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Deshone Steyn – An Appeal

Diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

Former long serving Sean Tarry. and more recent Candice Bass-Robinson assistant trainer, Deshone Steyn is unable to continue working after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

The Sporting Post has been requested to assist with the dissemination of an appeal for assistance to help the longstanding racing man continue his treatment and medication.

Deshone wrote in a Whatsapp appeal to fellow horse-lovers that he finds an everyday action like simply walking, very difficult.

He adds that he also finds it very difficult to make the request for help and assistance.

“If you find it in your heart to help, any donation will be much appreciated,” he said.

Banking details:

Nedbank – Cheque Acc: 1137 – 444 215.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive nervous system disorder that affects movement. 

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11 comments on “Deshone Steyn – An Appeal

  1. Gareth van Zyl says:

    It is with great sympathy that I recieved a widely shared message from a dear friend and former colleague, Deshone Steyn, appealing for help in a very trying situation. I would like to join in rallying support for a worthy cause by selling 10 % in a very promising young colt, Kenneth Macarthur, the proceeds of the sale going directly to Deshone. Furthermore, to boost the initiative, if the highest offer exceeds R 25 000, the new owner pays no fees for 4 months, no training, vet, farrier, nomination fees. The proceeds all going directly to Deshone. The highest offer above R15 000 secures the package. “Bidding” closes on Saturday 12 October 2019 at 18:00.
    Please note that the new owner will be a part of a lively and enthusiastic partnership, and the norms of racehorse ownership will be required and followed.
    There will be a reserve price of R 15 000.

    Kenneth MacArthur’s barrier trial was encouraging, and his recent debut confirmed that he is a horse with a future.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Gareth – should bidders mail you?

  2. Steve Reid says:

    I will open the bidding @R15000 and will donate all stakes won to Deshone.

    Wishing him well in the fight against this terrible disease.

  3. Avril L says:

    What does the NHA do with monies received for fines issued to jockeys and trainers – because, in my opinion, it should be used for such causes and needs. Wishing Deshone Steyn strength in the days ahead. Ed could you please get the branch code for his account so that I can make a contribution.

  4. Yungsta says:


    As this is appears to have become a personal appeal on behalf of Deshone could someone kindly advise why Medical Aid benefits and the Racing Industry coffers have not been applied for, or does charity begin at home, and the very least his previous trainers have or have not contributed towards his plight. Its about time we opened a can of worms in the interest of transparency and those individuals exploiting the industry for themselves .

  5. david ferraris says:

    I have just spoken to my father. He is the director of the trainers benevolent fund. He was totally unaware of Deshone’s predicament. Nobody has contacted him.
    Deshone will be placed on the fund immediately.
    Thank you to all you wonderful people out there that have contributed to Deshone’s fundraiser. Thank you Steve Reid for always being the first to step up to the plate.

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks David

  6. B steele says:

    Good man Steve Reid !!!

  7. Neerish Revaprasadu says:

    This is a terrible disease..my dad (82yrs) has had it mildly for the last yrs. Recently I got a Phytoforce Skull cap (https://www.phyto-force.co.za/product/scullcap/) from the local pharmacy. It has really improved his condition. Please try it. I could buy and send it if needed. its the only medication that has made a difference.

  8. Gareth van Zyl says:

    Thank you to all who responded positively on this platform, and on the others. Most of all, to Steve Reid, thank you for your winning bid. Please email me on [email protected] so we can tie it all up. Warm regards, Gareth.

  9. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    was the opening bid successful?

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