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Wainstein Is Out

Praised for his dedication

After serving the horseracing industry directly for the past twelve years, formerly as Chairman and later as CEO of the Racing Association (RA), Larry Wainstein has taken a decision to tender his resignation from the RA as from the 31 January 2020 to focus on personal business interests.


Larry Wainstein (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

Larry Wainstein (photo: hamishNIVENPhotography)

The RA Board issued a notice on Tuesday 28 January 2020 and said it is currently in discussions with Mr Wainstein as regards his period of notice.

The vacancy created will be advertised to find a suitable candidate for the position although an interim measure may be required to continue the work of the RA without disruption.

The notice states that Mr Wainstein has played an extremely important role in the industry and we believe he has always acted in the best interests of all racehorse owners.

During his tenure with the RA we have recognised and acknowledge Larry’s dedicated commitment to the job at hand and, despite all the travails that one has to go through in our industry, his unquestionable and unerring efforts in doing the best for our owners has not gone unnoticed.

His achievements have been innumerable but suffice to list the following milestones we believe are worthy of mention:

  • Overseeing a regular increase in stakes every year prior to 2020 despite adverse economic conditions;
  • Prudent financial management of the purse strings of the RA in doubling its cash resources since his entry into the RA;
  • Improving the Race Day Experience for owners;
  • Overseeing the refurbishment of the various venues – Elevation Room, Paddock Room and the Garret Bar;
  • Co-ordinating and managing new race initiatives such as Princess Charlene Race Day, Monaco Million Race Day and the Jockey’s international;
  • Introducing new benefits for members such RA Bonus Races, Runner Notifications and Tellytrack live racing accessibility;
  • Special Achievement Awards at the RA Feature Season Awards;
  • Increased take-out from Sports Betting into the stakes pot;
  • Facilitating support for the Export Protocols Programme as well as the Asian Racing Conference.

On behalf of the Board , RA Chairman Michael Leaf took the opportunity to thank Wainstein for his commitment and contribution to the industry and to wish him well in his future endeavours.


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52 comments on “Wainstein Is Out

  1. Barry Irwin says:

    First really positive sign that maybe participants in horse racing are serious about taking charge of their own game.

  2. karel says:

    Suits – the final episode

  3. Marlon Sing says:

    Wow what amazing news the bandwagon finally crumbles many more soon to resign

  4. Graham HJ says:

    Thats very sudden, just before the Met ? can’t wait for the next episode…..its coming.

  5. Pops says:

    RA members be afraid be very afraid of what will come out in the delayed AGM on 10th February
    He is jumping ship.Finish and klaar.


    His achievements listed above is a joke/nemesis
    A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible count… me.

    (In ancient Greek religion, Nemesis, also called Rhamnousia or Rhamnusia (“the goddess of Rhamnous”), is the goddess who enacts retribution against those who succumb to hubris (arrogance before the gods) – Ed.)

  7. Barry says:

    This is the best news South African horse racing has had for the past 20 years.


    I would like play Larry out with Lenny Kravitz’s “Fly Away”

    I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah yeah yeah
    I got to get away
    Feel I got to get away
    Oh oh oh yeah
    I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah, yeah, yeah (oh yeah)
    I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah with you yeah yeah
    I got to get away
    I want to get away
    I want to get away
    I want to get away
    I want to get away, yeah
    I want to get away
    I want to fly away
    Yeah with you yeah yeah
    I got to get away

  9. Mister G . says:

    Hopefully a few heavy weights will follow !! Time for a thorough clean out .

  10. Aropax says:

    Personal business interests.. Wonder whos funding it.. Oh maybe he got a loan… 🤔🤔 Still lots will be revealed when things get hot.. Think he should be tailed to see where to next 🔥

  11. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Good news, man, this beer tastes extra lekker….

    ‘ Nog n peep ‘ Hooray !

    Larry the tribe has spoken, you will Not be missed

    Mr Ed, Thank you and SP for bringing us this Breaking news. This is better news than SkoonMa moving further North end off March, out of reach for unannounced w/e visits….

  12. Gavin says:

    Some big wigs are calling races these days.. Maybe want their job back

  13. Michael Jacobs says:

    Larry “Al Pacino” Wainstein has left the paddock. This is very good news and finally the capture of racing is being curtailed. Now we have seen the back of Jooste, Kantor and Wainstein, there are still a few members of the cabal who have to exit. Hopefully real racing people will step up from their cowardly surrender of the sport to the cabal, and will put horse racing on the right track!

  14. Zayne says:

    Well I am up for the job now. When can I start.

  15. Indy says:

    Great stuff 🤙🤙🤙

  16. Shaheen says:

    And his absolutely despicable band of nauseating henchmen?

  17. Brucie Bonus says:

    Good Riddens the racing industry is a safer place now !

  18. Spencer says:

    The only time I have seen Mr Wainstein in the flesh was a couple of months ago at our local shopping mall. He was in his trademark shiny silver suit and designer beard and I thought to myself how can someone wearing a suit and driving an X5 look so darn scruffy 🤔. Adios Senor Larry I don’t think racing is going to miss you too much….good luck for the future…..

  19. Harold says:

    Turning to pro Boxing I presume!

  20. Pieta says:

    Not sure…apparently he can only hit you from behind….he has a glass jaw….

  21. Helena says:

    Good riddance

  22. George Ellis says:

    Mmmm I wonder who is next maybe a family member of the Basell,s

  23. JessK says:

    Good news but sadly 12 years too late. Judging by all the comments, no one is shedding a tear at Wainstein’s departure. Wonder if he resigned willingly or if he was booted out ?

  24. Rod Mattheyse says:

    Do his businesses have any customers whom are not managed or owned Phumelela and the RA?

  25. Lindy says:

    Oh how happy Mr Ian Jayes would be to see this day .May he Rest In Peace

  26. Solomon ☹ says:

    This press release by M Leaf on behalf of the RA is full of hogwash and flim-flam.
    L Wainstein resigned effective 31 January 2020. That means he must go on 31 January 2020.
    There is no period of notice involved.
    That they are in discussions is baloney. It is a done deal. He is staying on.
    One benefit accrued out of this release is that the RA can see how much L Wainstein is despised.
    I fear that this is not the end. His business interests extend far and wide into horse racing thanks to the RA directors closing eyes.

  27. Steve Reid says:

    Barry Irwin says it all in his comment, it’s just such a pity that few will truly understand the meaning. There are a few people that deserve enormous credit for finally standing up and doing something about the rape of this sport. They know who they are, and I am sure a certain individual will forgive me the negativity and doubt I displayed when the game plan was laid out, and I was told be patient, it’s a matter of time. There have been a lot of false dawns over the years. Well played sir.

    One person who deserves a lot of credit for Larrys exit, and who has received very little is Brett Maselle. If you think that Larry left voluntarily then you will believe anything. If it were not for sharing some crucial evidence with someone who could make a difference, we may still have had the lizard siphoning off for years.

    As for Larry, well all I will say is I truly hope that you get everything that you deserve Lazarus. Those ten silver coins have done you well at your fellow owners expense.

  28. Pops says:

    Steve Reid,it is not like you to play the cryptic game.So the question is –what crucial evidence and who is this –someone who could make a difference.

  29. RAR says:

    The achievements worthy of noting? What about all the not so note worthy achievements. Let’s sweep the slate clean for the survival of racing.

  30. Brendon says:

    The fluff is unnecessary and confusing.

    Questions to Mr. Leaf and the RA Board:

    1) Now that Mr. Wainstein has resigned, have you withdrawn his authority to run the day-to-day affairs of the RA?

    2) Why have you not appointed and delegated (Mr. Wainstein’s) authority to an interim appointee with immediate effect to ensure a smooth transition and hand-over process?

    Well done to the RA Board and other that contributed to Mr. Wainstein epiphany.

    1. karel says:

      In case other readers like me are wondering:
      noun: Epiphany
      the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles as represented by the Magi (Matthew 2:1–12).
      the festival commemorating the Epiphany on 6 January.
      noun: epiphany; plural noun: epiphanies
      a manifestation of a divine or supernatural being.
      noun: epiphany; plural noun: epiphanies
      a moment of sudden and great revelation or realization.

  31. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Not a single comment of support for this man,,,, 12 yrs later and 9 great (listed) achievements.
    ‘They’ say he is a good man once you get to know him….

    In Afr se ons – ‘Hulle’ praat k*k …. LoL

  32. Muhtiman says:

    …..so cry me a RiverJ…..

  33. Brett says:

    I have been musing over the past.

    in a letter dated 12th October 2007 Markus Jooste and Chris Van Niekerk sent out letters to RA members stating, among others:-

    “In accordance with the articles of the Racing Association, various nominations have been received for appointments to the Board to replace to replace Board members who are standing down. We have given careful consideration to the nominations which have been received, and deem it necessary to address members of the Association in respect of such nominations.

    Of the nominations which have been received, we strongly recommend that members vote in favour of the appointment of the following persons:-


    And like sheep, they followed…….

  34. Jess K says:

    I remember those dark times clearly. Not only did Messrs. Jooste and Van Niekerk unashamely canvas for Wainstein, Brugman, Leaf and Raath but a certain Grant Knowles was phoning members on behalf of Jooste and Van Niekerk telling members to vote for Wainstein and the chosen ones.
    As Shaheen alluded to, some of those henchmen are still around.

  35. Michael Jacobs says:

    The problem is the cowards among the current owners and trainers and racing folk. Not one of these cowards stood up against the Jooste cabal. Those guys ran roughshod over racing and captured the industry for almost 2 decades. But i suppose the breeders were getting exorbitant prices for their stock, the trainers were getting numbers to train and the jockeys were getting great retainers. Many of the racing folk were in partnership in Jooste’s horses. So everything was dandy! Now everybody wants to cry crocodile tears because the industry is on its last legs! As we say on the Cape Flats, “goed soe” LOL! SUCKERS!

  36. George says:

    Given the likely candidates it will be more of the same in a slightly different guise. That this show could last as long as it did indicates that there are serious issues at play. The sheep are clearly being led back to slaughter and yet everyone rejoices.

  37. Brett Maselle says:

    The facts of years gone by hold the best evidence for present day conclusions.

    The Benedict Arnold of the Concerned Owners Group is also the Brutus of South African horse racing.

    Below is a copy of a note that Larry Wainstein sent on 28 February 2007 to RA members (together with a proxy form) to move for a SGM to be called for the removal of the then RA board of directors.


    A meeting was held at Gosforth Park on Wednesday 21 February 2007, where certain issues were discussed with various concerned Owners and Trainers.

    Issues that were discussed and concerns were raised about the following:

    1. The lack of Information about Phumelela’s future.

    2. The closure of Race tracks.

    3. The moving of the lights from Newmarket to Turfontein and the impact this will have on the
    animals’ performance. The lack of input from the Stakeholders based at Turfontein on this issue.

    4. The Stakes we race for in comparison to the cost of horses and up keep, which continually
    increases and not in proportion to stake increases.

    5. The perception that Phumelela’s only concern is their share price.

    6. The concern that the Racing Association is not taking decisions in the interest of Owners and
    every decision Phumelela makes the perception is RA agrees, which is felt is not in the best
    interest of Racing.

    7. Decisions are made to ensure the share prices increases and not to improve or change for the
    betterment of Racing.

    With the Proxy we are asking for is to call an urgent meeting to put forward a vote of Non Confidence in the current Directors and to elect a new RA Board, that can stand up to Phumelela and make decisions in the interests of Owners, Trainers and most importantly Racing.

    We urge you to participate in this, if you agree with the above, in the long term we see this as an action to ensure that racing does not turn in to a virtual sport but live racing will continue to be an enjoyed option for all.”

    Now that you know what he stood for, ask yourself if any of the above important concerns of Larry Wainstein were (a) addressed by the RA and/or him in public with its members and/or horse racing in general and (b) achieved or resolved by him and/or the RA during his tenure as director and/or CEO of the RA?.

  38. Avril L says:

    To all those behind the scenes who managed to orchestrate this momentous event WELL DONE and special thanks to Brett Maselle, Steve Reid and Brendon who are so well informed and kept us all in the loop and were relentless in their criticism. Goodbye and good riddance Larry the Lizard – you made it a living hell for all those who dared to question you !!

  39. Ralph Fell. says:

    The jury has spoken M’Lord. 38-0. Take him down bailiff.


    To the bloggers above – so racing has had it’s own state capture in the form of Markus Jooste, Rian du Plessis & other Phumelela top brass (irrespective of whether they have resigned or not).

    With reference to Cape racing and Kenilworth Racing (Pty) Ltd, I’d like to remind or relay one of Robert’s comments @ the briefing meeting on the 11th December.

    He said “We were summoned to Markus’s office in Stellenbosch, that’s Vidrik and myself, and as Vidrik was in favour of the proposal, I went along with it then”

    Robert’s tone when relaying this to the gathering, for me, resembled one of resignation or no choice.

    I feel that Vidrik Thurling has questions to answer as well, with regards the DETAIL behind the general decisions that lead to corporatization of Western Cape Racing and Cape racings meaningful participation, or for that fact, waste of time/money, with the RA and its Financials.

    On a separate issue ~

    If you measure those people involved now and then, in various roles from testing the underfoot conditions, commentating, passing resolutions, voice overs, facilitating horse sales & drafting accounts in national racing they can be listed as follows :

    Larry Wainstein
    Andreas Heide
    Markus Jooste
    Derek Brugman
    Graeme Hawkins
    Clyde Basel
    Vee Moodley
    L Werners
    M Leaf
    Jonathan Snaith
    Vidrik Thurling
    Jon Stuart
    Robert Bloomberg – Chairman and independent legal advisor

    …anybody else to illuminate the phenomena ?

    Why are there/were there so few people involved in so much?

    Its called connected parties or associated entities. Universally, it’s not well received or prudent.

  41. Barry Irwin says:

    Michael Jacobs wrote “The problem is the cowards among the current owners and trainers and racing folk. Not one of these cowards stood up against the Jooste cabal. Those guys ran roughshod over racing and captured the industry for almost 2 decades. But i suppose the breeders were getting exorbitant prices for their stock, the trainers were getting numbers to train and the jockeys were getting great retainers. Many of the racing folk were in partnership in Jooste’s horses. So everything was dandy! Now everybody wants to cry crocodile tears because the industry is on its last legs! As we say on the Cape Flats, “goed soe” LOL! SUCKERS!”

    He has addressed both the elephant in the room and the challenge going forward. If South Africa wants racing/breeding to survive and prosper, they must put courageous leaders in charge and based on what I’ve seen these are in woefully short supply. That is what drove me away.

  42. D. A. Pienaar says:

    I am driven to be invective. I am sorry. Karel has every right to call me a hypocrite.

    In the print edition Larry Wainstein is reputed to have told the Sporting Post that with time he is willing to set the record straight.

    It will be very hard for him to do that as the record he talks about only plays on his gramophone and it is his tune and lyrics that are repeated over and over again.

    No matter how he may try to save himself from falling from grace, he can never put the record straight. It is forever bent and in a circle.

    As much as he may not like it, Larry Wainstein will be talked about for years to come as the bumbling village idiot who usurped power, utilised the village resources and sat in his castle like King Humpty Dumpty. He was thankfully toppled by some gracious directing minds. Racing will forever be picking up the pieces.

    Larry Wainstein is one of the main reasons for racing being in such a poor state. I would go so far as to say that he has been worse for racing than Markus Jooste. The less said and seen about this individual, the better for racing. No platform should ever be given to him to use again. Obscurity and ridicule is the best sentence for a person like him.

    1. Editor says:

      Hi DA
      In our Digest today we had a short chat to Mr Wainstein.
      A quite eventful twelve years could never be covered in a five minute unscheduled telephone call.

  43. Jedri says:

    So mirracles still happen good beginning to 2020

  44. Pops says:

    It must be noted that Larry Wainstein did not vote himself in as Chairman then CEO of the RA time after time.
    So those that voted him in must have known he was the best man to hold those position.
    So please come out and defend your man. CB,GH,LG ML and others.


    Well said Michael Jacobs and Barry Irwin.

    Excellent, Mrs Pienaar !

    And the other thing is that Karol spends to much time on his hair in the mornings.

  46. Rian says:

    How do you know his morning secrets William???


    His wife is a member of a book club….

  48. Brucie Bonus says:

    In Ecstatic Celebration of Wainstein’s Departure may I suggest as a “futsak” gift, the RA presents him with a new Scrubbing Brush, a jar of Vanishing cream and also a new bottle of Brylcreem !!!

  49. Van Niekerk says:

    Useless All Of Them Larry will Visit Bedfordview TAB
    Come See THE place
    Aircon Not Working. Staff Clueless . TVs Not Working
    Come See Their Legacy


    Jonathan Snaith sent me an e-mail this morning

    Hi William,

    I was very curious as to why you grouped me in your post on Sporting Post – see attachment? There are some people on your list I take offence being grouped with!

    I am also not quite sure what you are referring to in your message as it is rather ambiguous


    I have responded below for All to see

    Good evening Jonathan

    Jonathan I’m disappointed that you couldn’t grasp the bigger picture.

    Public perception going back to the late 90’s is that too many of the same names appear or are synonymous with the various racing bodies/committees/groups/clubs or affiliates.

    From about 11 different e-mail groups (local & international) of ex-owners, ex-officials, ex-punters, e-racing analysts, ex-racegoers, ex-jockeys & then these in the various current categories, this “Closed Club or Click” is frequently communicated.

    Now, while it may be true, partly true or false, this on the ground and/or public perception prevails.

    Those directly connected to racing are adjudicated, using my approximately 3 200 e-mailers, as one example, as been in denial of this fact that to few in racing are involved in too much.

    The quick list on my blog in the Sporting Post contains more names from feedback of racing people.

    Let me reiterate, those names have no connotation to good or bad, happy or sad.

    Your name often is mentioned in this scenario but be assured that I have responded over the last year or so, as a matter of education to my e-mail groupings, to explain your ties with RA, KR, Breeding club/s, media maestro for Snaith Racing & work for Gaynor Rupert.

    Appointees in the random list would do well to remember that working for no return isn’t the issue with regards the manifestation of this public perception of this Closed Club.

    Jonathan, there’s nothing premeditated with your name appearing at the bottom of the list, alongside Robert’s.

    Kindly remember that public perception and sentiment, on occasions, can be innocently formed by a lack of real racing news, the ‘corridor news.’

    SA’s racing bodies are champions in keeping the public in the dark.

    I hope my response has been enlightening for you.

    By the by, I didn’t receive any text messages/phone calls from you prior to me receiving your e-mail ?

    Congrats on the way Miyabi Gold finished off in the Majorca, most unfortunate forced switch when the race was over.

    Kind regards


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