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It’s The Turnover, Stupid!

Are solutions to our problems so difficult to find?

Much is being said and written these days about the trouble we’re in. Mostly by taker-outers. Not by putter-inners – the punters, who make the world go round.

The apparent trouble is that there’s not enough money to satisfy the needs of the taker-outers.

The simple answer is of course that the putter-inners need to supply more.

The key to that is Turnover. Every single bet generates funds for the taker-outers.

So how do you increase Turnover?

Easy. You make it easier to win.

  • At the beginning of each raceday there must be races where it’s easy to find winners.
  • More winning bets increases the churn for the day.
  • Nothing worse than longshots at the start of day, to empty the pockets of many.
  • Then there’s the Pick Six and Jackpot. Without couplings just a stupid bet.
  • It is not just that these bets tie up money that could be turned over instead. No couplings makes things more difficult.
  • Couplings will give more winners, put more money back in wallets to be turned over.
  • Of course, the number of handicaps must be restricted. Too hard to win. More plated races, with short-priced favourites who steam home.

Then there’s the other way. Create more putter-inners!

Anyone ever thought of how the French started their climb to the top many decades ago?

Le Tierce! One simple and easy to explain bet, the trifecta, and promote the hell out of it to the general public.

It’s relatively easy to win (but not always!), it provides excitement, and it’s a once-a-week fix. Focus!

The Tote might even do a deal with the bookies to place the open bets from this National Trifecta with the Tote – as the bookies special contribution to the whole instead of the hole.

Beats moaning minnies, for sure!

What are we waiting for?


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12 comments on “It’s The Turnover, Stupid!

  1. jc lee ching says:

    are there “Bookies” in France? or in the other successful racing country Hong Kong?

  2. jc lee ching says:

    why does the tote not adopt a Betfair type bet where the punter can “Lay” a horse to lose? this is a extra source of revenue on the same structures boosting the pools and boosting the win payouts for the win or place punters making it more attractive for them. Everybody wins.

  3. jc lee ching says:

    Interbet offers this Betfair type bet but it is restricted to “Bookies” only

  4. Leon Smuts says:

    More winners are most definitely needed and also much bigger winners from time to time to create some excitement. Importantly these giant wins should not be the preserve of only the big players. It comes down to a very simple recipe which is product mix. Pool products (Tote) can be so much more attractive and effective at generating brand new interest and this is what our operator should concentrate on when adding new things into the offering. I am stunned at the lack of imagination when it comes to product development. Give players, new and existing, something tangible and hard to ignore to ensure support for the Tote. Tote betting is the foundation and heart of racing and could save it yet again,

  5. Ian Jayes says:

    They are so stupid, they do not know how stupid they are.

  6. Brendon says:


    It would not surprise any of us if the much needed product development solutions and especially the “rainmaker” product that Phumelela desperately needs comes from the SP posters on this platform. This “open” forum is the perfect platform to foster informed discussions and promote a spectrum of interrogation that would be a Product Development 101 lesson for Scotty and his fellow moaners.

    Maybe from a housekeeping point of view, one of the attorney’s or advocate on this forum would be kind enough to provide you with he wording (to upload onto your “Terms and Conditions” section) on the Information Ownership Policy pertaining to this subject matter.

    My suggestion is that if products are successfully developed and sold to the “NEW Phumelela”, the proceeds of which should be utilised to launch the SP National Punters Forum that deservedly gets a voice at the table as the single biggest investor in Phumelela’s business.

    I see a potential product/s being developed around @ jc lee ching’s second post that will rival and potentially capture the clients that were lost to bookmakers.

  7. B steele says:

    Brendon if you hoping for Leon Smuts to open up you have more chance of having Steve Reid share a room with Larry.Just ain’t gonna happen

  8. reddyd says:

    I think the point to understand here is that they have taken away a common sense system and implemented a bias one. I remember some 35 or so years ago when there was a jackpot and no pick 6, a horse scratched at the start was deemed a winner in terms of the jackpot, no replacing with the favorite and what not. Bring back some common sense and we should have more people punting and at the same time reducing churn.

  9. Shanil says:

    More plated races and short price horses. More professional punters in the mix. More winners. Could not agree more. Impossible to punt in the nose anymore with confidence in handicaps. Therefore lack of interest and dwindling pools.

  10. Richard Smit says:

    I had this R 100 spare, yesterday, and I was thinking should I buy some Power Ball tickets and give myself a few chances of winning R 45,0 mil and R 25,0 mil at odds of over 20 000 000 to 1


    Should I rather take it and place a bet on Race 1 at Turfontein , Saturday, on the favorite at 2 to 1.

    I quite like this horse in Race 1 at Turfontein, because he has quite a few things going for him.

    Like Top Trainer, Top Jockey, Best last race, Top F3, and I heard a whisper that he prefers this type of race, which is a little further than his last race, plus some type of improvement is expected, as this is only his second race, That’s 6 things in his favor!

    The horse won paying R 2-20. (R100 = R 220). Nice!

    NOBODY won, either of the Power Ball or Power Ball plus, even though I still bought 2 tickets for
    R 7-50 each, giving myself 4 chances to win something. I won, NOT a cent!!

    I’ve spent thousands, trying to win these lotteries, over the years – I’m getting tired of losing!!

    Better for me, I think, to come back to, and stick to horse racing, my old favorite!
    Especially now, as I’ve been thinking lately, about these two fantastic farm horses my family owned, when I was a teenager, many years ago.

    Hope, you all understand, what I’m trying to say!

  11. Steve Reid says:

    Brendon stick to what you good at and never think I would ever forgive Larry for what he has done to owners – JJ far more accurate in his assumptions

  12. Richard Smit says:

    Look, I don’t like being disrespectful to anyone, never have, but we really do have a big problem, and


    Can someone just tell the CF tipping service, that they need to get their handicapping correct if they are going to do WIN bets.

    In Race 1 at the Vaal to-day their first choice of the “run horses” was a “fader” for first.

    There is no ways you can make a “Fader” the first choice, even if she had the highest MR

    Plus the horse had a lousy draw!
    And, she came no-where, not even 4th!

    Fortunately the betting public went for the First Timer that won (the Tote favorite)

    So how did the public pick the winner – only by watching the movements on the Tote board!

    What other way is there – can’t always be in the parade ring or watching TellyTrack for the most up to date information.

    The best “closer” Orchid Express No 12 – came 3rd. This wasn’t even tipped.

    Personally I don’t do win bets – Most times I get them wrong!

    One has to be brave to tip Win bets – that’s one positive thing I can say!

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