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Flamingo Park – Rethink

Gold Circle may step in with lifeline

Phumelela Gaming and Leisure state in a press release published on Tuesday that is delighted to announce that it is in negotiation with Gold Circle and other interested stakeholders to extend racing at Flamingo Park Racecourse in Kimberley beyond December this year.

Phumelela announced recently that it intended to cease holding race meetings at Flamingo Park after the 9 December fixture there, but potentially viable options to continue racing at the venue have surfaced since then.

Phumelela CEO John Stuart said these options were now being evaluated in conjunction with Gold Circle and other stakeholders, and that more details would be released soon.

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16 comments on “Flamingo Park – Rethink

  1. Steve says:

    Now that more like it!!!

  2. Shayne Welman says:

    Why was this not done previously. Where was the planning that u would expect from a big organisation like Phumelela. They caused many people a lot of distress. This mess has probably resulted in Owners giving up horses etc etc. i hope for the best outcome but the process o far has been poorly managed

  3. Sarvan says:

    I’ll give GC credit where it is due. They are doing a fantastic job. I’ve never seen the track look so good in winter over the last couple of years. I can remember a time when they painted the grass to make it look leka but give them a bells, they have got it right. Grass and all.

  4. Paulo says:

    Amazing what happens when you speak to the people concerned as opposed to implementing dictatorial style management..

  5. Mike du Toit says:

    Great news. Trust the outcome will be positive

  6. Louis Goosen says:

    Good for the Kimberley people.

    But, so many exciting things happening in GC Country , would hate their involvement in Kimberely to detract from things here…

    But, I dont lnow the details, so only expressing a concern.

  7. Member786 says:

    Great news!

  8. Leon Smuts says:

    This is great news for the Kimberley racing community. Well done to all concerned in these efforts to extend racing to hopefully way beyond the 9 December deadline. Lets all support racing in any way we can and make it viable again.

  9. Vusi K says:

    It wasnt a well thought decision anyway from begining. They close Kimberly ,Racing is dead in SA. Hope for the best.

  10. Brian says:

    They’ll get it right and profitable too

  11. Johann Liebenberg says:

    Early days but looking very positive. Hats off to Cliffie Miller whom is instrumental in keeping Flamingo alive. Never say die attitude is always worth its weight in gold. Well done this far sir. Thank you to all that is supporting Flamingo. Your comments and support the last few weeks was just as important and your voices has been heard, trust me…..

  12. Tex says:

    Put Passion around a problem and you can get GREAT NEWS

  13. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hollywoodbets Flamingo Park ?

    Good News (Article) 👍

  14. Charles says:

    Cecil,mere mention of Hollywoodbets in Phumelela country has their lawyers frothing at the mouth whilst rushing off to court.
    Please do not poke the bear if you want to save Flamingo Park.

  15. Brendon says:

    @Tex, PASSION FOR THE BUSINESS is the key ingredient that has been lacking at PGL.

    It being noted that John Stuart did not use postman Pat to deliver this piece of good news – yet he was notably absent when postman P had to deliver his Board’s decision to Flamingo. Yet another sign of a great leader.


    The bottom line is that PGL management are paid a full time salary to run the business and explore all viable options before making decisions. For far too long, they have been making easy decision that entail other feeling pain. When is Stuart and his management team going to lead by example? Why do people outside of PGL management have to step up and deliver solutions that PGL management? What will it take…

  16. Lou Syfer says:

    Please could someone inform us how Flamingo is going to recoup a R21M loss? Sounds like Phumelela pulled the trigger too soon and have been caught out.

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