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Counsel Says Trainer ‘Appallingly Treated’

Cat In Command disqualified

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that an Inquiry was held at the Regional Office in Port Elizabeth on 7 August 2018 and concluded on 29 May 2019.

Yvette Bremner

In a press release issued on Monday 12 August 2019, the NHA advises that trainer Mrs Y Bremner was charged with a contravention of Rules 74.1; 74.2 and 74.3, in that she was the trainer of the horse CAT IN COMMAND which ran in and won the 6th race at Fairview Racecourse on 20 November 2017, after which a urine specimen taken from the horse disclosed upon analysis the presence of Ractopamine, a forbidden substance in terms of the Rules of The National Horseracing Authority.

The NHA and Mrs Bremner were legally represented at the Inquiry.

Mrs Bremner pleaded not guilty to the charge but was found guilty of the charge.

The Inquiry Board, after considering all mitigating and aggravating factors raised during the Inquiry, imposed a fine of R175 000 (one hundred and seventy five thousand).

Furthermore, in terms of Rule 72.3.2, CAT IN COMMAND is disqualified from the said race and the provisions of Rule 67.7.8 shall apply.

Defendant’s Counsel reacts:

Cape-based Attorney Robert Bloomberg, who represented Mrs Bremner in the matter, told the Sporting Post that in his professional opinion, the judgment given in this matter ‘defies logic’ and that the fine meted out is ‘shameful and induces a sense of disbelief and shock’.

“I have strongly recommended that this matter be taken on Review to the High Court as I believe that Yvette has been appallingly treated, but such decision now vests in her obtaining the necessary financial backing. I will be issuing a more comprehensive statement in due course once I am formally instructed herein,” he added.

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16 comments on “Counsel Says Trainer ‘Appallingly Treated’

  1. Chris Swart says:

    Fully agree with Counsel

    When you’re ignorant off the facts, do as any millennial would do and Google them.
    The drug in this instance + horses

    You’d immediately find precedents internationally which all point to feed and supplement contamination.


    I sincerely hope that this is pursued to the end.

  2. master says:

    Ed, please get some clarification on these dates……
    Race was run on 20 November 2017….
    Inquiry was held +/- 9 Months later – 18 August 2018
    Concluded on +/- 9 Months later – 9 May 2019 (Concluded to me means done and dusted)
    Only released some +/- 3 Months later…….
    Does it take that long?
    Ok… so the stakes will be returned and the second horse gets the win……
    What happens to the merit rating of that horse?
    More so what happens to the PUNTERS who lost say their Pick Six or backed the Second Horse which will now be promoted to 1st????

    1. Editor says:

      Will do some research, Master

  3. Brian says:

    Dear Mr Bloomberg

    Trainers, jockeys and almost anyone they can lay their eyes on gets appallingly treated

    Isnt it time some fund raising was done to pay for legal fees in a court of law rather than in s court of kangaroos?

    I know there will be challenges but this cannot go on

  4. Martin says:

    When is the NHA going to show some consistancy in the way they handle the cases involving prohibited substances.
    Time for them to grow some b….s and do it right.

  5. Brian says:

    When are the NHA going to resign en masse?

    They are incompetent and plain straight nasty
    They do nothing for the betterment of horse racing.

    And it begins with the so called dynamic, colorful, CEO

    Where’s the transparency he promised?

  6. Steve Reid says:

    I read this article, then reread it, and reread again. I was sure that I had missed something, taking into account the full go at the incorrect decision from all and sundry. I mean American examples were thrown in as “proof” that the regulator had stuffed things up, with absolutely no evidence given to support the view from over the pond. To precis, all I found was toys being thrown out a cot because someone with an ego bigger than Port Elizabeth itself, lost a case. It is something that happens on a regular basis Bob, I mean imagine getting a substantial fine for drunkenly swearing at an NHA official – its a kangaroo court in everything but name, live with it.

    I have no doubt that the fine meted out falls within the NHA guidelines for this transgression so it will be interesting to see how the judgement was shameful and defied logic. We all know how shambolic the previous handicapping guidelines are/were so perhaps Bob has a point, there were some real winners amongst the authors of those. The reality of the situation, as contained in the press release, is the accused was found guilty and received an appropriate fine. I will get the popcorn ready awaiting the more comprehensive statement.

    As an aside, running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds should surely not be allowed, there’s sure a conflict in all of this nonsense at some stage if there’s not already one in place.

  7. Shanil says:

    The winner was a shock winner. Ran above his form. As far as I recall. Punters hard done by.

  8. Art says:

    So despite the fact that a banned substance was found in a horse trained by Ms Bremner,which is in contravention of the NHA rules ,the judgement ,according to her counsel ‘defies logic’and the sanction meted out is ‘shameful’.What more must the NHA do to protect the industry.Perhaps counsel can elaborate on what makes this ruling so illogical and shameful that us mere punters can understand the logic.
    The other question I would like to ask you ED is can the trainer utilize the services of counsel who have interests in horses either in PE or CT or other centres or would that constitute a conflict of interest. In conclusion I read the article that Chris put on the site and it appears that the trainers in the USA were exonerated from all blame after it was found that feed and supplements had been contaminated by ractopamine. Was that ever submitted as a mitigating factor?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Art

      No conflict of interest
      Eg, Vets can own horses and treat other horses

  9. Brian says:

    Art if you believe in the so called justice meted out by the NHA you’ll also believe pigs fly

  10. Armchair jockey says:

    Sporting Post would get much more credit in my ledger were they to run several articles on what all these prohibited substances are, why they are banned and what the acceptable levels are. It seems that most people comment on these matters not from real knowledge but mostly as influenced by the article or other commenters. If something like Ractopamine can be ingested through contaminated feed, how do the NHA rule out the possibility its ingestion was purely accidental? What effect does Ractopamine have on performance in a race? Why is it prohibited? Is the there any government prohibition?

  11. Johnny Earle says:

    Prohibited substance should not be use AT ALL…..why the uproar now….????

  12. Brian says:

    Armchair! This forum is a tiny assistance, but what would we do without it?

    There is no TV or even radio coverage as in the old days.
    The print media only list the field

    This guys are hiding. They would have bee found out in the old days

    Remember Gerald Turner

  13. Sergen govender says:

    What about the poor punters.
    When the Trainers use prohibited substances, pass it on to the punters so we can also stand in the que to collect

  14. alan says:

    All the hype over poor mrs bremner. the horse is positive end of story. why cant these trainers just own up.always a story that they did not know. maybe there vet did not know. as for mr bloomberg has he won a case for any trainer????. the nha must investigate where all these trainers get these drugs from not only the ractopimine but all medications. the trainers are not trained vets to be drenching, injecting, putting horses on drips. everytime a trainer gets caught mr bloomberg has a story, please stop trying to pull the wool over everyone eyes. PAY THE FINE

    . Ractopamine promotes lean muscle growth in the weeks prior to slaughter.
    Ractopamine belongs to a class of drugs called beta adrenergic receptor agonists. These drugs mimic the effects of adrenaline, resulting in increased protein synthesis in muscle tissue during the administration period, which is typically a few weeks prior to slaughter. Ractopamine also increases feed efficiency, causing the livestock to grow at a more rapid rate while consuming less feed. This results in animals with a higher lean muscle to fat ratio, allowing farmers to be able to produce more lean meat on fewer natural resources.

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