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Marcus – ‘Don’t Write Hawwaam Off!’

'Still my first choice for Sun Met' - top jockey

Hawwaam is still the first horse jockey Anton Marcus would choose to ride in the Sun Met.

That’s the word from the horse’s mouth after the sun set on a terrific 2020 renewal of the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate Racing Festival.

The KZN-based multiple national champion jockey was contacted by the Sporting Post for a comment after Mike de Kock’s well-fancied Hawwaam had run out of the money in Saturday’s Gr1 L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate.

Anton Marcus and Team Hawwaam after the Premier Trophy last month (Pic – Chase Liebenberg)

Hawwaam, a facile winner of the Gr2 Premier Trophy at his only previous start in the Cape, finished 3,30 lengths behind impressive winner Vardy.

“I tried to settle him in a good position from the 1 draw but he overraced throughout. This was not a reflection of his true ability. He remains my number 1 choice as a Sun Met ride,” said Marcus, who had enjoyed a scintillating winning partnership with the son of Silvano prior to Saturday.

On the lengthy delay at the start, Marcus said that ‘nothing went right’.

“There were issues with equipment with a few horses. Nothing went right at all. But put a line through this effort. Don’t write Hawaam off for the Sun Met!” he added.

Hollywoodbets revised their Sun Met betting after the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate

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48 comments on “Marcus – ‘Don’t Write Hawwaam Off!’

  1. Maddox says:

    Yes, thank you Anton. The next winner you publicly tip will be the first.

  2. NEAL says:

    Always delay in the start when hawaam is running. Trying to disrupt the horse. Will win the sun met…

  3. Johnny Peter says:

    Marcus is the best jockey around, I love his riding. I am a perfectionist and I would like an answer to why he pushed and woke him up after the start, having a history of over racing?

  4. Brian says:

    Really disappointed.. give Gavin the Horse..

  5. Hassan says:

    Marcus is a super champ Neva write him off

  6. jack swarts says:

    Vardy wins the Met. klaar gelag.

  7. bob kistnasamy says:

    Some of us had a foreboding feeling that this was NOT going to be Hawwaam’s day. The long delay appears to affect a few horses with the champ being one of them.
    It was quite refreshing to hear Clyde Basel calling races again.
    during their heydays, Clyde Basel together with Graeme Hawkins were the top race callers. Smiley Moosa with his superlatives did add some colour to the races that he called.
    Great to hear that familiar voice Clyde..

  8. Deezo Snyman says:

    Anton is a true professional and I respect his comments. He rode the horse to the best of his ability. The pace obviously did not suit Hawwaam from draw 1. There is no other jockey better than Anton to ride Hawwaam and MDK has full confidence in him. Great jockeys always bounce back.

  9. Kessie says:

    Maybe everybody is reading this wrong. Vardy is a son of Var. Just like Variety Club. If he has similar abilities then he could be a freakish miler. Maybe he won and the rest lost fairly. Give him credit.

  10. Colin says:

    Marcus will lose the Sun Met to the horse that gave him 2019 Met Glory…Rainbow Bridge.Gavin has 3rd chance on RB .This time he is coming home.

  11. Art says:

    It is noticeable that whenever Hawaam is racing something goes wrong at the start.Makes one wonder.

  12. Ignatius Kadare says:

    To be honest Hawwaam took a steep rise in class as his previous G1 wins were age restricted. The Met remains a huge ask for him but he seems to be able to see out the 2km if Mr Marcus would settle him well. Well done to Vardy he proved to be the new king og the mile after the Greenpoint.

  13. Gordy says:

    I am missing the excuses of Frankie Zackey. Maybe he is licking his wounds. This run shows us that nothing in horse racing is a certainty. As a result off Hawaam not finding a place, he will never be able to stamp his mark in our record books. This is horse racing. Big mouths belong in the shower when singing to yourself. I feel sorry for all those people who lost money on Hawaam. Who do we blame. Is it the trainer or groom or vet or feed company or the jockey or the media or word of mouth or Hawaam or all of them? I believe no-one. All the horses that ran in front of Hawaam were the better horses on the day.

  14. Willie says:

    Please help us frankie.

  15. DEAN DEMONT says:

    First of all, well done to Vardy, a deserved winner of the Queens plate… now for the politics, a rather sinister scenario…?? The country knows that Hawwaam is a very quirky horse, I find it rather strange that, 2 horses lost/spread a shoe, then after all that the bridle breaks of another horse??? All to delay the start by 10 to 15mins,?? My opinion this was Hawwaams undoing. Taking into consideration that Twist of Fate ran in front of Hawwaam, just proves that all those ” planned mishaps” was probably his undoing. On paper,wherever Twist of Fate ran, Hawwaam should have been atleast 3 lenghts in front of him.. nevertheless, he will be back to fight another day. This time we will enjoy the comfort of knowing, us punters that burnt at 7/10, will now be able to recoup our losses at 7/2..

  16. Nish Mood says:

    Hey Frankie Zackey,
    It was only a matter of time before you would eat your words! I always found it amazing what drove you to the insanity of praising Hawwaam so incessantly! Was there an ulterior motive or were you just sucking up to MDK?
    Why are you so quiet now! Hawwaam got a thrashing of note!!!! Not to mention the money wagered on Interbet on Hawwaam. Just for your info, R 620,000 was wagered on Hawwaam….
    Please learn from this experience & don’t put off the SP readers from making up their own minds as to their fancies with your constant bragging about how good Hawwaam is,,,,Will you be emptying out the cash on Hawwaam for the Met? I’m sure you must be quivering in your boots to take such a risk???

    Please share your thoughts with us….

  17. Zayne says:

    On the day sometimes things just dont go according to plan. Punters turn out on the day to see the people’s horse run and with being disappointed on the day. These things happen. Anton will fight another day to come.

  18. Rudi says:

    *Edited take the loss Anton. At greyville 2 horses shoes came off . Marcus toi toied. Blame the track. Same here 2 shoes came off he never toi toied but this time for millions justus . Other horses also waited do it agains connections never cried. Always excuses (*edited) take it.

  19. Andrew says:

    Was over 20 mins. Was a complete farce. I had won on race 1 at Ken, race 1 at Turf. Got Sarah and a superb win on Queen Supreme and my accumulator was looking good…until Hawwaam blew it out of the water. Was not best pleased. Also have to say I should have laid it off with Vardy or One World (Still rate this one…beaten into 2nd by Vardy for 3rd time)

  20. Prasheen harrimohan says:

    Frankie zackey and crew were are u guys now the keyboard trainers wanna know. How ironic Frankie zackey got thundered by his namesake Craig zackey😂😂😂😂

  21. Collin devanpershad says:

    Well Anton Marcus. Let’s not make excuses my brother the delay bothered all the horses or maybe yest heat hurt u as a jock. Wat about yur ride on crawfords horse the favourite where queen supreme won. I think in my opinion alot of punters tat are playing bets are been taken for a ride by jockeys….. We find every excuse in the book… If a horse lost. Well done Vardy this race was made for Adam Marcus after all the fav was ridden by his uncle sir Anton Marcus n knowing hawaam n his shenanigans at the start I believe Callan Murray should be given the chance to ride hawaam or even Craig zackey. Rem mother Russia his Craig shud boot her home. So come on mdk racing stables…. I can see this why can’t url see wat Anton is did…..if one world n rainbow bridge n Vardy beat hawaam then think guys horse went into the stalls came out well. Horse not settling becomes a jockeys job and Anton a champion jock shud know how to make a horse like hawaam to settle. It’s not the 1st time he rode the horse. Race was made for Marcus stable n family we the fools in this game. Look in jhb banha bridge opened 14 to 1 punted to 5 to 1. Wins like a champ who’s horse ask yur self as a punter the owner allistor Cohen said on tellytrack they hoping for a good run bug hard to beat gallyhoon. Why he cudnt be transparent whos money on the horse. I guess url kno tat. I rest my case.

  22. Corey says:

    It is a sad indictment on SA racing that horses always seem to spread shoes at major races? And then the bridle ( Tellytrack initially advertised it as ‘ bridal’???) Issue. For Pete’s sake , can’t equipment be checked properly before the beasts leave the paddock. Imagine this happening at Ascot, Flemington or Churchill Downs?

  23. Wayne Fouche says:

    Mmmmm Gordy says that having run unplaced Hawwaam wil never stamp his name in our record books. Remember Gordy that Horse Chestnut ran unplaced first time out……

  24. Mickiel says:

    Mike de kock should not hv ran hawwaam in the queens plate coz it would hv been favorite for the met nw without it running in a place its hard for hawwaam to win nw but do not count out do it again because dis is one of the race’s he didn’t win watch out for do it again n one world

  25. Mike says:

    Agreed Marcus tailored race

  26. Hein says:

    It was a good race – Vardy came from near the back to win. He has proven himself 2x now. I am hoping for a good price on his next race. All of the other horses can win in the future. Punters have short memories – well done all the riders in this race.

  27. Johan says:

    I’ve never see this incompetence like SA horse racing, always delays, horses loose their shoes, saddles come loose and the list just goes on, hey know how to misleading the punters, corruption on its best.

  28. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Hawaam is overrated. He beat nothing of note. His rating makes a mockery of the merit handicap system. Punters lost 3 times on this horse. He is a bookies friend.

  29. Llewellyn says:

    I would suggest giving Striker the horse to ride I personally feel he knows how to bring a racehorse passed the winning with no excuses.

  30. Philip Norman says:

    This is a message for Wayne Fouche ….. Horse Chestnut unplaced first time out ?
    I don’t know which racecourse you were at when Horse Chestnut made his debut but I was at Turffontein and saw him come home lonely to win by about five lengths.

  31. Charl Pretorius says:

    Wayne Fouche, was there another Horse Chestnut to have raced? The one I am familiar with never ran unplaced, in fact won his debut by 5.50 lengths at Turffontein on 20 December 1997. Enlighten us please.

  32. Mike smith says:

    I really believe start delay resulted in many top horses chances blown away.. Justin Snaith is usually first to squeel so.. Watch DO IT AGAIN… Do it again.

  33. Ben says:

    Vardy could just be the better horse Hawaam never run to anything special before and last year’s durban July the horse got scratched why
    Because the MDK yard knew that they was gonna lose don’t blame the jockey come the met end of this month vardy will win again.

  34. Pieta says:

    I’m not sure what the 2 sheik horses are expected to achieve in AUS?…

  35. Tony Ridgway says:

    Horse Chestnut was beaten only once in 10 starts. He finished 3rd to Clifton King in his second start, a Gr3 I believe. He won all other 9 times. STOP COMPARING ANY HORSE TO HIM!!!!

  36. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Vardy had his chop. Var 2000m?

  37. Anand Chetty says:

    I just want to say three things.
    1. Anyone making a comment please use language we all understand.
    2. Stop being personal and insulting in your comments.
    3. The delay at the start reflects the poor state of South African racing.



    If Horse Chestnut was suffering from stage 4 emphysema, he would still give Hawwaam a kick in the jack over 1600 to 2000

  39. Cecil Pienaar says:

    😂 William

    you must go to bed earlier

  40. Jonathan says:

    Exceptional race and win by well bread champion Vardy. It is a tad bit crazy to state or indicate that Hawwaam over raced (shenanigans), if this champion did he would have been 5 lengths clear at the start of the race at the FRONT LEADING, Hawwaam cruising speed is above average. Now this is a fact, Anton Marcus is “well connected” with an impeccable reputation to make the great Houdini look ordinary. MDK please do not rob the South African Public of seeing the best of Hawwaam, give the ride to Callan, Craig or even Luke and we will get to see the best of Hawwaam. Never allow a jock with a “reputation” to ride the countries favorite!

  41. david mollett says:

    Business Day racing headline on Friday “Vardy to score in blockbuster Queen’s Plate”. The trifecta paid well and wasn’t difficult if you roved Adam Marcus’ runner.

  42. Rian says:

    MDK should pack him away for Australia as they don’t have issues there, but some good horses.
    Not a punting horse
    His filly looks something special and should come into met with a nice weight, she quickened beautifully off a nice pace
    Still haven’t seen the Superstar in Hawaam yet and that’s a no brainer Frankie
    There was delay in his prior start with Bunker Hunt and he loaded perfectly just like Sat, went in like lamb

  43. Nish Moodley says:

    Where is Frankie Zackey??? Can some-one send out a search party to look for him so he can tell us how good Hawwaam is and to give us the confidence to put our life savings on Hawwaam for the Met!!!

  44. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…Nish save your 10 bucks for a rainy day,,times are tough buddy

  45. Richard Letwaba says:

    @ 15 min wait, Hawwaam shud have been scratched. Callan Murray shud have pulled out @ installation. Y not when conditions don’t suit.

  46. Pops says:

    Frankie,remember what your namesake said,with a few changes,
    That’s life (that’s life) that’s what people say
    You’re riding high in December
    Shot down in Jan
    But I know I’m gonna change that tune
    When I’m back on top, back on top in Feb
    I said, that’s life (that’s life) and as funny as it may seem
    Some people get their kicks
    Stompin’ on a dream
    But I don’t let it, let it get me down
    ‘Cause this fine old world it keeps spinnin’ around

    I’ve been up and down and over and out
    And I know one thing
    Each time I find myself flat on my face
    I pick myself up and get back in the race

    Whether we agreed or not with your comments,we enjoyed them.

  47. mo says:

    Hi all, hence fairly new in the game. Wrt to the races being won or lost, I think a great deal of the win has to do with jockey’s mood/performance on the day. On some days, some leading jockey cant win anything, albeit riding worthy favourites and the best they can they can do is the third or second box. On the other hand there are meetings where the same jockey run doubles and trebles with horses with absolutely no form. Hence if you look at Marcus’s performance from Friday to Sunday, with the Queensplate being on Saturday, he couldn’t win a single race the entire weekend. He had a terrible weekend. I feel in Marcus is in form on Met Day, Hawwaam will win.

  48. Danny says:

    If you take all the hassles at the start of the LQP and put a line through this race I think Hawwaam is still the horse to beat.

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