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Well Done Stan

Veteran finds the winners

Tellytrack presenters are amongst the Racing Public’s favourite battering rams.

Stan Elley

Stan Elley – eye for a horse

If most of our poster’s comments are to be believed, nobody listens to the presenters and the sound is always on ‘mute’ anyway.

And the presenters can’t win.

If they are too complimentary and kind – a la Brandon Bailey – they get shot down in flames.

If they fall over pronounciations or English – a la Julie Alexander – they get ridiculed.

If they promote their own affiliations and causes – a la (You guess) – they get frowned upon. We have had a few of them over the years.

If they love their horses and admire their coats and pretty manes – a la Vicky Minott – they get replaced.

If they waffle a bit, they are boring.

If they are ex-jockeys with an off-the-wall sense of humour, they get attacked for not having attended the broadcasting college of knowledge – wherever that is.

But when an SP reader drops us a line and asks that we acknowledge Stan Elley, we are only too happy too.

On the Durbanville card yesterday, according to our reader, Stan tipped the first 5 winners and the last race winner as his first choice.

“Not bad, six out of eight” says the former owner who acknowledges the former trainer and a man who really knows his stuff.

Well done, Stan!

There was talk at one stage of Tellytrack monitoring the presenter’s individual performances. This has never been made public.

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41 comments on “Well Done Stan

  1. Savas says:

    Why are they tipping most of them can’t tip a bucket especially Branden what a lot of sh.t comes out his mouth,just talk about the race what trainers say jockey’s but keep your tipping to your self you useless really and iterating, Nadine the only one that is better then the rest.

  2. Dave says:

    I can echo those sentiments and add that I enjoy Stan as a presenter. I had to smile at the article as I too regularly employ the use of the mute button when I hear a Tellytrack presenter !
    However, to build on the string of positive comments, I must add that I appreciate presenters (particularly Fiona) obtaining comments from trainers pre-race (and this is done in other centres too) ……one notable exception however is/was Joey Ramsden 🙂

  3. Chris Swart says:

    The Cape presentation team are leagues above.
    Stan an outstanding horseman and trainer always has a good eye and in combination with Fee present extreme relevance to the public
    It’s not just their opinions – Fee interviewed the Nel yard – double – the Snaith yard and the Crawford yard (before their treble)
    It is very proactive and informative and if you mute this you’re the poorer

  4. Sanjay says:

    I have no problem with the actual presentation and discussion. However, please refrain from tipping because the tips are abysmal. I am amazed at the compliments that are often directed at Stan Elley and what a good horseman he is. Well, unfortunately his track record as a trainer does not reflect similar sentiments. The substantial coverage that Tellytrack gives to the tips provided by the presenters is not matched by the success of this tipping service. A large aspect of horse racing entails statistical analysis of performance indicators. If this was a benchmark, then all the tipsters at Tellytrack should be fired. The Tellytrack producers should rather focus on the activity in the parade ring as well as a full screen view of the horses on parade and during the canter to the start as well as just before the horses are loaded. The air-time given to the presenters should be minimised in preference for the actual event of “horse racing”.

  5. Michael Jackson says:

    I agree that we don’t need the presenters to give us tips. They need to provide information and trainer comments, that’s all. First timers, horses returning from a rest, horses trying a longer trip/ stepping up in class. Don’t analyse the form for us, we are not interested in their personal views, only info gleaned in the parade ring or the training tracks. The in-studio presenters should have even less to say, they are in the same position as us the punters! Waffling on and on and not keeping punters updated of what’s happening oncourse is the biggest frustration.

  6. Nico says:

    Lets be honest, brandon tips 6/8 favourites and half if not more lose. A tipwter should dig form and find value. Sheldon very good, Stan good as well.

    I could do a better job than Brandon. Sadly if you don’t know hoe to study form, you will never be a good tipster

  7. George Ellis says:

    Sheldon Stan and Grant are the tipsters to listen to the rest are a bag of s*** and I think Dees is the worst he tips every horse that shortens

  8. Shanil says:

    Presenters should be from hard core punters. Who tip not according to betting order which frustrates me cos results stats shows results are never according to the order of bookmaker boards .Stats say our presenters cannot even tip a pa let alone a pick 6. UK presenters are passionate about their selection win or lose. We need flamboyant presenters who are enthusiastic and energetic who can sell the game to the public by being brave with their selections and not worry about having egg on their face when they go against the favourite. We get too many false favourites and a good presenter will advise against the price.

  9. Dave says:

    @ Chris Swart – the reference to the mute button was clearly not aimed towards Stan and Fiona – did my comment suggest this ? (It was however aimed at the other presenters mentioned in replies to the original post). If it was, that was not the intent and indeed, the comment was meant to “praise” Stan and Fiona

  10. J J cale says:

    Sanjay you have a short and selective memory and if you rely on the on course commentators to”tip” you winners you should rather take up dominos.They give you their fancies they not telling or asking you to follow them.Do your own homework.As far as Stan’s ability as a trainer unless you had horses in the stable rather not pass opinion lest we think you an idiot instead of knowing you are one.
    In light and love

  11. Pieta says:

    Have to agree with JJ. Stan for me has always had the punter at heart and I’m not sure why his training abilities are chalanged?…..we all make changes in our lives….give the man a break…

  12. krubenn moodley says:

    It’s good to hear the presenters “opinions” but we as punters have to do what needs to be done to chase the money .

  13. Wassir Osman says:

    I made some really good money today just following Deez tips at Hollywoodbets Greyville

    At the end of the day, tipping is an opinionated service that you should use to your discretion – make what you want of it but these guys have their purple patch days and on some days, a day to forget

    That’s racing I guess…

  14. Siva says:

    Stans the top tipster followed by Sheldon and the others are bad.Nadine tips Greefs horses 8 out of 10 times .I suppose her ex boss gives her inside info

  15. Dave Cohen says:

    By all means listen. But at the end of the day, you decide … I remember Martin Locke doing an on course preview at Greyville when Model Man was running his third race. He said he couldn’t see what people saw in this horse … Went on to become South Africa’s first equine millionaire.

  16. Jean says:

    Stan and Sheldon are the two guys I would follow. Not only do they tip their fair share of winners, but also find very good roughies which is useful for trifectas and quartets. I think Tellytrack and on course presenters talk too much about their selections and how beautiful certain horses appear in the parade ring (boring), rather than give the punters information from the respective trainers & jockeys.

  17. Prasheen Harrimohan says:

    Stan tips well but let me bring a name that wasnt mentioned here Lyle Cooper, he tips winners week in week out. And not only favourite horses he tips ten to one’s. Why did Darryl Marree stop tipping 🤔was it because he was good at his job so they got rid of hin

  18. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Mr Elley is a down to earth Gentleman.In general these guys tip better than our soccer and rugby experts. LoL, the latter are experts after the games….

  19. RoyKass says:

    As an amateur and hobbyist, I would like to share my thoughts. I think unsolicited tipping should be banned because they can be misleading, costly and create worry to the punter who didn’t back the tipped horse. Professional tipping can remain as this is an advisory service between the punter and the tipster. Race cards sold by respected publishers have their tips and followers. The forecast betting should also remain as it seems to be a useful guide. For me, the whole idea is to calculate the probabilities independently and look at my score after the meeting. I wonder how the great public tipsters must be feeling when their tips fail and a whole lot of people lose money. This should be stopped.

  20. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    Tomorrow is Tuesday, settling day, and i wonder if Sanjay is going to have his phone on.

    The mere fact that Stan Trained for decades is testament to his ability as a trainer – had many good horses pass through his hands – Messrs Fullard and Drew had particular success with him preparing them.

    JJ Cale did well too – but imagine how JJ well he would have done if he answered his phone!

  21. Richard Smit says:

    Who better to tip but a horseman and Former Trainer.
    Five out of five consecutive correct win bets , who else matched that?

    Picking a winner in a handicapped race, where every horse is merit rated to have an equal chance of winning, is not easy, never has been, never will be!

    I have plenty time for Stan, and others – never met him, only know him watching TellyTrack.

    Nothing wrong in using expert tipster as initial, preliminary guidance, but still far better to do your own handicapping. Then, if you’re wrong, you can only blame yourself!

  22. Molefi lebelo says:

    I hear you folks, you can go left, right, up or down, the fact of the matter the decision is yours as a punter. You take what is good and what is bad you discard. At the end of the day if lady luck is not with you, unfortunate. However, I miss presenters like Shaheen Shaw and Darryl Marree, for Mauritius and local respectively. Or one person to mention , I forget his name, Chinese guys tipping for Mauritius. Darryl was super coming to P/A(local) Shaheen V/B and Chinese guy(sorry for that) banker in Mauritius. I should be a millionaire if this guys still give us service from Tellytrack, please bring them back.
    Thanks molefi

  23. Nico says:

    Brandon Bailey has just said Great Joe has run well to some nice types in the Highveld. Horses record 14-0-0-0.

    Only a mug would back that horse first time on the sand at 19/10.

    A deadful horse in terms of ability at a last chance saloon in the Northern Cape. Why would you tip it as a 19/10 shot?

    Don’t blame the punters for the critisism.

    And nobody is claiming that presenters are forcing punters to back a horse, what are presenters paid for? To talk utter rubbish through a race meeting or to tip proper horses for the public?

    If presenters get to see the horses in the flesh, study form and still tip up dreadful selections, then thats clearly an issue.

    By the way the horses record is now 15-0-0-0

  24. Ebrahim says:

    About time presenters tips get analyzed and public have a right to know of percentage of winners tipped. Thruth be told most of the presenters “Faces” of RSA Horseracing is most uninspiring and fresh faces aught to represent the sport globally

  25. Billy maggott says:

    Don’t forget Dom Zackey who’s play of the day was Turfontein Bipot – – he was out the first four legs.

  26. Niran says:

    Nico ,hahahahahaha . Monday made

  27. anand Chetty says:

    I’m no prude, but cannot believe the crude language and disrespect on this comments section

  28. I’m prepared to put down R 10 000, show my selections for a full month, in whatever format a group of punters would feel is most useful to them, against other tipsters.

    The most important issue would be the format, for example : which scenario, over a month, would a group of punters value as better tipping ?

    1. four races selections, 1-2-3 format – Tipster A gets all winners (8/10, 9/10,12/10 & 15/10) and selects 6 other places ( the biggest starting price of a placed horse = 8/1, then 6/1, 5/1, 4/1, 3/1 & 2/1) and two unplaced selections. Therefore. 4 races times 3 selections = 12 selections in total


    Four races selections, 1-2-3 format – Tipster B gets ONLY 2 winners (7/1 & 9/1) and selects 5 other places ( the biggest starting price of a placed horses = 12/1, then 10/1, 6/1, 4/1, 2/1 ) and five unplaced selections. Therefore 4 races times 3 selections = 12 selections in total

    which tipster, over a month, would you rate as the winner ?

  29. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Tellytrack displays tipsters strike rate and return on a level Rand … hard to tip every race

  30. IAN says:

    If you want a really good laugh, just look at the Free TAB sheets tips on UK racing. Whoever does the tips, just follows the betting, race after race, fav, 2nd fav, 3rd fav etc. Is somebody actually getting paid for doing this…..?


    Correct Rod, then viewers/punters have the following scenario to endure :

    A Presenter is probably obliged to be a Tipster by order of his/her employer.

    The Presenter/Tipster then has to do a bit of his/her own Handicapping/Analyzing.

    The Presenter/Tipster/ Race Analyzer would of course, to some extent, also be a Punter/Bettor.

    The Presenters often fall out of touch with what the viewers demand most.

    The Presenter/Tipster doesn’t know the Punter or the individual Punters style of betting.

    The Presenter/Tipster/Race Analyzer would be guarded as to his/her heart-to-heart comments for fear of upsetting owners/trainers/jockeys & handicappers that they might need to interview a hour later or at stable yard previews.

  32. Richard Smit says:

    I think the true professional gambler punter, must surely be laughing at us all!

    Like the Punter who won the R 3,8 Million, Pick Six not so long ago, placing his bet from one of the Casino’s on the East Rand, with two selected bankers, and multiple (large) selections in the other four races at a cost of only R 2 800.

    Do you think he’d share his winning strategy with us. Highly unlikely!
    More likely, he’ll keep “dead quite” about it!

    You asked who is the BEST or WINNER, tipster / punter?
    Well there you have it.

    It’s the person who makes the most money!

    Doesn’t matter, how many losing bets he has, because that “One marvelous Bet” wipes out all losses, provided he maintained good control over his betting bank.

    A R10 000 bank is not adequately sufficient to play R 2 800 size bets!
    With R 10 000 we can play R 100 – 1% size bets. That’s prudent, keeping us going.

    With the same selection in the above (R 2 800) bet at R 100 we would have made R 135 000

    Best Tipster / Punter = The person from the East Rand Casino, no doubt about it.

    He is not only smiling at us, more importantly, he’s smiling all the way to the bank.

    Makes one think, if we should change our thinking and strategy!!


    I take your point Richard.

    What I was suggesting with the R 10 000 wasn’t a betting kitty but rather that I’ll be prepared to part with a R 10 000, upfront, in some sort of an agreed public formatted challenge but most importantly not over 3 or 4 meetings….

    testing the tipster, over time, against other tipsters.

    You have to give the East Rand winner credit though, he/she did have the balls/bra too select 2 bankers and a little foresight into a possible big payout, perhaps ?

  34. Nico says:

    Maybe it seems as if theres a bias towards presenters, it’s not the case, fully respect tipsters like Deez, Sheldon, Stan.. Why? Because they explain to you why they fancy a horse and you can also make sense of it

    Some of them talk about horses ‘taking a power of beating’

    Telling the viewers the trainer ‘thinks the world of this horse’ where his referring to a horse in a MR62 handicap

    ‘word is this horse works like a bomb back at home’

    ‘the dogs are barking’

    If its not that then they’re trying way too hard to praise trainers/jockeys more than its needed

    All those comments are mugs comments, i personally don’t follow any presenters tips, unfortunately through a day that’s the voice and nonsense i’m forced to hear with the picture, and is irritating

    Mute? That’s not an option, there are important bits to be heard, unfortunately it’s mixed in with the trash.

    P.s i also enjoy a certain commentator with the following line. ‘it will take a good one to beat him’ when the horse is passing the 50metre mark with a 5 length lead.. I’m sure only a good greyhound dog would pass the horse 🙂

  35. Richard Smit says:


    These gamblers are true professionals, which most of us under estimate.
    They are streaks ahead of the normal punter and tipsters.

    They rely on skill, talent, judgement and top class handicapping know how and experience!
    And gut feel, which most of us don’t have. I’m not so sure that courage plays any role in their betting strategy. They know the risks involved, better than us, believe me.

    Its pure and simple, at that level – its a financial investment – based on risk and reward. Much like investing (betting) on the stock market.

    One doesn’t banker 2 races in a Pick 6, with a R 2 800 bet, if you don’t know what you are doing, unless you are stupid enough to throw money away. I don’t think so.

    Also, he knew exactly that there were going to be BIG pools on that specific day, believe it or not.
    It was advertised all over the place – impossible to miss!

    Testing the tipster, is a waste of time, in my opinion. If you think they are useless, its simple. Don’t use them. They’ll soon go out of business.

    I rather spend time developing, practicing, and perfecting my own handicapping skills, and learning from the “true professionals”, (the winners of money, so to say), when and where possible!

    Personally, I use 3 different tipsters, plus 8 to 11, of my own handicapping criteria, all together, horse for horse. I’ve learnt so much from these tips, and from myself, especially the losing bets, analyzed in detail post the race.

    I’m just a normal punter, not a tipster or anything!

  36. david mollett says:

    I fully agree with the comment by Prasheen on Lyle Cooper – here’s a guy who deserves more praise than he gets.
    Lyle has made the move from a golf pro to a very-watchable presenter. He talks clearly and – quite cleverly – if he’s unsure about any particular topic in an interview, he simply doesn’t go that route.
    I have known Stan for years and he must be laughing that – because he had a good meeting tippingwise – it has resulted in so much comment on this website.
    He’s well aware – as I was during my presenting days – that tipping is like a ride on a rollercoaster – lots of ups and downs.
    In my book, Stan’s greatest attribute is his judgement of a horse in the ring. As an ex-trainer, he knows when a horse looks primed to win or not. This is vital information for the punter.
    The comment punters don’t need is what Bonski has to put up with every week. “Yes, he’s got a chance if he doesn’t need the run.” What we really want to hear is “Yes, I worked him on Tuesday and – despite the three months absence – I think he can win.” If that happens, I think I’ll spill my tea!

  37. Richard Smit says:


    Nice to see you back and commenting, hope you are well and happy.
    You were also one of the best – I hope everyone realizes that!

    So, are you going to start a tipping service in South Africa!!!

    Thank you so much for all your past “magnificent” tips.

  38. Kenny says:

    I do not see a need for presenters or tipsters. All I wanna see on tv is the race I’m betting on. The tipping shows featuring Shane and Neil Andrews should be scrapped. I’m still waiting to see the Goodman effect.

  39. Siva says:

    Molly is king of the place accumulater .No tipster could touch him in the pa.
    I also remember many years back Andrew Harrison tipped the winners in all eight races on a meeting.
    He is a very good tipster probably the best in the country

  40. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Siva, I think Andrew Harrison once tipped all 10 winners on a Clairwood Card.

  41. Coddy says:

    All the praises for Stan tipping 6 winners. How many years is he in horseracing and did he achieve that previously. I have been a horse owner for more than 16years and been with many trainers and they themselves can’t get it right. Many of the TV tipsters are rubbish. Do your own study and you will be more successful than the tipster and the trainer. Congrats Stan I hope you achieve that again and people like us can give our negative and positive comments.

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