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Mind Your P’s & Q’s

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You can’t say what you like anywhere – but more so in horseracing.

Comments made by trainer Lola Crawford during a telephonic conversation with a staff member of the NHRA, where she conducted herself in a manner which might have had the effect of bringing into disrepute the good name of the CEO of the National Horseracing Authority of SA, saw her fined R2500 which was wholly suspended for a period of eighteen months on condition she is not found guilty of a contravention of Rule 72.1.26 during that period.

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Ed – excerpt from the NHRA rulebook



Without in any way derogating from the provisions of the RULES, no PERSON shall:-

72.1.26 behave or conduct himself in such a manner which has or might have the effect of discrediting horse racing or which does or might bring into disrepute the good name of the NATIONAL HORSERACING AUTHORITY, a RACING OPERATOR, any training establishment, the ACADEMY, the STEWARDS or members of any committee of the NATIONAL HORSERACING AUTHORITY or any INQUIRY BOARD, APPEAL BOARD, INQUIRY REVIEW BOARD, the LICENSING BOARD, any OBJECTION BOARD or any RACING OPERATOR or any official of the NATIONAL HORSERACING AUTHORITY or RACING OPERATOR.

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8 comments on “Mind Your P’s & Q’s

  1. HORSE BOSS says:

    So Mr Yeni Will also be fined and fine will be suspended wholly, thats good news for the youngster…

  2. Paul says:

    Some detail would be nice. Was there a Hearing (guilty or not guilty plea)/an admission of guilt signed/etc? I am not seeing this in the NHRA website.

  3. Hylton says:

    This article lacks substance and is a waste of space….. No details of profanity used.
    Vague journalism….
    If you want to write on this game vague reports are of no use to readers ….. does not tickle our tastebuds

    In any event how shall a telephonic conversation privy to 2 people bring into disrepute the name of a person when details of that conversation is not in the public domain.

    Charges may not be relevant to the rule.


  4. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Hmmh, me thinks it was a bad line and the Employee heard

    Caller -Can I please speak to Mr Moodeliar
    Operator – No such person here
    Caller – Can I speak to Mr Wankerstain then
    Operator – This conversation is taped and you just called the bosses a Liar and a *(edited)

    LoL, these things happen …..


    Oh Cecil 🤣 🤣, you been watching to many Quentin Tarantino movies… like I have ?

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    True, yes William 😂

    Have a great day 👍

  7. Pops says:

    Cecil, be prepared when the men in white coats come knocking.

  8. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Morning Pops 😂 Thx for the Heads Up
    Here in The Midlands we are thick skinned though. He he, unless they come with a bus load, I am not scared.

    LOL, even then they might still be out numbered.

    Enjoy your day, Happy Punting 👍

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