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Unprofessional Conduct – Fourie Suspended

Has the right of appeal

The National Horseracing Authority confirms that at an Inquiry held in Port Elizabeth on 20 December 2019, Jockey Richard Fourie was charged with a contravention of Rule 58.10.2 (read with Guideline M).

Richard Fourie – suspended (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

This arose in that he struck the horse OVER COUNT more than 12 times in the entire race, in Race 2 at Fairview Racecourse on 27 October 2019.

Jockey Fourie pleaded guilty to the charge and was found guilty of the charge.

He was also charged with a contravention of Rule 72.1.40, read in conjunction with Rule 72.1.42.

The particulars being that he conducted himself in an unbecoming and unprofessional manner in the Stipendiary Stewards Boardroom and then dismissed himself without leave to do so at Fairview Racecourse on 27 October 2019.

Jockey Fourie pleaded not guilty to the charge, but after consideration of all the relevant evidence, he was found guilty as charged.

The Inquiry Board, after considering all the evidence, Mr Fourie’s record and all other pertinent factors, ruled that Mr Fourie be (A) fined R1000 in relation to the Rule 58 contravention and (B) be suspended from riding in races for a period of fourteen (14) days in relation to the Rule 72 contravention.

Jockey Fourie was afforded the Right of Appeal against the penalty imposed in relation to the contravention of Rule 58.10.2 and the right of appeal against the finding and penalty in relation to the contravention of Rules 72.1.40 and 72.1.42.

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21 comments on “Unprofessional Conduct – Fourie Suspended

  1. Pops says:

    So now we are going to see the system played.Appeal and kick the can down the road til after the Queens Plate and Met.
    If he takes it after his last carded engagement he will miss the 2 day Queen’s Plate festival.

  2. DavidS says:

    What a joke, why should he be put off racing for a time period for what transpired in a board room ? I presume he disagreesd with an official, he did not do any serious infringement while doing his duties as a rider, why punish the race fans that follow him ?

  3. Graham HJ says:

    Ah….the Stipes in PE…, ( I bet their sensibilities got hurt ). nasty bunch. I wonder what Richard muttered under his breath ?? I have an idea.

  4. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Graham HJ, hmmh, I reckon

    Fourie is oor die algemeen Afr. Ek dink Richard het dalk iets gese soos –

    ‘ Kan julle tel tot 12, want julle het net 10 vingers ‘ 😂

    Richard, please appeal and take the leave after The Met.

  5. PL.NEL says:

    Aargh, racing is a the name that affords incomes for those at work in the industry. This industry has rules…. don’t like them, or don’t like the stripes, or don’t like whatever THEN GO ELSEWHERE

    Racing is suffering under the burden of opinions. Rules are rules. 12 strikes or doping, or whatever ,, IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT THEN PISS# racing needs a strict hand

    Difference between now and back then ,, trainer and stipes were respected, not like today where maverick owners and Hollywood jocks rule the roost

    Millard was correct ‘totes do not pay losing bets’ and racing is a privilege.

  6. jc lee ching says:

    I think it unfair to pass comment on something we don’t know. The stipes should disclose what transpired in the hearing so that the public are aware exactly what happened and their reasons for the fine only then can anyone form a fair opinion. If he is guilty then so be it, nobody should be above the law, just saying.

  7. Pops says:

    What is happening with the Summer Cup story?Did the trainers comply with the official when he is alleged to have told them to shut the f*@$ up.
    If not,why have they not been charged with a contravention of Rule 72.1.40 ?

    1. Editor says:

      No official word, Pops

  8. Space Invader says:

    The sentence of two weeks imposed on Richard Fourie who is one of the most likeable, humble and respectful jockeys is very very interesting.

    What sentence is the Jockey Club going to impose on Larry Wainstein for his abhorrent conduct and words on Summer Cup day in the Jockeys Room? If Richard cant earn for two weeks,the least that Larry should be fined is R150k which is half a months salary.

    AND what about the unacceptable and unbecoming way in which Vee Moodley addressed the trainers in the Jockeys Room?
    Will this be brushed under the carpet?

    AND will the Jockey Club investigator investigate whether there is any truth to the RUMOURS that after SAPS had dispersed the protesting grooms certain high powered individuals handed cash over to prevent further problems on the day?

  9. Rennie Singh says:

    Hawwaam has proven that he is the best horse in South Africa. Justin Snaith u have nothing in yr stable that can beat him

  10. Devon Steyn Steyn says:

    I have been associated with racing in SA since the early 1960,s.I have had friends who were successful jockeys during my tenure in SA.The manner in which stipendiary Stewards conducted themselves then and today has not changed. The stipes are a law unto themselves they have always conducted themselves in a dictatorial manner
    I relocated to the UK in 2012,the stipes there conduct themselves in a professional manner the jockeys are treated with respect, a fair hearing always takes place

  11. DavidS says:

    He got his fine for the 12 strikes, fair enough, but why suspend him from RACE RIDING for whatever disagreement he had in the boardroom? ,, give him a FINE for so called boardroom misconduct,

  12. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Well said David S …. that will be the fairest outcome,,why suspend him from race riding,,was Richard on a horses while this (**edited)happened in the boardroom I guess no

  13. Danny says:

    Top jockey stipes don’t like u don’t do bribery this country is noted for that. U are a prof jockey and live by your ambition……I like to see u ride and win top top class….👍

  14. Cecil Pienaar says:

    On a serious note. Agree with comment higher up on rules etc.. However, Jockeys take a lot of slack. I remember a Big Shot referring to them as ‘not employees’ but Contractors.

    Let anyone, especially Jockeys ‘disrespect’ people in Authority, o f*k, Dan is daar K*k

    Why suspend a guy plus a fine, and take away his ability to earn, for a minor offence. Granted, repeat offenders and serious offences need time off.

    The Powers in charge, make me think of Govt officials with their Blue Lights. They think they’re so important, but they not.

  15. Saint Tropez says:

    Fourie going through a lean spell at the moment, maybe this played a part in his frustration

  16. Andym says:

    This is all about egos. Do not offend the hierarchy. As for the Larry Wainstein affair…Instead of trying to punish him, rather reward him for getting the racing on for the day!

  17. Pops says:

    So Andym,you believe in ,the end justifies the means when it comes to the Larry Wainstein affair.
    So why punish a winning jockey for using the whip more than twelve times.
    But the jockey broke the Rules you may say.Sure thing.But did Larry wainstein not break the common decency.rule?And for that you want to reward him.

  18. Andym says:

    Let’s just leave it there. I see you are posting under a pseudonym. Hidden agenda perhaps!

  19. Art says:

    Ed I’m assuming that the inquiry that was constituted is held in terms of the NHRA disciplinary code.We have two issues here (1 )for whipping the horse excessively R1000 fine and (2) for behaviour unbecoming of a professional jockey and for walking out of a properly constituted inquiry.(14 days suspension).
    If Fourie gets away with that type of behaviour what precedent does it set for similar infringements by other jockeys
    I do have a problem with two sanctions received for two different offences though as the second offence was as a direct consequence of the first offence even though they occurred on different dates.
    Here is where the stipes should have taken both offences into consideration and issued ONE sanction which after consideration could have been a fine OR a suspension ,but not both…

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Art
      We know very little about what happened in this case.
      The rules are very specific – and he apparently breached two. The NHRA legal processes probably require specific penalties for the individual infringements.
      We requested some time ago that the NHRA provide more depth of information in their press releases – in fairness to both the offender and the racing public. But that has not happened. Comments on our facebook page on this post suggest that there was more to the matter than meets the eye – that by people close to the jockey.
      So, as we do now, we speculate.

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