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Owners – Pay Your Bills!

'NHRA doing nothing'

The scourge of racing and life – not being paid on time.

Paul Lafferty and James Goodman ask why the NHRA aren’t enforcing anything – or doing anything to assist trainers.

“If this show was on Tellytrack it wouldn’t be aired today,’ says James Goodman who adds that the NHRA are one example of a regulator body that wont get off ‘their backsides’.

An interesting chat between two veterans of the game.


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22 comments on “Owners – Pay Your Bills!

  1. George Ellis says:

    Trainers win with our horses.You trainers *** (edit) the owners continually even when the horse is not good you keep on saying how good the horse is and when they do win you trainers get on without the owner

  2. Bayheck says:

    The people working for the NHRA are really nice people who have sheltered employment. I  think sheltered employment  is a wonderful opportunity. It gives jobs to people who otherwise are unable to be employed in  the corporate and commercial world. They have their own skills. They keep their heads down. They look out for themselves and blame others for their or the NHRA’s shortcomings.

    I believe that the power bestowed on the NHR is misunderstood and misused. It is not a 9am to 5pm. They need to regulate. A lot of them do not have the rights skills and ability.

    New rules can easily be introduced to assist trainers. The NHRA does not want change and to stop the the culture of non payment.

    One of the reasons for not assisting trainers is that the NHRA does not want the extra work involved. The NHRA overlooks that it grants colours to owners so that their horses can race. Because it is responsible for dishing out colours, the NHRA should be responsible for making sure that owners make payment of their debts to trainers. If colours had not been granted by the NHRA to the non paying owners, trainers would not have them as bad debtors.

  3. Willem says:

    I agree but the owners is the only one loosing. Surely if the cleint does not pay remove the horses or the horses must then transferd to the trainers. It does not even help to comment on this subject the owners always bites the dust. Make the winning stakes better maybe the owners will get interested again.

  4. Lou Syfer says:

    Passing the buck will never sort the situation out.

  5. Yugen Naidoo says:

    When did Lafferty or Goodman even win a race. Whts their strike rate for ist four? Some owners having contracts that does even have any legality. Does the NHRA check those contracts.

  6. Speedster says:

    Im leaving the ownership game, these days racehorses in mr races cant pay their own way with stakes

  7. Elwin says:

    I agree with the comments made by George Ellis.Some trainers take money from the owners winning stakes towards making a braai for the grooms Without even discussing it beforehand and the affected owner is not even invited to the braai.


    Oh goodness Mr. George Ellis, ? that’s has been going on since the days of BJ Vorster, Picken ‘n Chicken & Squad Cars on a Friday nite.

  9. Extravagantlyhorseracing says:

    I think the NHA should also be charged with:

    Mucking out stables
    Breaking horses in
    Doing the dentistry
    Shoeing of horses
    Maintaining the trainers car
    Paying the Rental of stables
    Paying the feed bills
    Training the horse
    Nominating the horse
    Grooming the horse
    And anything else left out excepting for the post race interview

  10. Tees says:

    If you own horses you got to pay your bills.I will agree though that owners are not given the respect they deserve I have noticed trainers thanking the whole world in an interview and lastly remembering the ones that are faithful to him and pay their bills even the girlfriend’s get a mention before.Nowadays if you have a runner owners must phone the trainer to ask about the horse and most times they dont even return a call.Pay your bills but trainers must respect their good owners.

  11. Brian says:

    I love it! Yes take them on! Tell the truth, tell it like it is.

    Why don’t you do a piece on great rides and bad rides in the meetings. Let’s face it, the best jockey’s make cock ups and you guys can actually tell the difference between a great ride and a bad one

  12. george carlin says:

    you forgot a few items extravagantlyhorseracing

    central allocation of horses by the NHA so that no trainer has more horses than any other
    guaranteed minimum income for all trainers
    free mental health support
    extended sabbaticals to appear as guests on podcasts
    rotation of the best horses annually to allow every trainer to win the biggies

  13. Pops says:

    Yugen Naidoo the trick is at times never to ask a question that you do not know the answer to.
    Lafferty had a winner 4 days ago and Goodman does not train horses.

  14. Cecil Pienaar says:

    ? Elwin change your trainer…

    I guess the only trainer that doesn’t have these issues is St John Gray….

    Interesting topic, well covered last time with Mr Erasmus Jr.

    Nou gaan ons Braai….

  15. Brian says:

    Here’s the thing. I run a business have done for 35 years. Part of it is not getting paid on time.
    Is that right, no. But, it is part of business and, at the end of the day, trainers know what they’re getting into , business, to make money.
    Yeh, there is passion, as I have for my business. But, it comes with risks.

    When I started my bank manager told me, the cheapest form of credit is to push your creditors to 90 days.

    I tried further, man, when the sorry cant supply came up, I made a plan!

    Here though we have animals, horses, live creatures who need to eat. No money no food.

    If you join a club, or it was so in the old days, you didnt pay you didnt get in.

    The Jockey Club. Run by great guys, like the late Ben Jonsonn.

    Now we have the National Horse Racing Authority. Note authority.

    Man they spend their days trying to drum up fines for jockeys trainers and if they could, a fine for horse defication in the parade ring.

    They have no idea what horse racing is about. A bunch of inexperienced, unqualified people who know SH1 t about horse racing

    You cant pay you cant own. We are not talking about a packet of Sumba chips we are talking about a live creature. Gods creature

    So NHA, rather like the people who run PG, why dont you do a favour to all horse racing enthusiasts do you kob or go home.

    Your reasons for not getting involved hold no water

    Not in this instance

    And Trainers, it costs very little to do credit checks on prospective clients, you have rights under common law, use them

    Passion! Great! But you’re still in business. You have options.

    What a great piece though and, yes, Tellytrack would never have covered that.

    What I will also say is that Winning Ways should be more invasive as to the truth of the sport

    Go all the way, discuss useless l
    Jockeys, Horses . Bring it to the surface!

    You can’t Laff, you might be the bext Lola Crawford

    I love winning ways

  16. Lushan says:

    With regards to trainers fooling owners that their horses are champions, it very simple to see, once they hit the race track, 20 lengths behind should be all the evidence one needs, or a 20 time maiden for that matter. its in black and white in any formbook, the horse will tell you how good, he/she is in a race. The thing I do think should be investigated, is trainers who do deals. I have spoken to owners who told me that they don’t pay stabling, or on a 50/50 basis… and this adds to the problem that there are far too many race horses. I’m really glad that my trainer,apart being an outstanding horseman and trained winners from maidens to group 1’s, is honest, and a friend, who puts more value on friendship, than on the owner – trainer relationship. He saved me a packet by honestly telling me that he doesn’t think the horse will do very well early, on in its career, he then assisted me by finding a lovely home for him, the horse is now showjumping, and is loved and well taken care off…


    That’s how it should be, good on you Lushan and good for the happy horse

  18. Pops says:

    When a certain horse was sold to the trainer and a partner the horse won three ,yes three races on the trot.
    When the previous owner was asked why he had sold the horse his reply was “My trainer told me the horse had no more wins in him”
    This horse had not won for over a year before the trainer bought him .After the three wins horse was retire and the previous owner sold remaining horses and got out of racing.

  19. Manny Testa says:

    It’s actually quite simple.

    Trainers should take a 3 month deposit when the horse comes into the yard. That way they can manage their debtors as follows:

    1. If prompt payment is not made by the owner they can let him slip to 30 days.

    2. If the owner slips into 60 days they can taks the horse to the CHCU.

    3. They can hand the owner over and list the owner with the credit bureaux as a defaulting payer.

    4. Other trainers will see the default listed when they do a credit check before accepting a horse from an owner.

    The problem is that most trainers will take any horse from any owner without conducting any widely accepted corporate governance checks.

    They must realise that training horses is a business and if they can’t take care of business the best money they will ever spend is employing a business manager.


  20. Leon Lotz says:

    Not all owners are bad, there are many top professional trainers in SA. Racing to me is all about friendship. Owning a horse is emotional.
    Why would we destroy racing further with all this.Being a farmer I must run my operation myself, who will help me if I dont get paid, Agri SA or TLU???
    Why would we want the NHRA to help collect money .Why would you moan about a trainer giving a braai with your money,it is easy tell him not to. Find another trainer or owner. The NHRA can not be held responsible for bad choices and relationships

  21. Donald says:

    Fully agree with Leon – trainers must do their own due diligence / risk analysis in conducting and running their business – the NHRA is there to police and licence horse racing and not to collect bad debts !

  22. Frans says:

    I find it amusing that certain trainers ( and ex trainers ) seem to think that the NHRA should take responsibility for managing trainers bad debts !

    A fact of life is, that there are risks in running and managing ones’s own business – not just enjoying the fruits thereof. The problem with too many trainers is that they are NOT qualified to run an own business but nevertheless expect to live the life of their wealthier and more successful owners. No one forces a trainer to take an owner and/or his horses in – they just see the short term gain! A horse to fill a stable and to generate margin on.

    There are too many DISHONEST and UNSCRUPULOUS trainers who take advantage of the naivety and inexperience of owners. How often as owners have we heard trainers regurgitate :

    – the horse looks special ( ignore the fact that he he has crooked legs and can barely look over the stable door)
    – the horse needs time (ignore the fact that he has already been with the trainer for 2 years)
    – the horse has a had little set back ( ignore the fact that the vet bills suggest he is barely alive)
    – the horse is working like a champ ( ignore the fact that when the horse finally runs he finishes closer to last than first)

    Too many trainers seem to think that they and a select few punting friends are entitled to “get on early” and that the owner should be happy if he gets SP!
    More often than not, in a post race interview, the trainer either fails to acknowledge the owner or simply refers to him or her as “the owner”.
    How many trainers charge commission for selecting a horse(s) on behalf of owners? Too many! More often than not a deal was done with farm before the sale at an inflated purchase price.

    On top of all of this too many trainers seem to think that if an owner accepts a purchase offer, for a horse in training , that they are entitled to a “chop”of 10%.( In lieu of forfeited future stake earnings and/or training fees?) What a load of codswallop !!

    The owner takes ALL THE RISK! Wake up and smell the coffee!

    And now, with the racing operator mismanaging its affairs, an owner has to accept a a reduction in available races and stakes.

    I have no sympathy for trainers – they should stop whining and get their acts together.
    This game is not for sissies!

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