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Ryan Moore Rides In Sun Met

Defending Met champion gets top intenational rider

The news that multiple British champion jockey Ryan Moore has been confirmed to partner defending champion Rainbow Bridge in the 2020 R3 million Gr1 Sun Met adds much needed international interest to the Cape’s flagship contest.

The Eric Sands trained Rainbow Bridge defends his title in the 2000m weight-for-age event on 1 February, and while the big son of Ideal World will be fit and ready, he has had a host of jockeys over time – including top men Richard Fourie, Bernard Fayd’herbe, Gavin Lerena and Anton Marcus – and is obviously no easy horse to ride.

Ryan Moore

Moore is first rider for Aidan O’Brien’s Ballydoyle operation and his international Gr1 record is exemplary – with successes in Hong Kong, Dubai, Japan, Canada, America, Australia and throughout Europe.

Trainer Eric Sands, who bids for the big race double, told the Sporting Post on Saturday that Moore was ‘confirmed at this stage’.

Rainbow Bridge won the race last year in the late Chris Gerber’s silks and will compete in the famous Rattray red and white this time round.

Rainbow Bridge – massive runner on February (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

Declarations for the Sun Met are due at 11h00 on Monday and the field will be published later in the day.

There are unlikely to be any eliminations necessary as only 21 entries remain and 20 can run.

The barrier draws will be done on Tuesday.

The Sun Met first cheque is R1 710 000, with stakes paid down to tenth finisher, who banks R30 000.

Tote betting opens on Monday 27 January and a projected Pick 6 pool of R18 million is anticipated. .

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35 comments on “Ryan Moore Rides In Sun Met

  1. Gavin says:

    Gavin will ride haawaan

  2. Beatle says:

    cape racing off late again today by 10 minutes , things are looking up

  3. Pieta says:

    Good to see Ryan in CPT…..he does not need the money and so does RB’s owners…it’s the prestige of the the thing….👍

  4. George Croucher says:

    Gav will not ride in the race…but will be shouting Rainbow home..Top Top racehorse…

  5. Lagen says:

    That’s a low blow for Gavin, especially since he is riding at the top of his game!! A move from Eric Sands that shows no class at all!! All the Work Gavin has done on him, to be taken off on his peak run. Rainbow bridge will never will the Met.

    1. Editor says:

      Lagen, it’s not fair to insult the trainer
      We know nothing about the background to the decision

      Ryan Moore is not coming to Cape Town for the fun of it.
      Let’s respect the connections’ decision – they pay the bills

  6. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Gavin will have a Met ride on Shango carrying 55kg. Maybe he had arrangement with Mr Tarry.This one will make the QT pay. Nice to have top overseas Jock here.

  7. Gman says:

    True Mr editor the connections pay the bills but the PUNTERS keep them in the game!!!

    1. Editor says:

      Hundred percent, Gman

  8. Ronny says:

    Mr Calm Cat Ryan Moore in SA..Something must be cooking

  9. Leon Lotz says:

    Please help me to pay my bills since it looks like you are paying everyones way.Many owners have horses never earning a cent. Owners and trainers help you to have fun

  10. Leon Lotz says:

    Mr Editor
    To all the punters who believe only they keep trainers and owners in the game,You live in a dream world,we work for a living and spend money earned elsewhere to buy horses.You really remind me of Julios Malema who also think I am alive because oh him

  11. J. Akkiah says:

    Who runs the race the horse, jockey, trainer or the punter

  12. Philip says:

    Rainbow will win the met. Go and stand in the queue

  13. Mayen Naidoo says:

    Best jockey in the world riding the most consistent Grade 1 horse in the race. What a combo. Horse to beat

  14. Rian says:

    We!! Work for a living and earn money ELSEWHERE ?????
    Don’t get Malema jibe, but land without compensation a recipe for disaster !!!!!
    Punters / gamblers life blood of racing, without them no racing
    If we all remind you of Malema then just shows

  15. Nico says:

    People expecting more from Rainbow Bridge now, Moore has no pressure to bust a gut, he wont even run a place.

  16. Gman says:

    Leon Lots
    U missing the point.No PUNTER$$$,no prise money,no viewers,no money pools,no sponsers,no nothing,etc.
    You clearly need to get down from ur high horse and go back to school.That is if Julius doesnt toi toi over your registration fee!!

  17. Michael Jacobs says:

    Leon Lotz is confused. If there are no punters then him and his patrons will be racing for a pie and a coke. The man is delusional. Does he really think punters/gamblers give a sh*t about owners and trainers? If racing ceases tomorrow, punters/gamblers will move to casinos, lotteries, soccer pools and other forms of betting. Racing used to have the monopoly in SA, now it is merely another option for the gambling rand. People like Lotz must catch a wake-up, like the operators as well as the racing employees (trainers, jickeys, officials) that you disrespect the punter/customer at your peril. Most of my friends no longer go to the racecourse, they punt from home and mostly its the soccer pools. The arrogance of people like Lotz is what is killing the industry.

  18. Pieta says:

    I have to agree with Michael, on a Friday morning I used to drive from bobbejaansberg to catch the Fri night meeting at Greyville and the Scottsville Sunday meetings in KZN….was just a lekker weekend out….I was especially looking forward to the chicken brijani (spelling) the auntie was serving on the ground floor…..in fact she used to pack me a takeaway for the next day.
    My last visit was 4 years ago…..I suppose when Clairwood went (I led in 2 winners as an owner) and them stuffing up a proper racetrack like Greyville by including the poly track has made me GAL to Kzn racing……oh and not sure who the genius was to intro this new draw/weights format….
    I have since not had a punt on Kzn racing…..many of my punting friends have moved on……and we are not missing Kzn racing……

  19. This is a News first for this Column. Exclusive….The Desicion to Take Gavin Lerena off the Horse was, “connections said he was too hard on the Horse” while I can understand that Desicion in a race where the Horse is Debuting with a pedigree what needs time, This was a group 1 Race and the Track had been Favouring forward placed horses for the past month or more, nothing was coming from off the pace except Vardy, for the whole two days,

    I actually tipped the Trifecta, 7 winners from 9 Races on Saturday. I had the 123 behind Hawwaam from my Quartet pick and Main EW bet was OneWorld at 25/1.

    anyway to be jocked off for trying to win a Race is not fair. I hope when they see the pace factors and how the track was playing. The Actual Brilliance of Gavin to change usual Tactics and play the track to try to win the race……. they will Apreciate him more for winning them 3rd place in a prestigious race..

    Held up he would have been at the back.


  20. Best in the world maybe 10 yes ago. If your riding the best horses and still lose 2019 then your not the best of anything but struggling to find your form. He never rides through the week in the UK for yrs only Rides in Ireland and weekends in the UK all his rides are Managed all Winners are Managed these days.

    The Bookies hated him 15 yrs ago now they love him. British and Irish Racing is Managed the Devil Controls it for the Few the public are put away every day.

    I never bet on my home Racing and sold all my Horses last year, I’ll get breeders from Newmarket who want to give up their studs, the Sales are used to launder money the prices of horses are inflated by 100%. Rich Companies buying Horses for big numbers horses worth no way near those figures its false money washed money but its pricing everyone out by these Crime lords buying horses to wash their money and those who enable it all. Media silent.

  21. Interesting Tale. I always feel like watching KZN Racing the Commentators have been in on most Gambles at the Track just by using my body language training as a Detective.

    It’s best to follow your own Handicapping and completely ignore the Tellytrack picks, if they know they usually sneak in on the bottom in 4th. Haha.
    One Trainer told me what there all like asking for Info from them Leaches was her words in fact

  22. George Croucher says:

    Flatracing best you have a word with your sources regarding why Gav was “Jocked Off” had absolutely nothing to do with being too hard on the horse at all…

  23. George Croucher says:

    And by the way Vardy came from last in the home straight

  24. ALAN says:

    Is mr Lotz living on our planet. the extra money you say you make is from putting R100 extra on owners accounts for shoes or charging for vitamins etc. please some of us know what happens in racing yards. so mr sands got a new jockey for his horse what is the problem???? the jocks dont have loyalty so why is mr sands wrong in what he done. This horse might be better off with Ryan Moore who knows time will tell

  25. Michael Jacobs says:

    I am very glad Mr Sands got an international jockey to ride Rainbow Bridge, it is a matter of principle. Richard Fourie jumped off the horse to ride Do It Again( for his stable, so maybe justified). Bernard Fayd’herbe jumped off the horse to go and ride in Dubai ( a wild goose chase I may add!), but the worst was Anton Marcus. (*edited). He took the ride on Rainbow Bridge in the Met on condition he gets to ride it for the rest of the season through to the July. Then he jumped ship to ride Hawwaam, despite making a commitment to the connections! But he got his come uppance with the scratching of Hawwaam! LOL! Karma! Lerena did not shine on the horse when he was givenc a chance, and he was very mediocre on both occasions. So can you really blame Mr Sands for his decision? 4 top jockeys in the country let him down, and every change of rider probably had an effect on the horse, there was no chance to build a rythm. I think he should have gone fir Frankie Detorri but maybe he wasn’t available. I hope Moore gives the horse his best effort.

  26. INNOCENT says:

    This is a top horse and a top jockey aboard but i would like to differ and say hawwaam will win convincingly about 3 lengths to this horse 2nd and then 3rd will be bunker hunt

  27. Nico says:

    Rainbow Bridge will not win the met, Hawaam will win the met, go to the UK, struggle initially, get gelded and win a few races.

  28. Rian says:

    If Hawaam is a Superstar then I’m very confused, I’m actually hoping he still a very good horse balls and all
    I mentioned this same verdict last year and said if he was a Superstar the Sheik would never leave him in South Africa, he would have been aimed at the carnival end March
    MDK always earmarked his better horses for the carnival and they got there in time and we roared them home proudly
    Since his stock dried up he had made many excuses about how expensive it is bla bla

  29. Kenny says:

    In the end.a top jockey is coming to ride in the Met and perhaps it should start a new trend – inviting the best.

  30. leon barnard says:

    It’s true what is being said about our horseracing at present.The presenters are all guess merchants that shove a lot of garbage down all the small punters throats all day and the amount of races that are delayed because of lost shoes or bridles being damaged is appalling. We have lost thus beautiful game to amateurs that have no idea how to run a good sport

  31. George Croucher says:

    Michael Jacobs, Gavin has in fact ridden Rainbow 3 times, 2nd in the July,(Which was described by people who know racing as a perfect ride) 3rd in the Green Point and 3rd in the Queens Plate, How in Gods name can that be described as “very mediocre” ??????????????

  32. Vusi says:

    Ryan Moore is a world class jockey if he is here to ride one of our top horse I’m not surprised because he can do everything.The horse will run in the money like the horse always do. But as for me my vote will be on hawwaam. I m happy to hear the news that Moore is here.

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