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Muzi -‘I Bear Lyle No Ill’

Top jockey sets record straight

In the light of  the recent media attention following the post-race interview after my win on Coldhardcash at Greyville on 31 July, I wish to set the record straight and clarify the sentiment I was trying to express.

Muzi Yeni writes that his career has spanned over 14 years.

During this period, I have experienced a gradual rise on the Jockey log, coming closer and closer to the top with each season. I would like to believe that it was made possible purely by hard work and dedication on my part, without expecting for anything to be handed to me on a silver platter.

I do my share of work. I too get up at the crack of dawn to go ride work on the horses I ask from the trainers. It has only been this past season that I have had the assistance of agents to help me with booking my rides for the Johannesburg and Durban centres. Otherwise I book my own rides after track work and still continue to ride a full card for the day.

All of this on top of travelling around the country every single day.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank all the people who have supported me and helped me to reach this level.

I have always shown my appreciation during the year. I acknowledge that there are a large number of trainers as well as others in the game that are behind me and I will forever be grateful to them. My gratitude should not be overshadowed by a single interview that was given in a moment of intense emotion.

Regarding comments that I am a sore loser, I would like to emphasise the fact that my comments and sentiments have absolutely nothing to do with Mr Hewitson as an individual, but rather with the general state of affairs leading up to the conclusion of the season.

Had it been any other person in Mr Hewitson’s position, the sentiment would still be the same. I bear the champion no ill will and indeed congratulate him on his victory.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve enjoyed a long career.

It has not, however, always been pleasant. There have been many instances where I have been subjected to blatant bullying by my peers and authority figures alike, details of which have never been made public.

I am not bitter or entitled by any means. I just happen to believe in a system of fairness.

I will, however, continue to be thankful to God for all the opportunities I’ve been afforded. I will remain determined to work hard and chase my ambitions.

  • Public statement by Muzi Yeni on 6 August 2019


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18 comments on “Muzi -‘I Bear Lyle No Ill’

  1. cruisoe says:

    While Muzi is a great Jockey – if my memory serves me correctly Lyle won the championship with far fewer rides . So Muzi must take that into account . Lyle is a deserved champion

  2. HORSE BOSS says:

    Spoken like the Gentleman, many say you are….

  3. Johan says:

    Lyle won the championship with fewer rides but backed by the champion trainer, better horses!

  4. Brian says:

    You’re my man Muzi. Cruise, so what what.

  5. Vusi says:

    Your situation was a Catch 22 one. Show your mettle this season and forget the spilled milk. Continue your hardwork, we behind you.

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    That’s it Muzi 👍 New season, go for it.

    I am sure Gavin was beaten in a close one with Anton, and won thereafter

    The current system says most winners, anywhere. The rest is history. Lyle is last 2 season’s Champ.
    Again – Well Done to him👍

    Good Stuff issuing this statement.

    Now, back to work, see you at my home track, Hollywoodbets Scottsville t-m? 😎

  7. Rajief-sen Parathnandh says:

    Keep going MUZI.u are tops

  8. Munzhelele NP says:

    You are a good jockey Muzi. This season is yours.

  9. Warren says:

    What a ride by muzi at the vaal today on rabia the rebel!

  10. Ingie says:

    Muzi you a true champ like you say you don’t get rides handed to you on a silver platter and you and you no golden jock

  11. Sipho says:

    Asiwachithe lamanzi ayisekho lenkukhu, Muzi u know you can do better, and better you will do, and know what it won’t only be one se
    ason not only one feature race, there’s more to win U go Boy

  12. johnsweet says:

    I have met Musi on numerous occasions and have the utmost respect for him and wish him every success in the coming season.

  13. Ronnie Ramasamy says:

    Musi you were never a sore loser. I as an avid punter stand by you, and your comments weren’t to hit out at Lyle( a true champion) You spoke your mind and it was the system you spoke about. Your turn will come

  14. Ila Bela says:

    Well done on you Muzi, yes Lyle did have less rides than muzi but he also has the privilege of riding for a top stable in Tarry. If he was not affiliated with the Tarry stable he would not have had so many winners. I’m sure most of that winners comes from the Tarry yard.


    Good morning Mr. Cecil Pienaar, Mr.Yeni & Mr.Hewitson

    I noticed on the news that 90 % of South Africa are in court today. Is there a special offer on ?… I would hate to miss out.

  16. Jay says:

    Lyle and Muzi well done
    We must use the soccer rules
    Red card no ride 3 meetings

  17. Leslie taylor says:

    Well said muzi spoken like a true champ that you will be
    This season…………. hope trainers take note of this

  18. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning William, he he 😂😂.

    Talking of Courts

    Pmb, ‘The City of No Choice’ hosts
    *The 4 Gr1’s Sprint Day
    *Zuma Trial (Arms Deal)

    The Arms including the Submarines sunk long ago, but Deal is still looked into

    Trust you are well and in good (horse racing) form. Back to bread and butter racing 👍

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