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Marcus Will Ride

48 hour rule does not apply

Anton Marcus will ride today (Pic – Candiese Lenferna)

Jockey Anton Marcus will take up his 5 mounts at Hollywoodbets Scottsville today.

The Sporting Post was approached for clarity by readers after Marcus was replaced by Keagan de Melo on Grey Princess, who won the last race at Kenilworth on Tuesday.

Marcus was dislodged after the running of the fifth race from Yorktown while returning to the parade ring when his mount ducked. The jockey was diagnosed with minor back spasm.

It was stated in the official stipes report that rule 25.12 does not apply

For the record, a 48 hour suspension applies unless waived by the Stipes/CMO:

25.12 states that a rider who has, through illness or accident, been unable to fulfil an engagement or has given illness or accident as a reason for not having been able to ride a HORSE to the best of his ability, or who has failed to fulfil an engagement on the grounds of illness or accident, shall not, except with the permission of the SB, be entitled to ride a HORSE in any RACE for a period of 2 DAYS, subsequent to the RACE MEETING at which he failed to fulfil the engagement. In addition to the foregoing, a RIDER shall not ride again at any further RACE MEETING unless and until he shall have delivered to the clerk of the scales, a certificate of fitness signed by the RACE COURSE medical officer.

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38 comments on “Marcus Will Ride

  1. Gman says:

    the last couple of months jockey were suspended for various infringements ,but here is a prime example of rules being bend slighty for certain jockeys.Like Muzi said its not FAIR.RULES ARE RULES!!! t & c’s apply!!!

  2. Y T says:

    I support you Gman.
    Here is a question that the NHRA will rather not answer as it will show that some jockeys are treated differently.
    When last did the Stipes take a urine sample from A. Marcus?

    1. karel says:

      YT, you are utterly clueless and need to apologise.
      Sampling is done by random selection, as anyone with half a brain would know.

  3. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Geez, sometimes it pays to read the articles in full

    I’m happy Mr Marcus is OK, hoping he’ll bring a winner or 2 home today. 0r 3

  4. Y T says:

    You need to apologise.
    You think that the samples are taken randomly. They are certainly not.
    Ask A. Fortune, D. Daniels, C. Little and R. Simons.
    Ask P. Peter when it comes to horses.
    Make my day and ask the jockey club for its statistics about jockeys that have been checked for urine over the past two years.
    Prove to me and all the readers of SP that the checking of urine for jockeys is random at all times.

    1. karel says:

      You make the accusation, you provide the proof.
      Let’s see it.

  5. Deena Pillay says:

    I have to agree with Gman…. The only reason Anton was allowed to ride today…. “HOLLYWOOD BETS SIZZLING SUMMER CHALLENGE”… Will the stipes ever be able to show us if a jockey was allowed to ride before 48hrs after failing to fulfill his mount the previous day? “I don’t think so”..
    Bend the rules when they feel like….. COS THEY CAN!!!! Blah Blah Blah…..

  6. Paul says:

    Y.T. at the risk of stating the blindingly obvious: the sampling being referred to is of the “random” variety – and occurs, wait for it, randomly.

    That is not the only time testing is done. For proven “offenders” (been found guilty previously after a Hearing) testing is sometimes ordered above and beyond the “random” testing: such as when that has been attached to the penalty at the proven offence.

    Sadly that was, as I understand it, the case with certain of the names you mention.

    Nothing unusual or sinister about that. Courts make such testing-orders all the time.

  7. Dave says:

    So perhaps the question is “why doesn’t the 48 hour rule” apply here ? Further, was a certificate issued by the race course medical officer ? Let’s not seek drama where there isn’t any ……

  8. Pops says:

    Deena Pillay that has happened before.Marcus was one of the jockeys.Pain in his hand/finger at Night Meeting allowed to ride next day.

  9. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…YT when last has Marcus been tested you cute you fool Thank God the man hasn’t got a addiction problem oops I’m lying winning races is definitely his addiction…officials know better than to test certain jocks…when jocks don’t turn up for racing riding never mind track work then start worrying about urine samples

  10. gavin says:

    great picture of marcus laughing at the punters.. he got beat on a favourite yet again.. we are the muggs that keep going back..

  11. Pops says:

    .But my erstwhile hero Lance Armstrong.Never failed a dope test.And then,the mess.
    .He left one feeling betrayed.

  12. Y T says:

    I see that there are some following the thoughtless lead of Karel. This reminds me of a few sayings

    The halfwit spoke, and the brainless believed


    A mob who acts together has heads but no brains.

    There is no rule that says that sampling must be done on a random basis. The real halfwit is the person who believes that the sampling is done on a random basis at all times. You have to be naive to believe that anything in horse racing is random. The jockey club regulates. It does not work on a wing and a prayer.

    It is time to put the hard tack in the draw and have a sobering thought with some coffee.

    1. karel says:

      .. and your evidence is where?
      So far it’s just mindless babble from you.

  13. Josh says:


  14. Anand Chetty says:

    I’ve said before, this forum has too many personal insults thrown about. And again, I’m assuming all on this forum are adults, some of who would never be role models to younger people involved in this sport. I certainly do believe Karel needs to drastically reduce his provocative reaction to other commentators. Let’s play nice.

    1. karel says:

      Let’s play nice?
      When people make up insulting stories and never bother to come with facts?
      Good luck to you if that’s your way of thinking.

  15. Anand Chetty says:

    Just a quick addition. Does sporting post adhere to its own comments policy relating to personal and insulting comments

    1. karel says:

      Apparently not in your world.

  16. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Pops, that fellow. I paid and read his motivational book – It’s not about the Blood 😂 or something like that … So when the news broke, I was highly upset…

    So, I sent him an SMS and demanded my R200, at the time about 14 USD…

    He replied — “ **** *** you ****, you dagga smoker ”

    Wintgat bliksem..

  17. Y T says:

    When people make up insulting stories and never bother to come with facts?

    What is made up and what is insulting about my comment?

    According to Karel, I am a halfwit and I do not know what I am talking about. I refer him to the rules of the jockey club which do not support his view. Instead of dealing with my comment in a mature manner and provide evidence to support what he says, he again attacks me without foundation. All I request is for the Sporting Post owner/publisher to provide proof that urine samples of jockeys are at all times taken randomly by the jockey club. I will accept the word of Mr Mediema that he spoke to Mr Moodley or Mr Hyde and that they confirmed to him that AT ALL TIMES the samples are taken randomly. I will not be surprised to see that he will not get such confirmation. The likelihood is that Karel will not respond to this comment in any positive way and will continue with his unashamed bashing of a reader and contributor. All of this started because I asked a question about when last A. Marcus was tested by the jockey club. The jockey has known injuries. Pain does not magically go away.

  18. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    YT go read the stipes report they log all urine samples taken.

    In what planet must the Sporting Post deploy resources because you may need them to back up your argument.

    I am waiting for your next demand that all subscribers pay R500 into your betting accoiunt.

  19. Michael Jacobs says:

    A few questions for the all knowing Mr Miedema- on what grounds was rule 25.12 wavered? Is it at the stewards’ discretion and does the board have to give a reason? And does it only apply to certain jockeys that the rule will get waivered, eg. an Anton Marcus, or could it be waivered for a Muzi Yeni or a Morne Winnaar or a Grant Behr?

    The article does not say why rule 25.12 does not apply?

    On another note, welcome back Frankie “Hawwaam” Zackey. I trust the racing game is treating you kindly? Any news about the Superstar Hawwaam? What did MDK have to say on the Whatsapp? Is Hawwaam heading for the Melbourne Cup, I would imagine he should walk that race?

    1. Editor says:

      Hi Michael
      The Stipes report never gives a reason why 25.12 is waived.
      That’s why we didn’t mention it.

  20. Y T says:

    Mrs Mattheyse
    Thanks for your unsolicited gloss and obtuse opinion. Try reading everything before you butt in. I read the stipes reports.

  21. Frankie says:

    Frankie Zackey…MJ are you stll feeling the loss ? if so you shouldn’t be punting kid,,Racing is not for the faint hearted,,if you short of a few pound forward banking details I’ll gladly assist knob head

  22. Gman says:

    Hawwaam LOL!!! A bookmakers dream.LOL!!!!Over rated.

  23. Michael Jacobs says:

    Frankie Zackey…..i didnt back Hawwaam, I’m not that dumb. Just because some Joburg clowns hype up their ” big horse” doesn’t mean us Capies fall for the joke. Most guys in Cape Town were quite ecstatic the horse lost because our favourite horse Rainbow Bridge beat him! Lol

  24. Rod Mattheyse says:

    YT so you do read the stipes reports. It all makes sense now. Your lack of comprehension is legendary. Anton Marcus urine was sampled on 12 February 2020 at Greyville.

    Tjops and braai springs to mind.

  25. Y T says:

    It took about 25 comments for someone to tell me that A. Marcus had a urine test on 12/02/20. Instead I had to suffer through the angry and unnecessary drool and drivel of Karel and the calculated chess move of Mrs Mattheyse to embarrass me. I am not sure why many of the the folks who comment on this forum are aggressive and hurtful. They need to look within. Congrats to Mrs Mattheyse as she did checkmate and embarrass me. Like everyone, I am human and missed it when I looked for it.

  26. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    oh cry me a river…. get some mirrors in your abode and look into them for an indeterminate period of time.

    You claim to have suffered aggressive hurtful comments, when you were driving an agenda that Marcus was getting away with not being subjected to urine samples – thereby allowing him to mask the pain of his injuries being on medication.

    As you well know i am a he, definitely not non-binary and definitely not a snow flake but I don’t mind being referred to as a she – it just means more tjops for the braai.

    Now what really would have got my attention is if you apologised to Marcus for your obvious baseless and false allegations – accepted the mampara of the week award and then retracted your demand for an apology from the Editor.

    Don’t run away though I know you have it in you to post truthful and insightful contributions

  27. J J Cale says:

    This can only end up by Mrs Rod taking it to the gender based violence court or perhaps Karel you have in your archive a photo of ms Rod preferably not at the braai that we can confirm that Rod is a real man


    Good morning Rod,

    Apologies for changing the subject but will you be having a go in Durban with 32 Charlie ?

  29. Y T says:

    Mr Mattheyse, I beg your forgiveness. You have shown me that I should never cross you. You will always be revered by me in cyber world. You are the man. I mistook you for a woman. I apologise to all woman for thinking that Mr Matthyse was of your gender. Please forgive me. A. Marcus has my apologies. Next time the stipes should take the random samples after a few races have been run. I apologise to Karel Mediema for showing him up without any intention.

  30. Roderick Mattheyse says:

    William I have no idea, the big fella has just today returned back to the yard. He has been loafing on Ridgemont in Wellington where the Careys and Kieswetters and teams have looked after him so well.

    I will update you if you like when I have more information


    Thanks for the feedback Sir.

    Either way, it sounds like you have a horse ready for action, after a short holiday.

  32. Titch says:

    Gavin in the photo you refer to as Anton “Laughing At The Punters” is in fact when he ran 2nd to stablemate and race favorite Merlin From Berlin, Anton was on the 2nd Fav PayBackTheMoney…
    Merlin From Berlin completed a hat trick of wins in the race and went on to run 2nd in his next start..Whilst PayBackTheMoney has been beaten 5 and 7 lengths in his next 2 starts…So Anton had every reason to smile, it was a great run

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