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All The Racing Tires Me Out!

A plea from the Karoo

Some days I watch racing and  take bets on my telebet account.

Today I had a pretty good day – backed the winner in the first race at Hollywoodbets Greyville. Paid R50,30 for a win and R6,60 for a place.

I followed Warren Kennedy, and so on.

Leon Lotz writes in the SP Mailbag that sitting in the Karoo, he watches Tellytrack and has a bet on what  he sees.

My opinion though is that there are just too many races all over the place.

Instead of enjoying it  and looking at our South African horses and racing it is interrupted by overseas racing.

This causes complete frustration and it becomes a brain drain – so tiring every day.

I want to listen to interviews of our trainers and jockeys,focus on our SA horses cantering down and take an enjoyable bet. But this is just not possible, as there is just too much racing at the same time.

So instead of taking a R200 bet,  I spend R50.

Halfway through the day I just walk away because I am frankly too tired to watch.

Maybe there are more people like me? If not, I am just a 4 or 5 race person.

Ed – The www.tellytrack.com facility offers a clean SA feed for a subscription – that may work for you, Leon?

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11 comments on “All The Racing Tires Me Out!

  1. Ken van Der Merwe. says:

    This sounds like a good idea for Leon and a few others.

  2. Leon Lotz says:

    Streaming simply does not work, the signals in the area just to bad,we tried weekend to follow ready to run sale,more off than on.Is the subscription free or do one have to pay for it.
    Why not let people look at oversea racing on SA feed and let us enjoy SA racing on wat is ours?

  3. Leon Lotz says:

    I see there is a subscribtion fee. No,I already pay dstv,trainers license,colours,vet fees ,wifi😅. The signals just to bad. See it is a given, Phumelela you loosing my small contribution.Lots of breeders here and they do not bet. Come visit us also.

  4. Selvie Chetty says:

    I totally agree with you Leon …I infact don’t punt as much as I use to …cos there is to much interuption caused with all these overseas races ….many of my friends are also very upset about this ….I reallhope this stops or have a different channel for overseas races and leave ours alone so that we can follow .

  5. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    The Aussie exacta’s keep me on my toes first thing and you need to follow the betting very carefully, they pay well even with favs and you can build your pot up for the day if you play your cards right. This lets me Play my exotics for the day ( if I win ) I only play P6’s mainly so usually lose out as I cant be on hand to cover my bets when all the favourites change after exotics have gone off, a perception of insider trading but thats racing I suppose. I just stick with jockey trainer, scratchings and anything obvious in the form. Trainers comments are always a help and the intermittent chats can be frustrating, it’s funny how they have no idea about the “bombs” ? ( I mention later ) I don’t do fields ( except features, I hit those hard, form works there ) I do my Jackpots for overseas and follow the betting there as well as using ATR. The quick mixes and blitz are just too much hard work and hardly payout any way…..carryovers so no point, they take enough of my money already. I enjoy having the racing on in the evening as I can study and follow but not so easy ( i know mates are at the tracks ). I could watch the whole day but when I just watch all my horses come in !! ???……choose your moment and go for it, that’s what I say, it sounds like you did !!! Your first money was spent on a horse with absolutely no form whatsoever or backing at any time, I have no idea how people do that ? or how a horse wins like it did at 50/1 A pure 1000m sprinter ? lets see. One thing I do know is to go hunt that trainers horses down for the rest of the day….one of them will pop up again, thats a given, those magical doubles and trebles with 20/1 + amazes me ( Noemi…2.40 a place… I could not find Je Nes Sais Quoi !?? dammit ( nice win place double but it confirms my point, the one horse you did not expect to win from the stable !?? 10,20 win onto 4,80 place, thats big !…nice one, could have been a lot more )…one leg out….here is a number tip, always put the 7 in the second last leg of the P6…its amazing how many times it comes, I had 3 bankers come in and still missed……Je nes sais comment !………………….I only use DSTV… Teletrack is a busy service but pretty comprehensive……….Leon there is satellite internet ? I suppose thats what you have ? it is reliable and to have a clean SA feed is a cost. I suppose the benefits for the many outweigh the few…( Teletrack should be free ? but thats another story )….

  6. Brian says:

    I got rid of dstv years ago. I live stream as well with tellytrack on the clean feed.

    It does have its days with buffering and that but generally good.

    I also live miles from civilastion in racing terms

    I have to agree though there is too much, for me, but I just choose based on the fields

  7. Cj Aucamp says:

    Leon got a point.
    I am one of the smaller owners. I pay my stable fees and I punt when there is something promising and in the process I make a little bit of money. I live in the Vaal Triangle and don’t always have time to go to the Vaal or Turffontein due to businesses commitments.
    To support me in my decision it is a must for me to seemy local choices in the ring and going out to the start. Unfortunately this is not happening on TV. Three weeks later when horse X is running again I read in the Computaform, if available, that horse X was not striding out.
    Bottom line, SA horseracing is busy loosing the smaller owners and punters who are loosing interest in the game due to overseas racing on TV robbing us from seeing what we want.

  8. Mac says:

    Channel 239 is a casino for gamblers affording them the next quickest punt. It is not a channel for racing aficionados.

  9. Andre says:

    I see there are objections to the overseas racing. This I quite understand …. but if you follow the overseas racing you’ll notice that very few horses race there “needing a run” or “should prefer further” like our horses regularly do. Why is it that horses in England frequently return from a rest and run exceptional races? Yes they also have mediocre horses, but their mediocre horses will run rings around some of our average to sightly above average horses. Proof —– just look at how some of your brilliant horses have failed badly in the UAE, USA and Europe.
    The second run after a rest syndrome also only applies in SA. A horse “having its peak run” …. what a lot of bull. Every run should be at its peak. Don’t run it if it isn’t fit or distance suited.
    My feeling is that our trainers, with the exception the Tarry’s, Drier’s, de Kock’s, Peter’s, Snaith’s for example, haven’t got a clue of the well being of their horses. They just enter them and run them in the hope of running a place with the off-chance that they could maybe even sneak in a win.

  10. Shanil says:

    Agreed too much racing especially French racing that no one wants hence pools are dismal. Aussie racing is fairy fair and profitable. Good start to build your capital. The success of the Quick mix which is my favourite bet suggests punters enjoy the mix of international racing. Like I said before there are virtually zero odds on horses in our local racing that can excite the punter unlike international racing. Always exciting to have a punt or bet against an odds on favourite.

  11. PL.NEL says:

    As a owner and small time breeder it’s terribly frustrating to view my horses on teletrack. The brief viewings pre and post of actual race is often missing due to poorly managed intermingling of often very small turnover overseas racing.
    This format is hurting racing as it lacks in a proper buildup of excitment, information and certainty does not assist the owners and breeders that have horses racing in other centers to view or promote the sport. This needs to be a full package, not a hooffarted half show.

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