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Shock As Flamingo Park Closes

'Trainers will not be left in lurch'

Flamingo Park Racecourse will stage its last meeting on Monday 9 December.

“The decision is based purely on commercial factors,” explained Phumelela Racing Executive Patrick Davis on Thursday.

“A financial analysis conducted on Kimberley Racing in isolation from the other racecourses, indicated it was losing around R23.5 million a year. It has the lowest TAB turnover of any of local race meeting at around R3 million.

“It is also one of the least cost-effective meetings to stage as we have to bring in people like stipes, judges etc from other centres.

“The last race meeting will take place on Monday 9 December after which Flamingo Park will close as both a training facility and a racecourse.”

Davis and Racing Association CEO Larry Wainstein went to Kimberley to discuss the move with the Kimberley trainers and their staff, also assuring them they would not be left in the lurch.

“Phumelela will support the trainers and all their grooms to relocate to another venue. Over the next month or so we will be in discussions as to where they wish to move. The options are the Vaal, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town,” said Davis.

“The general consensus is that they will go in different directions.”

As a result of the closure, the 2020 fixture list has been rejuggled to accommodate 20 of those 36 meetings. The plan is they will be held at either the Vaal or Port Elizabeth and will be programmed with Kimberley-level stakes and race programmes.

“We will also include some kind of protection clause for former Kimberley-based trainers at those extra meetings,” said Davis.

  • Press release by Phumelela Gaming & Leisure on Thursday 29 August 2019

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62 comments on “Shock As Flamingo Park Closes

  1. Rod Mattheyse says:

    It’s only a shock as it was vehemently denied!

    Worst kind of way to treat people, hoping and facing east that a big boomerang finds its way into some people’s karma

  2. Cliff says:

    This is indeed very sad for me. I have lived my life and given everything to this place for 43 yrs now it has come to this. Easy to say we must move but some of us has property that’s paid for we can’t just pack up and go . Will the operator help towards a new property seeing that they uprooted me. We have families living on the property with kids where to now. All the horses can’t go to the other centres must we kill them of for the sake of survival can’t do that I’m sorry. But if we now all of a sudden run at that loss why did this not happen earlier the closure. We ask in an email not a month ago about the rumours they were in denial about it.
    But we must pray that somebody out there see our plight and come to the rescue for the only sand track in the country. I can only pray to God for guidance

    1. Editor says:

      Well said, Cliff

  3. True Rod. They who speak with forked tongues.

    A pity government won’t license others or even a privateer at Flamingo

  4. hilton witz says:

    The biggest tragedy is that bloem racecourse which was frequently raided by natal gauteng and port elizabeth horses because if its position was sold so kimberly could be kept which is way out of reach for horses from the three mentioned provinces,,Also with bloem being a grass track trainers didnt have to worry if their horses would act on the surface plus turnovers were excellent as it was competitve racing with nobody dominating every meeting ..They then go waste millions on the kimberly track as well and with the same population of horses running every week whether horses were distance suited or not what do they expect punters to do just carry on donating every week…With bloem it was totally opposite as horses went there well prepared and not to just make up numbers …There should be an inquiry into how bloem got closed and im sure the same rotten people who are ruining the game back then are still around…

  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Count to 1000 before writing in anger!

    f…. that

    How the hell can moving horses, trainers, grooms, families from Kimberley to other centres be less than getting a few officials to drive to Flamingo… BS

    Most of the horses in Kimberley are ex other centres. So they must go back to the Big centres?

    What pee’s me off the most is, the Dick Heads in charge that saw this coming, and did nothing, will survive and still earn big bucks….

    Aarghh….. Not anger, resentment towards a bunch that’ll do well in local councils….

  6. Leon Lotz says:

    There is a specific type of owner in the Northern Cape, living in Jan Kempdorp, Vryburg, Kimberley ect. These owners love to see there horses run , but being there in person. My old owners in Hoopstad just wanted to renew their colours, they decided tonight not to, just gave me the horses we bought past couple of weeks. I think the industry is going to loose more of these owners. They are not going to drive 800 km to see their horses run. A couple of years back there were always somebody to replace you in racing when you decided to leave and the industry did let you go with a smile. I think those days are coming to an end and who ever are in charge must by now know horseracing need small owners and trainers. The next step is to reduce stakes. How will the not so popular jockey survive??? It is like ESKOM, we all know if more than one company can produce electricity we will atleast have lights.Flamingo did need new operator other than Phumelela. I personaly called Mr Davies weeks back and Mr Wheinstein just before the two year old sale. They knew already. Mr this is exactly the problem, just be honest , you could have saved me the money,but instead*?????????

  7. Arno says:

    And we wonder why phumelela shares drop?…. they have no idea!… the only and best sand track this country has, gone?… just like that!… a disgrace!…Come on phumelela, surely you can at leT try to be creative, and not be bean counters…. peoples lives are at stake…closing should be a lasy resort…. look at how you huys messed up with gosforth park and Newmarket… learn from your mistakes!

  8. Theunis says:

    Its time for punters to make their voices heard and start a boycott of Phumelela Racing…We are getting tired of their stupid decisions and lies!!!

  9. Yegen Chetty says:

    A sad day for racing. What do you expect if you primarily run Flamingo Park on a Monday? If things were so bad why wasn’t more Flamingo Park meetings held during the weekend starting a long time ago? Wouldn’t that have helped revenues? Why isn’t Flamingo Park the accompanying race meeting to the July or the Met or other KZN Majors instead of Turffontein? Wouldn’t that have helped revenues? Where are the sponsors? New sponsors were found for two of the most supported racecourses in KZN yet nothing could be done to increase the profile and profitability of Flamingo Park? It seems to me that Phumelela just left a sickly child to die instead of fighting to save it yet at the same time they are starting to advertise the glitz and glamor of the Summer Cup? Cut the advertising budget for the Summer Cup and save Flamingo Park! Saddened and Angered- Yegen Chetty #saveflamingopark

  10. Shanil says:

    Convert that sandtrack to a grass track and watch the pools grow wings. Very sad . Those people their show real passion for the game.

  11. Geoff says:

    A BAD BAD Decision for South African racing . As a small owner you always had the option of recouping some of your losses by sending the the well tried horses to Kimberly . Where to now , a bad bad decision , so much for the R.A.

  12. Edwin Rikhotso says:

    Come guys, surely you can do something change racemeeting from Monday to Friday and see if you won’t achieve the margins that you want, I pin my trust on you Mr Clive Basil

  13. Nico says:

    “Phumelela will support the trainers and all their grooms to relocate to another venue. Over the next month or so we will be in discussions as to where they wish to move.”

    Why not move all of them to Cape Town? I’ll put down my money on not a single horse winning a race in an entire season.

    I honestly feel for all owners/trainers that operate in Kimberly. No disrespect but current crop of horses in Kimberly will cost more to keep in training than having them run and try and earn outside Kimberly. The fact is, the weakest horses in the country go there, only a handful will be competitive outside Flamingo Park.

    Port Elizabeth is Alan Greef’s oyster with even big owners sending him horses now so i’d say even PE isn’t a ‘weak’ centre anymore.

    The sane thing to do is to find a solution and work around trying to save the venue, this is shockingly sudden and very sad

    In any case, Good luck to all directly concerned. Ruthless decision. Lot’s of Jobs lost, Owners having to retire horses and trainers out of business, but of course, all that matters is Pumelela being very very profitable.

  14. Fundi says:

    Sad day for SA racing more especially if you live in the N.Cape and surrounding areas. Can Phumelela not reconsider opening the Bloem Race course or alternatively ask the Minister of Sport or MEC in the Province to step in? If that doesn’t materialize, why can’t Gold Circle be request to take over and run the venue. This is a serious issue which will affect a lot of people and businesses!

  15. E S N says:

    We can cry all that we want. Nothing is going to change. Phumelela will always do what suits it. The decision to close Flamingo Park was made ages ago. It was an open secret. Just like there is going to be a 18% reduction in stakes. We are fodder to Phumelela. The people who make these diabolical decisions are unaffected by them. They continue to get their fat cat salary and perks. This decision to close the track is based entirely on finances. It will negatively affect and impact on thousands of families in Kimberley and its surrounds. For ages I have heard Phumelela complaining that certain steps taken by the authories are not good for horse racing. This decision by Phumelela to close Flamingo Park is not good for horse racing. Phumelela has always seen itself as horse racing. Now it is content not to be seen as horse racing. It has double standards. If the survival of horse racing was so important to Phumelela it would have tried to cut costs and expenses and even tried to reduce stakes to allow racing at Flamingo Park. It did not do this. It did not come with any plan to save horse racing in the Northern Cape. If horse racing in Kimberley was really that important to Phumelela it would have done everything to save it. I see that Phumelela is in court often fighting government and others to protect itself and horse racing. It must have spent over R150million in wasted legal fees which could have gone to Flamingo Park. The only priority of Phumelela is Phumelela. The Racing Association is an association for owners. The much controversial Mr Wainstein has rubber stamped the Phumelela decision. He may have gone on a roadshow with Phumelela speaking to trainers but he should have spoken to owners as it is an owners association. I gave lost hope. It’s time for Phumelela and the Racing Association to fall so that we can pick up the pieces and put horse racing together without these people. Remember that it is not the fault of tge people at Flamingo Park that it is being closed down. Racing at Flamingo Park has been around for generations. Flamingo Park is being closed because the people responsible for Racing at Flamingo Park at Phumelela failed to do their jobs. They keep their jobs while Flamingo and everyone dependent on it suffers. Phumelela now has an ardent enemy in me.

  16. Matlaweni says:

    This Phumelela thing is bad news Arlington, History,Newmarket, Bloemfontein now Flamingo park they are going to close all the race courses in the country & kill the Horseracing industry because of greed.

  17. Tex Davie says:

    Ask most people who have had dealings with Larry Weinstein and you will find he is very confused between the truth and lies

  18. JessK says:

    Not sure why everyone is surprised or shocked at Kimberley closing. The owners, trainers and breeders have been complicit either by their silence or support as Phumelela, aided and abetted by the RA have been doing this for nigh on 20 years.

  19. Debby says:

    Hooray !! Best thing that could have happened …..Never ever made a bet there ..it is a cess pool ….This really makes me feel good !!

  20. DavidS says:

    A financial analysis should be conducted regarding the salaries and perks of the executives of Phumelela and other salaried positions within the industry, the takeout between them lost to racing must come to far more than needed to save everything associated with Kimberly, the fact that an entire racing community must relocate as well as losing another racecourse is the decision where as a cut in excessive salaries could simply save the entire situation saving hundreds and hundreds of jobs, shame on the lot of you, not a single one of you is a true racing man, I David Safi challenge the lot of you to man up

  21. bob kistnasamy says:

    The bottom line is that Phumelela big wigs are not the best from a business perspective. Have they tried any turnaround strategies to revive horseracing in centres. From my perspective, the sand track kept racing interests alive on Mondays. There were decent fields and you needed a challenge to find winners. Practically all of the month end Mondays was handed over to Fairview for reasons best known to the Phumelela top dogs. For this reason and the mistreatment of Flamingo Park, it did not take rocket science to determine the intentions of Phumelela.
    Their actions are disgraceful and I hope that there is some interest from the overseas racing enthusiasts to revive the sport of Kings in the Northern Cape.

    it would be interesting to note whether there is a buyer also on the cards for the race track.

    Gold Circle sold Clairwood Park for a substantial amount for container depot/logistics park development in Durban South. It would appear that the fate of Flamingo Park was determined some time ago but the announcement only recently made.

  22. Ralph Fell. says:

    I’ll wager that R23.6M + plus per annum was squandered in acts of sheer profligacy by the foxes watching the henhouse. On a visit to Flamingo nine years ago to open an outlet for BW I was overwhelmed when meeting with the racing community, grooms included, in Kimberley. A more hardy, passionate, down to earth group of individuals one would have to go far and wide to encounter. Salt of the earth. Their lives now effectively ruined by a cabal of imposters. Flags should be flown at half mast at race meetings this weekend. A man made tragedy.

  23. Lindy says:

    Well what can we say ? Just struggling to understand how they lost 23 Million at this course.They say they have the lowest turnover (what can you expect they race on mondays most punters have either spent the cash on the weekend or just have to work,i am also sure that should you do a survey it is only the avid punter playing on a monday )
    If they do lose 23 million at this course its obvisiously been going on every year ,then every Executive at this company should have to pay back his salary for mismanagement and be fired .
    Apparently they also have not shown the Kimberly Trainers how the 23 Mill is made up .Surely if addressing them you would have this information available
    Its often said pay peanuts and you get ………. Which acnt be the case here according to Robyn Louw article previously in Sporting post .
    Every pocket has a silver linning .

    Racing is a Rush should be changed to Racing is a Joke

  24. Johann Liebenberg says:

    It is a very sad day. I remember the days as a youngster of 5 years old running around Flamingo watching legends like Cliffie Miller, Peter Miller, exc training. I have known most of the Kimberley trainers virtually all my life and they are all like family. By Gods grace I later in my life had the means to own horses with my dad in Kimberley, something that we enjoy together. Going out to the race course on Saturdays to see our horses work, braaing boerwors track side and having a chat and a laugh with all the people at the track are some of the best relaxing days of the week. To see the futures of people I know and respect placed in jeopardy by an organization that obviously is being miss managed leaves a bad taste. Should we really support organizations like these by way of punts, memberships and ownership of horses at their centers. Maybe time we show them who controls their futures!!! #saveflamingo

  25. Brian says:

    I seem to remember a speech recently by Chris van Niekerk

    Wasn’t it something about not being negative or words to that effect. He knew then this was going to happen

    So , where’s the positive?

  26. FactsAreFacts says:

    Follow GreenStreetBloodstock,Joey Ramsden and the other who are leaving the nest and invest overseas. In 10 years racing will be dead in this country and they guys at Phumelela will be retiring on their pensions laughing at us. One thing is for certain they can laugh all they want now but karma is a b!#&h. The tears of those who have just lost their livelihoods will be heard and seen. Enjoy fat cats,while it lasts.

  27. marcel says:

    Kimberley race track will become a daimond mine in the near future. No consideration was given about the impact it will have on the people in the industry and there families. Hope the people that were responsible for this closing fiasco sleep well at night. Very sick bunch.

  28. Dirk says:

    I can only agree with Lindy “RACING IS A JOKE”. What is disturbing is the fact that we are shocked about the closure of Kimberley. What did we think? We all knew about the shady transactions like Gosforth park, Alberton and Bloemfontein and still we believe Phumelela in working for racing in South Africa. The joke is on us. What is next Vaal, Randjesfontein the rumours are going around as well. Believe me Phumelela hates horseracing, they can use content of soccer and other sport at a fraction of the costs of racing. This is not an isolated incident it is the beginning of the end. The business school moto of a company is as good as it’s leader is applicable. Therefore to implement a turnaround strategy in Phumelela will be a futile exercise. To turn this Company around you need to fire all of top management. That my friends will never happen because the fat cats will never take a reduction in salary to save horseracing. Fasten your seatbelts because Davies fancies himself a shaker and mover

  29. Dirk says:

    Have you ever heard any statement as vague as this one. Are there any volunteers who would like to try and enlighten us on what this vague promise might mean???.
    “We will also include some kind of protection clause for former Kimberley-based trainers at those extra meetings,” said Davis”.

  30. Trader Joe says:

    Phumelela has consistently made bad decisions and are killing the industry from the inside out. This is corporatism at its finest.
    South africa needs a sand track. What about horses who appreciate the sand? What about the poor trainers some of who come from historic racing families? And all the jobs? And the tradition.. They couldn’t care less and its sad. How do you expect a venue to do well if u don’t market it? Did they make any effort?
    How many tracks have they closed down now? Vaal sand, Clairwood, Gosforth. Some of which were valuable real estate I might add..
    Someone needs to stand up to these avaricious big wigs before it’s too late.. The writing is on the wall.


    The elevator music playing at Phumelela is the classic, “Feels So Good” by Chuck Mangione.

    Well done Phumelela and those few executive clowns for bringing racing to its knees.

    Mr. Chris van Niekerk, what racing were you feeling happy about again ?

  32. Steve Reid says:

    Larry Wainstein has been exceptionally quiet. about what the RA have been doing on behalf of their members lately. Perhaps the agreed to stakes reductions have him in a bit of a quandary as to how he will save face when declaring these. The arm wrestling between this champion of the owners and the evil operator must have been titanic.

    Last season the RA closed down its Northern Cape Chapter as they had less than 50 members. Perhaps someone more intelligent than me can explain why Mr Wainstein accompanied Davis to Kimberley to hold his hand while the good news was given to those whose livelihoods have now been taken away from them?

  33. Pops says:

    Was it not a short 2 years ago when Phumelela’s 5 directors shared a
    R 28 000 000 remuneration pot?
    Was it not a short 2 years ago when Phumelela directors gave themselves a 6% increase?
    Was it not a short 2 years ago when Phumelela directors gave themselves bonuses?
    Was it not a short 2 years ago when Phumelela informed the world that they were the only ones that could successfully run horse racing in South Africa?
    And will it take a short 2 years before all the furniture is burnt to heat the Ivory Tower?

  34. Speedyvar says:

    Are the stipes, judges, starters etc employed and paid by the Racing Operators or the NHA

  35. Ben Williams. says:

    Just too much racing options presented to Mr. Punter.Let us give the International race meetings a miss , and only focus on our own.It might just become viable again .You simply cannot have in excess of 10 race meetings a day ,with 7 Jackpots daily etc. Just too many options and wide spread ,co– mingling , all over the world.Personally , I would to see us bet only on the local racing.Could help a lot for viability.

  36. Cecil Pienaar says:

    William, PGL should get Jack Parrow to write a Rap-song for them

    Title ” Ons F%k alles op “

  37. Luigi Morelli says:

    This is sad and the impact will be felt beyond Kimberley. It is beyond me that nothing could be done to these executives that are pillaging horse racing in general.

  38. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…..Get rid of the (*edited) lot they have destroyed this game properly…Pls belive me the only person who could possibly turn the industry around is Clyde Basel…Period…Trainers Jockeys Breeders and Grooms should boycott country wide until such time we see new faces

  39. Steve Reid says:

    Frankie Zackey dont make me laugh.


    Please Frankie, don’t make me laugh as well


    Yes Mr. Pienaar, u so right.

    But the sad thing is that these so-called people who have a connected interest or are so passionate about our racing product have been listening & selling this Long Playing Record & hit song ”Ons F%k alles op”, for ages !


    Again, Brian your comment is so apt.

  43. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Frankie Zackey…. I think some one hacked your computer, or did you perhaps mean to say that Clyde Basel is one of those people the editor beeped out

  44. Kitten in Boots? says:

    There is something seriously wrong with horse racing in this country when the CEO of the Racing Association holds hands with Phumelela and cries with Kimberley trainers when the announcement of the closure of Flamingo Park is given for lack of funds yet yesterday, he proudly hands out cheques of R20 000 to Racing Association members whose horses win at Turffontein. He makes me sick to the stomach as he runs with chickens and hunts with the hounds. I feel sorry for the Racing Association directors as they give him credibility when he deserves none. When the house of cards fall and all the dishonourable deeds become known, these directors by supporting the CEO will not escape the wrath of what is left of horse racing.

  45. Frik says:

    Hey volgens my kan pomela mense nie net retrench nie daar is stappe wat hulle moet volg so ek stel voor julle trainers kry vir julle n goeie advokaat en kom in kontak met die dmr in rustenburg en vind uit watse stappe julle moet volg voor pomela mense kan retrench

  46. Dc says:

    Why isn’t turfontein an option

  47. Tuelo Anthony says:

    I wish to premise my comment from a diffèrent angle, and fully agree with many concern about Flamingo closure.the NC experiencing the same set back as FS. PHUMELELA is holding the monopoly of Horse racing in South Africa. As the under preveleged Rural communities in the Northern Cape we knocked on the doors of Phumelela seeking to open up discussions for transformation in this sporting industry but could not find a platform to raise this matter. Our interest as the poor is to engage Phumelela on the Question of a secondary industry as not everyone have the economic mussles to enter the Horse racing game. You need millions to buy a racing horse and to take care of it.

    What we mean by secondary industries is that Phumelela must consider developing and supporting horse racing at lowest community level by building small amature racing organisations, train and help them to grow this sports at a lower level. Example is the seasonal events held annually towards July months: Bray July in the North West, Keesy club events held in van Zyls rust and other events organised Eastern Cape Berlin events, all these are indicaters of a need to transform and expand to unlock economic growth and job creation.
    Instead of closing and forcing those who have horses to put them down, expand and involve the previously marginalised, create a lower layer which will develop and grow bigger in the process.
    I was impressed by Mr van Niekerk when quoted one respectable Arab, who says; A RACE HORSE IS A GIFT FROM GOD TO MANKIND. I will doscourage those who as a result of these changes will resort to killing these animals out of anger.

    TG Kuruman

  48. Kim Hoffman says:

    tis a sad day and i concur with clffie muller seniments but wants to ad that those in charge of phumalela must stop living expensive lives bookexpeensive hotel books expensive flight tickets and pay themselves high salaries this is but a few issues..They can do something about the situation. It also impact on owners in other centres who wants to sell there horses ..we must do something drastic to stop this .

  49. RonT says:

    Sad about Flamingo park. Lets not be negative lets rather find solutions to growing the game. Obviously horse racing is in big financial trouble, There are only a few big owners around now days. Money makes the game. Owners and punters make the game with their money. Lets start promoting the game. When last did you see a horse racing promotional advertisement on TV or in the news papers other than on channel 239 on DSTV. A waste of money telling the converted all about horse racing. If you don’t tell people not exposed to horse racing about the game how on earth are you going to attract new punters and owners. In order to grow the game start advertising to a wider audience and maybe things will turn around in time. Every insurance company and their brothers advertise on every channel on DSTV because they know they will attract customers. You got to spend money in the right places in order to make money. Start advertising on every street pole and the likes. I was told by a very successful business man many years ago “in tough time start advertising and you get the rewards”.

  50. Johann Liebenberg says:

    I agree with you Ron T. Reference to the Saturday meeting a few weeks ago held at Flamingo, it was advertised almost everyday on channel 239 and the pick six pool that day was almost a million rand more than Kenilworth the same day. Again begs the question, why don’t we get more meeting dates like these. 1x Saturday per quarter to start with and also looking at giving Flamingo alternative race days other than Mondays. If Phumela is set on closing us down, then why not give this plan a chance for the last couple of months and see how it goes. Nothing to loose and everything to gain.

  51. Chris says:

    Newmarket, Gosforth, Bloemfontein, Clairwood, Arlington, Milnerton, Kimberley – 14 became 7 – Durbanville is next. Mike De Kock will be leaving soon. The rot has set in. The industry is in terminal decline. Goodbye racing South Africa – was fun while it lasted.

  52. Richard Smit says:


    Racing Turnover is mostly and directly linked to Punters – the money they wager on their bets..

    When will the powers that be actually realize, that there comes a time , in every punters life, that they get tired of losing their money on unpredictable horse races.

    Selecting winning horses at Kimberly is extremely difficult, even if you are a good handicapper.
    I think that most punters will wager their bets at race venues, and on races, where the results are easier to predict, AND, where they can make a little bit of money.

    Losing money, consistently – it sucks. Ask any punter!

    The Kimberly racing venue was making millions of rand’s in losses annually.
    Is their anyone brave enough to analyze and honestly say why?

    Punters aren’t stupid, you know! They’ll take their money elsewhere.
    There is nothing positive or negative about that. It’s just a simple fact.

    Advertising is good – but only if the customer (punter) benefits from it.
    There’s no benefit in losing.

    Owners and Trainers have their own viewpoint, which may be different from this, but at the end of the day they also need to make money, to succeed in their businesses.

    So we should never forget about them and their financial investment in horse racing in the same way that they should never forget, about the betting public and their HUGE financial investment.

    A WIN – WIN scenario, in any business, can only lead to success.


  53. Llewellyn says:

    I agree with youTuelo Anthony. Bring horse racing to the people. Upskill the local community in horse care, riding skills, build new tracks around the country to transform so called “bush racing” and sit back and watch how racing flourishes in this country. Those of you who know Mr Jay Harielall, once the racing manager for Gold Circle will do a sterling job. He should be the CEO of Phumelela. You big wigs only have the rich at heart and that is the problem. Grow the small man in this game and see the turnaround. Start with creating more race meetings in rural areas before it is too late..

  54. Danie says:

    Danie. I was involved at Bloemfontein race course when it was closed. Mr Hawkens came to Bloem to meet with us, all a fricken show. (edited*). I am offering our services as auditors to audit Phumelela. I am sure you will find plenty disgracefull tell tales. Phumelela is slowly, no very quickly killing horse racing in South Africa. When Chris Jooste was the booty, everyone drooled, where is he now, same wilk happen to Phumelela. If we are llowedato do a forensic audit on Phumelela, you might find another kind of “capture”

  55. Mike smith says:

    As sad as it may be for Kimberly based owners and trainers… I have always referred to this venue as a roulette wheel course.. Any horse wins here.. So personally as a punter I am definitely going to be saving money.

  56. Dusty roads says:

    I think we hit them were it hurts. Boycott Summer Cup

    1. Editor says:

      That’s not the answer – that’s punishing owners, trainers, staff

  57. Chris browne says:

    Sad sad day been a punter for 40 years most totes closed in port Elizabeth I spend average 20.ooo a month that’s now lost to the totes my friend spends 80.ooo every month phumelele just cheque pe telnet acc.maybe it’s a good thing now that I can finally stop gambling thanks to you.

  58. Johann Liebenberg says:

    Mike Smith we will not let Flamingo die without a fight. Your money is not safe just yet mate. Hope you punting us on Monday 09/09, going to be a great card and lots of money to be made. Let us know if you need tips, we will gladly assist.

  59. Nic says:

    To be honest, after watching todays racing i say close the track! Laid back attitude were anything can win, horses look unfit and a pick 3 that pays R35 000?! WHAT??? Poor racing standard and quality if u ask me. I say reinvest in a better track like Durbanville…a track with loads of potential for the new upcoming punter! Close the dog track they call Flamingo Park!

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