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Exceeded Twelve Crop Strikes – Jock Gets Warning

He didn't know rule

The twelve-strike crop penalty  framework continues to puzzle. We have seen jockeys get R750, R2500 – even a week.

Now an offender gets a warning – because he was out of the country when the rule was introduced.

Jockey Neo Qaule rode his first winner on 12 February 2010 at Kenilworth.

He has only had two rides this season and, in fairness, appears to have been absent from our shores for some time.

On 13 July at Turffontein Qaule signed an Admission of Guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2 (read with Guideline M on the use of the crop) in that he hit the horse Deal Me In more than 12 times in the entire race.

A Warning was imposed.

The official report advises that when assessing this penalty, the Board took into consideration that Jockey Qaule had just returned from a stint overseas and was not in the country when the other riders were advised of the crop rule changes.

While the discretion and sympathetic approach is commendable, they are not famous for it and where does the NHA draw the line?

The crop debate has been a well ventilated and lively one since it was introduced in May. It’s not an obscure one line rule on page 786 of the regulation book.

Surely the onus is on a professional to acquaint himself with the rules?

And what about the onus on the NHA? They knew Qaule had been away, why didn’t they brief him as a precaution? Maybe the official who signed off Quale’s clearance certificate should be fined.

A lack of knowledge is a dangerous precedent for an excuse – it surely can’t be a defence.

They should have fined Qaule and possibly given him the opportunity to present his defence on appeal against the penalty. Rather than an admission of guilt with a rap over the knuckles.

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10 comments on “Exceeded Twelve Crop Strikes – Jock Gets Warning

  1. Paul says:

    Got to say I find this reporting and comment confusing (especially the final 2 paragraphs):

    1. An Admission of guilt was signed. Effectively, then, the jock was found guilty (or at least a guilty finding was presumably entered).

    Effectively a guilty plea then?

    2. The “excuse” could therefor not have prevented a finding of guilt. Rather, it served as a mitigating factor as to the penalty imposed – and resulted in the sanction of a warning, rather than a fine.

    Or is the imposition of a warning not a competent penalty following a guilty plea?

    3. So the “excuse” was not a defence as stated – but only a mitigating factor at sentencing.

    I understand, and accept, the overall point: lack of knowledge is no excuse and onus on jock and officials etc. That said, one surely must look at individual circs when judging the penalty; and that is what occured here.

    Or am I totally confused?

    1. Editor says:

      Fair point Paul
      He must have signed the admission of guilt on the basis that he would received a warning
      It’s the first warning we have seen for this contravention

  2. Paul says:

    Personal persuasion. Fine would promote certainty. Personally, I abhor mandatory sentencing (rather judge mitigating circs on individual merits). Given that this is a new rule and education is in my view the key, if a set penalty was to be imposed I would have thought a warning, for first offences, the correct starting point.

  3. Brian says:

    I am struggling to see how Paul is so confused? Has he never been to a Circus? Has he never seen Clowns, even on a Telly show?

    Ed, I know I’m a real NHA basher this morning.

    It’s my way of dealing with my issues.

    Therapists I’ve tried cant help. They dont like horse racing. They say it’s a “mugs game run by people who cant really tell the front from the back of a horse”.

    They tell me there’s nothing I can do about but just get out .
    I’m sure they’re right but I keep asking myself, who puts these people there in the first place?

    Who decides these are the people we believe are the best we can find.

    Whomever they are, surely they should go?

    It’s very very clear they’ve got it wrong and at the very least, what are they doing to put it right?

    So, although I’ve moved away from the tote in protest, I’ve now gone down to club level with Interbet also my way of protest.

    You see Ed, I love horse racing. Sea Cottage got me in the game.

    But it’s a right royal cock up and those that could put it right are the very guys and girls that write in this forum

    That’s because we all love this wonderful sport and that’s why the powers that be should remember why they have two ears and one mouth.

    Listen twice as you speak NHA. We in this forum have been racing for a long time and there are things you still need to learn about.

    So put your pride in your pocket and listen to the people

  4. Francois van Ghent says:

    The twelve-strike crop penalty framework is currently the biggest joke in South-african horseracing

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Sea Cottage?

    Geez, and here I was thinking William and myself are The Ballies around here

    (Oom) Brian, I hear you, it happens in other Industries as well. I was proud to become an Engineer in the 80s, the hard Govt Ticket route. In 2013 I opted for Voluntary Early Retirement for many reasons, one my new Boss was adamant ‘we must change’ Ohms Law …

    PS – I say Oom with respect (just in case) cause Sea Cottage was born a year before me.😎👍

  6. Wayne Fouche says:

    Hell Cecil you nothin’ but a spring chicken!! How sad – you were not able to see the great Sea Cottage in the flesh (nor listen to Ernie shouting “…and here comes Sea Cottage!!” Many pretenders since but none equal or better. (IMHO)

  7. Cecil Pienaar says:

    👍 Thanks Wayne

    You made my day. I reckon I’m the ‘youngest’ Grandpa in the Midlands, but the old girl reminds me often “Gedra jou soos n OUpa” 😂

    Go well

  8. Tex says:

    Miss use of the Crop – Jockey Neo Qaule, a fair call for a change – hope Jockey Naresh Juglall got the same warning before his fines on July Day ?

    1. Editor says:

      That’s exactly the inconsistency, Tex

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