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Wainstein On Stakes

'We need Fairview and Kimberley...'

The longstanding Racing Association CEO Larry Wainstein has not been vocal in the public domain on the stakes issue since a meeting at Kenilworth Racecourse last month that probably created more uncertainty and confusion.

Julie Alexander interviewed him on the Breeding To Win show on Sunday evening.

Watch the chat here

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15 comments on “Wainstein On Stakes

  1. Christopher says:

    A disappointing interview. Julie Alexander should know better. She let Larry Wainstein babble on and on about nothing. It was boring and failed to give us anything concrete. It was such an uneventful interview that I was mostly distracted by the shiny expensive looking wrist watch that Larry Wainstein was wearing. His tie tells me he has no dress sense. His wrist watch tells me that he loves achieving and spending. We can moan and complain as much as we want about stakes being decreased and a lack of accountability. Time has shown that our complaints will fall on deaf ears. One aspect we all know is that Larry Wainstein was told price sensitive information during a closed period by Phumelela that it may get back the three percent bookmakers levy from the Gauteng Government. This must fall into a possible so-called insider trading scenario. The JSE needs to investigate this disclosure to the RA as the RA is a substantial shareholder of Phumelela shares and so are many members including its directors. When the Phumelela shares closed today, its price went up when considering its announcement of a further extension for finalization of its annual financials, its share price should have tanked substantially. No doubt someone knows something that we do not.

  2. J J cale says:

    Shining rings shining bracelet and Big Ben on his wrist a battler Larry isn’t .

    In light and love

  3. George Ellis says:

    It was a bag of Sh** (*edited) I do not know why I even watched the interview

  4. Cecil Pienaar says:

    This man waffled…. Should have been interviewed by Laff and James…

    In Afrikaans – hyt n klomp k😂k gepraat

    Happy Punting at Durbanville today 👍

  5. Tony Mincione says:

    The current landscape in SA is that no one dares ask a difficult question. What’s worse is that the people in the traditional spots to ask difficult questions are just lovely friends with everybody.


  6. Brian says:

    Ja, Julie was the last person to have done that interview. She, in my view, is far to close to the story and could never be objective and clearly wasn’t.

    Contrite Larry should have been drilled relentlessly.

    Good for a laugh though.

    At least once a week I think about getting back into the game and at least once a week something happens that screams at me, “DON’T” Stay away. That guy is one!

  7. B Steele says:

    It’s tough to ask difficult and hard questions to your indirect paymaster

  8. Graeme says:

    Have the Sporting Post readers considered that Julie may not have said or asked much because she realised that this Sporting Newspaper may have made the best chirp about her in jest and she took it to heart.

    The Sporting Post has previously reported about Julie ###If they fall over pronounciations or English – a la Julie Alexander – they get ridiculed.###

    I agree with the Sporting Post that she is not the most eloquent presenter. After this interview she must be the best church mouse interviewer around.🤠

  9. G says:

    Larry needs to go. Surely there is a total lack of confidence on the part of the RA members.There must be a legal way to remove him? (And others for the that matter) , or someone who has the power to do so.There are enough lawyers on this forum?

  10. Pieta says:

    These two remind me of the old tote couplings.

  11. Donald says:

    Be fair – sharp suit , flash tie and top bling at least give L.W. some credit !


    Oh of course, the number one candidate for the new TV advert for a menswear outlet : Man About Town

  13. Pieta says:

    I know she has a hair and clothing sponsor…..I recon his sponsor with the hair and beard has let the side down…….his clothing? …not sure.

  14. Paul says:

    Looking for a starring role in new Goodfellas movie? May be well suited (and booted)!

  15. Rian says:

    HE getting lots of airtime, but then again so is Malema, both great Leaders (*edited)

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