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‘Take It Or Leave It’

What happened at Turffontein on Saturday?

Allegations of threatening and intimidating behaviour on the part of senior racing officials at a meeting attended by trainers in the course of Saturday’s Summer Cup meeting are yet to be officially verified.

South African racing gained negative press in the UK on Monday where the Racing Post reported that rubber bullets were fired by police at demonstrating stable staff at Johannesburg’s biggest raceday of the year.

The article states that the grooms used the occasion to stage a protest for better wages and it soon turned ugly.

The police were called in, and once bullets were fired the protestors quickly dispersed, but the first race had to be put back two hours.The protest served as a stark reminder that the dissatisfaction which resulted in a grooms’ strike in June last year has not been sorted out to the satisfaction of Johannesburg-based stable staff.

The Sporting Post has received reports of alleged unacceptable behaviour on the part of top racing officials that includes foul and threatening language, and a general lack of courtesy and decency.

“It is outrageous that stakeholders are told to shut the f*@$ up and take it or leave it. To be addressed in this arrogant and rude manner defies high school manners,” said one source who confirmed that action and an inquiry had to follow.

An independent informant confirmed the incident which is said to have clouded a tense meeting following the protest action.

And once again the lack of proactive action on the part of racing authorities was condemned as bordering on negligence.

The meeting that took place was not recorded in the official Stipes report for 30 November.

The Sporting Post would prefer to hear both sides of what happened but has had no response or acknowledgement of questions addressed in this regard to the NHRA, RA and Phumelela.

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55 comments on “‘Take It Or Leave It’

  1. Mark Schmidt says:

    The last time something like this happened it was the Kappa tracksuit wearing CEO of the RA who punched a fellow race goer & owner on Champions Day – and he still has a job

  2. Izak van Wyk says:

    But surely the person made that remark should not be in the position he is . He definitely has no integrity or manners , that is why owners get out of racing . Funds in racing should also be more controlled . This is why I will never again belong to the RA and I know a few people that agreed with me . He only bring racing in a bad light .

  3. Chris Swart says:

    Second strike

    He needs a lengthy ban and full independent audited investigation into his conduct

  4. Kyle says:

    Take him to cleaners. (*edited)

  5. Paul says:

    The senior official/s need to be named. Riders and trainers are routinely exposed and “shamed” in NHRA reports. Why not then the offending officials? In respect of “alleged” improper conduct, of course …

    Ramsden got R20k (suspended) for throwing papers in public. Bremner R3k for her recent heroics. What penalty these official/s, if proved?



    WA du Plessis 1 – 1 203 000 (2019) 4 580 000 (2018)

    Basic salary 778 000 (2019) – 4 442 000 (2018) Retirement, medical, accident and health benefits 24 138 Bonuses and performance-related payments 401

    AW Heide – 3 373 000 (2019) 2 475 000 (2018)

    Basic salary 2 776 000 (2019) – 2 206 000 (2018) Retirement, medical, accident and health benefits 331 269 Bonuses and performance-related payments 266

    VJ Moodley 2 – 1 359 000 (2019) 2 572 000 (2018)

    Basic salary 1 015 000 (2019) – 2 315 000 (2018) Retirement, medical, accident and health benefits 112 257 Bonuses and performance-related payments 232

    JA Stuart 3 569 000 (2019) 2 226 000 (2018)

    Basic salary – 3 006 000 (2019) – 2 035 000 (2018) Retirement, medical, accident and health benefits 276 191 Bonuses and performance-related payments 287

    Total executive emoluments paid 9 504 000 (2019) 11 853 000 (2018)

    1 Resigned September 2018.
    2 Resigned November 2018.

    page 53


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  8. Fred Nathras says:

    I have a voice clip which was forwarded to me. I have known the person whose voice is in the clip for the past 30 odd years since our military days. He was an Officer with integrity and honor who always believes in what is right, is right. For him to name the culprit as well as the words which were uttered must be commended. I will not name either party here publicly but my army friend you deserve a double Bells. Waiting in anticipation to see what is going to come from this

    1. Editor says:

      Thanks Fred
      We have the clip

  9. Fred Nathras says:

    @Paul contact me and I will gladly forward you the clip

  10. Debra says:

    Why are everyone scared to name Larry Wainstein the clip by Andrew Bonn clearly indicate that is him again .

  11. Lushan says:

    It’s run like the mafia, bad people, who have their own selfish reasons to heart… I’ve met the absolute worst of people in this game, bar a select few , and I’ve also seen this game bring out the absolute worst in some very good people…

  12. Pops says:

    And what if the person who uttered those words is contrite? That should save him from any sanctions.

  13. Paul says:

    So if this is the manner that senior racing officials (allegedly!) address trainers at a meeting, one can only imagine what is said and done – and the attitudes adopted – behind closed doors.

    Reading SP comments over an extended period, it does appear that the approach of the NHRA is to avoid answering difficult questions: the news cycle inevitably moves on, issues slide off the news chain – and hey presto, a problem avoided is a problem solved? For that reason alone, these official/s need to be named for their (alleged) indescretions – in the hope it shall be that bit harder for the authorities to ignore ….

    1. Editor says:

      That is exactly what happens, Paul
      The NHRA need an accessible well qualified racing savvy PRO to deal with these items

  14. Paul says:

    Agree Ed – clearly the NHRA needs one but do they want one? That would surely make it all the harder to ignore/bury issues. Called playing the system.

  15. Chris Swart says:

    At present sport media is in a crisis, cricket SA has suspended five journalists for being critical of the administration and holding them to account. Manthorp had to pay to get into Newlands to commentate .

    The ridiculous part of this, is they did not learn from the pathetic attempts of SARU and a media house to capture rugby media and spin the positives. Keohane openly said “If we lose 50-3 to England, we will celebrate the 3 !!”

    Graeme Joffe led the assault against them and SASCOC (shareholders in Phumelela) and had to flee the country for his life for exposing corruption at all levels. Graeme is well aware of the level of corruption and shennanigans in racing, having been an owner and punter. He too had problems with an NHA investigation that went nowhere and it is very well documented in his book.

    When the union administrators fail to embrace critical media, they’re out of touch and there is a reason for this. They have lost control and will be exposed for the inherent corruption that exists. The public want a body that keeps the authority transparent and in check.

    When Rassie Erasmus embraced his critics and openly stated that we are all passionate, that’s why we are all Springbok coaches – he changed the face of rugby and the media saw him as a darling – despite early misgivings that are still dust under the carpet. His PRO has been impeccable thus far. He handled the Etsebeth issue admirably, the doping allegations and united a team of diversity and colour to one goal – away from the sideshows and negative trolling

    You have to have an honest transparent media that will print the truth and take administration to task and keep them in line with the ethos of racing and corporate ethics and standards. At present and for the last decade, they’ve been at a stand off and since the emperor toppled off his throne sans robes, they’ve been less confrontational and manipulative, yet still operate with smoke, mirrors and deflection.

    There is no point protecting anyone anymore. If they’re incompetent they don’t need to be carried. That applies to the media arm, the betting arm and the NHA.
    We are tired of incompetence, cover ups, deflection and ill timed press releases.

    Callan Murray strikes a horse, is fined and dragged through the public domain for an offence that has the animal rights league salivating .
    Larry strikes a member of the public and without the public pressure to fully investigate this, escapes with a fine and continues in office
    He again threatens a licenced trainer and the corporate decide to interrogate the journalist that confirmed with utter transparency the event took place .
    A licenced trainer was restrained from giving him the hiding he deserved for using vulgar language and arrogant disdain.

    Racing needs to move on. We do not need the Super Saturday rehash daily . We do not need a man in a clown suit hogging the limelight at Group races. We do not need hard working members of the media shuffled and replaced with incompetent posers that won’t lift a finger to interview trainers and jockeys to enlighten the public. We do not need to be told we are thieves by the Corporate when their wealth and share priced crashed 90%. Word is Goodman has resigned and we have the rehasher supreme back in charge – what are the reasons ? We already know what happened when he was there and the cosy business deals that were sanctioned by him – why after a year of incompetence is that person shuffled ?

    The leadership is non existent – the hope we expressed fading

    This needs to change

  16. George says:

    Sporting Post has now implicated every racing official whether they were party to this or not. The grooms who are employed by trainers started this sequence of events yet not one trainer is believed at fault. It seems that the trainers already have a media savvy PRO in the form of Sporting Post and that the main issue is being swept under the carpet in order to avoid the elephant in the room.

  17. Vivian Mansour says:

    William your recipe looks wonderful. Instead of all the negativity lets all try the recipe and take the depression away from our minds. Lets try!!! Good Luck

  18. Graham Hurlstone-Jones says:

    This is how “elitism” works……”DO AS WE SAY, NOT AS WE DO”……You basically have criminals and thugs running SA racing. I screamed this years ago when you are allowed to punch someone in the face on track day and then get a lucrative position ( think ANC, corruption is the same creature in any scenario )…..The Ivory towers are so tall they have no idea what is at ground level and why the game is dying from the roots ( punters )….We don’t just see the manipulation of prize money whether it be stakes or bets, they will never change the P6 its a cookie jar for the elites to do what they wish and dont tell me other wise, super elite uber feature days for a few, the jar is emptying ( think ANC ). The “top down” “us v them” its exactly what socialist elitism is and it is exactly how the NHRA, RA and Phumelela work…..Surely everyone can see SA racing has been “captured” and will bring the whole lot down….

  19. Avril says:

    If this perpetrator is brought to book I’ll personally bake that fridge tart for all to enjoy !!


    Vivian, the problem then gets worse… it’s commonly known as comfort eating. Now I’m instituting a law suit against Phumelela, due to me been 14kg’s overweight.

    I have a very strong case.

  21. Cecil Pienaar says:

    @ William… Dankie ou maat, vir die resep. Jy is inderdaad, soos die Engelse se, an All Rounder…. 👍


    Avril, that’s very generous of you. I’ve only ‘fridged’ granadilla and pineapple crush fridge cake.

    Mine is less of a tart


    Avril …this one

    and…. no training fees, RA membership fees and AHS injections

    2 Packets Tennis biscuits (coconut biscuits)
    1 Tin Crushed pineapple (or pineapple pieces)
    1 Tin Ideal milk (evaporated milk)
    1 Packet of Pineapple flavour jelly

    How to
    Ensure your tin of ideal (evaporated) milk is cold. Leave it in the fridge overnight or in the freezer for a few hours before using.

    Drain the pineapple juice into a pot, place it on the stove on medium heat and empty the jelly powder into the juice. Stir until the jelly has dissolved. Take the jelly juice mixture off the heat and leave to cool down.

    Take your ideal (evaporated) milk from the fridge, pour the contents of the tin into a bowl and beat until it is double its size and light and fluffy. Take the cooled down jelly juice mixture and pour small amounts into the fluffy ideal milk. Gently fold it together. Once mixed, add the crushed pineapple (or finely chopped pineapple pieces) to the ideal milk as well. Fold in gently.

  24. Paul says:

    William, it sounds scrumptious – apart from the granadilla which I cannot stomach. Any substitute that would work as well?

  25. Pops says:

    Is Larry Wainstein the most feared person in South African horse racing circles?

  26. Chris Swart says:

    According to the MOI, the tenure of LW as CEO is over. He is sitting unlawfully in his position.
    We need to ask why and immediately take action – what transpired last weekend escalates into a person without mandate threatening licenced trainers

    When will this ever end ?

  27. jae says:

    were is arnold hyde hiding with vee moodley as ceo of the nhra yourll need to take action here .
    it seems yourll surport larry weinsteins doings .
    south african racing sounds just like eskom and saa.

  28. Frans says:

    Who does this remind us of ?

    – Inarticulate ( can barely string three words together in a sentence),
    – patronising
    – cheap ( hand me down “time to shine” polyester suits)
    – arrogant
    – contemptuous
    – egoistical
    – confrontational

    and worst of all surrounded by a pack of lap dogs.


  29. Brian says:

    Ed, why can’t we hear the mysterious clip? Seems to be doing the rounds anyhow

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Brian
      It was a private voice clip on whatsapp – never, we imagine, intended for public use in the first instance by the originator.
      Given the news and comments over the past few days, the clip won’t tell you anything new.

      Technically, also not sure we could do it – our movie and sound media is Youtube based.

  30. Rian says:

    Moodley and company, acting like the queen
    Keep quiet and it will all blow over
    As for LR he thinks he royalty, and officer material with integrity…

  31. Pops says:

    When people treat you like they don’t care,believe them

  32. YUNGSTA says:


    Don’t you mean like QUEEN and not like the queen Rian.

    I received a call last evening from Europe and then again from Bournemouth telling me what they had heard and I quote without prejudice. A meeting of trainers and heads of SA Racing was evidently called on SUMMER CUP DAY in the kitchen to discuss the ingredients and the mix for the day . V L R heads of there respective association and some trainers were present when CB questioned V how long this was going to take, he was told to sit the ph… down, whereupon GM was threaten by L by trying to throw a punch, to which GM responded not here but come outside, realizing that fridge cakes don’t go in the oven ,they continued with the mix, sadly some trainers were told to ph… back to GC by BK, needless to say, the show continued and the winning owners received a slice of cold fridge cake with their trophies.
    Come boys do the honourable thing and step down before you are picked up by your pants and thrown out, and yes take your self made retrenchment packages as well, so SA racing can move on.



    Why don’t they give that Wainstein character one of those chariots of fire from Penrith ?

    He can charge around in one on those.

    Do you need a license for that in Johannesburg ?

  34. Pops says:

    Billy Jacobson don’t hold your breath hoping this L W who ever he may be gets treated the same as you were.
    But then ,you never know.Because he is said to be an official, he most probable earns 10X what you do so a fine of R 200 000 might be coming.
    But don’t do the breath thingy.

  35. Brian says:

    Ed, I love this forum! Who shot JR? You e created a monster, live with it.

    Let it out!!!


    and just for the sake of clarity, what with all these abbreviations been used….

    Johbg racing is run by two LW’s

    Larry W & L Werners

    Have they both been helpful with the grooms astronomical paypakets and hurly burly lifestyle ?

  37. Chris says:

    Hey William.Why drag Mr.Werners into this.I have never met anyone in my life more passionate about racing and he puts his money down in the game not suck it out like others you always have a go at.

  38. Paul says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Chris, just how passionate the LW’s and Phumelela are about the game!
    Everyone just looks at the negatives and not many people know the good that these people do behind the scenes. Just installed us an all weather training track at Turffontein. Despite all this rain we haven’t missed out any work! Well done guys and thank you for the lovely track.

  39. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…well said Chris..I’ve had the privilege of meeting Mr Werners on a number of occasions a more finer Gentleman will be hard to find in the game…Mr Werners as far as I’m concerned you are definitely a enormous asset to the racing industry…William you need serious help your facts are just as bad as your tips

  40. Good morning Chris,

    Look at the bigger picture. Werner’s, Currie’s, Leaf’s & late Chris Gerbers passion and putting their ‘money down’ isn’t under dispute.

    Werners is on the Marketing Committee, the Finance & REMCO, Strategy Committee, Jockey Remuneration Committee, Industry Liaison, Import/Export.

    What has he done with regards the grooms crisis, the stakes pot, the total absence of black owners & proposing a completely new business model ?

    What have the main men of this esteemed RA done to relieve the plight of the owner, be they a one horse or 25 horse owner ?

    All we hear is what a delight these gentlemen are.

    From 2014 to now the RA have damaged the face of SA racing to beyond repair.

    Larry Wainstein thanked Phumelela, in the 2015 AGM, for their untiring efforts in addressing the challenges that are facing the industry.

    And Vidrik Thurling, what did he accomplish in his tenure ?

    All people are considered “the best of the best” in social and business circle !

    Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do

  41. Grant says:

    Well said William always two sides to a story.


    “Take it or leave it”

    Members of the RA, where are the 100’s of Indians, Coloureds or Whites lining up to do this ‘Black Labelled’ job of these grooms.

    Too many of RA members are just as complicit as the Directorship.


    Well said Frans,

    Yet something else to ponder over….

    What happened on Saturday could be calculated, on an excel sheet, in Rand terms as as major cost.

    The damage caused by international sentiment is irrevocable & doesn’t have a number.

    Bernard Kantor states in his final Chairman’s Report, obo Phumelela –

    Implement additional B-BBEE participation throughout our organization but imperative that the shareholding of our B-BBEE partners is at least 26%

  44. Pops says:

    OK,folks lets pull out the Blue Label and toast Phumelea. According to Paul they have just installed an all weather training track at Turffontein.
    Don’t spoil the party gents and remind us that Gold Circle installed an all weather training track at Summerveld 5 years ago.
    Paul,after your horses not missing work because of the all weather training track,where do they race because of the rain?

  45. Brian says:

    You know William, I really enjoyed betting with Interbet. Then I found out through this forum PG had shares in them. I was really pissed and told them to close my account which they did.
    After I’d calmed down I thought, That was a bit hasty and I thought they were good so I tried to log in again but was told that management has instructed that my account was never to be opened again.

    i had an existing account with Telebet and, for a while, placed bets with them much against my will.

    It took forever to get my money out and I resorted to this forum to do so.

    A lovely lady contacted me and tried to rectify things and did. Except the process had to be repeated in the sense I was forever having to beg for a payout. This eventually led to my closing that account.
    this very lovely lady phoned ma again asking for another chance to make it right.

    Problem was the Chairman of PG accused us of stealing from the owners.

    I really commend the Lady for trying to keep my account open. She was doing her job!. But Chairman you cocked up badly and, You’ll probably fire her when in fact your failure to put your brain in gear before opening your mouth IS THE REASON YOU CAN NOW YOU YOUR IMAGINATION AT TO WHAT YOU CAN DO!

    Hollywood can teach you how to respect punters an d that is why, even if you truly believe we steel from owners is why we will continue to do so Sir, until you and your cahoots bugger off or at least, until you get your head out of your arse

    And YOU are why I have pulled ally my investments from your company

    1. Editor says:

      Brian is referring to Belinda Ackerman – Customer Experience Manager
      [email protected]
      She really is top-class

  46. Johnny Peter says:

    Poops or Pops 🙄🙄🙄

  47. Johnny Peter says:

    William Milkobitch get a life for goodness sake.

  48. Pieta says:

    Is this the chairman’s view of UK punters as well?

  49. Pieta says:

    And the UK “white elitists”?

    He is obviously comfortable and will not make a noise there…..the old duck might remove her savings from the investment company.


    Well said Brian,

    There was another lady/rose among the thorns there called Margaret van Steenderen.

    I placed a Pick 6, on behalf of our Sporting Post Bloggers crowd only because I would be in trouble if it paid out more than the Hollywoodbets R10m limit.

    My goodness, lo and behold, I practically had to beg Jon Stuart on the phone to get him to get his ass into gear and pay us out via EFT.

    He tells me, “Oh, it is what it is, that’s as fast as we can go”. This is the First time we have had a complaint of this nature ! ”

    I got the money on the Wednesday morning, after a Saturday evening withdrawal request.

    That’s what you are dealing with. Poor Mrs v Steenderen who tried her level best to get them to do a EFT quicker, left Phumelela.

    Last Saturday, I made a withdrawal request from my Hollywoodbets online account @ 6.something pm.

    The money was in my account by 8.30 pm Saturday Nite.

    Wise guy Bernard Kantor, that’s one of a million reasons why punters have deserted The Tote bet for the bookies.

    Brian, they have taken the punters business for granted and treated them like SH%T for more than 3 decades.

    And then we have to hear a whole hallaballo when they give a Tote outlet a coat of paint and some new toilet seats.

  51. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Yes the strike is debatable but I’m turning a blind eye for now…my view on the Summer Cup was fantastic I feel more spice is needed on this topic so i’m thinking of changing my tune a bit,, I’m leaning towards the centre line 40/60🤣 after the weekend’s racing…credit is definitely due it was a unbelievable Summer Cup…RA very well done 👏Phumelela very well done👏boy oh boy are the panel going to fire back at me with handgranides after this post 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😎as for William i’m waiting in the ring,,my knees are shacking out of control

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