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BHA Ups Retired Horses Controls

Better controls are in place

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has announced changes to the way retired racehorses are registered in a drive to further improve the traceability of horses leaving the sport.

The new system which is integrated into the existing racing admin site involves opening up the ability to register the new homes of newly retired racehorses to trainers as well as owners.

It is designed to ensure that there is as much traceability as possible for horses who are permanently retired from racing.

Under the previous system only owners had been able to register where their horse was going once it had retired, but recent surveys on aftercare indicated that trainers are often involved in this first retirement decision for horses in training to assist owners.

As such, now both owners and trainers will be able to take part in a simplified online system for permanently retiring a horse which will be in effect from 13 February 2020.

A digital non-racing agreement can also be completed as part of the process, and the details of the new keeper will now be required.

Completion of the process will trigger a notification to any new keeper advising them that they are responsible for completing a transfer of ownership within 30 days. If the new keeper fails to do this, they may incur a fine of up to £5,000 from Trading Standards.

A dedicated page on the BHA’s website will allow participants to check the retirement status of any horse.

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8 comments on “BHA Ups Retired Horses Controls

  1. MGram says:

    Ì contacted a well known horse trader who advertises TBs off the track extensively on facebook. I asked if she had a rehoming form for the horses she sells. She tells me she hardly ever sees these.

  2. Steve Reid says:

    Perusing the Asian Racing Conference program, I was intrigued to note the “International Forum for the aftercare of racehorses” section. I wonder what our contribution to this will be? Bush racing as an option?

  3. jc lee ching says:

    Surely this should be a MANDATORY law in ANY society that uses horses for sport, work or entertainment? We USE horses to pleasure ourselves and it is only morally right to take care of these noble animals when they retire from racing. ALL of us in the racing game is responsible, but the most responsible of all are the BREEDERS. They are the ones who bring these animals into the world and THEY are the ones who should ultimately accept them back to their farms when they retire. Obviously EVERYONE involved in racing must contribute financially to their upkeep but ultimately it is the BREEDERS who must be responsible, they bred them.

  4. Editor says:

    Nice clip of Captain America in retirement


  5. Cecil Pienaar says:

    Thank You, Mr Ed is working o/time..

    Long day t-m, double header, midweek nogal – bonus

  6. Mashie says:

    In SA there is a second career assessment from that is supposed to be completed. It involves an examination by a vet that states if the horse is suitable to be rehomed. The trainer needs to sign and the new owner details need to be filled in – all in an effort to protect the ex owner from any comebacks. As agreed by the NHA the vet’s exam would carry a cost as both a clinical exam and trot up is involved. However the majority of trainers (and possibly owners) aren’t willing to pay this fee as it is deemed an unnecessary expense and as a result these exams are often not done. It boils down to people being prepared to milk the TB while it is racing but then not giving a damn about the animal once it is deemed to have done it’s job- shame on you. Fortunately there are a few trainers who do abide by the rules but unfortunately they are in the minority

  7. Mashie says:

    Jc lee ching – do you sell your Ford, BMW or Range Rover back to the dealership you bought it from once you have driven it into the ground? I think not. The car (or horse in this case) is your responsibility so make a proper plan to move it on – that is the least you can do as an owner of an awesome animal

  8. MGram says:

    Mashie having forms to be completed and which are ignored kind of ruins the idea dont you think? My question is who ensures that the checks are done and if the answer as I suspect is nobody, scrap the rule.

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