserved title and all the very best for his Hong Kong contract.

    “A fine young man and a top jockey. We are going to miss him,” said Hedley.

  7. Brian says:

    Muzi rode his backside off .

    The suspension issue is just that, another issue that the NHA needs to look at besides fining for farting. Are they following Phumelelas path?
    Muzi you are so much better than getting into the “rainbow nation” argument.

    You are a champion! More than that you’re my champion. Forget the stats . They dont make champions

    My old mate Jack always quoted Jack Dempsey, ” champions get up off the floor”.

    So Muzi, do just that, and trainers, he’s better because he doesn’t get the best rides but he ALWAYS give you a run for your money

    Muzi, ask Brando what I think of you

    Be calm take a deep breath and come back off the floor and show them all

  8. Barry van Biljon says:

    Congrats to Lyle, absolutely world class. The stats tell the story between Lyle and Muzi. Percentage runners to winners says it all. Go Boy…..take Hong Kong by storm !!

  9. Ashwin says:

    Muzi you will always be our champion and well done on a good season keep going strong

  10. Kenny says:

    So close yet so far for Muzi. Unfortunately the jockey title is decided by trainers.

    Muzi should thank those who supported him, take a holiday and come back to fight for it again.

  11. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Muzi our KZN hero. Well said you spoke your mind. The law of cause and effect will never fail. Hold your head up high our man from KZN

  12. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Congratulations Lyle Hewitson👍 Wow!

    Muzi, there is always next season. Previously, Gavin L missed out on the last day, came back strong (again) and won it.

  13. Sydney says:

    Well done to both jockeys…I’ve never enjoyed the head to head for the title so much….irrespective of what has transpired…..yes there are rules which should be adhered to otherwise there is no true balance….a challenge on the track or off the track is always good…..imagine a perfect world…..everyone has an opinion or expression and tough if the outsiders feel aggrieved….this is the jockeys world not ours…their livelihood and their job….they have rights too….

  14. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    Muzi u remind me of all the liverpool supporters I’m sure u one of them excuses excuses. So close but yet so far. I was rooting for u but ur sourness changed my view. Lyle I feel like u the next dougie white

  15. Akesh Singh says:

    The comments here regarding Muzi and his bitterness and unsportsmanlike conduct actually wreaks of supremacy and privilege.Who do any of those think they are who question Muzis right to be aggrieved?.
    To those as well, do you not consider Hewittsons tactics in drawing out the process as unsportsmanlike ?? consisting that he knows he is going for the title and leaving for Hong Kong and will “serve his suspension” while actually not being engaged??
    Yes Muzi is right ……double standards at play .
    I guess it’s too unthinkable for a black boy to upstage a white boy in a white dominated profession.

  16. Jeremy Naidoo says:

    Prasheen you must be a united supporter since u only can talk about Liverpool . I think u probably referring to United with excuses cos that’s all u will be giving for seasons to come . Great title race respect each other don’t hate the player hate the game . Well done lyle and muzi leave the rainbow nation to god instead .

  17. HORSE BOSS says:

    Graham by the worst people,I’m sure u mean people of colour, even though the editor might not let this reply be posted i think everyone is looking past the truth and just happy to cheer Lyle on because he’s the trainers favourite.

    Muzi is a world class Jock… Racing is Captured and that is that, attack Muzi because he was served injustice? For speaking his mind?

    This is the Rainbow nation and if one cannot speak their minds then why do we say there is equality in SA?

    Well done Muziwandile…let’s see the NHA wiggle out of this one…


  18. Sagie Pillay says:


  19. Gary says:

    Muzi is cutting his nose off to spite his face. Don’t be such a sore loser. It’s got nothing to do with the rainbow nation. You going to jeopodise future support with that comment.

  20. 7734gerald says:

    As soon as somebody stands up for themselves they deemed to be a sore loser, Muzi rode his sox off in an attempt to win the championship and I for one admire him for manner in which he has stood up for himself and the damn injustices that still go on in their country. If there is anything consistent about Arnold Hyde and the NHRA is that they are consistently inconsistent.
    A few moths ago a certain jockey was stood down on a Saturday and allowed to ride the next day , a few days later another jock was stood down in PE then told he could not ride at the following meeting in Cape Town, again a discretionary stipe ruling.
    If I was Muzi I would have challenged the NHRA in the courts.
    Now let’s if the editor will actually have guts to publish my comments or will I also be sensored like Sheldon tried to sensor Muzi
    And yes I am a race horse owner …..

  21. Jason says:

    Barry van biljon stop talking k*%

  22. Vincent Alex Mukhari says:

    Muzi to me u are the champion, considering the fact that most of your wins comes out of hard work and skills since most of the time you were given outsides comper to the winner who was riding favorites 1:1 most of the time.

  23. Grant says:

    Can someone explain to me why from where I was watching Yeni pulled on hewitson arm almost to tug him off his mount at greyville on saturday 27 june second race. Yeni was on mr greenlight and Hewitson on moon in June. Why has this incident been kept under wraps.

  24. Krishna says:

    Sadly this opens up an ugly topic. Khumalo comes into the picture.

    Authorities need to up their game.
    Muzi. Sorry. I feel for you.
    Yoy are the only friendly jocky that passes the club at Greyville.
    Maybe next year will be yours.

  25. Malcolm Draper says:

    Muzi got unlucky when African Apollo played up and got scratched at the start in the 7th. He could have got a double for Howells.

  26. Devon says:

    Good horses always give jockeys good chances. A good jockey must still win on that horse to be called good. Then you get a jockey who can win on lower rated horses. This jockey can be rated as a class higher. Muzi did just that. Muzi you are the man.

  27. Navin says:

    Well Done Hewitson. Hard luck Muzi.

    It is easy to ride and win when riding good horses. Muzi must be commended on his work ethic and his perseverance for coming so close with the quality of rides he was able to acquire.

    Lyle Hewitson will now enter a level playing field in Hong Kong and I would be surprised if he makes it beyond his first 6 months. A lot like Callun Murray.

  28. bob kistnasamy says:

    Hi Grant. Refer to the Stipes Report of 27 July 2019. An inquiry is being held.
    Appears that Muzi also had words in the boardroom and this is also under investigation.
    Interesting to note the outcome.

  29. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    here is an alternative thought – Despite having the most opportunities to ride winners he fell short.

    And in 2021 all the way through to 2056 this will probably end in the same way.

    If the man has a riding coach ( Brooks Koepka – the prolific golf Champion has a coach) i would work on his right stick arm to match his exceptionally wide left stick arm arc- then he can swat the opposition on both sides. That must be worth 10 winners a year at least.

    To the victor go the spoils, to the second goes the highly commended certificate

  30. Shaun says:

    Maybe now Muzi can get a chance to get some plum rides from the Tarry stable and Lyle will do well in Hong Kong because he seems to have a solid head on his shoulder and has done exceptionally well as a professional jockey in a short space of time. In a title race you can only have one winner and I enjoyed the contest between hopefully we can get a few more jockeys throwing their hat into the ring and make it their goal to win this title.

  31. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    AAAh…..So you are saying I cant speak my mind in this “rainbow nation” everyone goes on about ? what rainbow ? When I say it attracts a “certain crowd” I was talking of the EFF as they have made themselves available as a rent a crowd to cause damage and general anarchy to make a point in this “rainbow nation”. I am calling Muzi out because he was out of order with his remarks, it could have easily been another jock about another remark but its not. it is obvious to me what he was trying to say……He lost. Its tough, deal with it….You see, his few words because he came second has now turned what we call fair play upside down because Muzi came second. I have been a huge fan of Muzi’s not any more and really wanted him to win….I now know who he is now, entitled ….and before you put words in my mouth again he is a trouble maker of the highest order. He knew exactly what he was saying when he used the words “rainbow nation” and the reaction is exactly what he wanted. The world is full of losers at the moment all crying because they lost……I see you want the Sports Minister involved ? what would you like to see ? Lyle is selected for his skill as a rider not because of his colour or he is “liked” same with Muzi…he bought it up no one else was even thinking it., Lyle is the current champion already as an apprentice, thats why he gets selected…..”racing is captured” please explain why you mean by that ? The NHA is a nightmare and there are some strange things going on but what does that have to do with the Muzi shouting his mouth off ?. I am glad the Ed printed your letter. I can tell you now Muzi riding over 200 winners is a huge feat in its self and any other year my be enough but not this year, someone mentioned Liverpool…its the same but I did not see Liverpool bitch about coming second when in any other year they would have won with days to spare. Lyle missed the first few weeks of the year so winning the title is even more of a feat….but here we are taking about the Muzi……Can you also explain the “injustice” Muzi has gone through ? or is this the same noise we hear around the world when someone try’s to get there way no matter the circumstances….

  32. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    You just wrote the biggest crap designed to be divisive. Muzi lost and then shot his mouth off……There is no ” supremacy” what a stupid thing to say or can you prove your remarks ? ….if this had been Marcus or Khan or Khumalo ( am`I allowed to say his name ? ) the reaction would have been the same from fair minded people.. Hewitson has every right to use the process to his advantage, Muzi would have done. Muzi came second, he lost, it was an amazing finale……ruined. There is none of the crap you are looking for……unless you can prove it. You said it yourself ” Bitterness and unsportsmanlike like words….I heard them, I was shocked when I did….out of the blue…..nothing to do with privilege or “supremacy” it was disgusting what he was implying, that he lost because of a conspiracy, the very thing that is wrong around the world right now…..Do you think Lyle won because of his colour or his riding skill ? ( he was the champ any way as an Apprentice, that says it all )…..Muzi using his “privileged” position to espouse his personal remarks on live tv is not what it is about……Maybe Deez should be Muzi’s agent now ? then they can sort out these bloody privileged lot you talk about …….i wonder who you mean ? This all about a jockey coming second and not liking it….thats all.

  33. Jim says:

    this is just like schumacher winning the f 1 championship by forcing lots of cars of the track, seems like in professional sport all is fair in love and war, now i just have to think of an excuse why liverpool won the european cup again. no not coming to me.

  34. Rael Zieve says:

    You are a bad bad loser Muzi Yeni!
    You have been preaching racism ever since you walked into the jockey room!
    Even if the suspension arrangements were incorrect, the fact that you brought racism into the topic goes to show your real character.

  35. Vic says:

    There is a saying which says”your worst day may be someone else’s best day.its all perspective. How we see ourselves changes how we see the world.:it is no secret that transformation in the racing industry is severely lacking.look at the statistics trainers,jockeys, administrators. Yet those that clean,sleep,bath feed and take care of the animals are the majority of the population.sadly many are in denial and refuse to share or mentor thy brother.the false beliefs we have in our heads are our only cause of unhappiness.change our thoughts and change our world.muzi yeni you are a champion.when you have made such strides not getting selected preferrential rides from top stables and trainers, like the young talented lyle hewitson,one cannot compare..let us compare apples with apples..the competition is a farce.cancel it and use the money to educate those that really need it..the grooms and under privileged.

  36. Wens says:

    Cant compare Muzi to Lyle , Lyle has been given the best rides by top trainers Muzi should be proud of himself for doing so well and working so hard and not been given everything on a platter …..personally i think Lyle not a good jock will find that out in Hong Kong where he wont be the blue eyed boy has never really been tested .

    Sadly thats the case of many jockeys of color they have to earn it the hard way take Luke Ferraris same thing top stables looking after him where as better appies like Gates , Klink and Mbele to name a few are very good yet they make good of what they get .

    Jocks like GVK had to earn it the hard way thats why they can make their mark anywhere in the world today , not one jock of color was given anything on a platter like Lyle and Luke .

    Sadly thats the truth racing is South Africa is controlled by a certain privileged few who decide who makes it , same goes with trainers of color they have to struggle .

    Muzi hats off to you well done u still a winner …just watch this space and how the top trainers will be overlooking you for speaking up .

  37. Yugen says:

    Sore losers always pull the race card

  38. Deezo says:

    Congratulations deserved to Lyle. For Muzi, that was not the platform to raise your discontent. The rules for jockey suspensions are well known to all the jockeys and Lyle used it to his advantage. A perfect storm has now been set for the next jockey to claim the jockey championship for next season from our rainbow nation.

  39. George says:

    Well done Lyle. Nice comment Yeni shows true class! Lyle won and he missed if I’m not mistaken over a month of racing in the beginning of the season? If Lyle travelled to Kimberly, he wins by 30/40. So better luck next year muzi. With all the best gone maybe you got a small chance

  40. Muzi, you are out of line with your comments here brother, why do you have to bring the ”rainbow nation” into racing………..transformation (James Maree) has been around for jonks!!!!!!
    Yes, I agree that the ”rules” can be manipulated, why did you not do the same – maybe your ”manager” should have instructed you better??
    As for the ar#$holes who have brought Liverpool into the equation, did they MOAN when Vincent Kompany scored a ”goal in a million” to cost them the DOUBLE………..NO!!!!!!
    I am a life member in membership & colours in RSA & you and Samanga have ridden many times for me & my trainer………not any more, WINNING is not everything, take it and come back firing – you NEVER got plumb rides, so you should have been proud of your achievement – not having sour grapes – I used to hold you in the highest echelon, not anymore.
    If you want to bring politics into the game, join the EFF who are trying their best to close down the beautiful game.

  41. Sergen govender says:

    Hi George
    If Muzi rode fit Tarry. He would have won by 50

  42. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…it’s taken a lot for me to comment… they talk about champions what champions it’s the worst bunch of riders I’ve see in years barring exactly 3 riders the balance are oxygen thieves…it makes me wonder now just how many clueless people there are in the racing industry…using the word world class is a statement and a statement of note 🤣🤣🤣 L H has still got along way to go yes his developed into nice rider and with time and experience he’ll improve further travelling overseas and riding alongside world class jocks will be a step in the right direction as far as M Y is concerned yes he’s a hard working jockey and deserves to be in the fireing line taking into account as well that he rides for 2 nice yards in P E and F P…my personal opinion M Y should be grateful for the amount of support he gets from white trainers being a black rider their are many white riders that don’t get half as much rides as he does that are just as good as him if not better so instead of bitching like a baby and bringing racism into take the beating like a man…talk about world class riders and Champions and you mention the likes of Weichong Marwing Pierre Strydom Robbie Fradd Jeff Lloyd Muis Roberts Bartie Leisher Robbie Sham Rooies Fourie Felix Coetzee Basil Marcus Doughie Whyte Rhys Van Wyk then mention the word world class riders…good advice to the jocks around today spend your spare time watching racing videos where the above Jockeys are mentioned over and over and over I’ll guarentee your riding will improve 10 fold…Guy’s you wanna see a world class rider Look no further and follow Luke Ferraris….Luke Ferraris has the whole package of becoming a world Champion… Luke carry on doing what you doing keep showing respect to family friends and racing fans be kind keep studying form it’s so important understanding pace and fractional timings balancing and so on and always have plan B ready and waiting..
    I’ll make a statement now 5 to 7 years from now Luke will be in the top 10 in the world… Keep clean stay clean and work harder than ever….The world is your oyster young Lad

  43. Cecil Pienaar says:

    I tested a few ‘ifs’ as suggested by a few opinions – put Muzi on Lyle’s rides and vice versa.

    Lyle 1822 (14.04 %) 255.8088
    Anton 189
    Muzi 1560 (11.8%) 184. 08

    What I found is to look out for horses with the number 8 today

  44. HORSE BOSS says:

    Wens thanks for the response, meaning ,no longer have to answer Graham, as u have said it all…

    Graham read Wens post, if that’s not privilege then I must be stupid.. adios

  45. Ramith ramsaraj says:

    If muzi rode for the tarrys,snaiths bremmers,he would be champion jockey before end of May.Nothing wrong with his comments on tellytrack.its not sour grapes.he said it A’s it is.the truth hurts

  46. Mike Buchel says:

    We must all remember that LH was off injured for the first 2 months of the season. He also rode approx 300 rides less than MY. He also chose NOT to ride in Kimberley. This gave the lesser experienced jocks more rides available to them . MY had 54 wins there . Remember the trainers and owners want to WIN races and they will pick the best jocs available. There are 3 or 4 other jocs who had a better strike rate than Lyle, have you heard them bleating or crying foul NO. LYLE you earned it fair and square. WELL DONE. You are an asset to Racing

  47. Ramith ramsaraj says:

    If muzi rode for the tarrys,snaiths,bremmers he would be champion jockey before end of May.As for his comments on tellytrack.Nothing much wrong with it.He said it as it is.his not a sour loser.the truth hurts

  48. Trevor Padayachee says:

    Yes we’ll said sir

  49. pat buchel says:

    Lyall, you are the best. Keep up the good work,and hold your head high.A complete gentleman.

  50. Lagen says:

    100% @ Sergen I think more like 100 👊🏻 Let’s see this season with no Hewitson and Marcus out for 2 months….

  51. Errol says:

    Why does racism always have to be brought up in sport ? It makes me sick to the guts. When things don’t go the way of a black athlete this is what happens. Muzi u a good likable jock. Get over ur self and get on with ur job. If u were getting a lower riding fee than a white jock then I would side by u. Till then put ur back into it like u have bee doing.

  52. Art says:

    Some guys commenting have logs on their shoulders.Yes you know who you are.MY you are a sore loser but a very good jockey.Keep trying and your time will come .

  53. Clinton Pillay says:

    Frankie Zackey can you talk that much kaak
    You talk about world class jocks ‘ How is it you never mentioned Khumalo?’
    Or maybe he is not however he won the title and a July with Sean Tarry. Which some of your champions didn’t
    As you say as a Blackman Muzi he should be thankful he is getting rides from white trainers.
    He works damn hard to get those rides it’s not like those trainers are subjected to bee policies.
    Yesterday l heard a white trainer mention he didn’t think his horse had a chance until Muzi called for the ride.
    Give Muzi a chance at the bigger stable and he wins a title by a street.
    I am glad Muzi had a chance to voice his opinion to the punters
    Horse racing in South Africa is a white dominated sport which people of color have to work thrice as hard to be successful.

  54. PIET Spiere says:

    I am an attorney. Look at the race for which Muzi got 90 days suspension. And then tell me whose arm comes out first. Be objective in your observation!!!

  55. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hello Piet ek is bietjie bang vir Attorneys. But you sound like a friendly one

    What do you make of this case

    Can I tell an Attorney joke

  56. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Ok, attorneys don’t work weekends 😂

    Q – How does an attorney sleep
    A – First, he lies on the one side, then he lies on the other side

    1. Editor says:

      You obviously have a good one, Cecil 🙂

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