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No Rush

'Grade 12 marketers could do a better job'

Saturday’s Jockey Challenge is a good example of how our half-baked racing administrators don’t look after sponsors or create any genuine hype around any event for the racing public.

Puzzled writes in the Sporting Post mailbag that we are almost 24 hours after  Hayley Turner wrapped it up.

The racing it’s a rush website carries no news of the event.

There are no pics anywhere – other than one posed shot on Facebook.

Pic from RIAR FB page

Some of us work on a Saturday – we missed it.

Where are the pics of the lovely Hayley Turner signing autographs for an excited Joe Public , or the international team celebrating victory by spraying champagne and showing their delight? What places did they visit? What do they feel about our country? Or is it just a  private party?

Tabnews have a short report giving the scores – yet don’t even refer  to the sponsors – they call it the International Jockey Challenge.

I saw the Sporting Post lead in story – it says it was called the World Sports Betting International Jockey Challenge supported by Sun International and Air Mauritius.

I would love to hear what World Sports Betting, Sun International and Air Mauritius feel about the ‘hype’ associated with their event – whatever they coughed up for it.

In this age of social media, news is now – on Monday when somebody works up the energy to issue a statement, it’s stale – we are interested in something else.

My son is in Grade 12 – as a marketer, he could do a better job.

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4 comments on “No Rush

  1. Ralph Fell. says:

    In the build up to the event WSB flighted an ad. on Tellytrack encouraging patrons to witness the ‘ best racing jockeys’ in the world. I found the ad. amateurish. ‘Puzzled’ asks relevant questions which require a response, although ‘Puzzled’ might die waiting. In well over two decades in the industry it was apparent that many employees, in most sectors, were passengers who were recruited through nepotism and being a friend of a friend. It appeared to be ‘the last chance saloon’ for a large percentage of them. Passion was nonexistent and the goal was payday. Questions need to be posed about the relevance of Racing It’s a Rush’ my perception being that it is staffed by clueless ‘passengers.’ The profligacy continues unabated.

  2. Shalandra says:

    Hi guys. Relatively new to commenting but this is really a good point for sponsors and something that bothers me. I watch Tellytrack and the mileage given to sponsors is shocking. No wonder the industry struggles to attract new brands. There are hardly proper interviews for brands or they are cut off or the presenter doing the interview has not researched anything about the sponsor. Really sad that no one gives this attention. I also searched to see all the magic from the jockeys challenge and found nothing.

  3. James King says:

    The scoring system, which was going to determine the event winners, was only released (decided?) on Friday event. The whole event was handled extremely poorly.

  4. Mboni says:

    I counted 4 England jocks from a total of 6 “internationals”. This cannot be an international jockeys challenge but SA vs England.You could say the pommies wanted revenge after what we did to them in the RWC!

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