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Chief Stipe Resigns

KZN official joins BHA

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that their Chief Stipendiary Steward in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Mr Shaun Parker, has tendered his resignation and as a result will leave the employ of the NHA on 31 October 2019.

Shaun Parker (centre with pink shirt) seen at a recent track inspection – Paul Gadsby, Michael Ndlovu and Andrew Harrison look on

Mr Parker commenced his career with the NHA as a Stipendiary Steward in Port Elizabeth in 1995.

During his 24 year career as a Stipendiary Steward, he has held a number of senior positions in this role in the Eastern Cape, Central Provinces and Kwa-Zulu Natal, which was punctuated by a period with the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) in 2006/2007.

Mr Parker will assume the position of Head Of Stewarding with the BHA and will be based in London.

The National Horseracing Authority has wished Mr Parker every success in his new position abroad.

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20 comments on “Chief Stipe Resigns

  1. Graeme Hawkins says:

    The BHA’s gain is the NHA’s loss!! Has been a pleasure being associated with Shaun in KZN and will definitely be missed. Good luck Shaun – its a massive feather in your cap to be appointed the head of stipes in the UK!!

  2. hilton witz says:

    You cant blame him as if you put up his cv compared to lynton barends and vee moodleys cv who is better qualified to get the job as being in charge of the nhra ?Its no contest .

  3. Brian says:

    So true Hilton, he’s even prepared to give up our great weather

  4. Peter & Sharon Patterson says:

    All the best Shaun. Hope you enjoy your new position

  5. Graeme Hawkins says:

    The BHA’s gain is the NHA’s loss!! It has been a pleasure being associated with Shaun here in KZN. A massive feather in his cap to be appointed head of all stipes in the UK!! Good luck Shaun, you will be missed!!

  6. paul lafferty says:

    All the best Shaun. You had a very good open door policy. See you in London

  7. Samantha Ribeiro Dames says:

    Well done Shaun. Wishing you all the best, you were a great asset to South African racing!

  8. Samantha Dames says:

    Wishing you all the best Shaun. You were a great asset to SA Racing. Keep well😉

  9. David Nieuwenhuizen says:

    All the best MR SHAUN PARKER as Mr Graeme Hawkins has succinctly put it.

  10. Therese Mitchley says:

    Excellent! Well done Shaun ! I trust it will go very well in London !

  11. Hilton, you need to stop being so negative. Vee Moodley is a qualified CA. He has done a lot of good for SA racing. He’s a competent chap, why would Parker leave because Vee is in charge of the NHRA. All your posts are a moan session.

  12. hilton witz says:

    Sarvan the financial reports published by phumelela strongly disagree with your statement regarding mr moodley as under his watch saftote and bettingworld underperformed so maybe you need a reality check as the figures dont lie ..Furthermore mr parkers recent appointment by no less than the bha makes it CRYSTAL CLEAR that he was the right person for the job at the nhra …If you dont like my posts simply do not read them but maybe its time we faced the facts and put the right people with the right qualifications in charge ..

  13. Lou Syfer says:

    Sarvan just to correct your post, Vee Moodley is not a CA.

  14. Wayne Fouche says:

    In support of Hilton Witz’ accurate email – it is time that all positions in racing go to the correct and most qualified people.Time is rapidly running out…………

  15. I was always under the impression that Vee Moodley is a qualified CA. That is what I was led to believe. Hilton, after reading your post, I do agree. Like you, I’m passionate about horse racing but do find us racing folk whine a lot more than we give praise. On Parker himself, I’m not sure if he did apply for the NHRA head post and was turned down, I don’t have facts there, but what I’m sure of, is that the BHA’s appointment of him as their head is compliment to us here in SA Racing. Now what we need is a suitable and merit based replacement for Parker. I trust this clears this up fellas.

  16. Steve Reid says:

    Vee Moodley has a personality, there was never any chance that he could be a CA

  17. bob kistnasamy says:

    @Sarvan. Perhaps you can advise of Vee’s achievements since his appointment.
    I am not aware of any.
    I also concur that we need people with business sense to run major projects and organisations especially where investors funds are concerned. we need absolute confidence that the right person is at the helm.
    i don’t think we have such confidence in place currently.
    With the exception of cost cutting measure (trimming no. of races and stakes), I have not seen any creative turnaround strategy which will excite and increase the owner ranks.
    there are qualified and experienced people who can assist.

  18. Head Scratcher says:

    Who is fooling who here? Where is Parker appointed head of the BHA Sarvan? Read properly. Perhaps in another lifetime Parker could have applied for the NHA job but he would be completely out of his depth doing that job in today’s world. It’s a long walk from head of stewards to head of an organisation which requires commercial and political acumen in addition to understanding rules. Anyone thinking that Parker has shown any of that needs a sanity elixir.

  19. Deanthan says:


    Vee Moodley was the most qualified person for the NHA job.

    Vee fitted the transformation profile. He was running against the likes of Arnold Hyde who never fitted the transformation profile or the general experience profile.

    We are lucky to have Vee. The NHA board was seriously considering other transformation candidates who had no experience at all. Thankfully good reason and sanity prevailed.

    Many do not know that for a while, Vee was a professional punter in Kwa Zulu Natal. He lived for horse racing and still does. He knows everything there is to know about horse racing.

  20. Mashie says:

    Deanthan – sounds like you are seriously sucking up there but this article isn’t about you or Vee.

    Well done to Shaun – deserved appointment and will be missed in KZN. Unfortunately there is no one I know of who can fill his shoes. Was always very fair and had everyone’s respect. BHA’s gain ….

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