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July – Hollywoodbets Pledge To Customers

Like champ Hawwaam - 'We live to fight another day'

Following the shock withdrawal of popular favourite Hawwaam at the start of the Vodacom Durban July on Saturday, the Hollywoodbets team issued a notice to customers reporting that their systems had suffered technical issues.

In a follow-up notice issued early on Sunday morning, the leading bookmakers advised that at 23h31 on Saturday evening all the bets struck on the Vodacom Durban July (race 7) with themselves  – that being quartets, trifectas, swingers, exactas, as well as all multiples involving Hawwaam – were resulted completely and cleared.

Vodacom Durban July on course – a massive raceday! (Pic- Anthony Grote/ Gameplan Media)

“We understand the frustration and aggravation this issue caused on Saturday, and we completely apologize for the inconvenience caused.  The Vodacom Durban July favourite being scratched at the start was the absolute worse-case scenario and unfortunately the months and months of preparation we put into this massive race day did not prevent this system issue from occurring,” said a spokesman for the company.

He added that the Hollywoodbets team was already assembling today (Sunday) to identify the causes of the issue, and to determine where it all went wrong.

He said that Hollywoodbets appreciate the overwhelming support that every customer gave them on the big day.

“Our customers make Hollywoodbets what it is, and we will do everything possible to get our systems right for them. As trainer of the injured Hawwaam, Mike de Kock, said following the race: ‘We live to fight another day’.”

  • Press release issued on Sunday 7 July 2019 by the Hollywoodbets Team

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28 comments on “July – Hollywoodbets Pledge To Customers

  1. Jouash says:

    So what happen if the favorite gets scratched does the new favorite not take its place?

  2. Dave says:

    TAB’s Online Betting platform worked like a dream yesterday at all stages of the meeting – let’s compliment where appropriate !

  3. Michael Jacobs says:

    We had intermittent problems at Kenilworth racecourse tote, but that Betting World facility is the pits, so we expected that they’d be offline. Besides probably the worst service and offline issues, we managed to get through the day.

  4. S d chetty says:

    Wat happens if u backed hawwam in March at 10to 1 and doubles and trebles do u get a refund or do you loose your money Hollywood’ did not refund my money .they said it is a loosing bet

  5. V says:

    Sd chetty im in the same position as you are. Could hollywood please assist in this regard

    1. Editor says:

      We have asked Hollywood for clarity

    2. Editor says:

      A quick perusal of various sites shows that the ante-post rules apply across the board:
      From Hollywood:

      3.1 Ante-Post Betting

      3.1.1 An ante-post bet is a bet on a medium to long term feature race or event.

      In the case of weather or outside influences that cause an event to be postponed or rescheduled to another day, then all ante-post bets shall stand. Ante-post bets may include runners that do not ultimately participate in the race or event and bets wagered on such will be considered losers. These races/events may be referred to as “all-in” events. No deduction shall be taken on scratching from ante-post all-in races or events. A multiple bet that includes an ante-post leg will be a losing bet in the event the ante-post selection does not participate or run.

      An ante-post bet will be void where the race on which the ante-post bet has been placed is officially abandoned, the conditions of the race altered or if the venue of the race has been changed. In these circumstances any multiple bet, which includes this selection, will be paid out on the remaining selections.

  6. Niresh Ramdeyal says:

    They also didnt refund my straight wins on Fresnaye. Fresnaye was only scratched on raceday it made the final field. I also need clarity on this issue. In contacting the bookmakers association tomorrow.

    1. Editor says:

      Was the bet not ante-post, Niresh?

  7. V says:

    When a multiple is taken and horses win in that multiple…. And those winning horses go onto an antepost horse such as hawwaam, surely there is some legitimacy on the horses that won in that multiple. I cannot see the the fairness but thank you for trying to get clarity and certainly the rule should be reviewed.

  8. Rian says:

    The Rules say nothing about a LATE Scratching so Hollywood should pay out , another great showing by Hefer and his team
    They must do the right thing and pay out, but it looks like they were praying for this outcome
    QUICK to pay on American objection…..Sic

  9. Ralph Fell. says:

    My humble opinion. Hollywoodbets are at all times transparent and their integrity beyond reproach. To insinuate that Owen would attempt to short change a punter and ‘they were praying for this outcome’ is ludicrous. Especially as Hollywood has recently ploughed 10 bar over 3 years into Greyville and/or racing in general. As for contacting the bookmakers assoc – good luck. Reference is made to the squalid state of Betting World Kenilworth, which one must assume should rate as a flagship branch and joined at the hip with Phumelela. Reality kicks in with a polytrack affair on Monday at Fairview.

  10. Mickiel says:

    Niresh they suppose to give ur money back cause joey ramsden tried wit twist of fate

  11. Dane says:

    Hi there I had a similar case of a multiple bet being all won. none of my selections were scratched however at the start of the race another horse was scratched . I was not paid out full bet as reflected on the ticket instead was told a deduction applies . Please clarify rules in this case

  12. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Clearly punter education is needed with regards to ante post betting.

  13. hilton witz says:

    You clearly have no idea about ante post betting rules so rather read them up before posting ..I dont hear the other side of the coin whereby punters who had winning bets placed antepost DID NOT INCUR THE 30 PERCENT DEDUCTION

  14. Jesse says:

    Hello , I backed magnificent 7, ANTEPOST, but it made final field, then it got scratched, shouldnt i get my money back

  15. Armchair punter says:

    The rule of buyer beware seems to be lost on most punters.

  16. Rod Mattheyse says:

    The trade off for the good price and the mo deductions is that the horse must run and must win, anything else is bookmaker books his holiday

  17. Zahir Shaik says:

    I took do it Again with Hollywood. Was deducted 30% for Hawaam being scratched. I was thinking did Hollywood refund clients on the same race who lost their bets on other selections the 30%.

  18. Amika Ramborosa says:

    Why was i not paid for the 19

    1. Editor says:

      Tote paid 6 places

  19. mbuso mkhwanazi says:

    Bloggers, can anyone tell me what happened to our SP P6, something urgent came up I was unable to attend the racing I only came back today pls update me guys.Mbuso Mkhwanazi

    1. Editor says:

      Mbuso, the 1% perm doubled and won it – but not a profit, unfortunately.

  20. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Lesson don’t take antepost bets. High risk with inflated price for bookies to cash in.

  21. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey….I’m still in shock and in disbelief that I’m not getting my refund back from Betting World and WSB to this very day that I can remember once final fields were done punters were safe from losing their money weather it was multiple bets or straight out bets… The day before the Daily News was run I laid down serious money thinking that Hawwaam would shorten to 15/10 if he wins the Daily News in good style which was the case now what would have happened had Hawwaam run for argument sake a dirty 3rd in the Daily News he drifts out to around 9/2 correct ? so i took the gamble obviously hoping for the best and it worked in my favour…Had Hawwaam been scratched for whatever reason before the final fields were announced I except the loss like a absolute gentlemen…. play fair guys it’s really not acceptable…Keith Ho from Betxchange paid my multiple bet with a smile Cedar Betting paid with a smile when I mentioned that I’m not getting paid by betting World and WSB the owner of Cedar Betting was shocked…I believe GG gaming are paying out as well…Guys we are not punting with monopoly money it’s hard earn cash that we are punting with Yes it large number that was wagered on Hawwaam so one can think I’m talking from the pocket the fact remains if I’m a R10 or 100k player we are in the exact same boat…Betting World WSB and Hollywood come to some sort of agreement its a must for the punters sake we need justice…look at the bigger picture guys we are die hard supporters

  22. Tony Mincione says:

    The rule of thumb is this: if your bet is ANTE-POST, (so before jockeys and the draw) then the ONLY relevant issue is does It win. Nothing else matters and no excuse counts. Doesn’t matter if there were 100 horses in betting and 90 are scratched. The bet is the bet, finished. Cast in concrete.

    If you bet after the final field is announced, then you are playing under run and deduction rules. So then all the money that was wagered on Hawwaam is refunded back to punters, and everyone else’s bets have a percentage taken back to reflect the change in the probabilities. So Hawwaam at 2/1 (ie 1 chance in 3) represents a deduction from everybody at a rate of 30%.

    That deduction did NOT apply to the ANTE-POST market because it ignores everything except the winner, no refunds, no percentages taken off, you have to wear your big boy pants and see the thing through to the bitter end…in my case Zillzaal at 100/1 and no run.

    So the decider is WHEN you played the bet, not when scratching happen. I hope that helps a bit.

  23. Akesh Singh says:

    Very interesting reading.
    Considering everything, even though the rules of ante post betting are clear, something has to change.
    My proposal is that if a horse makes the final field and is subsequently scratched, then the deduction rule should apply to ALL winning bets and a refund should be effected .All multiples should be paid in the remaining selections.
    I’ve always seen antepost betting as the risk of whether your selection gets a run or not.
    PS..I backed Surfing Home in 1994 at R10000/50 antepost and I’m still getting over it????

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