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Travel Logistics Force Feature Postponement

Big sales feature moves to 14 December

Hosts of this Friday’s Cape Ready To Run Sale, Cape Thoroughbred Sales have announced that they have made a very broadly considered decision to postpone the R2,5 million CTS Ready To Run Stakes, rostered for Saturday 23 November, to a slot on the Cape Fillies Guineas raceday at the same venue on Saturday 14 December.

The decision, made after extensive deliberation and consultation with stakeholders, follows a case of African Horse Sickness  reported in the Nietgedacht area of Gauteng early this month.

Durbanville gallops (Pic – CTS)

This case placed restrictions on horses travelling from Randjesfontein, thus impacting directly on trainers Sean Tarry and Mike de Kock’s logistics to get their horses to Cape Town in time for the big race on Saturday.

Not only did the movement restrictions affect 6 of the 22 entries in the race, effectively 30% of the horses entered, but 7 of the top 10 horses, by merit rating, are Johannesburg-based, with 5 of those stabled at Randjesfontein.

Cape Thoroughbred Sales CEO Wehann Smith said that the decision to postpone the big feature three weeks was ‘certainly not taken lightly’.

This particularly given the hype and interest generated by the R2,5m stake involved, and the fact that the 2019 CTS Ready to Run Sale is scheduled, with convenient good reason, for Friday 22 November, i.e. the day before the originally scheduled race date.

Wehann Smith – tough call to make

“When we sat down to look at the numerous considerations and what is in the very best interests of the majority, we had to accept that there was also going to be an element of  inconvenience. We know that our clients would have made plans for the scheduled Sale-Raceday weekend well in advance, and fully understand that this postponement could cause some inconvenience.”

Smith added that, given the nature of the race, in that it was restricted to buyers at the 2018 CTS Ready to Run Sale, they felt that the overriding concern was to do everything possible to ensure all buyers had the very best and fair chance to have a runner.

“This could also only happen without the move prejudicing any horses, both in terms of preparation for this race, and of course for their broader goals for the rest of the season. We consulted with all trainers with entries in the race, and the balance of opinion was overwhelmingly in favour of rescheduling. This was particularly the case for the Cape-based trainers, who were as one in their support of the move. I believe this show of support is a genuine acknowledgement of their willingness to welcome the up-country trainers for the season – and that ultimately being in the best bigger picture benefit to racing in the Cape,” he added.

Smith closed by saying that he wished to reiterate again that this decision was not taken lightly and that he and his team can only hope that all stakeholders appreciate the bigger picture dynamics at play.

“On behalf of all at CTS I would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused, and I hope we can count on your support.”

  • Press release published by Cape Thoroughbred Sales on Monday 18 November 2019

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19 comments on “Travel Logistics Force Feature Postponement

  1. Pops says:

    Who is running Kenilworth Racing? The sponsors? Chris van Niekerk? Phumelela? Just anyone that has money?
    Is this even possible?

  2. Jay August says:

    Pops, if you were sponsoring a non pattern and restricted R2.5m event would you not want some say in the date and time of the running of the race in order to maximise the ability of all runners to race. Is this really an issue?

  3. get real says:

    6 of 22 horses or 30%, since when is that the majority. Or must the prize money go to de Kock or Tarry

    1. Editor says:

      Get Real, surely the idea is to get every owner who bought a horse at the 2018 sale a fair chance to run?
      CTS had to make a call – they say the Cape trainers supported the move

  4. Pops says:

    So can the Chairman of Vodacom postpone the Vodacom Durban July the Monday before the race because four of his runners cannot make it to Durban

  5. Pops says:

    Editor, do you think if two small stables/owners had three runners between that could not make it to Cape Town and these three horses were bottom of betting boards.
    But Tarry with 4 of Van Niekerks runners and De Kock’s óne runner were in Cape Town ready to run on the Saturday,would we be saying—
    surely the idea is to get every owner who bought a horse at the 2018 sale a fair chance to run?
    Do you think de Kock and Tarry would wait 3 weeks with their runners?.

  6. Jay August says:

    Pops, you miss the point entirely and your reasoning is unsound. The Durban July Handicap is a pattern race with a unique history. The CTS race exists entirely because of the sponsor. Were the sponsor to withdraw tomorrow the CTS sales race would not exist, while the July would run on, sponsor or no sponsor.

    Speculate as much as you want but get the logic right.

  7. jack says:

    well put Jay

  8. Rian says:

    Hats off to everyone concerned, Cape racing needs the summer season to to show off its strength and beautiful City and have always loved rubbing the Jhb boys noses in the turf, and the horses normally go back looking pictures of health
    Cant wait for the visitors to arrive so we can defend whats rightfully ours

  9. Nico says:

    Good lord, whats the big issue here, we cry that our racing industry is sinking.. Postponement is only doing good, which is being fair to all. De Kock//Tarry/Van Niekerk did not cause the issue, it’s in the best interest of all owners/trainers to postpone and give everyone a fair shot.

    You cry when we are sinking, yet you encourage or babble with actions that will only sink us even further.

    You can’t have your bread buttered on both sides, we should think before posting nonsense..

  10. Israel says:

    I side with Pops and get real.

    Last weekend, the Greyville Tutf meeting had to be moved to the Greyville Polytrack.

    It’s common knowledge that the Greyville Polytrack can only have 12 runners in each race.

    Because of the change of surface, Gold Circle eliminated horses which were carded to run on the Turf and which the owners and trainers wanted to run on the Polytrack.

    Race 2 no 4 Sing Along
    Race 2 no 14 Sparkling Suzy
    Race 4 no 6 Summer Day
    Race 4 no 7 Wisp of Glory (Aus)

    The owners and trainers whose horses were eliminated had to suffer their fate like trojans.

    IMO Phumelela should not have allowed the date of the race to be changed.

    AHS has been a problem for decades. Those JHB horses affected by the outbreak must suffer the consequences like soldiers.

    With this diabolical decision, the next thing we will hear is that the race is postponed because one of the JHB horses is lame. What if horse ABC in CT is ready to race on the original date but after the date it hurts itself so that it cannot run on the postponed date. Is it fair to the CT owner and trainer? What about the training programmes of the CT horses. Is it fair to the CT owners and trainers for their horse’s training programme to be messed up?

  11. Jay August says:

    Israel your objectivity is about as clear as your inability to use your real name. Sounds like a Brendon type comment to me. Your logic is badly flawed and irrelevant in the context of this date change.

    But carry on building little straw men – let me not stop you in your pursuit of absurdity.

  12. Israel says:


    You post under a pseudonym as I do.

    I believe in my take on the subject. You can have a different view point.

    You do not have to attack me or suggest I post elsewhere.

    You are an arrogant ***** . You may have knowledge but you are not necessarily right.

    1. Editor says:

      Israel, Jay is for real

  13. Jay August says:

    Israel to paraphrase you – get real!

  14. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    This stinks of “elitism” you should hear the conversations at street level. Say what you like but this is a first anywhere in the world. Isreal your points are valid, don’t worry about the NHRA/ Phumelela “cheerleader” ( i see their are a couple now )…..This would never happen if it was horses from PE or a “minor” stable….simple. Its the two rule system…”do as we say, not as we do”…..

  15. Brendon says:

    If you have read this piece and then asked yourself whether CTS is it more than a “sales company” that is sponsoring the race, then you are on the same wave-length as me. One gets the impression that the sales company has taken on the role of the operator for this event and also the PR and marketing company for the operator?

    Has the operator issued a statement regarding the postponement of the event and what processes its followed? Surely, CTS should not be making statements about the operator’s business and vice versa. Some of the statement quoted (of Mr. Wehann Smith) should be unpacked by the cheerleaders insofar as:
    (i) “This could also only happen without the move prejudicing any horses”
    (ii) “We consulted with all trainers with entries in the race”

    It is not CTS’s business nor should it be allowed to contacting/consulting the trainers regarding their ENTRIES FOR THE RACE. Its not their business. However, contacting the trainers to inform them that the CTS sale dates remain as scheduled is their business. The statement in (i) above is so ridiculous that no comment is required.

    So the cheerleader that throws a whole lot of irrelevant facts about a pattern vs non-pattern race and a whole lot of data point, never seems to get the gist of their what is being communicated in the piece but spends and inordinate amount of time on the psychoanalysis of the bloggers to conclude on their flawed logic and thoughts.

    It may just be me that does not get your analysis of “data” and “data points” in a way that is useful to me. It may be because your knowledge and useful “data” and “data points” are being overshadowed by you making too many “WHERE THE SUN DOESN’T SHINE POINTS” and you know exactly where those points belongs. So, keep it real and give us YOUR VIEWS not on another bloggers logic but on your take of what is communicated in the piece published by SP.

  16. DavidS says:

    The clique in action,,, they do as they please, the game belongs to them,, all the soldiers in the right places,, foward the dirty dozen

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