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General Franco Could Travel To PE

Fairview double-header attracts strong Cape entry

The Cape raiders have dominated the Algoa Cup, or PE July as it is popularly known, for a decade and the 2019 renewal to be run at Fairview on Sunday 27 October sees a powerful entry from the Mother City

Tabnews reports that Tap O’ Noth, winner of the 2017 Gr1 Cape Guineas, is among the 29 entries for this year’s Listed Algoa Cup over 2000m on the Fairview turf track on Sunday 27 October.

(Pic – Chase Liebenberg Photography)

Tap O’Noth (Pic – Chase Liebenberg Photography)

As expected, trainers from the Western Cape have flocked to nominated runners for this R350 000 race, including Justin Snaith, Candice Bass-Robinson, Brett Crawford, Glen Kotzen, Andre Nel, and Vaughan Marshall, who trains Tap O’ Noth.

Tap O’ Noth has not raced since contesting the Sun Met in January but he has outstanding form.

Having placed in the Daily News 2000 and the Champions Cup, both Grade 1 events, he has been allotted a massive weight of 68kg and that is likely to diminish his chances of running.

Snaith, who won the race last year with Magnificent Seven, has nominated Elusive Silva, Platinum Prince and Knights Templar, Bass-Robinson has Majestic Mozart and Celestial Prince, while Crawford has entered last year’s East Cape Derby winner American Landing, stayer Gimme One Night, Magic Mike and Vforvictory.

Kotzen has Herodotus and Cat Daddy but Glen is one of three members of the family to have entered runners. Bother Nathan has nominated Tommy Grand while Sharon, who is based in Port Elizabeth, has Just Chaos and Seeking Wisdom.

There is also a strong entry from Port Elizabeth-based trainers who would like nothing better than to wrest this title from the raiders.

R350 000 2000m
WFA: 3yrs-9kgs 4yrs-1kgs
No Apprentice Allowance
0 $Mangrove (6G) 0 96 A Yvette Bremner
17 Tap O’ Noth (5G) 68 120 BA Vaughan Marshall
10 Elusive Silva (7G) 63.5 111 A Justin Snaith
27 Herodotus (4G) 63 112 A Glen Kotzen
18 Majestic Mozart (4G) 62.5 111 AT Candice Bass-Robinson
7 Meryl (5M) 60 104 AT Alan Greeff
20 Run Red (5G) 60 104 A Andre Nel
24 Gimme One Night (6G) 59.5 103 A Brett Crawford
21 Platinum Prince (6G) 59.5 103 A Justin Snaith
4 Crome Yellow (5G) 57 98 A Andre Nel
19 American Landing (5G) 56.5 97 ATM Brett Crawford
13 Knights Templar Accepted (4G) 55.5 97 A Justin Snaith
9 Cat Daddy (4G) 54 94 A Glen Kotzen
8 Story Of My Life (6G) 53 90 AT Gavin Smith
15 Tommy Grand (5G) 53 90 A Nathan Kotzen
23 Celestial Prince (4G) 52 90 BA Candice Bass-Robinson
1 Just Chaos (4F) 52 90 BA Sharon B Kotzen
6 Seeking Wisdom (5M) 52 88 A Sharon B Kotzen
11 Frikkie (8G) 51.5 87 XAT Jacques Strydom
5 Onesie (6M) 51 86 BA Jacques Strydom
26 Magic Mike (4G) 50.5 87 A Brett Crawford
28 Evolver (5G) 50.5 85 BA Gavin Smith
3 Ollivander (6G) 50.5 85 BA Tara Laing
22 In A Perfect World (4G) 49 84 BAT Alan Greeff
12 Jay’s Hawk (4G) 47 80 A Yvette Bremner
2 Vforvictory (4C) 43.5 73 BA Brett Crawford
25 Victory March (4C) 43.5 73 A Emmanuel Kaknis
16 Tom ‘n Jerry (4G) 41.5 69 BA Gavin Smith
14 Captain’s Vista (7G) 38 60 AT Emmanuel Kaknis

This meeting is a double header as racing will take place on the Polytrack on Friday 25 October which sees the running of the Listed Racing Association Stakes over 1600m.

Many top horses have one this, including Bold Silvano, who went on to race overseas and has gone on to produce many winners at stud.

Topping the list of entries is yet another runner from the Marshall yard and that is Cane Lime ‘N Soda, an impressive winner in a strong handicap against older horses at Durbanville last Saturday.

Newsmaker General Franco – interesting entry (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

Snaith has nominated a son of Frankel, General Franco, who has been disappointing following after an impressive debut win.

Supplementary entries close at 9am on Thursday 10 October and final declarations must be in by 10am on Monday 21 October.

Race-7 (Turf) R150 000 1600m
For 3 year-olds
No Apprentice Allowance
0 $Turn It Up Harvey (3G) 0 0 A Candice Bass-Robinson
15 Foreign Source (3C) 57 107 AT Alan Greeff
8 Hooves Of Troy (3G) 57 104 A Gavin Smith
9 General Franco (3C) 56 102 A Justin Snaith
16 Yorktown (3C) 56 98 A Brett Crawford
21 #Late At Night (3C) 56 96 A Brett Crawford
4 Viva Rio (3G) 56 93 A Glen Kotzen
13 Cane Lime ‘n Soda (3C) 56 92 A Vaughan Marshall
14 Stopalltheclocks (3G) 56 91 A Justin Snaith
5 Bag Of Tricks (3C) 56 89 A Brett Crawford
28 Sir Caleb (3C) 56 89 A Gavin Smith
6 Justfortheepenny (3C) 56 88 A Nathan Kotzen
17 Hexatonic (3G) 56 85 A Glen Kotzen
22 Amber Tree (3G) 56 82 A Yvette Bremner
11 #Humanitarian (3C) 56 82 a Jacques Strydom
20 Super Silvano (3C) 56 79 A Brett Crawford
27 Bayou Boss (3G) 56 78 A Yvette Bremner
12 Giacomo (3G) 56 77 BAT Alan Greeff
26 Nicalex (3G) 56 75 A Yvette Bremner
10 Lucio (3G) 56 74 A Alan Greeff
24 Gaelic Storm (3G) 56 70 A Yvette Bremner
1 #Nickelback (3C) 56 0 A Yvette Bremner
3 Luna Wish (3F) 54.5 96 A Alan Greeff
2 Brandina (3F) 53.5 94 A Alan Greeff
19 Scarborough Fair (3F) 53.5 94 BA Sharon B Kotzen
7 Glory Days (3F) 53.5 89 A Yvette Bremner
23 Great Achievement (3F) 53.5 78 A Alan Greeff
18 Mistress Of Means (3F) 53.5 77 A Sharon B Kotzen
25 #Evermore (3F) 53.5 0 A Yvette Bremner

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15 comments on “General Franco Could Travel To PE

  1. DEAN DEMONT says:

    Not sure what all the hype is about regarding General Franco?? Is it because it’s out of the wonder horse Frankel? Or perhaps the fact that it won its maiden by 6 lenghts? First of all most of Frankels progeny that run in South Africa are,to say the least , not destined for stardom. Secondly, it beat a very mediocre bunch of maidens out of the Cape season and gets slapped with a MR of 102..?? What a joke,handicappers aren’t giving a horse a proper chance to earn its rating.. Then the horse runs downfield at the odds of 4/10 on. Justin rests the horse, and on its come back run, bookmakers price it up at even money, against hard knocking older horses, and gets beat again into 3rd. I see the MR still hasn’t dropped. Not for one minute am I saying it’s a bad horse, all I’m saying is that I would rather have made headlines reading “General Franco might have found his niche in life,racing in Fairview “

  2. Rob Champion says:

    The weight spread in the Algoa Cup is most ridiculous 68kg to 38kg. Surely 68kgs will be enough for the Marshall yard to turn down running in the race. This is a result of the 10 point hoist in MR across the board. It will be interesting to see the final field.

  3. Jay August says:

    Dean, I am sure Rod Mattheyse would agree with you that Three Two Charlie was quite mediocre when beaten by General Franco. Which begs the question – if GF is over hyped but not a bad horse, what exactly is mediocre?

    1. karel says:

      I looked up the ratings (our SPost ratings!) produced by the first four in the race GF won.
      In order (oldest rating on the left):
      General Franco 99 – 76 – 86
      Three Two Charlie 88 – 88 – 89 – 83 – 98
      Stormin Norman 79 – 74 – 74 – 65 – 74
      Jean’s Man 78 – 82

      It seems to me that GF’s two performances subsequent to his win were no reflection of his winning performance (even if that one looks high)

  4. Jay August says:

    Karel, which begs the next question – what Merit Rating is now considered “fair” for GF and why? If 102 is too high what is correct?

    1. karel says:

      Since the horse has been inconsistent since his first start, we have to wait until he settles and becomes more consistent.
      It’ll sort itself out.
      You cannot force a prediction.
      Nor can you change what went before.
      It has got to stay 102 for now.

  5. Dean Demont says:

    Jay August, ok single out Three Two Charlie, as for the rest, they aren’t going to Hollywood, so therefore my point is the handicapper slapped the horse with a MR of 102, when it wins another handicap, we will then no sooner than later see this horse carrying top weight in almost every handicap from here on in, as a 3 year old,that ain’t easy,unless its Horse Chestnut
    I have seen first time out maiden winners ie..Riverstown win as if it was thrown in the race at the 400m,win easing up and only get a 93MR.. so how do they justify a 102,?? Maybe because the GF is out of Frankel and Riverstown is out of Byword??

    1. karel says:

      102 was a 92 two months ago – then the whole MR base was lifted by 10.
      Where have you been?
      As to your other point, if he wins another handicap with his rating then that rating must be right?

      And to be totally pedantic with semantics: offspring of a stallion is said to be ‘by’, offspring of a mare is ‘out of’.

  6. Jay August says:

    Dean – so what should General Franco’s MR be? If the handicappers erred in their assessment of GF what should that initial Maiden race have been assessed at?

  7. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Karel the 2 yr olds were bumped 5 pts , he was a 97 after his maiden win…. too high

    1. karel says:

      Thanks for the correction. Shows how much I know…

  8. Michael Jackson says:

    If Novice plates (1 time winners only ) and Graduation plates (2 time winners ) with set weights based on benchmark are reintroduced then horses will have about 2 or 3 races to sort themselves out before entering the handicap set-up. But these should be programmed without fail for every meeting (like in the past) then the trainers will start entering their horses in these events. Just like maidens are programmed every race meeting, so too should novice plates and Graduation plates. We will then see an improvement in our racing in the long-term and the rats and mice can battle it out in the mediocre, hard knocking handicaps.

    MR handicaps is a lot of rubbish racing, I prefer watching top class racing with good,improving, young horses competing against each other at fair weight terms. That’s what brings punters to the racecourse and encourages betting. 3 maiden plates, 2 novice/graduation plates and 3 handicaps/features is an ideal 8 race program.

  9. wesnaude1999 says:

    I agree with Michael. Only change I’d like to make to his idea is to have progress plates instead of novice plates.

  10. Geoff Clark says:

    Well said Micheal.Ca only agree with you.

  11. DEAN DEMONT says:

    I know most horses were lifted on average 10 points,some even as high as 15, all I’m saying is that 102 for a maiden winner, and yes beating a mediocre bunch…ie Stormin Normin, which ran 3rd, and is still a battling maiden after numerous attempts since then to exit the maidens.. so in my opinion, he should have been given a MR of 86 and worked his way up. Also to make headlines, as if he is the next wonder horse,just puzzled me. In time he may very well end up a 4 time winner,but until then,he should be given the opportunity to do so, and not get hammered from word go. It’s like throwing a child in the deep end and telling him to swim..

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