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Hewitson – NHA Has Nothing To ‘Hyde’

'Delay' in 14 day suspension is subject of much debate

The National Horseracing Authority (NHA) has made it clear there was ‘nothing sinister’ in the fact jockey Lyle Hewitson’s 14-day suspension had been deferred into the new season which began yesterday.

Muzi Yeni

Tabnews reports that on Wednesday at Greyville, jockey Muzi Yeni, who was the other jockey involved in the chase for the 2018/19 season championship title, commented that Hewitson had received a 14-day suspension in April but “they prolonged it until the end of the season and I thought that was very unfair to me”.

However, NHA Racing Control Executive Arnold Hyde, confirmed on Thursday that any talk of preferential treatment was “way off the mark”.

Comments have been made that in other parts of the world jockeys have to take any suspensions immediately but Hyde points out the rules in South Africa differ from many other countries.  

“We do have the admission of guilt option where a jockey can accept his guilty and then will take his suspension immediately. However, if he is not prepared to sign it then we go to an Inquiry and then there is also the right to appeal.That full procedure can take some time. We need to get an appeal board together and sometimes that is very tough. We use a panel of independent people which is usually from the legal profession. These are busy guys and it can take quite a while to bring them together to hold the appeal.The person who is appealing also has a right to have his lawyer present and he also has to be available.”

It still does not end there as the person charged also has the right to have the appeal reviewed, as was the case with S’manga Khumalo in 2013 when he was accused of failing “to take all reasonable and permissible measures to ensure that Supertube was given a full opportunity to win or obtain the best possible placing”.

The appeal was only heard in 2014 but it resulted their upholding a 60-day suspension.

Had Khumalo taken the suspension he would have missed out on winning the 2013/14 jockey championship. He then decided to have the review appealed and that gave him enough time to win the title before the review was heard. It was only settled in 2015.

Lyle Hewitson (photo: Coastal Photos)

Lyle Hewitson (photo: Coastal Photos)

“No fear, no favour. The rules are applied the same way to all,” added Hyde. “I would take it badly to be accused of any type of favouritism or bias, everybody should be treated equally.”

The NHA also confirmed an Inquiry would be opened into “jockey Muzi Yeni’s comments made in an interview after Race 4 at Greyville Racecourse on 31 July 2019”.

“An independent board will be set up and they will treat the case on its merits and will decide if there has been a contravention of the rules.”

As far as Hewitson’s 14-day suspension is concerned Hyde pointed out that it could travel with him when he goes to Hong Kong.

“I have no ideas about his travel plans but if the suspension is upheld it could affect his rides in Hong Kong. We have a mutual agreement with Hong Kong to uphold any bans issued by one another.”

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31 comments on “Hewitson – NHA Has Nothing To ‘Hyde’

  1. bob kistnasamy says:

    Does it take 2-3 months to set up an Appeal Board? Surely the NHA has a pool of professionals it can draw from? Further, why do we not have standards that is consistent with other major racing countries?
    Why has the NHA not learnt from the “Khumalo saga” and amend it’s rules so that it obviates any queries or comment?
    Mr. Hyde transform the NHA and move swiftly in resolving issues.
    Disregarding the statistics, the two jocks kept the interest in the Jockey Championship alive and it is a pity that Muzi is being investigated for speaking his mind on the ineffectiveness and inefficiency of the NHA.

  2. HORSE BOSS says:

    Bob your questions are very relevant, but doubt we can get any response from the NHA, who took 4 months to speak out about there procedures only when they are called out.

    Mr Hyde should step down if,he is the one responsible for setting up this panel , then obviously he did Lyle a favour.

    We all know that Muzi is not their favourite person. 4 inquiries in one week???

    Let Arnold’s head be the first to roll.


  3. HORSE BOSS says:

    Contravention of the rules, Be very careful NHA or u might land in the constitutional court on this matter.

    Leave this matter and focus on amending the holes in ur rules and procedures

  4. gavin says:

    muzi has every right to be upset .. watch they will suspend muzi yeni for nothing . the gutless creatures took the the race 4 interview off the goldcircle website.. we support muzi.. dont be bullied by theese people

    1. Editor says:

      Gavin, the interview is still on the GC website
      Its labelled under Leslie Shadowliner – not Coldhardcash

  5. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Sanity……Play the ball not the man.

  6. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    I think it is important to understand on reflection just where Muzi was on that last day. He must have thought the whole world was against him at that moment after riding so hard and so many over the year just to fall short…..( been there )…He is the consummate professional and is well liked across the board. I was taken aback when he went off on TV, that is not who he is but you can understand on reflection. I think it is important for the NHA to take this into consideration ( I doubt it, its a source of revenue ). We were blessed with an incredible year of high quality feature racing ( I wont talk about the games played in between ) and Lyle’s win is well deserved. I am shocked at the personal attacks on Lyle and the whole race conspiracy….the usual crap from ignorant haters who you dont hear from until they come out of the ground, spout there hatred and then disappear again. The title has to be earned and Muzi earned it, he just did not win it. Onto greater things I hope. He needs an agent it seems…..onto my pet gripe….Put back the couplings in the P6 then the trainers can still have there huge doubles and trebles and more people will catch the exotics, mind you I suppose that outsider makes the P6 pay huge but only a select few win it with 40/1 bankers….mmmmm.

  7. Dave says:

    Whilst being a fan of Hewitson and wishing him every success going forward, the apparent lack of free speech (Muzi simply expressing his opinion) is very disappointing (the entire rule and application thereof allows for so much discretionary “behaviour”). The optics of it all paint a miserable picture and I hope Muzi too goes on to bigger and better things.
    As for the NHA, I don’t need to comment as there are already bucket loads of suitable views expressed

  8. Jonathan Shaw says:

    Muzi is a sore loser period.

  9. Jugernath NAIDOO says:

    Musi had his chances..give Lyle a bells .Still an appie and wins the title

  10. Gemin06 says:

    Solution to disciplinary appeals
    The authority has 14 days to hear the appeal
    If this doesn’t happen it could not have been important
    Then the appeal stands

  11. Trevor says:

    I feel as though the NHRA is taking the p#ss out of us. It has the final say in all things horse racing and has asked an independent board to decide if there has been a contravention of its rules by Muzi Yeni. LOL

    Does this mean that every time someone speaks on Tellytrack, the NHRA will open an inquiry to see if its rules are contravened? LOL. Obviously not.
    Why does the NHRA treat us like fools?
    The opening an inquiry means that some senior person at the NHRA has decided Muzi has done something wrong.The independent board can never be independent if it is chosen and paid by the NHRA. If the NHRA wants an independent board it should go and ask the chairman of the Law Society or Advocates society to chose the members of the board.

  12. Punters Lounge says:

    They just had to pull the bling one out , trying to justify the favoritism its simple red card is red card from April till now thats nonsense , wonder if the UK rules are the same .Muzi you need to get Dali Mpofu to represent you if they take further action for speaking up .

  13. Thys says:

    If any sport person can say on national TV interviews what they want and criticize anyone will be bad for any sport. Where is the great sportsmanship of a sport man to say to his competitors well done I tried hard but I fell short this time. Or do u want to win while your competitor is on suspension. How will you feel to be the champion if you know you ride against yourself. It’s not the place to say your mind on national TV most times it sound like sour grapes and it put your organization in a bad light.

  14. Peter subramoney says:

    2 wrongs dont make a right. Using Khumalo as a yardstick.

    This is a typical South African scenario.
    Commit a crime. Get bail. Commit another crime.get bail again. Never have to face the consequences.

    This is what the authorities doing. Giving jockeys to select their punishment.
    Everywhere you look it is the same story.
    God help us.

  15. Carl says:

    @Thys. Lyle was winning while Muzi was on suspension. Utter crap. From April till after August and suspension not given. Not fair at all.

  16. 7734gerald says:

    An inquiry for speaking your mind …..I will say it again the championship was stacked against Muzi the minute it was evident that it would be a tight race. I personally know jockeys who were giving up rides for Lyle and others ringing their stables to give Lyle rides. Both riders played the cards they were dealt it’s the NHA and their consistently inconsistencies that messing up Horse racing. Lyle just used the rules to his advantage …..

  17. Niran says:

    Interesting comments … was it einstein who said ” some people are born great ,others have greatness thrust upon them”. I think with hewitson ,he is just a natural who was born to ride ,so gracefull in the saddle , and muzi on the other hand is 100% perspiration, hard working young man who gives of his best everytime ….. both incredible athletes , I think if im not mistaken both jockeys applied for a temp licence at the hong Kong jockey club …well with regsrds to Hewitson ,Sa’ s loss , hong Kong gain , and with muzi its vice verss … so Muzi go try to get the job to ride for Mr Tarry … it might just win you your maiden title ..

  18. John Conner says:

    This is for Muzi,
    The Terminator has told the whole world that the inquiry board will be independent. The rules make it impossible for the inquiry board to be independent. You will not get a fair and independent hearing. You must continue to speak your mind. Show them that they cannot lie to us and get away with it. Unlike the Terminator, you will end up victorious. Use the words of the Terminator against him to show that a completely new series is needed. Do not let them get away with fooling us with false statements. There is no place where the Terminator can hide.

  19. 007 says:

    Guys I am new here about this jockey championship. If some one wants to win sometihng & be proud of it they should do it & by beating the best . Winning something on an technicality is not a win anyone should be proud of it just like in soccer if you cant win a game in 90mins don’t blame the ref coz no matter how bad he is if you are good enough & better than your opponent you will win. Just my thoughts

  20. Speedyvar says:

    Take it some think a rugby team that scores points when one or more players from the opposing team are sitting in the sin-bin should not be proud of that win.

  21. Larry says:

    Muzi.you are tops. The quality of horses you bring home tells the story. Hewitson always has top mounts.
    This is fact. Not an opinion.

  22. Livingstone says:

    Both Muzi and Lyle are great jockeys. If only the so-called authorities can be fair and consistent.

  23. Pragasan says:

    Mr Hyde don’t play Jackal and hide… You are telling us about Kumalo when you did not explain the Muzi controversy… Explain what happened here so see all can see the logic if there is any

  24. Mags says:

    The best way to determine a top jock is to award a points based on the price if the horse he rides and wins. If this was a he case, Muzi would have won the championship hands down. Marcus would not even appear in the top 10. Take notes from British racing. Any jockey can ride a top horse but not anyone can ride a mediocre horse.

  25. Vilasen Govender says:

    I believe Muzi was hard done by . NHA must catch a wake up . As for Marcus he must ride in the barrier trials cos he us now useless and I lost money with favorites he rode. ….VG

  26. Cecil Pienaar says:

    VG, hold on to your tickets. There is a plan to change the points system and back date it. Muzi might still be Champion.Not sure Muzi wants it this way though..

    Point on Barrier trials, Anton and favorites, huh ?

    Anton is off sick for 2 months, you’ll have to find a new Jockey to blame for your losses

    Or, take a 2 month break from racing 👍

  27. Charles says:

    “No fear, no favour. The rules are applied the same way to all,” added Hyde. “I would take it badly to be accused of any type of favouritism or bias, everybody should be treated equally.”
    So Mr. Hyde do the Rules state an apprentice can ride in races after 3 months and not wait 6 months after joining the Academy?
    But then if the apprentice had previously ridden more than 20 winners in the work riders races the Rules could be bent and he does not have to treated like other apprentices.
    OK,but should he not lose his apprentice allowance of 4 kgs?
    No.You have to apply the Rules the same way to all.
    So there you have it.Mr. Hyde would take it badly to be accused of any type of favouritism or bias.

  28. Pops says:

    Cecil,the word in the street is that Lyle Hewitson is dropping his appeal on Monday and taking his 14 day suspension from then.
    And he hopes that makes everyone happy.

  29. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hi Pops, this makes sense. Very seldom these charges are overturned

    No doubt, he wants to (must) start fresh in HK

    And yes, I feel for this young Champion, no doubt some of the comments must hurt, also for Muzi…

  30. Mashie says:

    Lyle won fair and square and rode a lot less horses than Muzi. So what if he has top rides – that is what happens to top jocks. Muzi had a lot of time to pass comment on the suspension but chose the last day of the season – nothing short of sour grapes. Good luck to Muzi and now he will have a chance while the champion jock rides in the East

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