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Abandoned Meeting – ‘Not Lost’

Cape trainer raises a question

The Cape racing programme is without a slot on a very quiet weekend on the national racing programme.

The next local racemeeting is scheduled for Kenilworth on 24 August.

The meeting scheduled for Kenilworth on 30 July was abandoned due to a weather affected surface and a question has been raised as to when it will be run.

Phumelela Racing Executive Patrick Davis and WCRRA Chairman Jonathan Snaith have explained the situation after the Sporting Post received the following note from a Cape trainer:

” We are not happy as meeting abandoned last week and no race meeting coming up on the 17th! This is our livelihood and we are complaining and clients are complaining as we nominate to run our horses! We don’t nominate for the sake of it, and I think something needs to be said and done!”

Jonathan SnaithSnaith (pictured above) explained that the stakes from any abandoned meeting are not lost as they are held in reserve.

“Mostly these funds are used to split races on a card – so a full maiden is split and the R80k is taken from this reserve / slush fund. What the trainer needs to understand is that we do not lose these stakes. They are held in reserve for Kenilworth Racing.”

Patrick Davis said that the National policy was available to the public on the SA Horseracing website.

Read it here

“The bottom line is we don’t postpone meetings – we abandon them if the weather intervenes. The exceptions to this rule are well covered in the policy. The reason being that the annual fixture list is set up to optimize betting turnover in the interests of everybody involved in the sport. To add or postpone a meeting alongside another scheduled meeting is quite frankly commercial suicide, as your costs to stage the additional meeting far outweigh any financial benefits,” he said.

Phumelela Racing Exec Patrick Davis (pic: hamishNIVENPhotography)

He added that should a region’s racing however be ‘severely disrupted’ by the weather, the Racing Operator may decide to add a meeting in the interests of stakeholders – even if it doesn’t make commercial sense to the operator.

“In this instance, the loss of a single meeting would not be construed as severely disrupting the race programme in the region, which is why the Kenilworth meeting lost last week has not been replaced. As the Racing Operator contracted to manage racing in the Western Cape, we as Phumelela have to make sensible commercial decisions, especially at a time when the industry is under such financial pressure. As Jonathan points out, if there is a specific demand to split a race due to opportunities lost, this will be considered in the interests of all stakeholders”

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4 comments on “Abandoned Meeting – ‘Not Lost’

  1. barbier says:

    Explain to owners how you bump up the MR ratings of horses by 10 points and only increase the race MR by 6 points – where is the logic

  2. Philip Goldberg says:

    Thank you Mr Davis. Looks to me like Cape owner and trainer balancing their books is of very little concern to Phumelela. Neither wants to have to wait another month before using monies put into this slush fund. The money must go round quickly. Owners must earn so trainers can get paid and trainers must earn to cover their expenses.
    Why not be open and honest with Cape racing.

  3. Nash says:

    Racing is becoming a joke too much politics less entertainment bad advertising is killing the game as a punter I express my worst fears that what we endeavor these days from the horse racing faternity is utter bull

  4. Rod Mattheyse says:

    I suppose the use of the term “Slush Fund” epitomizes the dire straits this titanic finds itself in.

    The cherry on top is to use Phumelela, Racing Operator , optimize and the phrase sensible commercial, in the same statement. Textbook cases of oxymorons.

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