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Tellytrack: Molly No More

Veteran provides clarity after numerous queries

After being asked by several people at Greyville on Vodacom Durban July day as to what was going on between Tellytrack and myself, I wish to clarify the situation.

Dave Mollett – 2014 Equus Champion journalist

Award-winning racing journalist Dave Molllett writes in the Sporting Post Mailbag that at the end of June, he received an e-mail from Tellytrack’s, Wesley Lloyd, informing him that his UK tipping contract was not being renewed. He was given 30 days notice.

He writes further:

After 17 years of service with Tellytrack, one might have thought such a communication would come from new Tellytrack head, Colleen Goodman. No, it was sent by one of her lieutenants.

As a contractor, I don’t believe I have a legal case against Phumelela, but I hope to find another outlet for my UK tips soon.

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53 comments on “Tellytrack: Molly No More

  1. bwanachris says:

    When a man that ended his illustrious career with winners like

    Wolf Power
    Sea Legs
    Spanish Pool

    Sidelined final ride for an opinion about some arbitrary midwinter race.

    A total lack of respect and knowledgeable marketing of racing

    Nothing surprises me here

  2. anesh says:

    Most definitely an utter disgrace

  3. Sydney says:

    Its so sad to see Molly go…When I started playing horses I always looked forward when he took the stage. He is and always was passionate. All the best to you!

  4. Uaregrey says:

    Time to pack it in as a tipster Mr Molly. Tellytrack would not have given you notice for no reason. Tipsters add no value anymore. Gamblers will gamble their coin whether or not there is a tipster. You can always have your tips published by your daily business tabloid by inserting the tips at the end of your articles. But you will not do that because of you misguided belief that you give value for your tips and must be paid. Good luck in finding another outlet.

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Mr Mollett

    I reckon they’ll miss you more than you missing them..

    But, know this, a lot of us will miss you. Not just for tipping, you talk sense.
    The tips and perms you suggest, I always believe you punt the same ones.

    Others that tip massive perms, including Soccer bets – I seriously doubt they actually place them

    Good Luck, Thank You, hope you stay in touch on this platform.

    PS – Me thinks another (better) door will open 👍

  6. Barry Irwin says:

    Congratulations you have inadvertently supplied the perfect reason by anonymous posters should not be tolerated.

  7. Shanil says:

    Racing has lost another character. Will miss his passion energy and quirks . Was never boring.

  8. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    So sad the person that made tt exciting is going. U were always jovial not something we c from most of tt presenters bar Dee’s dynand. I’m sure hollywood will give u a job as u are a talented man who knows his racing. Gud luck Molly with whatever the future holds for u

  9. Lou Syfer says:

    All seasons come to pass. Molly cannot be unhappy with the length of service particularly seeing that he provided a non-essential service.

  10. Teddy Naidoo says:

    South African racing has lost another legend. A man who knew his horse racing.His analysis was Briallant.I will definitely miss you and your tips.

    God will open another door for you.Just have faith in God.God bless.

  11. Ravi says:

    While you had a personality to go with, I found and still find that the tipping side of SA Racing… Or the pre race insight from our on screen presenters e.g. Deez, Kevin Shea and the whole crew whether it’s Cape, Gauteng or KZN they are just appalling. No value to the punter and they rarely tip a winner let alone a few per day. For all in the industry just take a listen to the panel of tipsters on William Hill Radio broadcasting the local UK flair. They can somedays tip you winners on an entire card… And many placed horses even exactas. They have Andrew Mount… Tom Morley…. Ken Pitterson from the paddock side give live feedback on how the horses look before the start. We lucky in SA for nothing even our final dividends are low compared to UK payouts and our total racing fraternity lacks transparency. Farewell Mr Mollett… But I hope the whole bunch of you could just go and leave the screen silent to just play racing

  12. Matthew says:

    Tellytrack has let another gem slip through there fingers. Mistake one was letting Shane Shaw. He made racing exciting for the punters. He boosted every exotic pool. Now you let the only reason for most punters playing a P.A and Jackpot for the night U.K meeting go. Nice one Tellytrack. YOU GOT IT WRONG AGAIN.

  13. Logan says:


  14. bob kistnasamy says:

    Oh Boy!!. What a tragedy. Dave provided some wonderful insight into racing and when he labelled a horse, he did so with confidence which was passed on to the viewers. What a roar when the horse won!!
    Mollet did add research colour to the presentation and analysis which is currently lacking.

    Unlike “Laurel and Hardy”, Molly did add value to the punters.

    i am quite certain that we shall see a Molly “uprising”.

  15. Vinsesh says:

    Your comments are such a good guide which i and many others look forward to. Once again Phumelela show their dismal behavior in dealing with staff. Edcon fell apart and those same executives now sit in phumelela and its showing what poor leaders they are.

  16. Ali Khan says:

    Ravi. .cudnt agree with you more..these locals tip the entire field and confuse ..resulting in losses..absolute mayhem..how can I listen in to William hill radio for tips. .

  17. Reggie Naicker says:

    Don’t worry Molly another door will open to a real racing man who tells it like how it is.

  18. Rudi says:

    Maybe molly will be raplace by one of there family menbers like mcurdys son or cludy basels or shaeens. It all mos about the click.

  19. Rudi says:

    Look at brandon baily. Every horse wen it wins is a champion every jock is difffrent class. And he looks like noddy while talking to people his hesd dont stop keep it still boy. Learn from uncle molly

  20. hilton witz says:

    Tellytrack has no competiton hence the majority of their presenters are poor and also the whole package is poor ..Having raced in oz lately and having foxtel at my disposal which is the same as dstv there is more than one racing broadcaster and the same applies to the uk..We have seen that the operators cannot handle competition, They refuse to employ people on merit rather going the nepotism route so you end up with mediocrity.The sad reality is there are people locally who are more than capable of doing the job but wont be considered ..Of course its tough to continue to tip winners and i rather have the on course presenters be the eyes and ears for the punter who cannot get to the track by telling them how the horses look in the ring and cantering down and also speaking to trainers who have runners on the well being of them but this must be done before raceday and that is where the preparation comes in ..I believe that the 3 lady presenters julie alexander ,fiona ramsden and nadine rapson in pe do a fine job and have a very good eye for the wellbeing of a horse and the canter past …Getting back to dave mollet i found he was very lazy when it came to preparation but had a good relationship with the trainers owners and jockeys …The problem of poor presentation can be fixed but do the operators want it to be fixed ?The presenters have nobody they can confide with regarding the meeting they are presenting and also to improve their knowledge in certain other skills such as handicaping ,the betting market ,race programming etc and also i bet nobody sits down with them after a meeting and goes through their errors and draws up an action plan to remedy them so it does not occur again


    Well, I can’t resist the chance to comment 😆😆

    I’ve being tipping for free, from the age of +-19, to all and sundry.

    I have kept records of my tipping, based on the simple 1-2-3-4, as compared to the Winning Form, Magic Tips/Lips, TabGuide, Sporting Post, Computer Form Guide and manual comparisons to Turf Form Guide (the 80’s).

    I even have record’s of my head-to-head performances against Mollie’s Business Day selections.

    My record keeping/tips competitions has a 10 year gap between 1998 & 2007, when I resided in the UK.

    Now for a bit of trumpet blowing. Winning Form, is the only tipster that ‘has it over me’.

    My weakness is that I don’t tip enough odds-on winners or short priced winners (the 12/10’s etc etc) for first.

    I have never ever asked a trainer to tip me a winner, never. However, I have on a selected few occasions quizzed a trainer of his/hers future intentions/race planning of a horse.

    My salient thought process is this : Why go breaking your neck on a 8/10, 1/1 or 13/10 Win, when you can ‘have a full go’ on a 14/10 Place Bet.

  22. Yegen Chetty says:

    Just yesterday I read an article on this platform titled “Does Anybody Know what the Customer Wants”

    Today this article answers that question with an emphatic NO!

    Tipping is an art not a science, but any insight is appreciated, especially when it comes from a colourful character such as Molly.

    That is what the industry needs more of — colourful characters. If we keep the monotonous presenters and get rid of the energetic ones, racing will become even more boring than it currently is.

    i remember a time before Tellytrack, on a Saturday i used to wake up early every Saturday to catch Eric Denman’s tips on the radio. He hardly ever was right and I never made much money off his tips but I still never missed a broadcast if i could help it. South African racing lost a little something when he left.

    Similarly racing will lose a little something with Molly’s departure. With every little bit lost the industry dies a slower more painful death.

    For those asking why we need tipsters, one could ask why does fantasy soccer need a 1/2 hour prediction show? The answer is the same to both questions; to generate interest and to build excitement.

    Most punters will bet what they want to bet anyway so why not have the tipsters on. Go on Phumelela – Entertain Us! Its better than watching the Interbet advert for the 467th time in the day.

  23. Ravi says:

    If you are following this “Molly No More” thread, Brendon has indeed summed it up brilliantly. I may have been a little harsh in my previous post and I need to correct that. Molly was no doubt pretty insightful and displayed a demeanour that made him a large figure in the betting ring “no pun intended on large” and his racing knowledge no doubt comprehensible.

    However my beef remains with TT and its one sided take on everything including there on-screen presenters and panel. On the flip side of the coin, Tabgold is no better and disseminates results that are riddled with errors, for example, and to be really petty, here is one pet hate of mine…Tabgold still calls every Ascot (UK) flat meeting “Royal Ascot”. The Royal Ascot meeting occurs once a year around the latter part of June, Not every Ascot race meeting.

    If you cannot get the simple small things correct, how could we expect you to get the big things in line. The other issue is fate of favourites, past results and misleading statistics. I can write a book about just these topics.

    I have a database of past results of every UK and Irish race meeting from 2009 to 2018. I have a database of results from the Hong Kong racing scene, 2012 to present. At any instance I can tabulate a query about a particular centre, trainer, jockey, draw, sire, days since last run, fate of favourite, owner etc. The list is exhaustive to depict here.

    Yet in South Africa we can barely gather last week results in a readable format. I’m a part/full time handicapper and racing player and the crux of my race study is patterns of trainers and course statistics that only past results can show you, e.g. How does a certain stall berth play over a certain distance at different courses. The local results that are published are deplorable, I’m certain that a 4yr old can deliver a better format with little training on database management. It therefore takes me weeks if not months to collate and capture the information of SA racing prior to race analysis, handicapping and this before I can actually place a bet on a particular selection is akin “To close the stable door after the horse has bolted”.

    I’m equally surprised that trainer, Mr Mike de Kock has not openly spoken about the July Day fiasco with Hawwaam. The horse even though temperamental in nature was given no chance the moment it left the saddling box. The race entry process for any horse going the July route is fairly stringent. Prior to final declaration there is around a R50 000 rands non-refundable fee with a final R32 500 refundable should the horse not be selected to run. Any horse going on to win the Durban July will most definitely have its “to stand” stud fee quadrupled. Hawwaam was not helped by the race organisers and then the stall handlers, people responsible for ensuring that it takes its place, temperamental or docile and this 2019 July will not reflect on Hawwaam’s CV.

    The moral of this story is that SA racing has quite a bit to travel before it aligns itself to its competitors on the international stage. It fact it has refused to jump.

  24. Robert says:

    Molly, to me you will always be a legend.
    A true professional in every way, an entertainer, a wonderful character, an immense knowledge of horseracing and most other popular sports. The post race interviews and summaries in Gauteng have never been the same since they forced you out. I really hope to see or hear your valued comments again soon,
    Best regards, Rob from Durban.

  25. Ruiz says:

    I read the comments posted on this thread and I want to puke. So many people are singing the praises of Mr Mollett as if he died. He is alive and well everyone. He will no longer be employed by Tellytrack as a tipster. We all have sell by dates and he has reached his in tipping. Besides being a loveable character, he provides no financial benefit to Tellytrack. In any other occupation he would have been sidelined a long time ago because he is well over the retirement date for pensioners. He can count himself lucky that he was employed on a consultancy basis by Tellytrack otherwise he would have been let go many many years ago. A good decision by Tellytrack. Full time employees must be saved first.

  26. Jonathan Shaw says:

    Won’t be missed

    1. karel says:

      must make you feel proud to have said this

  27. Loraine Karam says:

    Rudy no name please stop talking about things you don’t know anything about…. Rather take the time to improve your spelling. Brandon Bailey is way above your class, and is a exellent presenter. Brandon we are proud of you.

  28. Rian says:

    Hi Lorraine, why would you say something like that as always enjoyed your posts but class has nothing to do with spelling or disagreeing
    I am also a no namer but chose it that way as I gambled my life away but now play for fun with a limited budget

  29. Loraine Karam says:

    Hi Rudy My apologies i honestly did not mean no harm. We are all different, and that was uncalled for. I try living my life by been kind and friendly to everyone. It is just that i feel it was wrong to pick on Brandon Bailey who is on top of his game, and a true gentleman as well. I sincerely hope your luck changes, and you make tons of money. Again please forgive me no malicious intended, you seem like a very nice calp. Also you are allowed to go by any name you like, it is just that i am a open book and say things as i see it…………..I also wish the great Mr Dave Mollet the best in his future career……KAREL you again felt you have to have the last say, however i just defended a very decent young man………… What is bothering you KAREL, rather say something constuctive, i am not here to get into any confrontation with you. I live my life as lady, and do not need your sarcasm…….Hope your words made you feel good………Hope you print this, if not we all know why……..Loraine Karam.

  30. kian says:

    tipsters -you leave us broke as we follow your tips religiously ,Vomit factor what a load of losers .Can you tip something where we can make money instead of 3-10 favourites .Panel on telly track falling asleep , giving incorrect info , yawning , burping .Showing incorrect times on USA racing .Tips -i choose to read the form myself .

  31. kian says:

    hi , winning form has given the best bet for today at greyville race 1 {virtuosa} .I think we better off if there is betting on wheter the tipsters win or lose then we can make money .

    Anyone agrees with me

  32. FJC says:

    Molly is a poster boy for why people should not gamble, I mean as a grown employed adult he could not afford medical aid. Surely punters deserve better than him, he was poor as an oncourse presenter and even worse in respect of the UK, anyone with access to the Timeform, Racingpost, ATR or RacingTV apps will know that he is clueless.

  33. Gordon Davison says:

    Not a popular view FJC but largely correct. To be fair, anyone based in SA cannot possibly provide good insight into UK racing simply because they have an english accent. Often thought it would be better for TT to take the UK racing preview as a simple feed from ATR [now skysports racing] or racing UK. Less likely now that Phumelela has it’s back against the wall and is cost cutting all over the place.

  34. Philip Norman says:

    Time for another fundraising lunch to be organized for Molly’s benefit.

  35. kian says:

    winning form -virtuosa -what did I tell you .

  36. Ravi says:

    Dear Gordon Davison,

    I tend to disagree with you on the point that “anyone based in SA” cannot provide good insight into UK racing. While horse racing and race handicapping has to deal with a multitude of variables before a final selection is derived.

    There are indeed various ways to summarise a race and acquire some background information so as to show how said race will unfold. Unfortunately this particular selection process is not available to all in sundry. We expect our so called local TV/Newspaper racing experts to at least come with up with selections that are plausible and for them to have the background knowledge to back up such comments. They have the means to acquire such information to do the homework and thus disseminate educated selections. I think thats all the racing community expects.

    Without blowing my own trumpet, because I like others have many days where thing don’t work out in racing…So, Just yesterday, I concluded that in Beverly’s 2nd race, that the 12yr old SEAMSTER, based on my tabulated varibales will run a cracker at an SP of 22/1. Not even the William Hill radio panel selected this horse. So why did the horse in fact place 3rd and I collected a small bundle from both WSB and ¼ of SP from Sportingbet at the price of 22/1.

    Its simple Mr Davison, The whole racing world knows that when running at Beverley especially at sprint distances (1000m) dont ignore horses drawn in stalls 1-7…ignore horses drawn higher. Secondly, if you took the last 3yrs past results from Beverley at 1000m (135 races over 1000m during this period) you will notice that the draw factor is significant. Thirdly include all the trainers who have horses in yesterday race into your calculations and cross tabulate the stables form over the course and distance.

    Now, one would have clearly seen that trainer D Loughnane has had 11 runners in the last 3 years over the distance at Beverley. Of the 11 runners he has sent to the course, 3 have won and 3 have placed second. For both positions he has a 55% strike rate. he has also had another finish 3rd. That is 7 placed horses from 11 runs. None of the other 14 trainers in that particular race possessed such statistics. Then look at the horses (SEAMSTER) form over course distance (5 runs – 1 win and 2 places)

    Then the kicker, When Cameron Noble rides SEAMSTER at Beverley at this distance, he has won 1 and placed twice. Voila…the horse was nabbed on the line and finishes a close 3rd yesterday drawn at stall 7 and ridden by C Noble.

    I managed to do the exact same study for a horse called “Shifting Gold” in the 7th race at NOTTINGHAM last night and picked up a healthy payout for the win and places and topped the night with a nice racing balance.

    In actual fact I had both the winner and second at that Nottingham race and again the William Hill panel who I hold in high regard, didn’t even tip any of these.

    All I’m saying is that, a little homework and making an informed decision will go a long way to restoring punter confidence & if I can do this from my computer at home with little resources, surely these so called tipsters can do this even more easily than me as they are affiliated to big companies who can easily purchase tons of data to extrapolate such information.


    1. karel says:

      Seamster was joint top-rated with Raceform (Raceing Post division) yesterday, well clear at 79, with the third horse on 71.
      Seamster had last run to that rating seven runs back, when winning at Nottingham in November.
      The form of the 12yo this year had been below that, his best a 61 (and including a 44 on seasonal debut at Beverley).
      You add a host of additional info, which would have taken a lot of studying. But at odds of 20/1 that was worth the effort.
      Do you ever sleep?

  37. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Naah, I don’t need William Hill

    I’ve got William Milkovitch’s email and cell number. Local is lekker..

    He is a little quiet lately, hoping he is studying Super Sat day’s form ….

  38. FJC says:

    Interesting Ravi, i made Atyaaf in that race the best bet on the card.

  39. Akesh Singh says:

    The racing coverage of ITV ,where rarely, available in anSA,is absolute joy.


    Hello Cecil,

    William Hill Radio’s content is poor. In addition, there’s plenty of money politics behind the radio streaming saga the various BIG BOOKIES in England and Ireland use.

    Years ago, they used an independent subcontractor/studio team of tipster to broadcast. There was a dispute of fees to be paid, and they (the bookies) then decided to run their own independent radio streaming.

    Make no mistake, tipping is extremely time consuming, to the point that certain tipsters have missed out on the other pleasures of life. You can easily land up been a social pariah or leper !


    Oh Cecil, a question for you.

    Why did the technicians from Telkom close down all the ticky boxes in the leper colony ?

    A: they found to many fingers walking through the Yellow Pagesss…. 🖐️🤙🤲🤲🤲

  42. Ralph Fell. says:

    FJC You and I are in the minority, akin to a 66/1 shot. I used to note his perms purely to monitor him. His gem was tipping four horses out of five in an evening UK jackpot. That’s right, the horse he omitted came home lonely. I sensed that he sent many of his followers back to work.

  43. Cecil Pienaar says:

    😂 Good Night William👍

    Tickey boxes brings back memories of army days, gyppo drilled coins and string

    1. Editor says:

      Shooting range stickers too, Cecil?

  44. José says:

    Ravi very well put, I need to speak to you on a personal basis i think we can speak the same language when it comes to spotting outsiders.

  45. FJC says:

    Karel, you don’t seem to get this, Mollet has never provided any value as a tipster, nobody will ever know why he has been employed this long. If you believe he has something to contribute then employ him and stop being sarcastic. Surely punters deserve better!

  46. gavin says:

    molly you are a legend… people need to show him more respect

  47. Ravi says:

    @Karel, LOL, I do indeed sleep from time to time ;)…All within limits though, I’m a runner in constant daily training for marathons and comrades, Family guy with kids, Full time employee in a statistical environment conducting statistical analysis and informatics. I’m pretty sure most of you guys herein have similar lives.

    @Jose, @FJC and @Ali Khan contact me at this address [email protected]

    I will try to respond when available.

  48. Neerish says:

    Molly is a great character. He will be missed. He is always willing to share information. I remember him on one my best days of racing at Scottsville. I asked him what he liked…he told me Overarching and Candidata Roy..both won and to top it off Key of Destiny also won…..what a great day of racing. We will miss Molly…hope he gets on social media!

  49. Nico Botha says:

    Everybody can tip horses like our currant presenters.1st,2nd,3rd and 4th favourites.When ever did you hear them tip a outsider

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