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‘Promoted’ Maiden – NHRA Clarity

NRB error created the confusion

Captain Carlos is a definite runner in the Flamingo Park Maiden Plate first race today.

National Horseracing AuthorityThe Sporting Post took up the matter of the son of Jay Peg’s eligibility for the race as he was the runner-up to the subsequently ‘disqualified’ Elusive Kat at Fairview on 21 June, and is thus technically a winner.

What confused the issue was that after the publishing of the NHRA’s recent findings following an inquiry on 27 September on the disqualification of Elusive Kat, Captain Carlos was ‘promoted’ and reflected as a winner of the race on 21 June 2019 by the NRB.

Since our query, this has been amended by the bureau on the card changes for the meeting:

Updated formline: Race 1 No 3 CAPTAIN CARLOS              

Ep 536 20190621 N Mdnm 0 1200 M Yeni 60 47 B A 11-11 2 3.25 Elusive Kat 60 71.39 17/4 8/1.

Our formlines are correct as published.

NHRA CEO Vee Moodley confirmed to the Sporting Post that the trainer of Elusive Kat was still entitled to an appeal and that the status quo of the actual form shall remain intact until that process is finalized – alternatively, if the appeal route is not followed, that it has passed via the review board.

So at this point in time, Elusive Kat is still a winner and Captain Carlos is still a maiden – and eligible to run today.

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6 comments on “‘Promoted’ Maiden – NHRA Clarity

  1. Ted says:

    Dearest CEO of the Jockey Club,

    I have read your response to the Sporting Post concerning the eligibility of Captain Carlos being a runner.

    Did you know that one telephone call to the trainer of Elusive Kat to ask whether there will be an appeal would have given you an answer and resolved the question of eligibility?

    Has the fine been paid. If so, then you have your answer?

    Did you know that you are the one that is responsible for all the confusion and irritation because had you not promoted Captain Carlos to first place, this incident would not have arisen? Think about it, if there was the possibility of an appeal, why did you change the result in the records of horseracing. You should have waited until the end of the period before you changed the result.

  2. Steve Reid says:

    Agree with Ted, more incompetence on the side of the regulator but par for the course I suppose.

    What would happen if Captain Carlos wins a race in the interim before Elusive Kat is officially disqualified? Will the winning stake then go to the horse that finished closest to the Kat and is still a maiden?


    1. karel says:

      Can you tell everyone what your solution would have been?

  3. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    I think what gets the emotions high is the manner in which the NHA deals with their endless errors. Its never their fault – always confusion – i will apply to the Oxford Dictionary for a new word recognition – a gathering of confused individuals – NHA, to be cross referenced to a gathering of blameless justifiers. Hence we are left with an organisation who cannot seem to do right but are rather plagued with confusion. Man up say we got it wrong, but the person who did the wrong will no longer get it wrong because peeling potatoes in the canteen cannot affect our performance any longer.

  4. Pops says:

    If we read this rule when calculating the weight to be carried by a HORSE, or determining the status
    of a HORSE, which was either first past the winning post or which was declared a
    winner, and which, in either case, has subsequently been disqualified, as a result
    of a PROHIBITED SUBSTANCE, treat such performance as a win. The
    performance of the HORSE which is promoted to first place as a result of such
    disqualification shall also be treated as a win.
    Nought about — the Appeal process

  5. Steve Reid says:

    Uncle Karel please do me the courtesy of reading what I say before giving me a hard time. I agree with Ted is not difficult to understand. He details what the problem is. The solution is for the rules not to be as accommodating as what they clearly are. Three months is far too long and will create problems like we are experiencing now.

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