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Bring Back The Doubles

The bookmaker gives a double on each race

I was shocked to read of the stupid decision to remove the daily doubles from 1 race to another.

Anonymous writes in the SP Mailbag:

I have now moved my business from the tote to a local bookmaker who gives me a double on each race. I now take wins, as well as my  PA and Bipot with him as well.

Then, could I request that Cecil be taught how to work out what the Bipot and PA are paying after the respective last leg of each. He either does not know, or is in a hurry to leave the studio. He is not the only presenter to do this.

These extra bets (perms ) with overseas venues included are a waste of time , unless respective fields (overseas ) are included in current computaforms .

Lets hope racing can survive the current hardships.

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19 comments on “Bring Back The Doubles

  1. Savas Pastellides says:

    I agree bring the double back stupid to get rid of it.

  2. Ralph Fell. says:

    @Anonymous. The double bet, together with the then dupla were highly popular decades ago partly because trifectas, quartets etc. did not exist. There was even a consolation double, i.e. 1st and 2nd and 2nd and 1st. I recall 8% of the double pool being allocated to the consolation. Although I enjoy the bet, the pools are now miniscule. Taking a double bet with a bookmaker is not the same as with the tote double one used to be able to take a perm at R1 per combination. Now I’ve given my age away. I do not get the gist of part two of the letter, other then the presenters wishing to bolt early. That is barring my hero Lyall.

  3. Eric Redman says:

    Fully agree, these Blitz bets are a waste of time, look at the pools,ridiculous whats going on,first Flamingo Park closing down?,then Tellytrack stop showing Winning Ways and now introduce this Blitz crap,I’d love to know who actually makes these desicions because horse racing is presently going backwards with these changes.

  4. Ralph Fell. says:

    Apologies Ed, an afterthought. There is also the tote ATC (all to come.) This bet can be taken as a double, treble, quad etc. on consecutive or random races at the same venue. It virtually negates the need for the race by race double. I would venture that newer punters were, in the main, unaware that the double bet was in existence.

  5. James Goodman says:

    Yet another badly thought out decision. Doubles worked and gave a continuous income stream. Now we have this obsession with exotics over a short period of time.What happened to all those idiotic bets, timebomb, Futsal etc. Someone cost the industry by allowing those to even be put on the table.How much is what we should be finding out!

  6. Oscar Foulkes says:

    You could just take an ‘all to come’, which is the same as a double (and can be taken as a place bet, too).

  7. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    Wat happened to the quinella bet that was to be introduced in Hong Kong after the Exacta was taken away. Why can’t our local totes have the bet with our own pool

  8. Steve Reid says:

    Only an absolute fool would bet into the tote all-to-come due to the taxation levied on the bet, Have a bet with a bookie should you want a multiple – odds are fixed and will in the majority be better than the tote, amounts wagered make no difference to the pool, and more importantly, you choose what races you want to be involved in.

  9. Art says:

    Brendon seems obsessed with ‘Scotty’s” stay at the Oyster Box.What has that got to do with doing away with doubles..What if he was meeting someone and chose the oyster box as his meeting place?.Let Brendon contact the Oyster box and ask them if Scotty was a guest at the hotel on the day in question.Let Brendon then report back to sporting post and advise sporting post of his very important findings.This is a free country and people should be allowed freedom of movement without having to watch over their shoulder.Ps I agree that taking away the double was not a good PRO move and one wonders why this was done.Perhaps we can get an explanation as I’m sure more money is wagered over 8 doubles than the current blitz pa jp and p6

    1. Editor says:

      Fair comment, Art
      What’s the cat’s name – Skabenga?

  10. Ronnie Naicker says:

    Yes is bad that the race by race doubles are taken away. Bookies offer any race and any cenre doubles. All these Blitz bets waste of money.

  11. Neville says:

    Agree blitz is a waste all it does is kill quartet pools. I have stopped betting on horses quartets was my game where you could win big money for small layout. Today you have punters betting on a blitz pa R300 in the pool with a R120 perm ridicules it seems as if most punters does not even know that the pools are shown on the screen.

  12. Tony Mincione says:

    Although this is preaching to the choir, you never know, it could be news to someone:  on most bets, the tote cannot compete in quality, service or value to a bookmaker.  This may come as a surprise, but it really shouldn’t.  It’s also a whole thread on its own!  

    The strength of a tote (other than it can never lose) is that there can be power in big pools.  If that is true, and it is, then it stands to reason that the more mini-pools it offers, the more it weakens the primary offerings.

    The tote needs a rethink.  They should be thinking about how long they tie up the customers’ money during the day, they should be thinking about having less competing pools and rather supplementary pools, and they should be thinking about ways & means to offer as giant a pool as possible because that’s the only attraction.  Generally, they must play to their strengths or they gonna continue to lose ground as they have for decades in a row.

    As a wise man told me that everyone in the horseracing gambling business should be thinking about growing the pie rather than just trying to hacking bigger pieces for themselves, that way there is just more pie.

  13. bob kistnasamy says:

    Hi Ed, I see there are doubles on the Aussie racing. Are the co-mingled pools?
    There should be some consideration with approaching and marketing the concept with horse racing bodies abroad.
    In the UK, horse racing is a huge business, This can be gauged by the supporters who frequent the race courses.
    I used to enjoy my daily double by taking 4 or 5 horses in each of the two difficult legs and boxing 20 to 30 times.
    Pay-outs used to quite decent.
    I concur with the sentiments that this bet should be brought back.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Bob
      Phumelela’s Robert Garner said in response to your comment:

      “Yes – Australian commingled pools as follows: Win, Place, Exacta, Rolling Double (Races 1-2; 2-3 etc)

  14. Art says:

    Hi Brendon no offence meant.If you mention me at the front desk they might just remember me as one of their oldest clients.I had my reception at the oyster box in the year that yataghan and Bertie Hayden won the July.Yes Ed I think skabenga us still there

    1. Editor says:

      Interesting Art
      Umhlanga still rocks – but it has changed a bit since your wedding reception

  15. Brendon says:

    @ Art – none taken. Keep posting China. Each of us that express our views are projecting our own realities and more importantly it allows us to appreciate a different take one the subject matter at hand.

    So long as we are not coming across as some village out there is missing their …..

  16. Art says:

    I’ve always wanted to know where I could find the village idiot and I believe it could be at the oyster box.🤣🤣🤣

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