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Race Incident: Yeni Gets 90 Days

Has the right of appeal

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an Inquiry held at its offices in Turffontein on 8 August 2019, Jockey M Yeni was charged with a contravention of Rule 72.1.11.

The particulars of the charge being that he, whilst riding the horse MR GREENLIGHT, intimidated and interfered with Jockey L Hewitson when he took his hand off his left side rein and placed it on Jockey Hewitson’s arm during the running of the 2nd Race at Greyville Racecourse on 27 July 2019.

Muzi Yeni (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Muzi Yeni (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Mr Yeni pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The Inquiry Board found Mr Yeni guilty of the charge.

In determining a suitable penalty, the Inquiry Board balanced Mr Yeni’s factors in mitigation with the need to protect the integrity of horseracing, the public’s perception regarding racing control and from circumstances which have the potential to cause danger to both horse and rider.

Accordingly, the Inquiry Board imposed a suspension from riding in races for a period of 90 (ninety) days.

Mr Yeni has the Right of Appeal against the finding and the penalty imposed.  The Appeal deposit fee has been paid by Mr Yeni.

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54 comments on “Race Incident: Yeni Gets 90 Days

  1. Ronny says:

    There We GO….didnt Muzi Mention a few days ago about his problems with Nha?

  2. José says:

    Good day Mr Editor, my name is José, I just want to raise a complaint against Interbet.. On the 26th of July at Fairview Race 4) had 16 runners carded but Interbet does not pay for fixed all to come for 4th place, but yet Hollywood bets paid out for 4th place, my question is why there is double standards going across the different operators surely there should be one common ground?
    Thank you i will await your response!

  3. DEAN DEMONT says:

    Jose. Interbet is a site run with numerous, if not all bookmakers trading on it. Some independent bookmakers lay 3 places, irrespective of the number of runners. Most independent online bookmakers lay 4 places, if there are 14 runners carded to race..

  4. Chad says:

    Depends on number of runners declared at time of pricing up.

    For instance, there may have been 16 carded, but if 1 horse was scratched in the morning (ie. Before they priced up the places) then you only get 3 places

  5. Deena says:

    Muzi…. take your suspension at the end of the season…..LOL…

  6. Debby says:

    Its good to see that justice prevails !

  7. Nico says:

    90 days??? Why not ban him for an entire season to prove a point

  8. Malcolm Draper says:

    He gets suspended today but he rides today at the Vaal.

  9. Gavin says:

    Take the suspension in 13 years from now

  10. Grant says:

    Well done NHA.
    Great decision.

  11. logan says:

    The guns ore out for poor muzi.

  12. Jenny says:

    Muzi you’re starting off the season on such a high! I hope you appeal and they let you finish what you’ve started, you deserve to finally taste a victory

  13. Armchair jockey says:

    I wonder how many of the self righteous who comment here about a vendetta actually watched the race video and saw the incident. If that is allowed to stand without censure then any jockey from now on can simply tug or push at any other jockey without fear of reprisal.

  14. Keverne le grange says:

    Musi, rather go ride in Hong Kong! At least you wont be victimized!!

  15. karel says:

    Consider this punishment (from 2011):

    Top-class Brisbane jockey Shane Scriven believes his career will be ended by the five-month ban he received on Thursday for the sensational whip-stealing incident at Ipswich races last week.

    Scriven was suspended for grabbing the whip of fellow jockey, 20-year-old apprentice Ben Looker 100m from the finish of the Ipswich race.

    Looker had accidently knocked Scriven’s whip from his hand earlier in the home straight.

    Despite the whip-snatch, Scriven’s mount Requested was beaten by a nose with Looker’s horse close up third.

    At Thursday’s hearing, Looker was suspended for two weeks for not reporting the incident.

    Scriven has appealed against the severity of his sentence, which will be heard on Monday.

    Scriven is regarded as among the best Queensland riders in recent times and rode at the Derby carnival at Ellerslie last month, winning the New Zealand Herald Handicap on Prime Hit.

    Whip stealing is almost unheard of, but not unique.

    It’s something Lester Piggott made famous around 30 years ago.

    Racing at Deauville one day Piggot dropped his whip mid-race.

    With around 300m left he pushed his mount forward to sit alongside the leader, ridden by Frenchman Alain Lequeux.

    Piggot reached across and snatched the Frenchman’s whip.

    Unlike Scriven, Piggott went on to win the race with the Frenchman second. Legend has it that on pulling up Piggott, as fierce a competitor as ever sat in a raceday saddle, offered Lequeux back his whip.

    When asked what the Frenchman said, Piggott replied in that mumble of his caused by a hearing defect and speech impediment: “He didn’t wannit”.
    Afterwards rival Geoff Lewis said: ‘I went up to Lester and said, “Good God, what were you thinking?” and he said, “Well, he didn’t seem to mind at the time and he’d got no chance.” Then a moment later, and with just a hint of a smile on his face, “I must admit it looked bad on the telly”.’
    Piggott got twenty days.

  16. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Perhaps the NHA should in addition refer the matter to the police for investigation for attempted murder charges. Something catastrophic could have happened.

  17. Brian says:

    I have been sitting here trying to formulate something of a response.

    I am not surprised. Not when the NHA are what they are.

    Muzi, Please find an attorney to go all the way. Go to a real court of law, not this kangaroo set up. It will cost you but you will win

    1. karel says:

      Your comments are without substance, and your ‘kangaroo set up’ comment is just plain dumb.
      Nothing unusual then.
      And hey, this punishment is only the beginning, the inquiry about the comment on Tellytrack is still to come.
      You’d better sharpen your pencil.

  18. Charles Hanning says:

    Is this payback for remarks about L. Hewitson decision.

  19. G. Subban says:

    Muzi, appeal. Take your suspension next year. Dont chase a title. The trainers and owners control who becomes champion. The playing field will never be equal. Hewitson will return just now.

  20. Thys says:

    Does not matter which sport you playing every sport has its rules and nobody is bigger than the game or sport and please people stop making things always a racial thing muzi is a great jockey and life goes on and muzi take it on the chin and go on with ur life

  21. Rian says:

    You entitled to your comments Brian, i agree
    Talk about a dumb response from Mr K and the smerk about the comments leaves a bad taste

  22. Brucie Bonus says:

    After having viewed the blatant incident a number of times, Yeni is lucky to get away with only 90 days – he could have caused catastrophic injuries of worse death through a broken neck had Hewitson come off his mount at full gallop, thank the Lord he stayed on and Yeni once again at the 300mtrs mark deliberately went for a non existence gap to push Hewitsons mount off his stride and Hewitson had to pull his mount up and lose stride.
    You should be ashamed of yourself Yeni – this is not fair play or sportsmanship and your childish spoilt attitude is not welcome in the sport of kings – GROW UP and be a MAN not a sore LOSER !!

  23. Joseph says:

    it may look hard but it will be done at the end.

  24. Leslie taylor says:

    The truth will come out at the end of all this muzi publicity
    Apologised about his comments he made on t v …………
    And regarding this incident……… there is more to come out well done muzi a true champ

  25. Christopher Spence says:

    Remember this race very clearly. He came off lightly. Could’ve caused serious injuries or even worse. Shocking behaviour from Muzi. This has nothing to do with his post race rant. This was blatant and deserves a harsh penalty.

  26. Caleb says:

    Very easy 2 comment frm the outside.. why are we nt being told what Muzi’s defence is?
    Might I also add tht Mark Khan actually punched some1 during a race and only got away with a fine, but becoz it’s Muzi we’re dealing with, the rules are difrent ofcorse…

  27. Caleb says:

    @Brucie Bonus
    Wat about the catastrophic harm Lyle could have caused on 10 April at Greyville when he was found guilty of interference nd tht is the same case he’s been delaying until nw. He obviously wil nvr learn hw dangerous his actions were since he was nvr made 2 face the consequences of hs actions

  28. Shanil says:

    Finding winners will be tough during those 3 mths the only jockey that I back without caring about his mounts form. Top 3 finish with his strong riding. Being guilty of a first time incident make no difference to our overworked NHA. Punters jockey Muzi please go ride overseas.

  29. Sydney says:

    Muzi was right(speaking his mind) and then wrong(the pulling incident) but thank goodness for freedom of speech and television. The NHA has also been exposed and had decided to re-look at fairness in horse racing across the board so that everyone should be happy. Well done Musi! You never rode the best rides and worked hard we and we see this dedication.You don’t even have to fight because you already won the battle.

  30. errol says:

    Muzis comments on national TV when he does not know the rules were shocking, he is accusing the NRA of being cheats and racists He should remember how long Lyle was off with injury at the beginning of the season, and he road nearly 400 more horses and still got beaten.
    Good sportsmen accept defeat, as there has to be a loser, and shake the hand and congratulate your aponent..
    he should get a years ban to teach him a lesson.
    you cannot always bring out the Race Card when there is an incident.

  31. clint townsend says:

    I have watched both incidents, interview and race.I dont know if the jockeys are compelled to be interviewed, if so he must then not speak his mind. Sounds like the authorities are wanting their bread buttered on both sides, not surprisingly seeing todays seeing their autocratic running of racing.
    The racing incident, however I cannot side with Muzi, had he been able to pull Lyle off the horse, who know the injuries that could have been sustained.
    Yes, based on the interview, muzi was frustrated, not an excuse, personally I think he got lucky with 90 days, at 40kmph that incident could be tantamount to attempted murder. Ask any jockey what could happen at that speed.

  32. Edwin says:

    There has been a lot of comment regarding how many rides muzi had compared to Lyle. Is it possible to get the percentage as to how many horses under 5/1 Lyle rode and how many muzi rode.

    In my opinion both good riders and either one would’ve made a worthy champion

  33. Ronnie Ramasamy says:

    90 days! Quite steep.

  34. Robert says:

    I was a big fan of Muzi, but that is a thing of the past, and what he did during that race was ridiculous. Lyle could have fallen, been trampled on by other horses or maybe suffered any type of serious injury. I think he is fortunate to get 90 days as this incident could’ve ended Lyle’s career and even caused other riders to fall. A 6 month ban and a substantial fine should be implemented.
    Muzi should apologise to Lyle and in fact, to everyone associated with the horseracing industry.

  35. Aubrey says:

    Muzi should change his name to : “B.A.” Yeni ! What about his run in with the Ralphs etc. etc. ? Many issues with this Dude !

  36. Jonathan says:

    I wonder how many commentators siding with Muzi on the riding incident actually took the time to view the race!

  37. Raj says:

    Quite frankly, racing is a mess. There are too many grey areas when it cones to the rules, and it always looks like rules are applied differently across the board. Need to find some other avenues to spend our monies.

  38. Theuns says:

    Again and again racism rears its ugly head. Muzi was right in questioning the NHA however , he was found guilty by endangering not only himself, but other jocks and horses as well.

    I agree with Thys that rules are rules and hopefully Muzi can take it on the chin should his appeal fails. Im sure he will move on and take this incident as a learning curve

  39. Wayne Jooste says:

    Muzi must accept his 90 day suspension with a smile, cause it should have been a longer suspension, his actions were unprofessional and could have caused serious injuries or even death, not only to Lyle and his mount, but to other horses and jockeys. Things like this are also part of the reason that horseracing in South Africa are in such a shocking state!!!!!!!!!

  40. Shanil says:

    Muzi deserves to be punished but rules that allow a jock to choose WHEN it should be enforced is a joke. Are we serious about punishment if we allow an offender to decide his term of punishment. I think not.

  41. Selwyn Elk says:

    Selwyn says: If Jock Sproule was still the head stipe you would have got at least a year- take your punishment like a man and move on- the policing of racing leaves much to be desired

  42. mothilall bhikraj says:

    After viewing footage, Muzis punishment is justified, keep up the good work NHA.

  43. Brucie Bonus says:

    Caleb :
    Interference is one thing and happens all the time in horse racing but actually trying to pull a fellow jockey backwards or worse,out of the saddle by physically grabbing onto the other jockeys arm whilst in full gallop is beyond dangerous – unacceptable no matter what you say !
    If Yeni wants to blatantly commit those types of dangerous acts then he should go to America and join a Rodeo !!
    I agree with Selwyn Elk’s comment – Yeni got off lightly with his 90 day suspension !!

  44. Gerald says:

    Muzi is a great jock, but he must grownup his attetude’s gone bring him in more trouble in the future…… Your a man take your hiding like a real man. At the moment your doing your self asteem more harm than good, dont act like a tiger if your still only a little cup…… Take good advise of this old afrikaans speaking old lad that loves his horse racing from his childhood……. Strongs on your career Muzi

  45. Aubrey Meissenheimer says:

    He has even made the papers in the U.K. Pulling “The poor Innocent Victim card” like Zuma !. He should get a longer Holiday !

  46. Jay says:

    Let the rule book speak for itself

  47. Sean says:

    We have seen how many injuries to various jockeys..You have seen what Delpech has been through. The brazenness to try something like that on TV! What would the comments have been if Lyle had fallen, broken his neck and was paralysed for life or even worse! He should be banned for life. That was playing with a human beings life!

  48. Mashie says:

    Muzi showed that he is hardly a true sportsman and he did get off lightly. And then after his win on Howells’ horse had sore loser comments on tv.
    My recommendation to you Muzi – watch and learn how to conduct yourself from Lyle cause he is a true gentleman and you could learn a thing or two from him. One day you will learn how to behave and conduct yourself properly

  49. Errol says:

    Years ago in Australia a jockey was banned for life for doing what he did.
    He could have killed someone.
    His comments on National TV also need to be looked into. Basically called the stripes cheats.
    Bringing the sport into disrepute.
    Throw the book at him and teach all the jockeys a lesson on how to behave.

  50. Robert says:

    What is happening with this suspension? When does the 90 days start as it seems that Muzi is still riding in every meeting possible.

  51. Jean says:

    What is the NHRA doing about this serious matter??? It seems that they are frightened to implement the 90 day suspension. Muzi was found guilty of the offence and even if he pleaded not guilty, the suspension must take effect. His actions against Lyle were disgraceful and he should have been banned for 6-9 months! No one is above the law.

    1. Editor says:

      Jean, there is a process that is followed and he has the right of appeal

  52. Gavin Langeveldt says:

    I watched the race where the incident took..
    It could have ended much worse..
    90 days suspension is enough time for (100%) to reflect on his actions.

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