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NHA: Ashby Suspended

14 days suspension

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an Inquiry held in Port Elizabeth on Friday 19 July 2019, Jockey Ashby was charged with a contravention of Rule 62.2.3.

Devin Ashby

This arose in that he failed to ride OKAVANGO DELTA out to the end of the race, thereby prejudicing his chances of obtaining third position, in the 6th Race at Fairview Racecourse on 12 July 2019.

Mr Ashby pleaded not guilty to the charge, however the Inquiry Board found Mr Ashby guilty and imposed a penalty of a suspension from riding in races for a period of fourteen (14) days.

Jockey Ashby has the Right of Appeal against both the finding and the penalty imposed.

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30 comments on “NHA: Ashby Suspended

  1. Michael Jacobs says:

    Why would a jockey who seldom gets rides and very seldom wins, not try his best when given an opportunity? Surely one tries your best when given an opportunity so that you get the ride again the next time?

  2. bob kistnasamy says:

    That’s what we expect Michael. Perhaps we should look at the replay and decide for ourselves.
    in some cases, the lack of trying is quite and the stipes report indicate that the jock reported that he felt something amiss and did not pursue further. However, the vet reports that all is well with the horse.
    Should the matter rest, in view of conflict with the vet’s report and what the jockey reported.
    Catch 22!!!

  3. Ian Jayes says:

    Jockeys have to follow the riding instructions given to them. Not riding a horse out is tantamount to stopping it from winning or being placed. It is in essence fraud against the owners of the horse and the punters who backed it. It used to be a warning-off offence. What is the NHA thinking about

  4. Andy Elton says:

    Devin Ashby rides all my horses in the Cape, i have found him nothing but honest and truth full ,
    if ask him not to knock one of my horses about ,he does as i asks.In my view he is a very talented rider and vastly under rated . I know he will always goes out there and gives my horses and myself

  5. Shanil says:

    Trainer and owner gets the right price next time the horse runs. Lowers its merit rating too. Form book won’t work for the poor punters who just sees a bad last run.

  6. Sandra Ward says:

    A jockey is damned if he uses the whip too much and damned if he doesn’t. He’s an extremely honest jockey who gives over 100% each time he rides. A question to the stewards, do the board have favourites??

  7. Cecil Pienaar says:

    👍 Mr Elton

    Happy to see E. Webber riding at Kimberly yesterday.

  8. Paul says:

    Have not seen the race video, so cannot comment on the ride. Yet again, though, the jock pleads not guilty but is found guilty as charged. Anyone remember an instance where jock found not guilty?

    Ed: has Mr Hyde obliged with stats on point? And are those published (plead not guilty, found not guilty) – and if not, why so?

    1. karel says:

      What is the relevance of guilty/not guilty pleas comparison?
      The sample is too small to be significant of anything.

  9. Paul says:

    Karel, it is not a comparison between guilty/not guilty pleas – but rather, simply if anyone is ever found not guilty (clearly if an admission of guilt is signed/pleads guilty, then only penalty at issue).

    No legal representation at hearings. Power imbalance. Charges brought by?

    So if there are no guilty finding ever, either the officialdom is perfect or …. Surely just occasionally a jock would be able to put forward a reasonable defence?

    1. karel says:

      Suppose not guilty only happens if the offending party manages to convince the stipes at the hearing.
      That’s unlikely, as the stipes are professional enough not to bring frivolous charges?
      I still don’t see the point of the question you ask – what would you do if you had the answer?
      Remember it only is a hearing – the offender always has the right of appeal – maybe you should ask how often they use that option 🙂

  10. Paul says:

    The charge need not be frivilous for the jock to put up a reasonable defence. And the purpose of the answer would simply be to instill confidence (in my mind at least) in the system.

  11. Grant says:

    He should get months not weeks for that ride. It so happened the horse won next time out . No wonder he cant get rides.

  12. Mark Truter says:

    It’s a replay of you riding a horse it doesn’t show and cant show what you or the horse is feeling

  13. Grant says:

    If you watch the replay you will see he stopped riding and realized he made a apprentice error thinking the line was 30m short of where the actual line was. He then tried to ride out to the line . How long has the man been riding to make stupid no other words to explain his error in judgement . He is suppose to be a professional must have ridden hundreds of times on that track and still doesnt know where the line is. No wonder he cant get rides . It self explanatory.

  14. Michael Jacobs says:

    Maybe he is just a weak jockey and doesn’t get the best out of his mounts. There are very strong jocks like Fayd herbe, Fourie, Striker and Marcus and then you have the weaker guys. Like in most sport throughout the world, you have the top athletes and the average and below average performers.

  15. Jennifer Ashby says:

    Grant how can you make comments when you don’t know the circumstances tell me have you ever ridden in a race?

  16. Jennifer Ashby says:

    Grant he made a mistake that’s only the second time he’s riding on the poly track you should not make comments if you don’t know the circumstances

    1. Editor says:

      Agree Jennifer
      Why the constant criticism?

  17. Gavin says:

    Poor chap… The battlers always get in trouble

  18. Janey says:

    Some people have NO idea!! Nasty, shew every top businessman has at sometime or another made an error! Jockeys are only human and Devin is one of the nicest and most honest humans out there!

    He has had a few rides for me and i wish he could ride more of my horses he looks after them kindly and he needs a break …. its tough out there and making comments like the above is unkind.

    All the best Devin!

  19. Grant says:

    Jennifer please don’t get so defensive. If you yourself said he had made a mistake why then did he plea not guilty . If these guys took some responsibility when wrong admit that it was wrong maybe all would have been forgiven.

  20. gavin says:

    well said GRANT

  21. Jennifer Ashby says:

    Grant in most of these cases the jock pleads not guilty if you did your homework before you started criticizing then maybe we would forgive you

  22. hilton witz says:

    I recall the jockey aboard a horse called avila for mr ricky maingard and the oppenheimers getting the finishing post at kenilworth mixed up and getting caught in the very last stride ..im sure it was jeff lloyd so it happens to the best so give devin a break and move on…

  23. Grant says:

    Jennifer why would you plead not guilty when you guilty. That must be the most insane comment I have ever heard. Please I understand that he is your husband and he might be the greatest guy blabla bla. This incident was recorded and he was wrong he cost people money . The bottom line is he messed up stop defending him .

  24. Jennifer Ashby says:

    🤮 yes he messed up but you didn’t have to criticize him now move on go find something else to rant on blah blah

  25. Pierre Fourie says:

    I know Devon since 2013 and he rode many of my horses for the Glen Puller and Paul Reeves Stables. Why would he not try his best when given an opportunity as few owners and trainers give him an opportunity. I have found him nothing but honest and truthful who always gives 100% each time he rides. To all of you criticizing him now, go find something else to rant about. ( and to Grant…… Jennifer Ashby is not the wife of Devon…… get your facts right!!!!!!).

  26. Jennifer Ashby says:

    Pierre Fourie 👍 as I said he didn’t do his homework

  27. Grant says:

    Pierre fourie. I couldn’t care who he is to Jennifer. No one said he didn give a 100 percent . He made a mistake that I don’t think a appy riding his first race would have made, and he who pleaded not guilty to a charge when he knew he was guilty is where the problem lies. Jennifer what homework would you have liked me to have done ? If I found out what relation he is to you. or what was going through his mind when making that disastrous decision on where the line was. Would that change the fact that he rode like something out a comic book. Like I said before stop making excuses for these bad rides. They cost the public money . So now let him take his suspension that he deserved and more . Maybe he wont make the same error again.

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