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Stakes – The Game Changes

Gauteng and Kimberley take the initial brunt

The move to reduce the stakes burden on Phumelela following ongoing news of financial pressure on the company has started to take effect.

In a letter issued to trainers, Phumelela advise that in consultation with the Racing Association a decision has been taken to reduce the number of races scheduled midweek on both the Highveld and in Kimberley from nine to eight with effect from 1 October 2019.

This is said to be part of an initiative to mitigate the imminent re-alignment of stakes that will be announced in due course in terms of the stakes agreement formula.

Midweek low grade 9th races added to the Highveld programmes will be cancelled from 1 October and Kimberley’s current nine-race programmes will be cut to eight races from the same date.

Due to the financial pressures, Phumelela state that they will generally not be splitting races in the foreseeable future – and then only in exceptionable circumstances.

While the provisional Highveld programme published for the three month period October to December 2019 does not include the minor race stakes at this stage, for the month of October these will be set at current winter stakes levels, whereafter the new minor race stakes levels will be published from November.

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23 comments on “Stakes – The Game Changes

  1. Steve Reid says:

    11% drop in stakes before the real pain begins.

    I note there has been “consultation” with the RA. Have the RA consulted owners?

  2. hilton witz says:

    Maybe the editor can download the stipes report for flamingo park for the 16th september especially highlight the part of stipes on duty ..How can you have an objection lodged by the stipes with 2 stipes on duty and one trainee?Are times so bad that we cannot police the game correctly ?Its time to start getting rid of the dead wood in so many parts of phum the ra tellytrack etc and rather get the policing of the game right as the public has lost faith in the nhra…

    1. Editor says:

      One in the virtual boardroom…
      The Stipendiary Stewards on duty:
      Mr D Rahilly (Race Day Chairman)
      Mr R Hutcheson (Virtual Boardroom Stipendiary Steward)
      Mr A Hoffmann (Trainee)

  3. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey….Calling 1 2 3 … 3 2 1 help help hello hello any feed back from the stipes concerning Races 8 and 9 at Greyville yesterday 🙊🙈🙉…Can’t wait to read the report,,I’m just hoping they were not on a tea break or blind folded while Races 8 and 9 was running…. Everybody loves Raymond….

    1. Editor says:

      RACE 8 SOCCER ANY 15 MAIDEN PLATE : R105 000 : About 1800m : (105):
      Starter : S Ngcobo Loading : 1:56sec No. of runners : 11

      a) ANGELICO (D Dillon) reared and fell inside the stalls. Removed from the stalls, examined by the Veterinary Surgeon and was withdrawn.
      b) FIRE ISLAND (S Randolph) lost two lengths.

      a) FIRE ISLAND (S Randolph), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Assistant Trainer C Eudey acted for Trainer W Whitehead advised. (ML)
      b) In view of the Starter’s report with regard to ANGELICO (D Dillon), this colt’s starting stall certificate is withdrawn and she is suspended in terms of Rule 61.6.10 for a period of 7 days and until such time as he proves tractable with a companion on a race day. Suspension dates : 19.09.19 to the 25.09.19. ANGELICO may not be presented for re-passing during this period. Trainer R Hill advised.
      c) Jockey R Danielson the rider of JOSEPH JAGGER (9.20 lengths) and Apprentice L Ferraris the rider of DRAMBUIE (17.40 lengths) reported their respective mounts took no interest in running. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine these horses.
      d) In view of the performance of NOBLE FLIGHT (*K Sakayi) (8.20 lengths) the Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine this gelding.

      RACE 9 Hollywoodbets BRIGHT FUTURE MAIDEN PLATE (F & M) : R105 000 : About 1800m : (73):
      Starter : S Ngcobo Loading : 1:58sec No. of runners : 16

      a) TWICE TO SYDNEY (G Wright), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Assistant Trainer B Forster acting for Trainer W Nel advised. (TN)
      b) SHOOT THE WAGON (S Veale) was pulling hard in the early stages, difficult to restrain.
      c) RUBY COVE (M Yeni), WISP OF GLORY (AUS) (S Moodley) and TWICE TO SYDNEY (G Wright) were inconvenienced behind a tiring COP THAT (*J Gates) entering the final straight.
      d) In view of the performance of COP THAT (*J Gates) (37.90 lengths) the Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine this filly.

  4. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…A Hoffmann(Trainee) the man has been in the game for 35 years why is he a trainee ? Oh my word that’s the best 🤣🤣🤣sorry just a sec 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Not your fault my good friend Andre I’m hoping one day you’ll eventually be promoted

  5. MGram says:

    The price to stage a meeting would surely be the same for 8 races as it would be for 9 or 10? Why would Phumelela not offer Kimberley stakes for maiden races or low MR handicaps instead of cutting races? Once again the (**edited) have not thought the thing through.

  6. Brendon says:

    Mark Khan’s ride on Dark Moon Down in the 9th Race at Greyville, yesterday, was a shocker …(*edited)
    Consider the fact that in the first 8 races on the card, 7 of the winners won on the inside to middle inside of the track. The 2nd race winner was the only horse that past the post just off the middle of the track towards the outside. In the 9th race, Mark Khan turns into the straight towards the inside of the track and he had a clear run down the middle inside of the track. He decides not to ride his mount out and instead of keeping his mount on a straight path (there were no horses ahead of him obstructing a straight passage), he repeatedly angles his mount towards the middle outside, riding in snatches and repeatedly looking for something on his right hand side (looking towards the inside of the track), while he his angling his mount in the opposite direction towards the outside of the track. Absolute absurdity. From a safety point of view, Mark Khan should be looking towards the outside to determine whether he was going to obstruct the path of other runners.

    Questions to NHA:

    1) How is it that 3 stipes did not pick this up in their report?
    2) Will the stipes be subject to an inquiry and if found guilty, do they also get hefty fines (lsimilar to jockeys and trainers) and will they be suspended for a period of time?
    3) Is Mark Khan’s ride on Dark Moon Down acceptable to the NHA?
    4) Is the NHA going to approve Mark Khan’s request for a sabbatical, that he is crying out for?

    Question to the Owner & Trainer:

    5) What did you think of the ride on Dark Moon Down?

  7. gops says:

    can someone give insight of y the objection was overruled on sunday. in respect of celebration rock.
    that was a shocker

  8. Donald says:

    In terms of the rules to sustain an objection the objection should have been upheld !

    The winner shifted onto the 2nd place horse on at least two occasions causing interference in the last 150 meters so the question to sustain the objection is simple ” WOULD THE 2ND PLACED HORSE HAVE WON BUT FOR THE INTERFERENCE CAUSED BY THE WINNER ” ?

    The answer is YES as is evidenced in the short head difference in the two horses that required a photo finish decision and therefore the result should have been amended accordingly !

    By the way I backed Celebration Rock for what it is worth to the debate !

  9. MIKE says:

    Why not just clean up racing?
    The answer is quite easy=each horse which a jockey has accepted to ride should have its final work ride ,(gallop,) or whatever they may call it,done by the actual jockey who will ride it in the race .Thereafter this jockey should be obligated to complete a mandatory online questionare pertaining to both the condition ,trainers comments,chances of his mount,etc.
    This questionaire made then available online to the public(especially owners and punters).
    PRESTO.What a difference a change will make?

    1. Editor says:

      That doesn’t somehow sound too practical Mike
      Some jockeys travel – then the paperwork too

  10. MIKE says:

    Fill in one online form in todays tech world?,too busy to go work the horse?

  11. MIKE says:

    Or OK then employ an ex it struggling jockey to do it.
    Seems you are saying the jockey does not know what the current condition of the horse is until he gets into the parade ring?

    1. Editor says:

      Many of the travelling jocks admit to riding little work

  12. MIKE says:

    Let’s build on this idea with a view on introducing something positive to FIX iso.knocking SA racing.
    Just an idea.
    Let’s hear other ideas.

    1. Editor says:

      Good idea

  13. tm says:

    There are 50 reasons you cannot make jockeys do this, it’s pointless and will never happen. Just move on.

  14. MIKE says:

    50 reasons to wan’t to stand in the unemployment que then!

  15. MIKE says:

    Will move on to sport or casino betting.and you can keep on blaming The NHRA etc.

  16. MIKE says:

    Ok not jockeys then.
    Student Vets?

  17. MIKE says:

    I am sure they can, Also 50 pointless reasons why the pick 6 pool is the same as 20.years All Professors .

  18. Rod Mattheyse says:

    We must applaud Phumelela for finding the money to have some pure bred arabian racing. It’s going to be great for punters , no form, no statistics on what is well bred no good information whatsoever.

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