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Pools Fluctuation- TAB Explains

Foreign customers are selective

Having been notified of a recent query relating to a significant increase in certain pool sizes, with particular reference being placed on the quartet bet for local racing over the last week to ten days, the tote can confirm that we have seen some pools with a growth over expectation and above the average pool size.

The Phumelela Team have addressed Sporting Post Readers in response to queries about bigger pool sizes in recent weeks.

Reflective Image wins the Gr2 Sceptre Stakes at Kenilworth on 14-01-18

SP reader and lifetime racing fan Philip Goldberg posted recently, observing that  it was interesting how quartet pools have grown of late.

Whereas before, we battled to get R200 000 into a midweek quartet, yesterday, we saw a number of pools exceeding R500000. This has been noticed for about a week now. I would like to hear the operators take on this one (no assumptions been made).

The Phumelela Team write that this is not a new phenomenon and is most commonly as a result of either an increase in interest from a foreign territory/customer or an additional high turnover territory that is added to the group of countries commingling on that specific day or race.

These fluctuations in pool sizes can occasionally be on the back of increased local interest but are generally dictated by the fact that:

1) Foreign customers are selective in the events that they choose to bet on and do not play every race and

2) even though a high volume territory might be commingled into our pools, very often the race will still not get broadcast in that territory due to clashes, race delays, etc. and only the races that make it to broadcast will draw turnover.

However, we are always cognisant of the fact that, what might seem to be a “sudden” change or increase in betting volume, can be seen as a potential indicator of unscrupulous behaviour and, as such, we continue to monitor all events to ensure the validity and source of the turnover and, in addition, our partners in the Isle Of Man continually monitor all betting activity through the international commingling hub to ensure the integrity of all trading.

As the tote is based on a pari-mutuel or pool betting platform, how many customers win in each individual pool has no impact on the profitability or financial position of the TAB.

In the long run, the more turnover or players we have playing into our pools, and ultimately the more winners we have, the better it is for both the tote and our totalisator customers.

Any additional betting activity into our South African tote pools, whether from local or international customers, offers both increased liquidity and the opportunity for bigger dividends to all South African customers and, furthermore, all goes to help fund and sustain our local sport of horseracing and the stakes pot.

Therefore, the tote welcomes all additional betting turnover, audited and monitored as it is, into our pools and can confirm that (and in particular to the instances raised as a concern) we have no suspicion of any illegal or unscrupulous behaviour of any sort in this regard.

As TAB, our mission and goal remains the improvement of the tote product and the growth of turnover in all our pools, while maintaining the integrity of the product and brand to provide equal opportunity to all customers.


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5 comments on “Pools Fluctuation- TAB Explains

  1. Rian says:

    What a load of Horse *** (edited), when were we informed that they bet into our Quartets, can they give details as to when and which countries !!!!!!!

  2. jae says:

    typical liars in horse racing from the operators to the trainers and the jockeys always have ready made explanations for their mishaps

  3. Carol says:

    I had a look at the back ground of the Phumelela management. Not one of them has ever practised as a lawyer. Most of them have had limited employment. None of this bodies well for Phumelela. All of this means that they do not appreciate that should any of their explanations be false, they and Phumelela can be charged with fraud and Phumelela could lose its licences. Clear questions are asked of them to answer and we get piffle and waffle. We never get a straight answer. I suspect that by the time Phumelela publishes anything it has had at least 10 rewrites and during the whole process more and more information is cut.

    I am unable to believe anything that is said by Phumelela. Last Saturday we had a Two million Rand carry over for the Pick 6. The estimate was Eight million Rand. With two minutes to go to start of the Pick 6 , the pool was Four million Rand and I thought that there was no chance of reaching the estimate. While watching and in less than two minutes the Pick 6 pool swelled over Eight million Rand. That makes no sense to me when we are told that with International Comingling it takes about twenty seconds for the foreign money to be shown in our pools. I have never seen a pool jump by Four million Rand in such a short space of time. Not even on July day or the Met. There is no question that something is not right. Since 2009 Betfair has supposed to have been playing into our pools. My guess is that the Betfair pools are going to the Isle of White tote and that totes pools although 50% owned by PGE is not being rerouted into our pools. A proper forensic audit is required.

    By the way, since the arrival of international commingling I have never, until recently, any international commingling into Quartets.

  4. Philip Goldberg says:

    Brilliant. Well said.

  5. Brendon says:

    Why does Phumelela have such difficulty answering these questions? If their management reporting systems include the granular daily analysis of their turnover, margins, pay-out ratios and working capital cycles, their response should be accompanied by some bar graphs that would depict (Rand value):

    1) At a macro-level, the distribution of the net turnover generated by region vs pay-out per region;

    2) Top 20 online accounts and operator terminals that contributed the highest turnover vs the Top 20 online accounts and operator terminals responsible for generating the highest winning tickets into a pool;

    3) Top 20 account numbers and operators that have the highest pay-out ratio;

    4) Between the “soft close” of a race (when the horses jump from the starting stalls) and the “hard close” of the event (circa 50 seconds into the race), which were the Top 20 online accounts and
    operator terminals that processed winning bets; and

    5) Top 20 account numbers and operator terminals that have the highest pay-out ratio to bets placed

    The graphs of points 3), 4) and 5) above will depict a pattern if the internal controls are lacking or some user/s are running a racket. Until Phumelela upgrades its systems to operate on an on-line, real-time basis, the racing public will continue to suspect that there is a level of manipulation of the betting pools and dividends.

    Surely the tote punters have no option but to accept the status quo as Phumelela have bigger issues to prioritise from a survival perspective.

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