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Shaheen – maybe…just maybe?

Molly says thanks

I have to say I am overwhelmed by the support following the ‘Molly – No More’ post on the Sporting Post website.

David Mollett writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that to have received over 50 posts is simply remarkable – of course not all were favourable, but that’s understandable and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Did you read the original letter?

Dave Mollett – soldier of the media ranks

However, to have so many knowledgeable racing men in my corner – including Barry Irwin and Ian Jayes – is heartening for me and indicates that – over the years – I may have made a significant contribution to the sport.

Thanks, Gavin, for your comment “You are a legend”.

A couple of posts bring up how they miss Shaheen Shaw and they are 100% correct. When the two of us did evening UK racing the pools often exceeded R100000. This was down to Shaheen’s bubbly enthusiasm (“we’ve got to have a real go at Kempton tonite”) which got punters in the mood to bet.

Shaheen Shaw – local legend

I’d like to think that – if there is a changing of the guard – Shaheen could be persuaded to return to Tellytrack.

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41 comments on “Shaheen – maybe…just maybe?

  1. Michael Jacobs says:

    That will be the best decision Tellytrack could ever make! Shaheen was a punter’s presenter- knowledgeable, in-touch and on our side! Hit them Hard! Sunshines! He made the racing come alive if you were watching at home. Bringing him back will be a big step in the right direction.

  2. Warren says:

    Definitely bring him back

  3. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hamba Kahle (for now) Mr Molly. We’ll look out for a Molly Post now & then on this platform….

    Shaheen, cool guy. Very straight, soos ons Boertjies in Afrikaans se –

    “Hy vat nie k%k nie”

  4. Stephen Motau says:

    I share and support the come back Kid Shaheen, presenter, anchor, commentator….

  5. Shanil says:

    He understands the punter like no other. Passionate horse racing man. Right guy to have for those quite UK meetings . Great sense of wit and humour. When a favourite gets beat he shows his emotions with the punters and exhilarating passion when they win.

  6. Roderick Pillay says:

    Topclass Shaheen put the bipot on the map

  7. Tonio Chong says:

    Hi, I have been punting on horses since 1988. I’ve lost interest since Shaheen left tele track. He was a keen and enthusiastic presenter. Never missed out of providing relevant information about payouts updates and so on. A guy like him cannot be replaced. Hopefully he will be back sometime soon. Regards,Tony

  8. Andre Grobler says:

    Shaheen has and will remain a favourite of mine. Some presenters think they are “clever” and even funny ….. but they are not. If I want to see the likes of them I’ll tune to channel 122 on DSTV. We don’t want to hear clever quips or even what some may think as whitty remarks nor people who can’t even pronounce soccer team’s or horse’s names. I want knowledgable presenters who can enlighten the punters.

  9. Rian says:

    A punters friend who understands Horse Racing , Nobody in South Africa can match the Man and would have done us Proud Overseas

  10. Christopher Spence says:

    I now mute 239 except when Stan Elley or Allistair Cohen is on. It’s painful listening to some of these guys. Shaheen Shaw is different class. Only reason I played UK night racing was because of him.

  11. gops naicker says:

    top class. no doubt.

  12. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…I’m a massive big fan of Sheheen,Dom,Deez,Sheldon,Cecil and Alister Cohen any why just in case I slipped up somewhere while doing my exams I normally pick up from the boys what I missed by accident…the balance must seriouly think of intertaining a circus show the shit you got to listen to no no no ffs…

  13. Alvin Pillay says:

    Absolutely support the call for Shaheen Shaw to return. His knowledge and analysis combined with a enthusiastic personality is a rare talent!
    He sparked interest in the sport and definitely increased the positives!

  14. Ravi says:

    Alvin, Are you still hitting them Pick six out the park. Hope to bumo into you soon and catch up

  15. Trevor mclaclan says:

    Shaheen was a1 Neil morrice (what happened to this gentleman)and then molly – racing people

  16. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    The problem was Shaheen was straight forward as they come if he believed something was crooked he never felt shy to say it. I guess the big boys were uncomfortable wid Dat so they decided to work him out b4 he left them wid egg on their face what a legend Shaheen was. Having him back will bring back life to the obituary channel tt

  17. Nicolin says:

    Couldn’t agree more. He doesn’t just do it for the sake of it like some current presenters(no names mentioned), always in it for the punters. Top man

  18. James DH says:

    Bring Shaheen back and keep Molly here… They are super helpful, charismatic and help drive your business!!!

  19. Aiden says:

    Bring Shaheen back, Brilliant tipster. Mollie always put money in my wally. Love that legend.

  20. Richard Mogemi says:

    I also concur with all and sundry, bring back Shaheen and let us enjoy horseracing again. We miss you sunshine.

  21. gavin says:

    bring back shaheen… rod and the boys do not liken shaheen

  22. david mollett says:

    Brendon is 100% correct.
    Colleen Goodman needs to show her mettle and show why she was chosen as head of Tellytrack.
    Leave aside the fact she’s shown me the door, she needs to listen to the people on this forum for the simple reason they are her customers.
    They have spoken with one voice – bring LIFE back to Tellytrack by resigning Shaheen Shaw.
    A few months back at a Tellytrack staff meeting, Wesley Lloyd announced a decision had been made to drop Hong Kong, Singapore and UK racing and concentrate instead on local racing. Ms Goodman nodded in agreement.
    Imagine last month – we could have been watching a winter meeting from Kenilworth with small fields rather than Royal Ascot.
    I sent Ms Goodman an e-mail saying if this went ahead turnover would dive. Luckily for racing fans who love their racing from all corners of the globe, it wasn’t implemented.
    However, this illustrates that wrong decisions are being made.

  23. Ralph Fell. says:

    The majority of punters, myself included, would certainly welcome Shaeen back. My take is that Mollett is agitating because it’s all about him. He is on record as saying ‘as a contractor I do not have a legal case against Phumelela.’ Why then mention it? I am relieved to see the back of him. Being regaled with his drinking exploits, his appalling ‘tipping’ and his bleating for financial assistance in matters medical lowered the tone. What odds a farewell benefit?

  24. Denver says:

    If they bring back Shaeen shaw that will be the best thing that could happen for the punters, at least punters can start watching under starters orders preliminaries again. Cause some guys there tend to tip the entire field in every race.

  25. FJC says:

    Why did Shaw leave TT again?

  26. Dean Padayachee says:

    Horse racing is poorer without Shaheen and will be deteriorating further without Molly. There are very few good and knowledgeable presenters left at TT. Sheldon has very good knowledge of racing and provides selections that add value to the punter. One also has to look at the strike rate of the tipsters to see if they add value to the punter. TT seems to promote mediocrity and that is why pools are down. We have to put up with the incessant jabbering of some presenters that don’t add value to the punter. Some presenters, when interviewing trainers, also don’t ask trainers for their comment regarding the rest of the runners for the day or TT does not show the interviews. You also get presenters that think they know it all and tell trainers what their best runners are. If TT had competition it would be non existent.

  27. david mollett says:

    Brendon is 100% correct.
    Leave aside the fact she’s shown me the door, it would appear Colleen Goodman goes along with whatever her lieutenants recommend.
    The perfect example is a few months back when Wesley Lloyd addressed a staff meeting and announced they would be dropping Hong Kong, Singapore and UK racing in the afternoons to concentrate on local racing. Ms Goodman nodded in agreement.
    Imagine last month if we’d had to endure a winter meeting at Kenilworth with small fields rather than Royal Ascot.
    I was surely not alone in sending Ms Goodman an e-mail saying turnover would dive. Happily, the idea was scrapped.
    Shaheen’s return to Tellytrack would breathe LIFE back into their productions once again – not to mention boost turnover. When we did UK evening meetings together the pools often reached R100000 and this was because of his bubbly enthusiasm. “Come on Sunshines, we’ve got to have a real go at the Kempton PA.”
    It remains to be seen whether there is a response to Brendon’s post – doubtful.

  28. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    Look at yesterday’s ayr meeting Allister Cohen announced the first race had been canceled which was bull. It ran and I liked the winner but didn’t back it cos of him, if Shaheen was around he would of fed us 100 percent correct info. We as punters should have the right to be fed correct info as it’s our money that pays their wages, furthermore in a race that ran in Flamingo commentator bailey concentrated more on the 3rd place horse than the winner. What a joke he is to be on live tv

  29. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    And yet they don’t broadcast Allan schoemans commentaey😂😂😂😂

  30. Louis Goosen says:

    I have always enjoyed Molly.

    Shaheen is different class in the studio and Miss Goodman should be head hunting him, at the highest rate, to come back.
    Petty jealousies dont pay Salaries. Shaheen pays his way and more…

  31. José says:

    I don’t mind Shaheen he is diffently better than Elston Naidoo,but he tends now and then to bring politics into the fray ie his stance as a liberal leftist has no place in what the viewer wants to hear. I think James Goodman was the best.

  32. José says:

    I think you need a guy like Neil Andrews his a professional presenter and I would throw in Robert Bloomberg into the mix, because to have a guy like Elston Naidoo give you the whole field and then tip the favourite every single time is unacceptable .

  33. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    I say put deez., Molly, and Shaheen on tt even Darryl Maree and watch what a big difference there will be in opinion

  34. Michael Jacobs says:

    Molly is on the thread here riding on Shaheen’s coat tails. Everything is about him and Shaheen while most people here are calling for Shaheen to be reinstated, not him! Molly has to ride off into the sunset and enjoy his retirement. He can do the occasional guest presentation on the big days, but we would really just have Shaheen back minus Molly.

  35. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Teletrack reminds of the England football team….all show ponies and no substance. An exclusive boys club for the life members unless you are popular with the public or you seem to be in collaboration with them then you are out, cant disturb the status quo. Every time it runs out to play it will always let you down….bad prep, bad info, guess work, how about those stall handlers who can ruin a race very quickly with all the delays….fields and carry overs. Hard luck stories and better luck next time is not what you say to a punter who just stares incredulously at the screen as 33/1 stablemate wins to collect a handsome double or treble never to be seen again or a tote fav the whole day changes at the death only to win, funny how the outsiders are never mentioned as a potential upset but when it wins….how did you miss it ?? big wide eyes from the commentator as the punter walks off knowing he has just been taken, thats how it feels after the umpteenth time. The cliches are just that, it does not hide the reality of what is happening continuously, in fact the cliches are used to explain the upsets that are ongoing. My horse won a feature a t 20/1 ( only had to beat Alice !! ) and i posted a full length break down as to how every horse in that race can win and then explained why mine would beat Alice…spot on but not being clever….common sense, not maybe or hoping…pure form, it held up according to how I saw it….first second third and fourth. There is no form any more, today will prove this one more time, you have to know the tricks, the patterns…. ….The 1970’s show Winning ways is a classic example of the malaise at Teletrack….personal opinions that have no relevance to racing ( Lafferty’s reaction to England winning the cricket world cup was disgusting….the wicket keeper who took the final wicket is called Jos Buttler Mr Lafferty, not that “wicket keeper” which was your way of showing disdain for the winning England side…. and your hatred for F1 ?? you obviously dont follow it as the race was brilliant…..( all these things are picked up ) Mr Goodman stepped in to say the final was exciting which you grudgingly agreed with, maybe your treble did not come in ? ……..stick to racing and Spurs, you are very good at that… Bringing Shaheen back while getting rid of Molly is like trading Ronaldo for Messi ? what was the point…? keep both…..I am assuming knee jerk decisions have been the order of the day as usual to save a few rands to cover the entertainment costs of the select few. I dont know if it is sleight of hand but I have noticed the commentator will pick a horse as the race goes off that was never mentioned and it wins….nothing you can do….thats really freaky with the tote favs bouncing around like yo yo’s after the exotics go off….I expect 6 fields at the Vaal today with them little fields ( the smaller the field the bigger the upset is now getting [email protected]*king boring…you have to go fields with 6 horses…) and it will still be a carry over…got to take the punters money to look good on Saturday. Shaheen is just another distraction from the reality. Lets see who gets the 20/1 first leg treble today ?……I now have a collection of these “unusual” results….incredible how often this happens and no one knew except a couple of P6 winners and maybe an owner and `trainer and a few in the know, I have highlighted this “pattern” out of the blue form all on the same day never to be seen again…….you tell me this does not happen all the time ? and its all ok……..its a pattern. but you have to guess if you are not privy to the relevant information……..so its a lottery….same as he SA one….do you trust it ?

  36. Shanil says:

    Elston Audio is the only presenter who requests info from the trainer or jock of every mount he rides. Punters therefore invest more in the exotics. He does this no matter how uncomfortable the jock is as the other presenters choose one ride only for the jocks opinion. He does tip value horses too. Unlike Grant Knowles who says well done and that’s it to the winning jock.

  37. Geoff says:

    Molly’s tipping when based at Turfontein was always spot on and i for one would rather have him there than this Bailey kid who really has a lot to learn.

  38. Teddy Naidoo says:

    I agree it would be great to have Shaheen back

  39. José says:

    We do not want Shaheen that’s it , tell him to go to USA and join idiot Bernie Saunders and the crew, his political views are outrageuos

  40. Speedyvar says:

    Slow down Jose.Take it when you say we, you are meaning I. You know,like the way the Queen uses the word We.And whose political views are you referring Bernie’s or Shaheen’s?

  41. Dave says:

    Oh yes Jose, we need more right wingers like you – that’ll fix the world and sa racing ! Go Shaheen !!

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