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‘Somebody’s Lost The Plot’ – De Kock

Summer Cup panel discussion for rebroadcast

The Summer Cup panel discussion aired live on Tellytrack on Wednesday evening at 19h15 is due to be broadcast again on Thursday and Friday evening on the racing channel.

Hawwaam – see how he dominates the SP best rated charts on page 26 of today’s SP Digest (Pic – JC Photos)

Tellytrack CEO Colleen Goodman kindly confirmed the broadcast times to the Sporting Post.

Mike de Kock, who holds a strong hand, was at his jovial best on the panel, which was chaired by the smooth as silk Clyde Basel and included Sean Tarry and Gavin van Zyl, together with jockey Gavin Lerena and brand new bloodstock agent, Gabi Soma.

De Kock’s quote of the week included a reference to the honour and privilege of having three horses rated 131 and above in his yard.

“That’s fantastic – but I think it actually means that somebody has the lost plot somewhere,’ he chirped.

De Kock was, of course, referring to Soqrat (133), Barahin (131) and Hawwaam (131).

Have you read the latest SP best ratings, published weekly and on page 26 in today’s Digest?

It suggests that the classic 3yo’s have some way to go to catch up on the impressive Hawwaam.

Read more by clicking on the image below

The Summer Cup panel discussion, a worthwhile watch, is broadcast this evening at 21h30 and at 22h00 tomorrow on Friday evening.

Otherwise get it on www.tellytrack.com

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9 comments on “‘Somebody’s Lost The Plot’ – De Kock

  1. Chris Swart says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard worse sound than the streaming today

    No live chat – clearly resources are being cut left right and centre when you don’t get the courtesy of a reply

    If anyone has lost the plot it is Tellytrack and I won’t be paying for this any longer

  2. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Gabi Soma, well spoken confident young man 👍

  3. SEAN SLABBERT says:

    How is Enable international horse of the year and twice winner of the Arc rated 131 and in SA we have horses rated above that.

  4. Jay August says:

    SEAN, can you imagine John Moore’s consternation at training Beauty Generation, rated 136 (was previously 138) in Hong Kong!? The HK handicappers have really lost the plot on this one. Look it up for yourself if you think I make this stuff up – horse number V380 – Hong Kong Jockey Club.

  5. Jonathan Harris says:

    Deduct 10 points from SA horses.

  6. Warren Grobler says:

    Don’t forget,the 10 point MR hike had nothing to do with the top end of the ratings scale,it’s all about solving the issues at the lower end of the handicaps.

    The real agenda will eventually play itself out,but don’t hold your breath,the Jooste saga took 20 years to unravel.

  7. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    Electric Unicorn was 138 back in the 2000’s….I think it’s a distraction to mention Honk Kong racing when we are dealing with the obvious malaise called SA racing ( Warrens point is well made ) which is blatantly obvious by the comments of at least two of the panel and most probably all of them and the comments here….but who would dare ask the main protagonists whats best when we have extremely well paid people in very high positions which obviously gives them the knowledge of what is best the moment they get that position no matter the experience or lack of should I say……..It must be a work in progress, those extremely well paid jobs are vital to keep the show on the road….or off the road should I say. Queen Supreme will come from the clouds……

  8. Zietsman says:

    Guys , please put into calculations the 6 points and then 10 points hike in merit ratings. Take that 16 points off current ratings and you will find them close to international accepted ratings.
    RSA have just like any other country their own unique ratings but their is a international accepted rating done by handicappers from different countries combined

  9. jae says:

    we have over rated cracks running here when last did a south african horse win a group race abroad its been a long time

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