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Please help Kelvin

Fundraising call - Kelvin Haarhoff

James Armitage, Chairman of the Cape Breeders Club, writes that it has come to the organisation’s attention that a member of the larger Horse Racing community is in dire need of some financial assistance.

Kelvin Haarhoff of the winners bar at the TBA Complex in Germiston suffered a stroke some time back, as a result he has a huge medical bill and faces regular medical costs. Kelvin has been at the winners Bar for many years, he has always been very helpful and generous, he was instrumental in raising funds for Johan Van Eck after his illness, Alistair Cohen, Nico Kristiosis, Benny Little, Dave Mollet and a host of other people. This time it is Kelvin who can do with a bit of help.

The  Eye Of Africa has opened their course on Monday 12 August, they are hoping to get 15 four balls with some prizes.

If you would like to make a contribution the bank account details are show below.

In times like this every bit helps and Kelvin would be most grateful.

First National Bank / Current Account

Name Of Account: Cape Breeders Club

Account Number: 62033304362

Branch code: 200612

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7 comments on “Please help Kelvin

  1. bob kistnasamy says:

    @Brendon. I must agree with about the media training. The time that they take to ramble on without adding any value to punters is wasted with the result there is very little time for the analysts to do assess and inform punters of their fancies.
    Not sure what Warren was going on about on the air on Sunday, 11/08.
    Gold Circle should seriously consider obtaining the views of the racing public on these two “presenters’ or even listen to their contributions. It’s an absolute waste of punters’ time having them on board.
    What’s Warren’s brief on the show? Kevin does the “tipping” and most often than not, he is off the mark.
    Come on Gold Circle and Tellytrack, please take us out of our misery.

    1. Editor says:

      Bob, Warren Lenferna en route to Jhb – called us

      “Hi Bob…sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction. I am the anchor and Kevin the advisor. We are sorry you don’t enjoy us-particularly that we only get told how great GTV is doing. Also considering that we have both been recognised by being rewarded for our work.There must be some folk that enjoy us. Happy punting and thanks for the feedback, Regards, Warren L”

  2. Shanil says:

    They need to inform punters on their selections only plus jockeys and trainers input. Stop dissecting each horse. We cannot back the field . Dees asked the trainer yesterday what would you rate your horse out of 10. That’s what a punters wants to hear not babbling on and on.

  3. Brian says:

    Hi Warren. I’m afraid a bit polish is necessary

    I also turn you off

  4. Steve Reid says:

    What a pity that this post has been hijacked by semantics on a completely different, and in my opinion, far less relevant topic.

    It is a further pity that notice of the fundraiser was only given on the day of the event, thus preventing people from partaking. I have known Kelvin for many years and despite our differences in terms of how we see the sport ( I’m sure his opinion has changed somewhat of the years that I havent seen him but I digress ) he has always been someone that has cared about people in the sport that have fallen on hard times, and he has relieved me of cash to support these individuals on a number of occasions. It is just right that he receives support from the many that have enjoyed his company over the years.

  5. Gavin says:

    Deez is a legend… The punters enjoy him greatly

  6. Jim says:

    steve i am sure the posters submitted to the wrong thread .perhaps the editor would redirect them to the correct place.

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