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Apology From Racing Broadcaster

Summer Cup sponsor shown incorrectly

Tellytrack has  humbly apologised to all the sponsors of the Gauteng Chris Gerber Summer Cup, proudly brought to you by Bidvest, for the supply of the programme guide information to MultiChoice and the subsequent display thereof on the i-plate.

Last year the sponsor was G-Bets but apparently an earlier sponsor – Sansui – was shown on Saturday.


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8 comments on “Apology From Racing Broadcaster

  1. Tony Ridgway says:


  2. Lynne Hampson says:

    Oh my word! Good Sponsors are hard to come by and then to secure them is another hurdle.
    This error is unacceptable! How on earth did this slip through the system?
    This would have been a case of instant dismissal!
    Unacceptable from someone who has had the privelege of dealing with top class sponsors for more than 30 years! Heads need to roll!

  3. Jamtin says:

    Nothing will roll. Just accept it, it’s the way the whole country is going!! No one is responsible for doing their jobs anymore! Employ anther person to check that this person do his or her job. I am so “gatvol” of incompetence every where one turns!!

  4. davidS says:

    hahahaha ,, if it was an unfriendly head then it would have rolled but i think nothing will roll anywhere as the clique seem to have all the yes men and women in place and so all is ok ,, protected species, jobs for family and friends only, they fire whoever does not grovel and agree, heard it said that respect is gained when you are known as a firer

  5. Johan Marais says:

    Glad you all so perfect

  6. Anthony says:

    Well said

  7. Elizma van wyk says:

    Guys… This is Elizma. I want to became involve in riding race horses.. Working rider or jocky.. I have 15 years experience. Everywhere I ask I hear horse racing is in the red.. Sorry.. I do not believe that fot one second.. Please can someone help me to live my dream..
    email: [email protected]

  8. DavidS says:

    Its not about just this and it’s not about been perfect it’s about some earning so much that there is no need for doing their job, also when positions are handed out to friends and the game is run by a clique that the game ends up being destroyed,, so that’s the bigger picture

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