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EU Agree To Audit

Light at last?

The European Union (EU) has agreed to an audit of South Africa’s bloodstock export protocols and has committed to announce the date of the audit in the next few weeks.

This follows South Africa’s long-standing efforts to get the restrictions on bloodstock exports lifted by the EU.

The South African Equine Health & Protocols (SAEHP) stated recently that all SA’s disease control measures were in place, that they were of a world-class standard, and in fact exceeded all of the EU’s disease control requirements.

Horse ExportHowever, an impasse occurred because of a trade dispute between the EU and South Africa over poultry, and the EU for several months held firm that no audit regarding horses will be forthcoming while poultry exports to South Africa were closed after the 2017 Avian influenza outbreak.

In a message to Adrian Todd, CEO of SAEHP, the Chief Director of Trade Negotiations, International Trade and Economic Development Division (ITED), Niki Kruger, wrote: “We had a follow-up meeting with the EU yesterday (Monday). The EU confirmed that they will come to do an audit. They will confirm the date within the next few weeks but it will definitely happen. We requested that the audit happens as soon as possible.”

Todd commented: “This is great news, we are almost there. The way everybody in South Africa came together to address the African Horse Sickness case reported near Randjesfontein last week, our movement controls, and the moving of the Ready To Run race showed how effectively we can deal with these issues and this would’ve made an impression on the EU.

“This is an example of what can be achieved by working together. We are delighted, and credit is due to the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for having worked so hard to get us to this stage. Our thanks and appreciation also to the EU for separating the poultry and equine issues.”

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13 comments on “EU Agree To Audit

  1. karel says:

    Why is it always TurfTalk that gets the first bite at protocol news? What happened to more widely circulated press releases, Mr Todd, Mr Goss? Is it because Turf Talk has important sponsors to the site?

  2. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    (*Edited)….. Who is the “EU” ? …..sounds like a monolithic soviet era entity to me….I trust no one in this whole saga on the “EU” side. I see how the “EU” works, it’s as corrupt as any socialist government that has ever existed. Nasty entity. now dealing with our “nasty” entity. I know I will be told to be positive but I know where this is all going……if I am wrong then good luck to the “men with many hats” who will make a fortune out of this new “exciting path forward” ( who benefits at street level ?) The EU is the epitome of “elitism” under the guise of centralised control ( for a select few )…..How are those P6 carryovers going ?

  3. david mollett says:

    Brussels strikes twice – first an agreement on Brexit and now news of an audit date. One has to applaud Adrian Todd. His detractors said he’d got more chance of climbing Everest, but he insisted “I’ll get this deal over the line.”
    New export routes can only be described as the perfect Xmas present for SA breeders.

  4. davidS says:

    Aaah Turf Talk,, good man Charl, one of the SA best racing journalists in shackles and gagged by the dirty dozen

  5. Susan says:

    I dont know in what world Mr Todd is living, but if he thinks we all stand together in the fight of AHS he is definitely on a different planet. After years of the AHS test being offered free, it all of a sudden has a price tag of R500 this year. Easy way to reduce the AHS cases on paper. We have a vaccine that is more outdated than a telegram, has priven to be inefficient and the powers that be are not interested in vaccines from other countries (dead vac I might add) as it will hurt their pocketz too much.

  6. Llynnduplessis says:


  7. I find it strange that in so many of the posts about the much anticipated opening of direct exports to Europe – that there are always those who seem to think that this is something that is only going to benefit the ‘big’ (i.o.w. “rich”) players (owners) in the sport!

    Good horses – as all of us who have been in the game for years (or decades) know – come from anywhere … the number of cheaply bought yearlings who have become top performers for small owners and trainers are too numerous to detail here. That R30,000 yearling (for instance) that goes on to win his debut and next couple of starts for a lucky (‘small time’) owner IS going to be sought-after by overseas buyers if they know that they can export quickly and reasonably without losing almost an entire season of a young horse’s racing career (as is currently the case).

    More international owners will be attracted to South African racing with the knowledge that if they do ‘hit the jackpot’ with a top horse, that they will be able to campaign it overseas without the restrictive hurdles and delays currently in place.

    In due course, hopefully, we’ll be in a position to hold ‘International’ races in the country – attracting new sponsors to the sport; and good horses ‘raiding’ (for want of a better word) from overseas – all of which will attract more people into racing, not only as participants but also from the spectator aspect. All of this will have a ‘trickle down’ effect positively impacting on the pockets of all trainers; owners; jockeys; grooms; breeders; stud farm workers; etc.

    Anybody who fails to see the benefit to everybody in the entire South African breeding and racing industry from the direct export of horses to Europe (and then, hopefully, elsewhere as well) is definitely wearing ‘full cup’ blinkers!

  8. Muhtiman says:


  9. Anton Marx says:

    Alistair, i fully agree with you, this can only be positive for everyone

  10. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    You just said it……”trickle down effect” are you kidding me !……this is exactly what is wrong with SA racing….top down. Why are you not looking after the grooms already ? How much will the horses be when the “international elites” turn up ? which they will in their droves…..what trickle down effect. ?…SA racing has done nothing. It suits a certain crowd and thats all……This is all the Phumelela’s and the “men with many hats” are waiting for while the small owner eats cake and the punter gets lottery. Where will our bankers go ? Hawwam, Do it again ? gone in a flash to go collect the lucrative pounds, dollars, Euro etc…..Its how the global elite work, its how Phumelela was set up with Jooste. I heard it in this paper…”Boutique racing”. Yes it will be great to see the “Enables of this world arrive” but how much will they run for and how much will the entrance be ?? ( we are already seeing preferred treatment for the 2.5 gazillion race )……We are not stupid at street level. We can see…..It will not be inclusive…..it will be exclusive with the spectacular feature days ( we already have the template ) while the bubble gum lottery racing during the week will keep feeding the “elite” days…..6 trainers, 6 owners, 6 tracks. So what if you have been in the game for years ? so have we…..Top down….eyes wide open…

  11. Cambridge Dictionary definition of “trickle-down” …. “used to refer to a situation in which something that starts in the high parts of a system spreads to the whole of the system”.

    Sounds right to me!!!

  12. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    How is the country run ? How does SA racing work under Phumelela….? show me the trust….you really think there will be a “trickle down” ? because so far thats not how anything works during this whole process with no information, no forward movement….chickens and horse ? WOW !!….crumbs under the table is how we see this, while they feed themselves stupid. There is nothing to show us that the perception and the reality is any different….nothing. Of course I want to see SA racing all over the world but don’t kid us. look around you and tell me what makes us believe anything from the ANC or Phumelela ( NHRA ), the pattern of distraction, smoke and mirrors, obstruction, delay’s for years tell us one thing and one thing only…….Perception V reality…I know exactly what “trickle down” is meant to mean.

  13. Rian says:

    Just like the Queens Plate mentality, only for so called First Class

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