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Tracks Under Spotlight – Again

O'Connor Commission Of Inquiry - where is it?

The abandonment of Thursday’s Vaal meeting final race following a protest by the jockeys in regard to safety and inconsistent underfoot conditions, has had a few stakeholders asking for a copy of the O’Connor Commission of Inquiry instituted in October 2018.

Phumelela CEO John Stuart appointed  Andy O’Connor, a former chairman of the NHA, to lead a commission to review the track management systems for Phumelela after repeated track problems surfaced.

Andy O'Connor

Andy O’Connor

According to Stuart at the time, O’Connor’s independence and integrity was above reproach, making him the perfect candidate to lead a team tasked with making recommendations to Phumelela.

Part of O’Connor’s mandate would be to investigate track management processes and the ways in which they could and should be improved, to draw up Standard Operational Procedures regarding the implementation of improved track management processes, and to ensure the alignment of the maintenance of training and racing tracks, with the feature race calendar at the various racing courses.

Saturday’s Durbanville meeting has been switched to Kenilworth – a clear sign that there are issues with the country course surface too. Some of the technicalities were explained to the Sporting Post on request in June this year.

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7 comments on “Tracks Under Spotlight – Again

  1. Shanil says:

    About time this happened. Greyville track is a joke. A few mm of rain and we move to poly where the form book does not work. Newly surfaced disaster. No accountability for those responsible. Would love to see stats of how many turf meetings were held at Greyville compared to Poly where I originally thought was for only a back up for bad weather back up.

  2. Malefetsane says:

    The changing of tracks is causing punters a lot losses because form dont work out

  3. Dilligaf says:

    Shanil, did you read the article?!? Durbanville and Durban are not the same place.
    If memory serves me, a Greyville Turf meeting has not been moved to Poly track in over 18 months.
    So your comments seem to lack credibility

  4. Wayne Fouche says:

    At Port Elizabeth one simply has to spit on the turf course and racing is switched to Poly. What a useless toothless bunch they have running (or is that ruining?) racing here.

  5. Cecil says:

    He He, good one Wayne
    Ruining 😂

    PE, the home of my late Mother, the PA Queen😢, Arlington her fav track.

  6. Brad says:

    Dilli how can you make comments like that; are you living up yo your name ? Shanil knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the Greyville track. Poor track management and very few grass races even in high season! The Greyville poly track is the most inconsistent track in the country !

  7. sophiesven says:

    Brad does he work there that he knows so much about the track? Can he provide the facts to substantiate his claim? And likewise, can you provide facts for your opinion of the poly track? Or is it easier to pass unsubstantiated comments??

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